All access pass

Hello, my name is Jazz.exe and my net operator is a Stephine Magi. I have recently reached the level of 15 and would like to request a mission to prove I can handle the next tier of networks below the common Normal Nets, this test will be for...Rogue Net Access early I believe.
(Gonna bump this up)
((The message response is preceded by the sound of repeated tutting from a small, feminine voice.))

Slipped through the crack this one, did it? Let's see what we've got. Oh! Oh!!

Hey there, bunny-boy. Looking to play a little more risky? You are just the man I could use to help me with a small mystery, and once we get to the bottom of it, I'm sure I can make sure you're all cleared for rogue entry passes. I know that this is normally all handled by official badge-wearing GNA folks, but don't worry about that; I'm perfectly good to sort you out if you're ready, and it'll still all be official and correct.

So what do you say? Meet me for morning tea? A Drink? A quick nibble? Some risky fun in the dark? The GNA boys seem to have dropped your ticket, but I know you want to say yes. Message me, and we'll sort it out.

- An Off-Season Easter Bunny.