Tyrone Richards / Underrun.EXE

If I'm allowed, could I erase my current user and navi and use this one instead? (Old op/navi being Brad Vidler/Guillotine.EXE)

Also, if the Custom Weapon is too bland to be accepted, I can definitely change it.



Name: Tyrone Richards

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Caucasian, average build, around 6'2". Naturally spiked black hair, with brown eyes slightly larger than the average male. Chest slightly developed into 6-pack but nothing outstanding. Long scar on left side of back from last rib bone to start of pelvis (due to a car accident). His fists are usually vein-covered in appearance, enough to scare most people out of his handshakes. Most of Tyrone's height is made of his legs rather than his torso. Clothing of choice: anything rather thin with short sleeves that conceal his scar, and long jeans. Tyrone doesn't have pierced ears, but he can be occasionally seen wearing a chain. Prefers black socks and sneakers over any other footwear.

Personality: Anybody would assume from a distance that Tyrone is an outcast that keeps to himself and rarely associates with anyone. On a closer inspection, you would begin to believe it's strictly for appearance only, that there's a sweet, innocent boy beneath it all. Talking to him, however, will simply reinforce your first opinion. Tyrone's trust is hard to earn; most people consider him a lone wolf that prefers to work alone. However, this is probably as far from the truth as possible: Tyrone loves companionship. He is well aware though of what traitors and scum in general are capable of. Tyrone is fully honest only with Underrun; a bond that always proves useful in tough situations.

PET Modifications: Heavy-duty black armour casing: to resist drops, throws, and even most commercial high-end acids. Homing beacons: for keeping track of team members (max of 3). High-capacity battery: lasts even longer without a recharge. Laser light: for dark situations.


Name: Underrun.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Type: Normal

Appearance: Your average, basic NormNavi setup, with major overhauls to system defaults. For starters, Underrun is slightly transparent. The head starts with a titanium-reinforced miner-style pitch-black helmet with ultraviolet-purple lining, and a high-energy rotating laser light. Dark flames emit from the tiny holes on the top of the helmet, which alternate between bright red and dark purple to look like glowing hair (oddly enough, these flames, while visible, do not emit light: this is true for all the flames that appear on Underrun).

His arms start out with a thick build, narrowing to an average thickness as it reaches the hands. The hands are fragmented with deleted bug energy ("fraghands" for short); this means they appear as flames, but can be shaped into various solid forms, such as swords, busters, chains, cannons, whatever Underrun can imagine (size permitting). Just like the head, the arms are built with pitch-black colouring and a thick ultraviolet purple line that runs along the top of the arm to the fraghands. This line contains many holes which, in similar design to the head, emit small flames which (AGAIN) follow the same colour scheme as the head. The fraghand flames do not change colour; they remain ultraviolet-purple. The legs and feet are designed in the same fashion, allowing Underrun to hover rather than walk if necessary. The purple line on the legs do not emit flames though.

Underrun's torso is a one-piece solid rock; smooth to the touch, but capable of destroying matter that it touches. The reason? This is Underrun's main reactor core: deletion energy is converted into extra power. What most navis fear is what gives Underrun his edge. The middle of his chest is also where Underrun's emblem is: a black circle inside a ultraviolet-purple rim which is also inside a dark-gray rim. Inside the black circle is 4 horizontal waves, all coloured dark-gray. Unless you're standing really close to him, the waves give off the illusion that they're moving.

Personality: Underrun used to be nice and understanding, ready to help anybody. Now, he's observant and discreet, keeps to himself unless otherwise necessary, and prefers to do things alone. Underrun can get edgy around large groups of navis, especially when he's in a new environment. Otherwise, Underrun will defend his trusted allies to the end. Underrun knows how to hold a grudge, and doesn't like to be away from Ty for too long. Underrun has a great level of respect only for Tyrone's operating.

Custom Weapon: Fraghands = scientifically unexplainable, fraghands are a unique creation that Underrun believes only he has. Fraghands can be used to form almost any common weapon, be it a regular buster to shoot with, or a five-fingered hand to slap with...

Signature Attack: UnderTheWeather = 30HP Damage for 30HP Recovery [60SP = 2TCD]
Underrun causes frag energy to build in his chest to large proportions. Upon reaching critical mass, the energy pulses down his arms and causes his fraghands to form into laser cannons. Upon activation, each cannon has a different effect though. The right cannon fires a purple gel-like beam that, upon contact, seems to release the victim's actual energy into the air, while the left cannon acts as a vaccuum, which absorbs said energy back into Underrun's body, to help recover any wounds dealt in combat.
Most of it's just fine, except that you're going to need a Signature Attack before you can be approved. (After reading the physical description, I realize that the fraghands are just fine.)

Also, if you're going to be carrying over your Chips / NaviCust / whatever you're allowed to carry over when making the full operator-and-Navi switch, you're going to need to give a fairly good reason for why Tyrone's going to have Brad's stuff.
I'm not keeping anything: I wanted a fresh restart. Besides, Brad doesn't have anything more than the basic kit anyway.

I'd add a Sig Attack, but I honestly didn't understand a word of the explanation... <_<
Didn't understand it, eh...?
Got AIM? Send me a message at VoltWatt when you have the time, and I'll try to explain it.
Or, failing that, look for any mod in the chat.
Yeah, I only use MSN. However, I'm in the chat room anyway, so you can find me there when you're free...

There's no rule stating members have to reg a sig before they're accepted.

Hey, Esjay. Try comming up with a concept like...Deals DMG and heals Underrun or something like that. Then work on fitting the concept to the rules. If you need help, try pming a Mod.
Updated special attack if anybody would like to look at it.
Healing isn't a point for point thing, You get 15 points of healing for every 20 sig points you spend, so you're over budget. You could have it be 30 points of Life Drain, but the downside to that is if you only actually do, say, 10 damage, you'll only heal for 10, as well.

Your call.
It's supposed to be HP Drain, but is that what you're saying?
Oh, then I must have read it wrong. I thought you meant you do 30 damage, then independently heal.

Anyhoo, if that's the case, Approval!

You know what you should get/do. Have fun.