Void's body starts to deform, twisting to bizarre lengths and angles. He also begins to sprout eyes and fang filled mouths all over his body. Instead of using an actual weapon, Void can generate horrible illusions to his opponents, causing brain hemorrhaging or self-inflicted injuries. The most awkward part of this is Void will start talking to his other mouths, and they'll talk back. With his eyes all over, he has a good idea of what's going on around him, though with all of the input, there is a good chance he won't know where it's coming from.
First I'd like to ask and note some things.

One. I'm not the kindest person ever or the least perverted, but could you do me a favour and change 'mind rape' to something less horrible?

Two. The fact he can attack enemies within their mind does NOT mean that it always works. Do keep in mind that even though you can, somehow, attack their minds (if they have minds to start with) you can still miss. Horribly.

Three. He may have eyes coming out of every part of his body, but this does not mean he becomes an Omni-God when it comes to notifying attacks and dodging them.

Knowing this, do you still wish to get this GMO? It looks like something that came crawling out of a black and white 80s horror movie.