Infiltrate the Party in the Sky

Upon arriving in NetVegas Net, the two navis and their entourage of SPs would discover exactly what they were looking for rather quickly; three brightly lit airships, kept aloft by an extensive series of thrusters. They looked as though they were made for hanging suspended in the air after moving straight up, rather than taking off at any sort of speed. There was nothing in the way of outward defenses visible on any ship. The surfaces covering them looked to be retractable shields, which would offer some defense, but in a few cases, were already lifted up to expose different parts of the ship to the night air. The erratic nature of those openings, coupled with loud music, voices, and in some cases, the sounds of explosions and violence, coming from various ships, made it apparent that the "chaos" Yasu had anticipated had already begun, perhaps due to Piper's meddling, or perhaps because Mafioso were not the type to hold quiet parties.

Below them, the navis would see a range of disreputable looking casinos, bars, and other seedy establishments. One especially large and brightly lit one, nearly directly below them, MachMan would recognize as the Hera's Fortune casino. It was doubtful he'd feel much of an urge to go back there.

The navis would have a pretty good look at the rear-most ship; it appeared to actually be the most quiet, presently. A few of the coverings were open nearer to the front, but other than that, all of the shields were still down. Some strange, Eastern-sounding flute music was coming from the back of the ship, playing a squeaky and altogether unpleasant song that didn't sound like anything anyone would listen to by choice... perhaps it was related to Piper's technology? The ways in appeared to be either through the shields (the hardest option), through one of the twelve passenger doors, six of which lined each the left and right side of the ship (the slightly easier choice)... or the convenient cargo hatch that was hanging open on the ship, jerking up and down in the breeze, although not enough to be dangerous to anyone trying to fly in (probably the easiest option).

The middle ship, further up... appeared to be on fire, near its front, with smoke trailing back to veil its insides and the front of their own ship. Loud voices were coming from inside, but it was impossible to tell what they were saying. Most of its shields were open.

The front ship was hard to see from their current vantage point, but a loud, laughing voice was being broadcast over its speaker system, so loudly that they could vaguely hear it from their current position. If they closed in, they'd be able to investigate more and hear it better, but it might be wisest to meet up first, as they'd been instructed.
((From Public NS Camp))

Mach logged in to the area, leaving him the lone figure in the immediate area on the network floor. His body was armored with Vector's body plates, and Aera was interwoven with his own programming, so the trio were present in one way or another. The armored Navi scanned with glowing crimson eyes, taking in the sights. There were several large, flashy establishments nearby, including the familiar Hera's Fortune Casino. Aera noted it as well, seeing "through" Mach's eyes. "Oh, the Hera's Fortune. And here I am, overdressed." she joked, her voice permeating Mach's mind like an internal monologue. Mach chuckled and shook his head before his gaze turned skyward. The airships mentioned by Yasu were incredibly easy to spot, and her intel seemed to be accurate: 3 airships, the rearmost one being the pre-determined rendezvous point, and incidentally the most placid-appearing of the three.

The middle ship appeared to be... on fire, while the lead airship sounded oddly similar to TerrorMan, thanks to the presently indiscernible voice being blared from loudspeakers. Both made Mach feel slightly apprehensive; were the fire and announcements in response to an attack, possibly executed by his squadron-mates? He wanted to investigate immediately, but he wasn't about to leave his new allies behind right off the bat. He elected to hang back until DragonierMan and his SPs made their appearance and oriented themselves properly.
DragonierMan appeared in the sky, over the buildings of the NetVegas Strip, but well under the floating pleasure palaces of the three blimps. He took a moment to take a look around him, barely paying attention to the many casinos underneath. He had only been to NetVegas once or twice, and wasn't familiar with any particular buildings he was floating over, nor did he care. If anyone was going to gamble, it should be with their lives and fighting with everything they have, not for some shiny gold coins. And someone apparently agreed with him, because the blimps looked like they were going through a war zone.

Unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle, he did not see MachMan anywhere. There were way to many people on the ground. And the seemingly numerous bright lights that filled the night sky and washed out the individuals below also didn't help.

So, Drago did the only thing he could think of at the time, he held out his hand and produced a glowing fireball of null whitish-gray with his Buster energy. He then let it sputter out. Then he reignited the fire again. And again, he let it sputter out. On and off. A beacon similarly to all the other blinking lights on the NetVegas Strip. One not to take much notice due similar lights blinking everywhere.

