All access pass

Hello, my name is Jazz.exe and my net operator is a Stephine Magi. I have recently reached the level of 15 and would like to request a mission to prove I can handle the next tier of networks below the common Normal Nets, this test will be for...Rogue Net Access early I believe.
(Gonna bump this up)
((The message response is preceded by the sound of repeated tutting from a small, feminine voice.))

Slipped through the crack this one, did it? Let's see what we've got. Oh! Oh!!

Hey there, bunny-boy. Looking to play a little more risky? You are just the man I could use to help me with a small mystery, and once we get to the bottom of it, I'm sure I can make sure you're all cleared for rogue entry passes. I know that this is normally all handled by official badge-wearing GNA folks, but don't worry about that; I'm perfectly good to sort you out if you're ready, and it'll still all be official and correct.

So what do you say? Meet me for morning tea? A Drink? A quick nibble? Some risky fun in the dark? The GNA boys seem to have dropped your ticket, but I know you want to say yes. Message me, and we'll sort it out.

- An Off-Season Easter Bunny.
Hehehe. Hey there, been a while, certainly been thinkin about ya after we met. Yea, I'll take on whatever ya got and help where I can, I've been wanting to learn more 'bout ya I got this crazy ass story from a recent run in my ol stompin grounds in Sharo. Just point me where ya need and I'll be there ASAP!
Aww, I'm flattered! Okay, here's the deal. I've got something important to deal with, but only because there's some unknown factor that's caused certain things to go off kilter. Got to fix the problem, but I've also got to sort out why it happened, and another pair of hands and eyes on me would be good. SO! Meet me out [Here] as soon as you're all rested up and ready. Don't worry about timing - as long as it's sometime soon, I'll know when you get there. It'll probably get a bit rough, and we'll be going someone pretty nasty, so be ready for that. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures too, maybe we'll find a chance to take a couple of little breaks in between the work...

- Prose


((Link is now up!))
The mission submission for this ticket has been reported as complete, with services rendered and rewards delivered directly.
The GNA acknowledges the successful mission completion credit to Jazz.Exe and Stephine. Thank you for your assistance.

Global Network Administration