We hit 31 points, so we can register our level 1 Cross.

Type: Wood/Sword
Level 1
Djinni's regular outfit is removed to make place for an outfit similar to Exorcist's. On top of her head she gets a short and black loose fitting hat with a flat top. From the front of the hat, in front of Djinni's eyes and reaching her nose, hangs a talisman with a binding spell written on it. To cope with the positioning of the hat, Djinni has a low hanging ponytail instead of her high one.
Djinni's robe is split into two parts. The top half is long sleeved and covers the chest from Djinni's, during this Cross, obvious cleavage to just below her breasts. While the chest department is tightened for Djinni's body shape, the sleeves are loose fitting. The entire dress is yellow with the outer ends of the sleeves and the sides of the robe having a black border. Keeping it all together is a black sash which is tied into a ribbon on the back. On the index finger and middle finger of Djinni's right hand she wears a silver ring, engraved with symbols of taoism, each on the same height so they touch each other if Djinni holds her fingers together.
The bottom half of the robe technically covers Djinni's lower body from waist to ankles, but is opened on both sides in the same style of a loincloth. As a loincloth it is not as wide as a regular robe. Keeping it up is a black sash at the waist, which has an emerald at the front set in a circular silver clasp. Djinni wears no boots, socks or shoes during this Cross.

Cross Signature Program:
Mythical Art - Spiral Exorcism
Djinni throws a talisman in front of herself, which starts spinning by itself. Focusing her fingers in a finger sword stance she collects energy, which she then propels into the talisman. The result is a spiral of spiritual magic, which Djinni uses to assault the enemy with two fingers stretched.
60 Melee WOOD (60)
Slashing (0)
Break (20)
I assume we're waiting on Aim's portion of the registration.

DjinniCross (Level 1)

Element: Fire

Subtype: Shadow

Appearance: Exorcist, inspired to outperform her usual self and acquire the speed and style of Djinni, adopts a mindset of energy and enthusiasm. In this form, she wears no hat and instead adopts elements of Djinni's hairstyle, utilizing a golden band to draw her ponytail higher than its normal orientation. Golden ear-guards bearing her emblem cover her ears still, although they are not embedded in an undersuit.

A shining, crimson full body cape adorns her shoulders and drapes down. Gold silk inside laces the cape around her arms in an intricate fashion, causing it to move whenever she gestures. Despite its grand appearance, the cape seems well-tailored to the point that it does not hinder her movement. The inside surface of the fabric is glistening and gold.

Beneath the robe, she wears a gold-colored flaxen band around her chest with words in Whazzapian text, although even she's not aware of what it means. The top's fairly immodest, failing to cover the upper and lower bounds of her breasts. On her lower body, she wears a pair of loose, white, silken pants; they fan out greatly before tightening at the ankles, where they tuck into her curled-toe golden shoes. The pants are held up by a golden cord around the waist, outfitted with a large plate displaying her own emblem.

Buster: Exorcist uses her hands as sabers; this requires utilizing the full of both hands in closed-fingered chops.

Charge Shot: Using more chi, Exorcist performs a devastating cross chop with both hands.

Signature Attack(s):


Burning Blood (20) - Exorcist's own blood adopts the ability to work as an ignition oil, lighting her regular blades and weaponry with mystic fire. It must be some sort of genie magic, right?
- Imbue Fire x1
- Passive
[from previous post] -oved.

Good to go