This is a little premature, I know, but I'm just starting to gather up my links to see what we still need.

A Strange Invitation:DruidMan Meets Gunner and Divinity!: (Battle One), (Battle Two)

DruidMan Daunted:Netfrica Team VS Drauchen, Cybeast of Fire!: (Battle One), (Battle Two), (Boss)

Like I said, I'm not expecting this stuff to cover the requirements, I'm just getting it all together.
I are Shuryou and I would very much like to bond with Druidman's Wood. Just posting I agree to this mess.
Drauchen is defeated. And according to my findings, we should have enough for a level 1 Cross. If an event battle counts for 2 points towards Cross and normal battles count as 1, then we have 8 points. AimMan managed to get a level 1 Cross with 8 points, so we should do too.
Very well, everything seems to check out.

Level 1 Druidman/Divinity Crosses allowed. Post details here on how the Crosses will work.
Name: DruidCross
Type Change: Wood/Recovery (( Linkie. ))
Bonuses: +10 to Wood Chips.
Description: Divinity loses all her armor, leaving her with a pure white bodysuit. Her hair shrinks so it comes to her shoulders, losing the ponytail style, and gets a large red flower with five petals over her head as a cap with a point upwards.
She wears small bright red gloves, ending at the middle of her lower arm. On each of her wrists, on top of her gloves, grows a large red flower that represents her former two shields. These flower shields have five petals each too. Flowing down from each of flower is a dark green vine that tangles itself around Divinity's hands and flow down to the ground. These vines can be used as whips in attacks.
A large red flower appears on her back and falls open with four petals. Each petal of the flower is as long as Divinity's arm and are the replacements of her wings. On her body comes an outfit, over her bodysuit, that is similar to a one-piece swimsuit with the top part having a V instead of the usual U. It's bright red and has a small white rose at the middle of the suit, just above her cleavage.
She wears long red boots that go from her toes to just below her knee. At the top point of each boot is another small white rose. A vine comes from each of these two roses and these are entangled around each boot.
Name: DivineCross
Type Change: Normal/Recovery
Bonuses: +10 to Normal Chips, gains 'Conversion' ability.
Description: Druidman's primitive leather armor peels away as the wind blows, revealing brilliantly polished and finely tempered steel armor, with brass trimmings. The armor is so well kept that it appears at first glace to be silver and gold, giving Druidman a vaugely regal appearance. It is standard plate armor, complete with a breastplate, adorned with a brass cross along the front, gauntlents, greaves, and boots, all accented with brass. Druidman's left gauntlent (Where his former spring gauntlent was) is encrusted with several sapphires, which Druidman uses to channel energy blasts for use of long range weaponry. His right gauntlet has a massive steel 'cross' mounted on the forearm, with the longer section sticking three feet outwards past his fist, coming to a point at the end. This Elemental Cross takes the place of Druidman's Scimitar, still fully capable of channeling his magic, and may be spun around into the reverse posistion when not in use. From his back are two large steel plated wings, with brass 'feathers'. Druidman is able to move the wings around, but they are mostly for show, their flight capabilities are limited to little more than hovering or gliding. Druidman's hair gets a noticeable white streak along the side, and he gains a sliver tinted visor as well. While in DivineCross, Druidman is even more protective of his friends and peers, and gains a great deal more compassion. However, changing Druidman's speech patterns are like trying to stop the sun from setting, he continues his lines of 'dude' and 'man'.