Name: Icaro
Gender: Female

Appearance: Icaro is a plant spirit, taking the form of a glowing outline of a woman in an elegant dress. She stands roughly the same height as Eidolon and shares the same problem of some parts of her appearance simply not being there. In Icaro's case, the details: eyes, hair, shape of the body, etc can clearly be discerned, as well as the flowery design of her dress, but beyond that she has no solid form, like a drawing that was never filled in. Her outline shifts color between two separate states: shades of green like leaves in a "neutral" state, and a vibrant rose color when attacking or healing. Both are also done by blowing petals at the target, so it can be difficult to tell which she is trying to do until the target gains or loses health.

Personality: On average, Icaro is a soft-spoken, kindhearted SP. She was designed to be summoned for healing, after all, and thus possesses a will to aid others whenever possible. She can be fickle though, and when upset will become cold, stubborn, and sometimes aggressive. Because she was also intended to take away "dark" spirit, she also displays an aggressive attitude toward enemies, which is only amplified when they interrupt her healing work.

Element: Wood
Subtype: Recover
--Buying shit--

HP Upgrade x2: 10 and 20 bugfrags

GET: +20 HP, +2 Levels
LOSE: 30 bugfrags (26 left)
Thing approved.
--Buying More Shit--
Second Chance: 100 Bugfrags

GET: Second Chance, +3 Levels
LOSE: 100 Bugfrags