Though this idea maybe kinda weird, but this kinda sounds interesting.

Let's face it, the operators do NOTHING. (I repeat, NOTHING...'Cept for chips, but most of us barely mentions that the operator is putting the chips in o_o) So what if we can jazz up the operators by havin' "Operation Ability".

The idea just sparked in my head, so I really don't know what to do with it much. But think of it as something the operator do to benefit the navi. (EX: The operator is a small time hacker. He uses a program to boost the navi's status for short time/ The operator is a fighter. He shouts to the navi to raise the navi's fighting spirit and stuff)
I think jsk used his hacking skills in RECN to alleviate the effects of some weird box transformation thingy.
I dunno, I'll wait for further mod imput until I can form a decent opinion.

Would an example be like this?

Quote (Player)

"NO! DON'T GIVE UP NAVIMAN!" Playerguy shouted as he saw his navi fall to 1 HP. The situation was dire but Playerguy's shout boosted confidence in Naviman. Naviman felt the words of his operator seemed to give him strength. Naviman rushed forth at his opponent, Sword formed brilliantly in his right arm and let out a mighty roar in unison with his operator before slicing down critically on the opposing navi.

Turn Summary:
1. Shout [Increases DMG of chips by 5]
2. Sword to NaviB
3. faint
Yea, something like that ^^
Eh... Area's ability is to undress. And workout. And acting lessons help in RPing. She can sing like an angel. She has muscle power.

Also, anyone who has played the DS version of MMBN5... Remember the shout function when your Navi has low HP? Like a one-time bonus once per plug-in session.
*Never played MMBN5:DS*

Quote (GameFAQs)

---<DSGBA>---DS and GBA differences---<DSGBA>---

Why is Double Team any different then the other versions of Battle Network 5?
Well, for starters, it's on a different system. =P.
Besides that obvious one...

+ You can have two save files
+ Common lines are voiced over, and main Navis have battle voices
+ You can use the touch screen to:
  Jack in and out
  Retreat Liberation missions
  Access the menu and navigate the menu
  View a map of your current area
+ A group of minigames using the touch screen.
Not too impressive in my opinion
+ When your Navi is low on health, speak through the mic to give it a boost
+ New "Transport Chips" allow you to customize your team in Liberations
+ Can take other Navis with Megaman through the net
+ Can perform Double Team Attacks with those Navis
+ New Number Trader codes for chips such as Leader's Raid and Lord of Chaos!
+ Remixed versions of BN5 music
+ Putting other BN games in the GBA slot changes battle music and powers up
certain navis' special chips.
+ Putting a GBA Battle Network 5 in allows you to use whatever folder is
equipped on the GBA in Double Team.
+ Saving takes a good while longer. (Bad thing)

Thats alot of differences, more then I thought there was.
Hmm... I'll think up a system for it just for fun...

Could be interesting and would give the NetOp a mechanical use.
ya, that would make timmy more than a nerd with an unhealthy obsesion with battle chips and cats.
Shin = Martial Artist
Watch this crazy example.

Quote (Fujiwara Shin)

