Making a new SP for Eris.

Name: Mestra.SP
Element: Fire
Subtype: Team (Tag Along/Unite)
Gender: N/A

Appearance: Eris's "internal defense system" protects her body from whatever it deems a threat by proxying control of her body. Since it is an integrated part of her systems, it only acts through Eris's own existing abilities, primarily through her tail. However, after Eris consumed a Support Program core, this internal defense system split off into two halves. The first half still continues to live as an integrated process, but the second half is now able to act as an autonomous process through the SP core. Its main form is a pair of armlike appendages, seen previously from a glitch, that grow from under her normal arms. While these arms are mostly autonomous, Eris can assume control of them as she sees fit. Its main core is housed within Eris's torso, possibly from the SP core that she consumed.

Personality: As Mestra doesn't have much in the way of vocalization, and spawned from a non-sentient internal system, it's difficult to determine what its behavior is, short of being usually protective of Eris. The criteria it uses to determine whether it treats an entity as a threat is unknown, though it usually comes down to whether it has been in Eris's presence for long enough without Eris becoming suspicious of them. Strangely enough, this also includes Eris's own operator, Charles, despite Eris herself expressing trust in him.

Initial Upgrades: Flight: Planeswalking (100 BugFrags) (+3 Level)

GMO Slot 0: Ikaros
Modifying itself into a pair of leathery wings, Mestra allows a limited form of flight to Eris. It assumes a form akin to bat wings, but its structure seems much larger and denser, which normally would disallow any form of flight. This allows it to, in a pinch, shield Eris from harm, though it is, by itself, quite fragile.
Approved SP reg and purchase of Flight: Planeswalking