Binary/Splash Cross

Together, MagicCereal and I have 32 Points. This should qualify for a Level 1 Cross. Anyway, I am currently asking for Magic's permission, and granting him permission at the same time to use BinaryCross.

EDIT: He PM'd me. Here's said PM:

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Sure, no reason why not. While SplashMan can't use Crosses himself (due to being based off of pre-Cross technology), there's no reason that data can't still exist within him. And like hell I'm going to stop someone from acquiring the glory of SplashCross. So yep, by all means, Cross away.

So are we allowed to cross?
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So, you'll get SplashCross, but he doesn't want BinaryCross?

I guess that's fine. Post your description so that I can actually approve it, silly nub.
Right, right.

Element: Aqua
Subtype: Normal
Bonus: +10 to Aqua-type chips

Description: Binary, simply put, took Splashman's appearance, molded it to fit his stature, and modified it a bit to match him. Instead of blank white skin with digital ones and zeroes inside it, Binary's skin becomes a mesh of deep, navy blue scales, like a reptile. Like his ordinary form, he has no legs, so to speak. Instead, his entire lower body is a giant, snakelike tail. At the end of his 'tail' body, there is a large hoselike opening. Binary uses this mostly for arcing attacks like bombs. His upper torso resembles Splashman's. For the most part, there is sleek black armour covering much of it. On his arms, there is the black armour on the top half of them, and the blue scales on the bottom half. On his back, there are usually about twelve tentacles, made of the same navy blue scales as the rest of his skin. Bianry can summon as many tentacles as he wants; maxing at about five hundred, but he'll always have a minimum of twelve tentacles protruding from his back, usually just waving around like water. They all have little hoselike holes on the ends, meaning each of them are like high-powered fire hoses.
Binary's head probably changed the most out of all his new parts. The torso armour extends hoodlike up his head, covering much of it except for where the eyes and nose would be on a face. His newfound eyes are white, with black pupils but no irises like Splashman's. Binary can still turn his head in this form; despite the armour being quite solid-looking and riveting his head to his torso. His voice, though he doesn't have a mouth in this form, is perfectly normal and masculine; Splashman's data fusing with his program automatically deleted his rudimentary, scratch-made speech program in place of a more recent model.

Custom buster: Binary usually uses his tentacles physically if he needs to use them; reserving their shooting capabilities for chips and sig attacks. He can crush, whip, slice with the scales, bind, sever, and just about anything else with the tentacles. If he wants, he can also bring around the his giant lower torso/tail to attack.

Charge Shot: Binary will either attempt to do a massive mass puncturing with a good five hundred tentacles, or hose down the foe with any of his many, many tentacle-hoses.

Cross Sig: Sanctuary Fountain

Binary pulls out an amount of tentacles usually nearing his max, including his tail-cannon, and plunges them all into the ground while shooting off an enormous amount of water. Soon after, the virus/Navi he'd targeted earlier is hit from below in a giant, uncontrolled pilliar of water. This both heals Binary with the data of the virus hit in the water, and creates a small lake in the enemy's territory.

(20 Lifedrain to target (40) plus Medium-range Sea Terrain)

Pts Used: 60/60
Cooldown: 2 turns
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In my eyes it has already been approved. This is just the Cross Sig and the appearance. While I'm allowed to approve appearances, I'm not entirely allowed to approve Sigs. But I have enough information about it to approve it. So I'm conflicted.

Thread kept open in case an Admin/Official complains about my handling. Seriously though... It's fine. See this as an official approval.

(( Besides... If you'd have to wait for them... *snickers* ))
(( And they know I tend to disobey their rules. : D ))