Delta.exe signature attacks.

To start off, I've noticed that Delta.exe's Rocket Launcher sig is 100 Damage, plus Break, for a total cost of 120. Meanwhile, my current sig cap is 100. So I would like to downgrade said signature attack to 80 Null (Acc A; Break).
No problem. Looks like this one was our fault for missing it in the original registration. Cooldown for the new signature will be the same, since it's still over 80.

I can approve that with no issue.
This leaves you at 180 points spent, of your current 200. Would you like to do anything with the remaining 20 while you're fixing things?
No, I'm going to wait until I get more sig points to add another signature.
Since passive signatures are no longer a thing, I need to update my signature attacks. To start with, what was an 80-point passive 15 heal each turn is going to become 60 Heal on a 2-turn cooldown, which actually gives better overall healing per turn, at the cost of taking an action to use.
The other update is that since Delta.exe has hit level 10, I can bump my Rocket Launcher back up to 100 damage, for a total of 120 points. This means that I'm using all 200 signature points that I currently have available.
Unless I missed something, this should bring my signature attacks in line with current battle rules.
Just for future reference, I would suggest looking at other signature attack registries and see how they look, they tend to show the effects in a full "list" so to speak, breaking up the name, the effects, making it easy to parse. As is, what I'm reading is

CRaHS: Changes from a passive 15 Heal to a 60 HP heal, 2 Turn Cooldown sig
And Rocket Launcher: 100+Break with the shot attribute, 3 Turn Cooldown sig

Which, reading the sig systems, is an approvable thing. Just for future signature changes, please "itemize" the signatures and changes so we might avoid potentially misreading a registration of signatures in the future.
My mistake, I'll show signatures as itemized in future registrations. For what it's worth, what you read is entirely correct.