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ZephyrCross (Level 1)

Element: Normal

Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Ante's dress takes on a white color and becomes literally composed of a fast-spinning, white-colored wind current. Both the top and skirt are composed of "tornado," although it may just be a repellant substance that looks similar. Her skinsuit vanishes, showing more of her gray skin. Her hat becomes something similar to her skirt, almost like an upward-spinning turban of wind. In reality, it is a flat-topped, light-blue piece of a similar width to her original hat, strapped on with a chin strap. A turbine on top creates the wind force, which is actually similar to what's going on with her own dress; all of it's created by a turbine-like instrument held across her breasts, like smooth, light-blue chest armor.

Her earguards and her belt (which acts as another turbine) still hold her emblem. Her staff becomes light-blue in color, with a head that is ordinarily in the shape of a white cloud. The cloud can be modified to become a spiraling tornado. By pointing the head of the staff towards the ground, she can emulate the wind subtype airstep.

The glitch acts in such a way as to modify the power of her wind turbines in unpredictable ways. Certain turbines may speed up or slow down as the glitch demands. As the turbines slow, the white funnels spouting from the turbines become like puffy white clouds and lose their shape somewhat.

The signature card of this cross is the King of Hearts.

Buster: Ante releases a blast of wind from her funnel-headed staff.

Charge Shot: After charging up power, Ante releases a large funnel of wind from the end of her staff, which smashes into a single target.

Signature Attack(s):

Get Away (80) - Ante releases a powerful blast of wind from the end of her staff, which both propels her in an unpredictable direction and knocks the wind out of one opponent.
- Stun + 10 damage
- Dodge
- 2 TCD
In addition to approving Aim's cross, I hereby declare my own cross. Woo.

AnteCross (Level 1)

Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable

Appearance: ZephyrMan, upon activating the powers of his ally, Ante, acquires a brand new appearance. He appears much as one would expect a dealer in NetVegas to look (if one expected a dealer to have blue skin and a puffy white beard), with a fancy white shirt, black vest, tie, pants, and dress shoes; indeed, his lower tornado is gone, giving his lower body free reign to exist. The whirlwind on his head remains, but a green visor now appears over the band that normally separates it from the rest of his head, completing his ensemble.

Directly in front of him is what appears to be a small table, much like one that one would see in NetVegas, save for its smaller size. It constantly floats in front of him, though he has free control over it, and can move it in order to perform close range attacks. It is also capable of freely creating decks of cards, which can be used to attack enemies, or just for the basic purpose of playing card games.

Custom Weapon: The table that hovers in front of him, in addition to summoning cards, is capable of shooting them at high speeds at enemies, or manipulating them in other ways.

Buster Shot: Ante Buster - ZephyrMan still fires a regular buster shot.

Charge Shot: Giant Flop - ZephyrMan fires a series of cards at the same time at a single enemy.

Signature Attacks:

- Turn Card: ZephyrMan reveals a face card, which mysteriously raises the power of a future move.
(Strengthen 10) (PASSIVE) (40/80)

- River Card: ZephyrMan fires a card that strikes with the might of an entire river behind it. It's surprisingly light on damage, but the sheer force can stop enemies in their tracks.
(10 damage, Stun 1) (40/80) (1 TCD)