ZephyrCross / KaijuCross

Well, someone had to make the thread. I'm also going ahead and giving the go-ahead to whatever Grim comes up with. I'm just that nice.

KaijuCross (LV 1)

Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Appearance: Upon activation of KaijuCross, ZephyrMan predictably becomes a bit more reptilian. His body has acquiring a dark green color, as well as acquiring noticeable scales. His gloves have become scarlet red, and now possess razor sharp claws that extend from his knuckles. Much of his face and beard is obscured as well, now covered in a green helmet resembling that of a prehistoric reptile's gaping jaw. Unlike his ally, however, it's simply for decoration's sake, serving no purpose beyond looking menacing.

While both of his whirlwinds are intact, they each now appear to be made of fire, not wind. Oddly, it seems like a tail has sprouted from his waist, but between the flames and the slight shimmer effect their heat creates, it's unknown if it's really there...

Custom Weapon: The claws on his gloves are quite good for tearing at foes. They can even channel Fire energy, but this requires energy.

Buster Shot: Kaiju Buster - ZephyrMan still fires a regular buster shot.

Charge Shot: Smashing Cut - ZephyrMan slashes at an enemy with his newfound claws.

Signature Attack:

- Monster Slash: ZephyrMan channels his might (and fire energy) into his claws, and attempts to tear his opponent apart with frightening power. It requires so much effort that it temporarily forces him to slow down, however. (100, Slashing, Break) (Self-Slow) (120/120) (3 TCD)
Name: ZephyrCross (Level 1)

Element/Subtype: Normal/Wind

Description: KaijuMan's entire body frame is much leaner and lighter weight, and his scales have turned more to a grayish blue, while the scales on his underside are a pale gray. His legs are more spindley and almost bird-like, but his muscles are just as strong as before (just much more toned), and his claws are more hooked and talon-like, allowing him to grasp targets with his feet. His arms are equally thin, and he no longer has a set of swinging claws around each forearm, since they would get in the way as he tucks them close to his angular chest.

The reason for this is because of the multi-ringed spinning collar around his neck, with each one sporting a dozen long, thin, turbine-like blades held on with hinges. The rings themselves can spin at a very high speed, turning the blades into one massive turbofan, with KaijuMan's head in the center. The first and third rings spin in a counterclockwise direction, while the second and fourth spin clockwise, keeping KaijuMan's body stable, and acting like a massive gyroscope.

When not in use, the blades swing down in their hinged housings (which normally lock once a decent rotation speed is achieved), and lay over KaijuMan's body like a large flexible frill. The blades are sharp, and surprisingly tough, so the blades can provide protection and cutting surfaces if needed. KaijuMan's head is much more sleek and angular, with his cheekbones extending out to the sides, while a single angled plate juts from the center of his nose and angles back, and an armored dewlap can fold and unfold from the bottom of his jaw. These structures keep his head stable in the high winds that are generated by the fan, and his powerful neck muscles and slightly larger eyes allow him to keep his head perfectly still, yet remain to have good visibility of the battlefield.

Thanks to the fan-like frill, and the need to keep his weight low, the rest of his body isn't armored with exception to the metal sleeve around his tail, with a pair of double tails jutting from the center, similar to that of the old B-24 Mitchell bombers or the newer A-10 Thunderbolt. Without it, KaijuMan would have minimal steering in any direction.

Custom Weapon: Turbine Frill

Buster Shot: Fires a burst of compressed air from his mouth, or rams the opponent with his tail

Charged Shot: Blasts the target with a wave of air drummed up by his Turbine Frill, or rears up before spinning up his frill, which acts like a supersonic blender

Signature Attack: (120/120) [40 Nerf]
Turbine Torrent: KaijuMan spins up his frill, creating a vacuum to draw in an opponent. He quickly reverses the direction of the blades, creating a powerful vortex of air that swirls all around him, blending his opponents with buffetting winds and spinning blades before they're thrown from the area like little toys. His blades need a moment to spin down, and may be slightly out of alignment from the rapid shift in air currents, so his movement speed is slightly decreased momentarily.
(Pull + (70dmg Null + Microburst) + Self Slow + 3TCD)
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