Hopefully, Mach would see it and join him. Though Drago's patience was fickle, he would probably leave on his own towards the dark, rear ship's convenient cargo hatch if Mach didn't join him in the next ten minutes. Although, if Mach did get to him in time, he would tell him about the cargo hatch and try to get Mach to follow him in. Dark and silent, with no lights.
MachMan and DragonierMan would meet up quickly, both with their SPs either MIA or consolidated so as not to draw too much attention. That said, the chaos of the situation would probably give them some unexpected cover. After all, it would be hard for anyone to be on the look out for their approach or possibly even suspicious of them once inside if things were as bad as they looked from out here; they'd probably all have fires to put out... literally, in some cases. DragonierMan led the way towards the cargo hold, with Mach presumably following, given that they'd been instructed both to go there and not to split up, and it being a little early in the mission to deviate from instructions.

The two proceeded quietly and in darkness, so as not to alert anyone who might be on the lookout. The passage in the cargo bay was dark; several unlit bulbs lined the flapping metallic ramp, but none of them were lit. For that matter, the bay seemed to be mostly empty... the ship must have either come up with nothing loaded or otherwise dropped whatever was inside. Considering the size of the ship itself, the cargo room was actually minimal, the room taller than it was long. They would spot the door to the next room shortly ahead. From there, another storage room could be accessed, this one brighter and still containing several miscellaneous boxes, all of them either unmarked or otherwise fitted with tags that would require getting close to read, probably more trouble than they were worth. More important than the boxes were the other contents of the room. First off, the short, yellow-and-black garbed ninja, Vee, was indeed waiting on them, standing straight and silent near the back of the room by herself. That was probably a relief, given that she hadn't reported in earlier and her position was unknown. On the other hand, none of the girls from MachMan's squadron were with her, implying that they must be somewhere further into this ship or even another ship.

The other important detail: for whatever reason, a long rolling table with a giant sheet cake had been brought into the room, along with an assortment of sodas and fruit juices. Amazingly, the cart had yet to be overturned by whatever turbulence the ship must be experiencing due to the pandemonium. The sheet cake had been partially dug into already, with about half cut away, the used knife still sitting nearby on top of a stack of plates. The odd part was that the cake squares were cut out of very irregular spots, with some places having a nice, square cut and others looking as if they'd had fingers mashed in them. Furthermore, the line of squares that had been cut out extended far into the cake, rather than continuing at an even progression. Lastly, words had been frosted atop the pink icing of the cake, in a childish, pastel blue color. Unfortunately, it would take a bit of detective work to figure out what the original message had said, before people had started tearing at it...


Once the group approached Vee, she would meet them with a serious glare, but no introduction. "DragonierMan," she murmured, crossing her arms tightly. "There's been a development. You... I'm sorry... I don't know or trust you yet," she spoke briefly to MachMan, before turning back to DragonierMan. "I have something I need to tell you, alone. Please, follow me," she finished moving to the room's back wall. There, a set of doors appeared to form the exit into the next hallway, but rather than those, she was holding open a single door far to the right. Looking closer, he'd realize it was quite clearly the men's bathroom. Apparently, she didn't care for decorum. MachMan would have to decide if he was okay with being excluded from the conversation. "That cake was wheeled here from catering, just a few doors down the hall outside this room. It's actually quite good. I don't mind if you want some..." she added, turning her eyes slowly back to MachMan. From what DragonierMan might remember of her, sweets were one of the few things she was really enthusiastic about, so it was perhaps not surprising to see her recommend a cake. "Come on, DragonierMan..."
DragonierMan eyed the cake for a moment. Then reached out for the knife. However, Aya's holster rattled before the blade jumped out of its sheath. As the dagger struck the floor, it reformed into the dark armored twin. She grabbed Drago's wrist. "That is how she does it," she stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Drago looked confused for a moment. Aya rolled her eyes, "Piper I mean. The cake is the first part of the poison. Quite ingenious really," Aya complimented. One assassin to another.

Drago nodded, giving a sorrowful eye to the cake. It looked really good too. He hesitantly placed the knife down on the table as Aya removed her hand. Then turned to MachMan and gave him another nod. Mach could see the pain of not being able to eat the cake on his face. "Well... I guess I'll be right back. I'll fill you in on the details after the meeting," he said in a sorrowful, defeated manner. He then walked towards the men's bathroom to have the meeting with Vee. Leaving Aya standing by the cake, looking at Mach. She took off her helmet, letting her short, spooled golden hair cascade out. She gave her head a shake and set the helmet down on the table.

