Updates and life, wee.

I know I’ve been very inactive lately, so I just wanted to post this to kind of give everyone a reason for it, as well as a way to let everyone know what’s going on and give a few more details to those that wanted to know more.

So, as a few of you might have been aware, my mother had been fighting with cancer for several years now, with constant bouts of chemo and various treatments. Back in October she got some tests done and they showed that her cancer was becoming more active. To compound this, it was learned that because of certain test results, she could no longer receive chemotherapy treatments. Ourselves and her doctors decided the best course was to put her on Hospice, which for those who aren’t aware, is a service for end of life care. There are no tests, their job is just to make sure she was comfortable while waiting for the end.

My mother passed away last night, it was peaceful, she slipped away in her sleep, which is something she and all of us wanted. We’re taking it well, it has been something all of us had been prepared for, for months now, and while we will no doubt grieve, we are just fine. All we ask is people keep our family in our thoughts and prayers while we go through all the processes that comes now. Thankfully, my mother was very prepared, as were we, so these processes are very quick and easy on us, and we’ve all gotten our goodbyes in. Now it’s just a matter of informing people, friends and loved ones, as well as all the different companies we have to let know and all that wonderful process.

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So the long and short of it is, I’ve been inactive due to taking care of my mother in these last few months. And while I’m glad she’s finally at peace, it also means now I have the task of trying to take care of personal needs. These last few years she has been handling bills as I’ve been my mother’s full time care giver. With that now gone I’ll be hunting down a job very shortly and hopefully getting on top of everything for myself. New place to live, handling various other expenses, etc.

More than likely I will still be inactive for the next month or two while I get things settled down, perhaps less, perhaps more. I can’t really say. I will say I plan to become active again, as I’ve several projects I would like to finish and take care of. I have no plans to leave the site and will continue to be on staff if allowed. Thanks for putting up with my inactivity and constant delays on projects I’ve been working on. I will be getting them completed, real life just gets to take priority for awhile.
You're always in my thoughts, Morisha, and I hope you and your loved ones are taking good care of each other through this, alongside sorting out the necessary processes. Real life always has to come first, especially at a time like this, but never let it be too far from your mind that there are folks here who care about you, and who are thinking of you, and hoping for the best for your situation. One thing at a time; we'll still be here when other difficulties are done.
Condolences on the loss, hope you can pick yourself back up man. Good luck.
That's rough, take care buddy!
Getting everything settled comes first.