New here, not sure how everything works???

So hey everyone. Im new to this type of game but love megaman and this sounded interesting so I figured that I would give it a try. I'm waiting for my navi to be approved but figured that I should figure out how to play before it got approved. So how do i explore/do missions. Get into fights with ncp's or other users. How do i get into fights with viruses, find mystery data, etc. You don't have to explain everything but some help would be nice, or a link to how to play. Thanks in advance.
So there are a few things you can do when you start out.

Introductory posts to introduce your operator/Navigator pair can be done at their respective Real World areas; simply make a thread for yourself. From there, you can jack in, and make another thread in the Net World.

Exploring the Net World, you can either RP by yourself without encountering any viruses, or you can request for battles with viruses. Read up on other threads to see how battles are conducted, perhaps give the rules thread a quick read.

You can fight in a PvP battle at the Colosseum. Well, theoretically, at least. There isn't any reward system for it currently, so it's just for kicks or something. We had a tournament forever ago. It lasted forever. Ewww.

Fights with NPCs can be either in a mission (which I'll get to later) or in a multiple-of-5 battle in any given network. Just fight four consecutive battles anywhere, and the fifth will be guaranteed to be a boss battle. Don't expect anything too hard for your first one if you're a bit weak, though.

You can do missions by posting at the Mission BBS at Internet City. What kind of missions you can request are listed at the rules thread there.

Also, mystery data depends on whether or not the mods are feeling generous and/or remember to put them out in battles in the first place.
Tagging along with Fera's explanation:

Viruses appear naturally, and all you need to do to signify you're ready for an encounter is to put something like ((Ready for Battle #1)) or something at the end of your post in the network.

Have you played any of the Megaman Battle Network games or watched the Megaman NT Warrior anime? The battlefield of RERN is more like the anime, where you are not restricted to a battle "grid," and there's no custom gauge. This allows you to do a countless variety of creative things in battle, but be aware viruses are also capable of creative tactics as well.

If you can't seem to get through the lists of rules (they are pretty intimidating at first), take a look at some of the other users' battle threads to get an idea how things work. I HIGHLY recommend you do this, because not only will you have a better understanding of the battle system, but they're also a great resource of inspiration, and you'll be able to scope out other navis if you're looking for potential SoulCrosses or duels.

Also, take a look at the Signature Attack Rules and Signature Attack Effects list if you haven't already. You're still missing your Cooldown for your signature.
Alright, so if I say ((Ready for battle#1)) who is going read my post and get me into a virus battle. And also say i was at virus battle #4 and then switched areas. would it restart back to battle 1 since I would be making a new post? Also would it be possible to encounter a PvP battle other than through the coliseum. Say someone got in my way in one of rp's and we decided to fight. Would that be acceptable. And how is zenny, ncp's and sig points earned?
- When you request a battle, a moderator will spawn and control the viruses/navis you encounter

- if you change areas or log out, your battle counter resets. The same happens if someone else wants to tag along to tandem-bust with your Navi.

- You can do PVP outside of the coliseum, but most of the time it happens there. Depending on what you and your opponent want, the mod can have each player PM their turn summaries (what they will do during the next turn) to the mod, then the mod will allow both players to post. (This way both battlers won't know what the other is doing, and it prevents cheating)

- when you win a battle, you will gain zenny and/or a battlechip based on a random number generator roll, and RP quality

- you get more sig points by purchasing Signature Upgrades from the Navi shop. Each upgrade gets you 40 more sig points for your sig pool.
Alright, sounds simple enough. Also could you go look at my characters again, and see if they are ready to be approved or not. Thanks
Ok, sending information to you through PMs is a slow process and this way probably is not any better. However, I do like the fact that you enjoy my help.

But this is a thread you created to help you understand the system, and I would like to take this opportunity to help you better understand the combat system using your first battle post. First I would like to clarify for you that if you use a battlechip, both the loading of the chip and the action to use it are done in the same action. However, you may load a battlechip using an action, then activate it as a free action later on in the battle, even in the same turn. So either action 1 or action 3 is used in your post, and the other one is open to use.

The exception to this rule is that this does not transfer between battles, as most things are wiped clean between battles. So you could not load a battlechip in Battle 1 to use in Battle 2 for instance.

Now with that out of the way, the second thing you should do is list the effects of the chip: damage, effects, etc. when you use that chip. It does not need to be incredibly descriptive, you just need to give us the basic info.


3. Fires Cannon (40 Null damage + Knockback) at Metool B.

Third, I would HIGHLY recommend that you add more description to your battle posts. Good RP quality adds bonuses to your actions, making writing very important to your success. You seem to have at least basic grammar and spelling under your belt, so that is a plus. But you should be aware that poor/lack of descriptions/rping could hurt you in the long run.

I try to write at least three sentences per action myself. Describe how your character runs and jumps. Does he wear a scarf or other such thing that trails behind him in the wind? Did he get a running start before the jump or did he just bend his knees and leap straight up? What does his 'frightening-looking weapon' look like when he pulls it out/uses it? Does the Cannon in the above example shoot a blast of energy or a solid bullet/shell? What kind of facial expression does Skyline have after apparently being disappointed by the lack of range to his target to hit it with his sword?
Wait, so the more descriptive I am in my rp'ing the better the results of each of my actions will be. This I did not know, very well I can easily improve on that. I just wasn't aware of that. So thank you for that, and thanks for taking the time to review my first attack post. It will definitely be a big help. And yea I do enjoy your help Azure, thanks again.
The inverse of this is also true. Bad/poor rp quality will cause your attacks to miss more often than not and more enemy attacks to hit.