"So," Aya began, trying to break the potentially awkward silence of the two of them just standing there in the small cargo hold while Vee and Drago had their meeting. "What is this I hear about you being an aerial specialist and having your own squadron? Anyone I know? I wasn't aware of anyone capable of flight among the rank and file of the Neo-Shogunate," she asked with a discerning eye on Mach's face. She seemed to be studying him very closely. Kind of like how she was studying Aera earlier. Always looking for some sort of weakness.
After a minute or so, it seemed DragonierMan was already MIA, as he didn't warp in on the ground nearby. However, once he looked back up at the airships to further mentally strategize, he noticed a seemingly out-of-place light slowly flashing, like a beacon. Upon closer inspection, he saw his new comrade was the source; maybe he was trying to draw Mach's attention as he was also unable to locate his ally? Regardless, Mach took to the sky in a muted rush of wind from his wings, and rocketed upwards towards DragonierMan. Once he got within earshot, he paused briefly in the air at Drago's altitude, then made his way towards the cargo bay.

Once inside, Mach was able to take in the details of the mostly empty cargo bay. However, the ninja "Vee" was waiting inside, along with a... party spread complete with cake? The ninja/cake combo seemed like the opening line of cheesy joke in Mach's mind, especially with said ninja glaring at them in a very non-festive manner. She seemed to know DragonierMan, and wasn't reserved to voice her lack of trust in Mach before pulling DragonierMan away to update him on a "development." "No thanks," he responded out of reflex after being offered cake, still uncertain of this entire mission. He wasn't completely comfortable with his partner, even less so with Piper, and now their main intel link is withholding info from him? [[i]I don't like this. If DragonierMan doesn't spill the beans, I'm confronting Vee,[/i]] he mused. [[i]I feel the same,[/i]] Aera responded in his mind. He forgot she had a habit of being able to tap into his internal monologue when she was junctioned to him.

Aya had stated a rather clever theory the cake was a vector to carry the "poison" required for Piper's device, then decided to break the silence after being left alone with Mach. He stifled his frustration and looked back to Aya with an armored, crimson gaze as he responded with arms crossed, "You've heard correctly. From what Yasu mentioned earlier, we should be meeting up with the other NS Subordinates from the squadron later on. They go by Roc, Skywriter, and Pestilence. They're green, but capable. Took down an aerial bomber form of TerrorMan.EXE, whom I believe you've met before. How did that fight go, by the way?" He remembered Yasu mentioned DragonierMan encountered the Terror Girls in a prior engagement, back when TerrorMan was a ground-based platform. She said he "outwitted and repelled them" which spurred his curiousity. Maybe his "right hand gal" had the insight on what happened.
"Roc, Skywriter, and Pestilence huh?" Aya repeated, cataloging their names for later.

However, moments after MachMan asked his question, Aya burst out into raucous laughter. "Hahaha! F-Fight he says! Hehehe!" Tears began streaming down her face as she clutched her belly. Totally out of character for someone who was so stoic earlier. "T-They couldn't fight out of a p-paper bag. Hahahehe!"

It took her a few minutes to calm herself enough to straighten out and wipe the tears from her eyes. "T-There was no fight. Hehe. A-At least, ha, we didn't have to do anything more than rouse another group... ROT if I remember correctly." Aya paused for a moment in thought, quieting down. "This was at a recruitment fair by the way," she clarified. "And once they started fighting, the GNA destroyed them." She made her fingers into a gun. "Pow, pow. They didn't stand a chance. Those GNA guys have serious firepower. One shot totaled their tank."
Mach raised an eyebrow, unseen due to the mask, as Aya became uncharacteristically hysterical. It sounded like the TerrorGirls weren't even worth the effort. It was an indirect blow to Mach's pride, though if he weren't nullified by the accidental discharge of their weaponry, he would've likely downed TerrorMan and the entirety of the TerrorGirls squad solo. He couldn't entirely deny Aya's laughter-punctuated assessment, as he remembered not a single one of his team were hit even once... Did he really just spend a significant amount of time and energy fighting a group of buffoons?

