Mach/Drago Cross

MachMan DragonierCross_Lvl1 (+10 to Null Chips)
Element/Subtype: Null/Speed (P: Scramble | A: Overclock)
Description: With this cross activated, Mach's armor takes on an older, heavier look.  His normally slim mechanical limbs are outfitted with slightly bulkier, dark gray armor plate that look to be designed to a human-standard frame; though the armor has a bit of a scaly texture, it still appears to cover/accentuate the standard musculature of a human frame, at least for most of Mach's lower body.

This design mantra changes entirely above the lower chest; his chest plate protrudes out a significant distance but maintains the scaled texture like that of a dragon's thin, bony chest.  His "fuselage" is more blunted and shorter in this form than usual, but still pointed enough to keep him relatively aerodynamic.  The engine nacelles that doubled as his shoulders were as bulky and pointed as always, but instead of solid nosecones, they were cut with several grooves along their length to give them a grated/slatted appearance, and were wide enough at the base to cover the entire intake instead of just the central spindle.  As normal, these nosecones remain static; they don't spin regardless of their respective engine's power setting.

Between his engine nacelles sits his standard-sized canopy, but the collar in which it sits was raised slightly, like that of a jouster's neck shielding.  A tattered, heavily-worn cape was bolted on to this raised collar; it was so shredded by apparent use, it barely extended past the ends of his engine nacelles.  His matte-black canopy is adorned with a dull gray "helmet" forged in the rough shape of a dragon's skull; its snout protruded forward and its empty eye sockets exposed the black canopy beneath, while its dagger-like teeth formed vertical slats like that of a knight's visor.

Signature Attack:
Draconic Assault:  A sudden pulse of percussive energy and powerful gales explode outwards from Mach's body, heralding a sudden transformation that becomes visible as the dust settled.  His entire body transformed into something akin to a Wyvern from ancient Netopian mythology, and remains that way until the Navi so chooses.  Supported by two large, mechanically animalistic hind legs, his body stands easily 25 to 30 feet tall.  Said legs are equipped with five heavily curved metal talons each, designed to snare and shred prey.  The upper torso of the beast is layered in dull gray metallic scales, but seems to cover a nearly skeletal frame from head to tail, one could easily see the outlines of what appeared to be ribs and vertebrae.  Instead of a pair of arms or wings, this form has a pair of large engine nacelles, like a scaled-up version of Mach's normal engines, but covered in metal scales like the rest of his body.

Supported on a relatively short, skeletal neck is Mach's head, which is shaped like a vertically-oriented crescent with its points facing back, with two similarly curved protrusions out at 90 degrees to both sides.  Centered in the curved, four-pronged arrowhead-like head is a maw lined with broad, trapezoidal teeth.  When his jaws are open, one could see what looked to be the inside of some oddly-designed turbojet engine; serrated turbine blades holding back a hot orange glow.  No eyes could be seen on the beast's head, which is a reflection of Mach's true blindness, though he was no less dangerous.  If one wasn't convinced, his roar, which gave the ear-piercing shrill of a jet turbine at high speed, would shake any deletion-fearing program to their core.
(Microburst Nova2 + 2TCD) [80pts]
This all looks correct to me, you're approved.