Chip shop?

Is there a chip dealer program in the NetSquare itself? Just one with the same prices as the real-world shop? >_>

If not, that's my idea.
No, there isn't. You'll just have to go to ACDC to buy your chips.
Or you can use the ACDC Net Chip Trader.
That might be an idea. I don't see any way it could give an unfair IC advantage, and it might give people a real reason to go to the Netsquare rather than just passing through.

Input? Am I a crackpot?
I'm all for it. It'd be a great way to not have incredibly awkward RPing moments. I mean, it'd be pretty weird; a guy (or girl) going overseas just to buy a couple of chips.
That's....Very true. I mean, traveling from Netopia or Sharo all the way to ACDC just to buy some BattleChips? Like there isn't a store in the whole of those other countries? A NetStore could be good...With a direct link to Soryu's...
Yeah, sounds cool. Though, this reduces the usefulness of operators to battlechip slotters >.>

How about.... in the games chip trading went in person, not over the internet. Yeah, they agreed over the trade on the internets, but you had to meet in person for it. Yes, I do get that this'd split people apart in different countries, the same as the shop does now (except when they trade with their countryman.... thats at least a bit better, right?). But at least it ups RL interaction a bit. It would also hold back on trades a bit, since you'd have to agree on the trade, and THEN go to the selected area to meet up. Is that a good thing or bad, decide yourself.
Simple solution.

Different chips in each shop.
...Soryu is getting competition? ;~;
Nah, just have different branches of the same store, run by SORYUBOTS.

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Nah, just have different branches of the same store, run by SORYUBOTS.

Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile. :'D
Now that you mention it, the only locations that one HAS to visit are ACDC and Scilabs, and thats it Basically, none of the other towns have any facilities, which just doesn't seem right.

It would be cool if you had to visit the library when you add a sig attack voucher (hey, you have to get the code from somewhere?), or when you get a process upgrade. Oh well, just randoming in here >.>
sounds like a very good idea to me, sure you can get some good chips from other players, but if no one has waht you need, or at a good price, going through the net to the netsquare or stuff like that sounds good and the other areas, other than ACDC and scilabs, should have don't seem right to not have shops in only two places and program and chip tradeing/buying/selling on the net in the same places the real world chip/program shops are at. just my two cents.

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Nah, just have different branches of the same store, run by SORYUBOTS.

Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile. :'D

Or it could just be run by other members of the Gosthe and Darkholme families.
Family Trade?
Well, I could easily make profiles for them.

Maarten Gosthe - Icicle.EXE
Lindi Darkholme - Hydrogen.EXE
Soryu Gosthe - Persephone.EXE
Dian and Jian Gosthe - Yin.EXE & Yang.EXE
Nina Darkholme - Molotov.EXE
Roxanne Darkholme - Autumn.EXE
Area Darkholme - Divinity.EXE

That's the whole family with Navis added.
I'm being seriously off-topic here, by the way... But with the new chips in works, I wouldn't be surprised if a new shop was to be added. Maybe we could use that opportunity to look at the prizes of chips closely. >_>