The SP continued to explain, the events described matched with Yasu's brief; the GNA used precision laser weaponry to diffuse the situation. "The GNA were absent for us, but I would agree with your measure of competency. My team didn't receive any damage whatsoever. However, they did have damage nullification weapons, which could've made my squadron equally ineffective," he explained. "I bet it's nice to have backup though," he added.
Aya's ears perked up a little at the mention of some strange weapons that the TerrorGirls supposedly had. "Damage nullification weapons? I haven't heard anything about that." She moved a little closer to MachMan. "At least, they didn't use them then. At the fair. Tell me more about these weapons. What did they look like and what exactly did they do?"
Aya's amusement quickly shifted to significant interest at the mention of their null weaponry. Ah, now Miss Confident is interested, Aera's thoughts echoed in Mach's head. Even for a Navi that dense, he could tell there was a bit of a tiff between Aya and Aera.
"Not entirely sure how they work," Mach began, noting neither Mazer nor the NS could entirely decipher the mechanism or countermeasure. Since Aya was a de-facto Subordinate to the NS, it felt appropriate to share the information. "They were in the form of seemingly unguided gravity bombs, which would cause all battlechip, buster, and signature attack damages to revert to 'zero' within a significant blast radius. I found non-damage aspects to remain functional, such as shielding, healing, and indirect effects such as confusion and microburst, but anything else simply didn't work."

"I theorize it's a form of glitch or virus within program runtimes, since we've seemed to have recovered our offensive capabilities without outside help, but only after a significant amount of time. Needless to say, it could be a very effective weapon in the right hands."
Aya stepped back and adopted a thoughtful expression. "Hmm. It would indeed. Something like that would be very useful. Yes, useful indeed," she repeated to herself. She quickly became lost in thought. However, her ever-changing expression betrayed a host of thoughts. Seemingly thinking about how to get the weapon, then mass produce it herself, then using it to fulfill some unstated goals.

Though, sooner or later she remembered where she was and broke her silence with a start. "Oh! Yes, well. Thank you for the information. I'll have to look into that for later." She reached up and twirled a lock of golden hair, hesitating for a moment. Her face betrayed again her inner thoughts, as she battled within herself whether or not to return the kindness. Clearly not one of her strong suits. "Well... Since you were forthcoming with that piece of information... Perhaps you would like to ask for an exchange?" She chewed her lip for a moment, clearly forcing herself. "I'll let you ask some questions about whatever I might know. It is only fair."
The SP appeared interested in the information, to the point of monologuing to herself. Mach, nor his SPs, could doubt the usefulness of such a weapon, but considering the NS's apparent bold-faced approach to issues, he didn't contemplate their mastery and subsequent net-dominance. Maybe if he were of higher rank... that was a thought better dedicated to later thought.

The dark-armored SP shifted to an oddly amicable, seemingly flirty demeanor more appropriate to her "sister," as she opened the floor to questions on her/their behalf. Seemed fair to Mach, so he took the potential bait. "Alright, since you've opened the door. What brought you and your Navi into the NS? Opportunity or some sort of higher purpose?" Mach inquired, trying to probe the SP into her and her Navi's motivation. She left the situation wide open, it was foolish not to capitalize to figure out how his allies "ticked."
Aya hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath to compose herself. However, before she was about to answer the question, she stopped cold. Her body stiffened up like a statue and the pupils in her eyes disappeared as her eyes lit up like a jack-o-lantern. As she opened her mouth to speak, her voice came out layered. Her normal voice stood on top of a deeper version of her voice. "'Higher purpose' is the correct phrase MachMan.EXE," said the voice.

Aya twitched involuntarily, like a puppet on strings. "Do not be alarmed. My name is Magistrate.EXE. I was designed by my creator to administer to his affairs. I am linked to these twins so that I may provide information and direction to their master when needed," Magistrate explained. "It is my creator's intention to capitalize on the Neo-Shogunate's ambition for a stable NET. As you have no doubt noticed, chaos pervades everything here. It is for the good of the world that we should bring stability and order. DragonierMan is one such sword to cut into the heart of the matter. His matrix has even been blended with virus code so as to better combat the threat. As the saying goes, use one monster to fight other monsters."

And then the strings were cut and Aya regained control of her body. The light in her eyes faded and her pupils came back. She immediately hugged herself and shivered. "Uugh, I really hate that thing. I wish it would just leave us alone. You probably don't understand how terrifying it is to be at that thing's whim. Whenever it wants, it can get inside you." She said as she shivered some more.
Vee shook her head when Aya mentioned that the cake might be poisoned, raising one eyebrow quizically. "Would I have recommend that he eat some if it was poisonous? Rather, would I have eaten some myself? Regardless, you don't have time to eat now, DragonierMan. I need to speak to you immediately," she spoke quickly, opening the door to the bathroom and allowing him in, before shutting it quickly behind her. To make things even more awkward, once Vee turned the lights on, it turned out to be a bathroom intended for one person, so it wasn't particularly spacious. At this point, one might question why there was a bathroom in a ship for navis (possibly for a realism effect), but it did indeed have it all: a sink, a toilet, and towels, paper and cloth. The decor was fairly sterile, mostly white with gray, metal walls, a white tile floor, and a set of old-school florescent lights overhead. Presumably, this area wasn't intended for party guests and therefore hadn't been spruced up.

