Kameligram.exe and niax

*side note with this charecter, I PROMISE to keep it pg-13, I just need to get away from the evil...(before it takes over T_T)

Name: niax buchanan
Age: 21
Gender: male
Appearance: a six foot white man with brown hair and eyes. wearing glasses that take a a goodsized portion of his face, he appears to be a average geek. usually wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt, he usually takes a casual appearance over fancy clothes.
Personality: Niax useally tries to play it cool, but useally gets wound up after a while about programming. he spends most of his time writing simply programmed adult-entertainment sub-navis( typically called this because they lack the actual intelligence to live outside of their use and are completely unadle to leave computers or home pages). he tends to be a little annoyed by his navi's jokes and style but he tends to roll around with the jokes eventually.
PET Modifications: a database of people whove purchased his software and a cataloge of his "employee's".

Name: kamilagram
Gender: male
Element: Elec
Type: Sword
Appearance: His basic appearance is a camelion, if bill gates had been god. made of a shiny green material, kamilagram stands seven net-feet tall. the tip of his tail has a amp plug on the end, and his head's horns have an electrical plug's prongs sticking out. as for what he wears, like a camelion, his appearance is always changing to sute the mood or joke he's pulling (but his body or his stats doesn't neccisarily follow along)
Personality: Simply put, a wacked out joker,("with a side of pervert"). considering himself to be the funniest guy on the net (though this is far from the truth) and since women must love funny guys, he must be the stud of the net. he hardly takes anything seriously, and winds up ticking some people off. the main problem with him is because of his owners job, making him think most net-girls are as easy or open as what niax programs.
Custom Weapon: hip hop skidoo - A kind of martial arts that kamilagram came up with, combinding slapstick, hiphop/breakdancing, with basic karate. he uses a flurry of punches kicks and his tail to pummel opponents into submission.
Signature Attack: kamila-copy - driving his tail into a navi's symbol/virri, he downloads a part of the enemy's code and changes his element and sudtype to match. (40 damage and gain attradutes of target, 3-turn cooldown)
I can't approve anything and an Official is already replying to this, but I had to ask this question... What do you mean by 'side note with this charecter, I PROMISE to keep it pg-13, I just need to get away from the evil...'

Just to be sure and to know what you're talking about.
Forget Yum-Fu, Hip Hop Skidoo is the new official martial art of the Rockman universe.

Couple of things about your Signature Attack, though. First of all, I think you just worded it badly when you said

Quote ()

using his tounge, he pops a opponent into his mouth to copy it's element/ sub type permantly (end of battle/ next time used)

You can't have the element/subtype change permanently. Just having the change last until the end of the battle or the next time that the attack is used is fine. Change your wording to reflect this, because it's a little confusing as it is now.

The truth is that viruses don't have subtypes assigned to them. They have elements, though, so you can have Kameligram change elements when he uses Kamila-Copy, not subtypes.

I don't think that you'll be able to effectively use the Signature Attack on Navis, though.

Keep in mind that you'll only be able to copy a virus's subtype with Kamila-Copy if you destroy them. Otherwise, it's chew chew chew and then spit back out if they survive after the attack's damage is inflicted.

Just change that stuff, answer Shuryou's question, and you'll be good to go.

also, if you were there for my time in chat, shyrou(aka. chocolate) you know about the evil problem I was having with void...

and the pg-13 thing is for the human's job...

but I've made the changes and I hope I get through...

besides, shyrou should like the human's job...

edit: sig attack changed, to weak and unlike the original animal I was going for...
Aaaaand now you've overpowered it again.

Quote (The Secret Sig Attack Effects List. And by Secret I mean unfinished.)

Invisibility: 100 (per round) [Makes you impossible to see, but you can still be heard and hit. Only Seeking, Beam, and Superpiercing hit normally, everything else has 5% chance to hit.]

tl;dr, Invis ALONE breaks your current cap. Get rid of it.

all right, i'll change it...

but could someone point me in the direction of the sig list... I dunno where to find it...
sorry for the double post, but I changed the sig back to the first one and changed it a little...

lets try this...
you know, if you just don't want this idea, I can go for somthing totally different...

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