Vigil.exe Signatures

Purchased 1 Process Upgrade Here

+40 Signature Points

Name: Like Vision, I am Endless
Description: The eye that sits beneath Vigil opens wide, and a corona of darkness shoots up from beneath her, repairing any broken data and, most importantly, fixing her dress if it's torn.
Effects: 30 Healing
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Points Used: 40

Total used: 120/120
Next time don't forget to put in Sig Pool and current sig caps as a general reminder. But otherwise approved.
Purchased 4 Process Upgrades here.

Used: 280/280

Name: Spying Eye
Description: Vigil's creations are linked directly with her Sight, allowing her to better see her foes.
Effects: 10 HP | Passive Take-Aim Standard action
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Points Used: 40

Name: Glaring Eye
Description: Vigil's aggressive eyes are equipped with a glare, allowing her foes to see just how angry she is with them.
Effects: 6 HP | 38 Passive Damage (Null, Shot)
Cooldown: 3 Turns | Charge: 1 Action
Points Used: 90 [Effective 120 w/ Nerf]

Name: Peaceful Eye
Description: Vigil can produce eyes of care, allowing them to recover her or her allies.
Effects: 4 HP | Passive 14 HP Recovery
Cooldown: 1 Turn | 15 HP Sacrifice
Points Used: 60

Name: Craftsman
Description: Vigil can temporarily overdrive her craftsmen abilities, allowing her the ability to work faster in a dire need, while also constructing a defense from the leftover parts.
Effects: 1 Hit Shield | Sig Chill (1)
Cooldown: 1 Turn | 15 HP Sacrifice
Points Used: 60

Name: Eyedrops
Description: The eye glyph beneath Vigil showers her in a small burst of energy, removing negative effects.
Effects: Status Cleanse
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Points Used: 30


Let's see how this build works.