"Alright Shenlong! This is for the finish! JuniorCross Activate!" Shin shouted at his green dragon navi.
"Roger that!" Shenlong replied reverting to a human form with a purple bodysuit with golden gloves and boots and over his green eyes were sunglasses and his hair had been cut short. His navi symbol glowed brightly on his chest.
"GO FOR IT SHENLONG! WE'RE GOING TO PUT ALL OUR POWER, SPIRIT, AND UNITY INTO THIS! THE FATE OF THE ENETIRE NET DEPENDS UPON IT! RAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Shin yelled as some giant red motion blur appeared behind him emphasizing the might or his roar, lifting the power of his navi's fighting spirirt. The dragon navi let out an equally mighty roar in unison as he thrust his hands out to the side.
"TAKE THIS YOU SCUM! GO BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF THE UNDERNET WHERE YOU BELONG! READY SHENLONG!?" Shin asked his navi while simealtaneously insulting his opponent.
"LET'S TAKE HIM DOWN!" Shenlong yelled brillianty as if his voice contained the might of all his power and fighting spirit.
"OK! PROGRAM ADVANCE! SWORD, WIDESWORD, LONGSWORD! SLOT-IN! OBLITERATE HIM!" Shin cried out as he slotted the chips into the PET with much rapidity and fierceness as possible.
"MURKLAND AWAITS NET SCUM! DREAMSWORD!" Shenlong yelled as he charged up a giant blade formed completely out of blue energy with the power of his inner self and power of his ally's power and slammed the blade down on the ground, sending it screaming towards his opponent, threatening to take away the rest of the Rogue's hit points and delete him for the rest of eternity. Shenlong then got ready to evade out of the way of any oncoming attacks, should his attack have failed.

Turn Summary:
1. SoulCross Lvl5. [Switch to Normal/Normal, +50 to nonelementless chips]
2. Super Fighting shout [Increase DMG of all attacks this turn by 10]
3-5. Program Advance: Dream Sword to DarkNavi w/ untapped power [combined total of 460 DMG]
6. Dodge
Sumthin liek that :3

((Theres too many martial artist operators around...))
Area is a boxing girl. No martial artist kung fu shiz for her. Also... I'd probably have some acting/singing boost. : D
Quick, would treating to blow up the navi's PET while the navi is in there with a home made expolive work for a motavation!
It doesn't have to be a motivation all the time. Like I said. If your operator is like a skilled programer (EX: Pally's operator), he can use a program to boost the attack.

And no medic, just no.
It'll be wise to make the operation abilities once per Plug in so it won't be over used all the time^^

*Grabs the nearest mod* approval????!!
Personally I think a weak operator specific ability would be nice. It could progress very slowly based upon # times the ability was used with good roleplaying in game. Creates a better incentive for roleplaying in game and gives it realistic progression.

Would have to start out very weak, but I would support a wide variety of abilities, not just shouts, so long as they were all weak and had specific activation requirements (that could vary)

Examples Include:
Dumb Luck: Must be telling Navi to do something reckless, higher chances of success
Prayer: Prays for Navi, navi gains what is effectively an additional undershirt for this turn only. Must be desperate situation.
Master Plan: Creates a 'master plan' additional 5 points of damage to each target hit, must be at least 5 opponents.

Hm. I like it, so long as it has to be roleplayed well and can only be used in certain situations. That way, it'll rely less on mechanics and become more of a rare bonus type of thing. ("Oh, sweet, I just got a great idea for these five or more viruses which is both clever and efficient! I'll have my characters implement it, and I'll recieve a small bonus if the mods decide it's good enough!")

Of course, there would have to be turn limits to fall back on as is, or else someone could just propose something reckless every turn and get the accuracy bonus that follows. Either that, or a stricter set of requirements.

Or should people be able to register their own special abilities? They could choose from the presets you people have already conjured, but if someone got a good idea that was reasonable enough, this would give them the means to use it. After all, we can't have clusters of people all using Shout; these things should be as unique as posible to reflect their users.

At any rate, I'll be glad if this thing gets the green light. Operators at the moment are sort of like uber hand puppets. They make purchases, they jack in, they chat, and that's it. Much like an uber hand puppet.
In my opinion it would need a requirement that needs to be fulfilled within a battle and it should be, once again in my opinion, once per jack-in.
I think how often it can be used could differ from ability to ability. It certainly would be a reasonable one for the basic guideline though.
First as Robo said, weak and specific would be good. As he also said, I think progresion would be good. You do it like a cross. Every X battles, you can register to upgrade it.

Also, I think that this should be registered similarly to a sig attack, some flexability.

For example, something as strong as +10 to everything would be once a jack in, but say, a weak passive ability like "Slight improvement in chance of hitting" could be like, once per 4 battles.