Shirley Squeak & MouseMan.EXE

Name: Shirley “Shay” Squeak
Age: 36 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Shirley is a short (approx. 1,6m), wide and stocky man. His skin is pale. Shirley’s hair is black, fluffy and untamed. It grows in a way in which it always falls in front of his eyes, no amount of combing can fix this. Instead he always wears a pair of leather goggles which are long enough to stick out from his amount of hair. The goggles have clear lenses, so his brown eyes are perfectly visible through them with some attention. He has a large, black, bushy beard, so bushy in fact that his mouth is hardly visible behind it. He does trim it so it doesn’t grow past his collar bone. Despite all the hair, his wide nose is still perfectly visible.
Shirley’s attire most of the time consists of clothes that cover him entirely. He does not like showing skin to others, even going to the point of wearing gloves to hide his hands. Another important thing for him is to always have various points on his outfit to attach his PET to. Hips, shoulders, back, chest, knees, etc. He always carries around a camera to take pictures with, usually hanging from a cord around his neck with the lens sticking out of his beard.

Traits: Gruff and quiet. Very grumbly voice, despite being a kind man. Has bad social skills and will often require MouseMan to talk for him. Will usually just grumble instead of actually talking. As a result, he’s become very expressive with his limbs and head to indicate what he’s trying to convey. Loves gossip and rumors, especially those involving celebrity and aliens. But even if he gets super excited, he’ll do so while being his usual quiet self. Always introduces himself as ‘Shay’ instead of Shirley. He doesn’t dislike or hate his real name, he just has trouble pronouncing it.

PET Modifications: Shirley has a simple current age PET, which is white with orange accents and has MouseMan’s emblem on it. While the back of the PET already had a clasp for putting it on clothes, Shirley expanded on it to allow changing the clasp so it could be attached to different points. He even has a clasp to clip the PET onto his beard.

Name: MouseMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon

MouseMan’s emblem: A mouse nose with 3 black whiskers on each side and a set of buck tooth below it. The background is orange at the top, white at the bottom, separated by the nose and whiskers.
MouseMan is a short and slim pale boy of about 5’2” feet with a below average weight. The lower half of his face is always covered by a black mask from which 6 thick black whiskers stick outwards, 3 on each side. MouseMan wears a helmet that covers most everything of his head except his mask and some of his hair, which is light blond, sticking out at the back. This helmet is completely smooth and has a glass-like exterior with a large number of squares behind the glass that light up once in a while. On the sides of this helmet are circular audio receivers, each with MouseMan’s emblem on it, with a band that goes across the top of his helmet. Two large circular ears are attached to the band. Each ear is curved inwards and has an antenna sticking out of it, looking a lot like satellite dishes. While not visible when he’s wearing his helmet, MouseMan has large red eyes and has small, white mouse ears, with orange fluff on the inside, sticking out of his hair.
MouseMan wears a black bodysuit from top to toe. He wears a white jacket with a V-shaped opening at the top and various orange rings around the sleeves. At the end he wears a pair of white gloves with orange rings over his jacket sleeves, from his elbow to his hand. Only the backside of his hands are covered by these gloves, with his emblem being on these parts. His hands are, just like the rest of his body, covered by the bodysuit.
On his lower body MouseMan only wears a pair of boots from his knees to his toes. The bodysuit covering his legs, however, also has the same orange circle markings of his sleeves. MouseMan’s boots are white with two orange circles at the top and a black bottom. MouseMan also has a long mouse tail, completely black and thicker than you’d expect from a mouse’s tail. At the end of this tail is a white buster weapon attachment, comparable to a standard Navi’s wrist-mounted weapon, from which he can shoot.

Traits: MouseMan is a kind-hearted, but subdued, boy. He’ll always look at things with bright and interested eyes, but once those eyes catch something scary he’ll quickly turn them away. Mouse really doesn’t like scary things and as such gets scared very quickly. He is also quite squeamish. While being a boy, his mannerisms in motion and speech can seem feminine at times.

Custom Weapon: Unlike any regular Navi MouseMan can’t actually turn his hands or arms into weapons. Instead of having this feature, he only has his tail-mounted weapon. But just like a regular Navi’s weapon, he can change the functionality of this weapon based on the chips he receives. But his personal weapon is known as 'MOUSE' or 'Master Output: Unstable Slave Entity'. These look and move like actual mice, except their exterior looks like plastic instead of fur. They are all entirely white with orange paws, an orange stripe across the face like a mask and red eyes. Their tails are black with thin orange stripes across them, but the position of the stripes is different of each MOUSE. It's how MouseMan sees which is which, like reading barcodes.

Signature Program: MOUSE: Null
Description: MouseMan creates a MOUSE and positions it on the battlefield. The MOUSE will constantly nibble the data around him, causing small shocks to appear which fly out towards enemies. When the MOUSE gets defeated, it’ll run around aimlessly with its last spark of energy before jumping at the last enemy it knows and exploding violently.
10 HP Light Object (10pts)
Passive: 10 DMG @ Chosen Enemy (30pts)
Trap(When Destroyed): 20 DMG @ Last Chosen Enemy (20pts)

Signature Program: Call For Help
Description: MouseMan sends out a signal with his satellite ears to call forth the nearest MOUSE that can help him in the fight. After a short moment a MOUSE will come jumping out of nowhere, crash onto the target and then vanish in the distance again.
20 Drop DMG (20pts)

Starting items:
- Bubbler
- ResetStage
Looks good, approved.

Beard-clasped PET, lol.