SP-related ideas

1. 'SP Assisted Action'. A 'nerf/bonus' you can add to a Sig. To use this particular Sig the registered SP also needs to use an action. If the SP is dead or has no actions left, you cannot use this Sig. Would grant about 20/30 points, I think.

2. 'SP Armor'. A special SP ability you can buy for it, don't know how much points it would be. This ability can be used to turn your SP into a casing with its current HP on your own Navi, other SP or an ally. Once used, the SP can't turn back and when the HP is depleted, the SP is considered defeated. The Navi equipping the SP can use its Sigs.
Note: The SP cannot be attacked or attack in this form.

3. 'SP Weapon'. A special SP ability like the previous. Don't know how much points it would be. The Navi owning the SP can use an action to use the SP as a weapon, which deals the SP's regular damage plus its element and effect.

4. 'SP Vehicle'. Special SP ability. The SP turns into a vehicle for the Navi, which grants the Navi a free movement each turn. This lasts for 3 turns. Once these 3 turns are over, the SP is considered defeated. If the SP has planeswalking or flight, this is also added to the Navi.
Note: The SP cannot be attacked or attack in this form. It can, however, be disarmed which basically depletes all its turns left.

This is all I can think of for the time being. Might create more later if people show interest in these.
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1. I think this is a pretty decent idea, sort of like a "shared" Charge Time or Recovery Time nerf. I think 20 Nerf points per action would be good, since IMO SP actions are less "costly" to the player than Navi actions (because on average, Navis deal more damage and are more effective in battle than the average SP action)

2-4. These ideas probably would have been great back when we still had junctions, but right now it seems like a rather large nerf to utility-use SPs.
Hijacking this thread to post an idea:

SP crosses.
Maybe once a NaviCross hits level 2, it would allow any SP's to gain a Cross with that Navi as well, letting them change their Element and Subtype to the Navi's, or, if applicable, any of that Navi's SP's.

Navi A achieves cross lvl 2 with Navi B, who is a Water/Sword navi.
SP A can now change their element and subtype to Water/Sword, OR change it to SP B's element and subtype, which is Wood/Guts.