Received it in this mission.

Name: Fhyre.SP
Gender: None.
Appearance: Fhyre is a circular ruby that has a flame around it that can't be put be out. Around the ruby are two golden rings, slowly spinning around the core. If energy has to be generated by Fhyre, the rings will spin faster. Fhyre has three hands, each of them floating in mid-air without being connected to Fhyre's core. Each hand has a golden bracelet with 5 rubies engraved in it, with an equal empty space between each ruby. From each bracelet comes a hand made entirely of dark crimson flames. The hands are usually positioned in a triangle in front of Fhyre's core. Fhyre can't talk, but it can write in the air with fiery letters.
Personality: Fhyre does not have a personality. It takes commands from Djinni without question and does not react to anything except its mistress.
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break
Cool appearance, but the lack of personality makes me sad. Approved. D:
Current: 31 Bugfrags.

Getting 3 HP Upgrades for Fhyre. [30 points]

After: 1 Bugfrag.
Using my free GMO for Fhyre. Will get changed in the future due to plot reasoning though.

Name: Avatar.GMO
Description: This GMO is primarily used for maintenance purposes for things that cannot be done with just the PET. The rings around Fhyre's core enlarge themselves and the bracelets that form the hands shrink. The flame that surrounds Fhyre's core enlarged itself to form a human form without facial expressions, except for a mouth, and without private parts or muscle structure. The ruby that made up Fhyre's core is placed in the location of the individual's head, the rings that surrounded said ruby are now in a cross pattern around the body's chest and a bracelet on each hand, while the third bracelet vanishes for the time being. Once this is all set in place, the flames become solid so only a red silhouette of a human being remains.
Current: 190 Bugfrags.

Getting 2 Attack Upgrades and 1 Speed Upgrade for Fhyre. [100 + 30 points]
Because I made a mistake in the previous 'upgrade' post, another 30 points are taken away, as 2 HP upgrades were 30 and the third should have been an additional 30.

After: 30 Bugfrag.
Fhyre, now with 4 times the powah. Also, good of you to catch that error. Thank you.