MachMan VeeCross

Throwing another NS NPC Cross into the armory.

MachMan VeeCross_Lvl1 (+10 to Elec Chips)
Element/Subtype: / (P: Trap Mastery | A: Substitution Technique)
Description:  With his cross activated, Mach's armor becomes mostly matte black and his overall silhouette is significantly more streamlined.  While he still has engine nacelles for shoulders, the normally circular intakes are replaced with smaller trapezoidal structures that seem to fit more snugly against the side of his upper torso.  Instead of one large ruddervator on each nacelle, they are replaced with two triangular structures, that while move-able, don't seem to be as effective as control surfaces.  However, their purpose is two-fold:  They can act as stabilizers while Mach's in flight, but can also be detached and magnetically clip to the rest of its counterparts, forming a large shaken-style shuriken.

The engines intakes and stabilizers weren't the only components that were changed; each engine's exhaust sections are seemingly "caged" by a myriad of horizontal slats to help diffuse heat to give off a smaller heat signature.  In addition, the engines themselves are electrically powered, so what little heat produced by the friction of the turbines would be quickly dispersed with the heat sink-style slats.  At higher power settings, the motors start to throw off excess electricity in the form of electrical discharges.  To maintain stealth, the bolts can be held at bay via the engines' housing, but to reduce wear and tear some vents near his collar can be opened.  With said vents open, the resulting plasma-wreathed electrical discharges stretch behind him like a glowing scarf.  However, due to their electrical nature, said "scarf" seems to jolt into slightly different positions instead of gently flapping in the wind.

Mach's canopy is almost entirely covered in matte-black plating like an armored hood, save for a single angular slot that exposes the gold-colored canopy glass beneath.  While it appears Mach's vision would be restricted due to the hood, the camera blister on the underside of his fuselage-shaped armor is enhanced to a significant degree, giving him an excellent field of view and even the capability to see through decoys or traps little effort.

His arms and legs are made of similarly matte-black plating, and are mostly unchanged save for arrays of small curved spines on the undersides of his forearms, his shins, his palms, and the bottoms of his feet.  These spines are purely designed to allow him to cling to surfaces with ease without relying entirely on his anti-grav drives, so he can be a proverbial "fly on the wall" to perform reconnaissance and espionage operations, while also armed enough to carry out sabotage or assassinations.

Signature Attack: 
Surprise Infiltration:  To sow chaos or cover his movements, Mach utilizes his stealth and electrical abilities to designate a target, then manipulates the data around it to involuntarily transform the target into a perfect image of himself.  While said target confuses/is attacked by its comrades, Mach uses the ensuing chaos to try avoiding enemy fire while relocating to a more advantageous position.
(Disguising Illusion (50) + Feint (30) + 2TCD) [80pts]