Spoiler box.

I've seen this on a few other forums while I was looking for sites to leech roms/anime off of.

Some forums can use the code
to project a labled button which opens up a pup up box, similar to Drakims except they are part of the actual text.

I was wondering of this could be implamented here.
I guess I could make one, but, it wouldn't work if you have JavaScript turned off (I believe 11% of all internet users have, but, I don't think the number is that high on this forum)
Okay, after some soul searching, and escaping death, I've discovered some obstacles.

The only way to make such a thing, will cause the page to "flicker" one when it is finishes loading.

Do we hate such a flicker, or doesn't it change anything?
Dunno. What would this "flicker" entail? When the spoiler tag is clicked, or whenever a spoiler tag loads?
Whenever a PAGE loads >> as in, any page on the entire board. Even those that doesn't have spoilers.

It isn't a very good solution. The problem lies in that I can't search the page for
tags before the whole page is loaded done. Since we have so many ads and banners and shit, the page usually isn't done until 2-3 seconds.

Thus, when the page finally is done, it flickers slightly when the code runs. In my tests when I made the code, it ran perfectly, but that was because the page used like, 0.2 seconds to load, and therefore the flicker seemed more like part of the page loading.

I'm thinking of methods to limiting the flicker to the post that the spoiler is in though, but I'm not sure if it is possible. Time will tell.
Easiest solution:

Someone pony up the cash for a licensed copy of IPB 2.0 and for a year or so of webhosting with access to sql (preferably mysql since its cake) databases. That way we can fully edit the forum coding ourselves and do all sorts of fun crap.

But of course, thats like... $400 US there.So yeah, right.
*reaches back for his wallet*

Oh. Piss. There goes that idea.

Iduno. Having the whole site flicker just for one new tag that not many people would use (I won't, anyway) seems like too much of a cost to me.
*spoiler* (Just do this. Only a little more work, effectively hidden unless you're TRYING to see what it says, and no flicker. But you probably already knew that.)
Ah, the problem lies in that people may be using other themes, perhaps with a black background. Then it will only serve to make it be seen better >>
I've only seen the one theme, so I wouldn't know.
It really anoys me that we can't make our own [stuff] thingies. Or at least allow just some basic HTML tags. If there was something like that, it could have been done really easy.

Here is the best way I know of:

Quote (Spoiler)

this works. Just use the color #DDDDDD and you get the same color as the quote box.

this is how you do it:

[color=#DDDDDD]this works. Just use the color #DDDDDD and you get the same color as the quote box.[/color]
That's simple :3 Don't be like TUS D:
The thing is, we don't use anime spoilers that much...I think the white text will be just fine.