Beastly bite


Beastly bite:By latching onto an enemy with her teeth, Nikko is able to make an enemy 'bleed' data from their body, and when this data drains into Nikko's mouth, she actualy drinks like a vampire and she is able to recover HP from this, her bite is able to deal 30 damage to the enemy and this is what she is able to heal, but this causes her body to slow down and she requires one action to fully recover from this, for her body needs to reform the enemy's HP data into data that her body is able to recover with.
Lifedrain 30, 1 action recovery (70 total with 10 left over)

Cap:270/260 from nerf
Wait, it's 30 drain for two actions?
yes, unfortunately i didn't have much left to my signature points, so i'll get it redone once i have more upgrades, COMPLETELY redone, unless you have a sugestion of course.
Something doesn't add up...

Lifedrain 30 (60) - Recovery Time1 (30) != 70, but instead =30.

So... shouldn't it be 1 TCD?
it's 40 points=1TCD, 50-80 points=2TCD, and nerfs hit the TCD as well. so it's either a 2TCD, or 3TCD because i added points so i could get a 30 life drain.
Darkie D, here's the thing.


10 Life drain is 20 cap, right?

Quote ()

Life Drain: 10 drain per 20 cap. [Deals damage, and absorbs as health. Health absorbed equals damage actually dealt. If target's HP is less, the lesser amount is absorbed.]

Your 30 life drain, then, is 60 points, which doesn't require a nerf to fit within your 140 cap.

Therefore, it would be assumed you used your nerf to lower the overall cost of the attack, and lower your cooldown.

Which is where i got 60 - 30 = 30 cap, or 1 TCD.
leon.....i have only 40 points left for my sigs, i put the 1 action thing in so that i could make it 30 drain, it would be only 20 without the nerf.
Ah. You were counting up to 260, not down. *stabs* I really should ask if people count up to the cap or down from the cap before looking at stuff.

Alright then. If you really want a 2 action, 30 drain, 2tcd attack, you got it.
GAH! *head explodes* i don't know what i was thinking for this.......just close this, i'll come up with something more later.