Pirouette/Kabuki Cross

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Pirouette's Kabuki Cross
Level 1 Cross
Fire/Wind (Usually favours Slipstream and Turbulence)

Visual and Personality Shifts:

Pirouette tends to become more excitable when under Kabuki's influence. Her usual reserved poise slips, albeit only marginally, in the face of the new and unexpected, and she becomes more overtly expressive than usual, both in the face and in her body language. Her motions have a somewhat sharper trend to them as well, with more pronounced, deliberate motions, rather than the smooth grace that she usually exhibits. The changes are only slight at this stage, but notable if looked for.

Visually, Pirouette gains an overall rosier tone and palette under this cross; her hair takes on slightly fiery highlights at the roots and tips, and she appears to acquire some light face makeup that rouges up her lips and around her eyes in delicate ways. Her wings also develop deep crimson roots and feather tips at the outer edges.

Her clothing changes more fully, like any costume change: In place of her leotard and tu-tu, Pirouette instead wears a loose, flowing robe of a severe crimson colour. It sits in a way that is designed to look like it is almost off her shoulders, with a deep v-cut in the back to allow for her wings; a single gold-threaded button loop at the back of her neck holds it up properly. The front of the robe is loose and open, forming a very deep 'V' that only folds in on itself at her waist line, where a gold sash wraps and secures the garment. The trim at the edges is also a burnished, muted gold.

Below the sash, the robe is split in multiple places, allowing full free movement, while still disguising her figure to some extent. Sudden actions or sharp motions can be used to deliberately reveal her legs, while normal motions mostly just hint and flash.

Aside from the robe, Pirouette gives up her pointe shoes for a simpler set of red and gold stage slippers that fit snug to her feet, but she doesn't seem to have much else; with her leotard gone, the open sections of her robe show a sometimes dangerous amount of skin, the broad, loose 'V' on her top half saved from regular indecency only by the reserved endowment of her chest. Should accidents happen, Pirouette is wearing small pink nipple covers and red underwear, but the general impression of the robe is designed to playfully suggest a lack of both.

When fighting, she uses her hands and arms as much as she does her legs and feet, in this cross, and her strikes and shots take the form of broad feather fans, with crimson fire tips that burn like embers.

Cross Signature (80/80):

Seigi no Sutansu

Sometimes, when her passions are fired up and injustice or improper behaviour can be brooked no more, self-respecting ballerinas-turned-kabuki-actresses must take a firm stand. Pirouette moves with sudden precision, in a vaguely unnatural way, almost as though she were being lifted or carried by invisible wire-work, before setting down in the determined place. She then lifts one foot high in an outward and aggressive gesture, and slams it down, creating a ripple that change the ground beneath her and raises sympathetic defences intended to help her hold her ground unflinching.

Effect: (Movement, Medium Area Coal, 40Hp Planar Casing), 2TCD (80 Points)
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