I propose that we add descriptions for each area, most likely a short one right under the link like we have for the spam can and such. Basically, these would just offer a brief description of climate, general area location, perhaps a few facilities. It would help newbies who are new to the site/MMBN Universe and it wouldn't take much effort to accomplish.
I vote for this big time. WAY BIG time.
Agreed. Takes little to no effort and helps newbs a lot.
Ehm... There already IS an Area description, guys.

Quote (Area)

Area is a girl of approximately 6 feet and 150 pounds. Her body is slim, slightly tanned as all members of her family and is busty for her age. She has dark grey eyes and wears 'modern' glasses with a black frame. She has silvery grey hair that hangs down to her shoulders. On top of her hair she wears a black beret with the symbol of yin-yang on the front.
She wears a normal white shirt with the symbol of yin-yang on it. Covering it is a black leather jacket that she likes to keep half opened all the time, making it possible for others to see her shirt. The jacket reaches to her hips and the sleeves reach to the ends of her arms.
Below it she wears tight leather pants that reach all the way to her ankles. Even though it seems too tight to fit, she can easily walk around with it.
She wears normal black shoes that seem a bit pointy on the end.

*beats shur over the head with a hammer* i vote yes to this.
<Shur's Divine Aura protects him from silly dark's beatings>

I also agree on this crap.

<Pulls up Multiple Word Documents and gets to it.>
This has my vote.
Yo! I wouldn't mind helping this XD
The Real World Areas seem to be fine.
We just need net areas. :'D
I think that's what he was already saying >___>
Not to bump, but there are uh....Certain areas....Uh....Missing discriptions...Ya know?