Chip Net-Shop

"Subchips, then? Just a sec," the LinkMan said, ringing up the purchase on a nearby terminal, before it beeped out a confirmation tone. The zenny packet on the counter immediately vanished, and was replaced with a stack of six subchips instead. "Thanks for waiting. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask," the attendant said with a smile.

MachMan GET: LargeEnergyPack x2, Bookmark, Untrap x3
MachMan LOSE: 3400z
"Much appreciated," Mach replied as he picked up the stack of subchips in his right hand like a small deck of cards. Said subchips fragmented and disappeared a second or so later as they were downloaded to the PET, leaving Mach free to turn around and walk out of the store. Upon getting into the relatively open areas outside of the shop, his engines spooled up and he quickly took to the sky.

Several minutes later, Mazer chimed in. ["You're approaching the outer limit of the Internet City page, want me to log you out?"] he asked. Mach mulled it over for a few moments, then made up his mind; he could resume his introspection back in the PET. "Please," he responded, then disappeared in a streak of cyan light a few moments later.

((Logged out))
Lumbering into the shop silently, Asymptote doing his best to not get in the way of everyone as he did, made his way towards the front of the shop, putting down a credit chit onto the counter for Linkman to make use of...even if he towered over the other navis. Excuse me, Linkman. If I could get a trio of Untraps, please, I would be grateful. Asymptote spoke simply.

Buying: Untrap x3 (1 Untrap owned)
Cost: 1200z
Remainder: 5535z
LinkMan moved to assist the towering navi, and greeted him with his usual calm smile. Fortunately he didn't seem intimidated by Asymptote's appearance, though one had to assume he served all sorts here.

"Untraps? No problem. Can't be too careful out there!" A moment later, the data packets containing the chips were hand across and the store-keeper gave him another amiable nod and a wave. "Good luck. I hope they herald something good. Come back if you need more!"

Asymptote GET: Untrap x3
Asymptote LOSE: 1200z
Asymptote nodded and gave a thank-you before slowly beginning to walk out...before a beep came to him. A quick look at their finances, Asymptote did EVERYTHING in his power to remain calm, walking out. He was going to scream into the air very soon...
A program would float up to the counter with a wide grin across it’s face and a bag of navi upgrades hanging off one of it’s hands. “Excuse me, mister Linkman! I come on behalf of Ava Anasta and her fatass navi, Kemix.exe! I would like to pick up two untraps for him and three MiniEnergyPacks!” The prog would speak before three 100z coins and a 50z coin would appear on the counter.

Buying: 2 Untraps (100x2) and 3 MiniEnergyPacks (50x3)
Have: 350z
Cost: 350z
Leftover: 0z
LinkMan acknowledged the messenger prog with a not and quickly organised the requested purchases. He scooped up the coins and passed the chips across the counter.

"All correct, there you go. Come back if you need more!" He waved the prog off and returned swiftly to his other work.

Kemix GET: 2x Untrap, 3x MiniEnergy
Kemix LOSE: 350z
With a nod, the prog gave a “thank you” and began to float away.
A piercing black light slammed into the network, the resultant particles quickly reforming into a fluid, black form. A luminous blue globe followed from the sky, crashing into the inky black form in a burst of brilliant azure light. A moment later, a slender blue-and-white netnavi took a confident step forward into the bustling concourse that was the Internet City Commercial Area. All manner of navigators and programs darted about their business, presenting a daunting challenge for the newly-mobile Tem. The golden-haired subsystem hesitated for a moment, her sharp blue eyes narrowing as she scrutinized the semi-random movements of the myriad of obstacles that lay before her.


Seeing the briefest of pathways and seizing the opportunity, Tem pushed forward, nearly diving headfirst into a break in the crowd. The finned navi darted past a group of strolling NormalNavis with uncommon alacrity, slinked through a break in a parade of Mr. Progs with a single fluid lunge, and just barely managed to pivot in time to evade a passing convoy of data cubes apparently destined for SciLabs. A particularly well-worn violet-hued Navi cast a long sideways glance toward the former subsystem as she dove past him into a three-point landing at the foot of the nearest LinkMan kiosk.

”Hah!” shouted an excitable Tem, once again unintentionally vocalizing her internal thoughts, ”A flawless bit of maneuvering, if I do say so myself! Even that purple cretin over there can’t stop marveling at my agility and poise.”

Tem’s “admirer” shook his head and walked away. “&$#in’ weeb pervert netOps,” he muttered, “Internet City’s going to %#$ these days…”

Unperturbed, Tem rose to her feet and tapped her wrist, displaying a list of data for LinkMan’s review. ”Pardon me, sir,” she said, brushing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes, ”I would like to requisition this list of battlechips, and have prepared a zenny transfer accordingly.”

2x SentinelGun - 3600z
1x Satellite1 - 2100z
2x Untrap - 800z
Total: 6500z
On the other side of the kiosk, LinkMan gave only a small start as Tem arrived with a level of flourish and style usually reserved for something other than a convenience store purchase. Despite this, he offered her an amused grin and a nod of his head as she brought up her purchase request.

“And a good day to you there as well, miss. Let's see... Yep, that's all correct, I'll just grab those for you.” With a series of short hand motions, the navi pulled each of the data chips seemingly from the air to either side of him, though a perceptive eye might notice the equivalent packets phasing off some of the shelves behind the counter. In short order, he moved them across to her and took the payment.

“There you go, enjoy your new firepower. Hope it serves you well! Do come back again if you need anything else!” He finished with a small, friendly wave of one hand.


Tem/Rass GET: 2x SentinelGunHP: 50
Properties: Anchored
Object Damage: 10 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis
Attack Damage: 10 Null + Stun 1
Accuracy: A
Description: Summons an autotargeting gun turret that fires stun bolts.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Null
Special: RP quality does not boost or reduce this chip's accuracy. - This chip's accuracy cannot be boosted or reduced by any means.
Trader Rank: D
, Satellite1Damage: 60 + Impact + Object Orbit
Accuracy: B
Description: Summons a Sparky virus and sends it across the field on a hard-to-avoid zig-zagging path. If it hits an enemy, it explodes into a ball of plasma. If it hits an object, it begins circling around the object and can damage near by enemies repeatedly.
Duration: Once, or up to 2 turns, if orbiting.
Element: Elec
Special: Object Orbit: The Satellite will orbit any object it comes into contact with. This chip cannot damage Objects, including Casings.
Trader Rank: D
, 2x Untrap
Suien LOSE: 6500z