Once the door was closed, Vee took the extra precaution of locking it behind herself; apparently, she really, really didn't trust MachMan at this juncture. Once it clicked, she turned back around and stared up at DragonierMan, their height difference feeling all the more pronounced in the small space. "DragonierMan..." she murmured again, closing her eyes slowly. When she opened them again, they looked sort of moist, as if something was troubling her. "I have a problem... Is something wrong with me?" she asked, pressing her hands to her chest... more accurately, her modestly-sized breasts. "I've been thinking about you... It bothers me that out of all of the generals, I'm the only one who you've never... made a move on," she continued. She slowly reached up and pulled her mask away from her nose and mouth, giving him a rare peek at her face, which was indeed very similar to her sister, Lee's, distinctly Electopian in its features. On the other hand, it had the unique distinction of, at the moment, being very red with slightly parted lips, almost panting. She looked very vulnerable in a way that he never would have seen Vee or Lee before.

It was quickly becoming apparent that DragonierMan had not been called into the men's bathroom for any relevant mission briefing. The little ninja desperately moved closer to press her body up next to his, so that they were both near to the back wall (with vulgar proximity to the toilet). "I don't have all of the... shape and size... of the other women, nor the experience, but... the Shogun has always called me the most clever of his generals. I'm also confident that I'm the smartest of the four of us. You can trust me... It won't take but a minute or two before I find the right way to do it..." she murmured, quickly falling to her knees and placing her head against his stomach, with her cheek very close to his groin. With ninja speed, she'd wrapped one hand at his belt and had begun to slide the other up his leg. He might have an idea of what was coming next, but, given earlier context before he'd arrived at the mission, he miiight want to consider whether this was really an okay event for him to stand around and enjoy. On the other hand, maybe she really had been dragged in by that raw, DragonierMan charisma? Who could say?


Aya and MachMan (along with Magistrate) shot the breeze outside, discussing their relatively easy run-ins with terrorists so far, their goals for joining the NS, and so forth. None of them touched the cake they'd been given permission to partake of. Shortly into their conversation, another figure showed up through the double-doors: a female navi of average height, perhaps 5-8" or 5-9" burst into the room. At first, her unfamiliar apparel might have raised some flags and made the group think they were already facing a Mafia attack, but if MachMan got a good look at her, he'd probably recognize the navi from events earlier that day. Skywriter had swapped out her yellow tunic and wraps for a more conventional navi-suit, with a red, old-fashioned pilot's cap, complete with thick, black goggles, as well as a black, snug-looking bomber jacket with white fur around the neck. Her gloves and boots matched the jacket, apart from clearly mechanical gray vents on the palms, perhaps used in her power to emit fire and smoke. Beneath the jacket, she wore a sleeveless red navi-suit, with a black belt and short, fluttery skirt. Before he had time to fantasize that maybe, just maybe she was still clad as he'd last seen her under the skirt, a subtle swish revealed thigh-length black shorts beneath the skirt.

"DON'T EAT THE CAKE!" she shouted, running in with one arm outstretched and barreling towards the table. A clean white scarf, which had been wrapped around her neck, was quickly becoming unwrapped in her attempt to shout. Somewhere in her sprint, she became tangled up, reached out for the table, and stopped herself, ending hunched over the table with her butt out, showed off her thankfully modest shorts, and placing her nose inches away from the potentially tainted cake. "Phew... Guys! I need to update you right away!" she babbled, straightening herself up and giving a quick salute to everyone she saw. "The situation's fubar'd! Vee... she was already contaminated when we got here and... she tried to make us eat... I didn't eat anything because I knew it would make me queasy... but Roc and Pest... and now they're both off in the ship somewhere, I lost track of them! And I lost track of Vee, she just disappeared into the ventilation shaft! And... And, oh gosh, my first real mission is going sooo badly," she raved, trying to lay out the situation as quickly as she could, while nervously stretching her unwound scarf between her hands. "Are you guys alright? You didn't eat any cake, did you? That cake is the trigger for Piper's mind-control! Once you consume it, she can scramble your brain using her music!" she announced, although they surely all had the gist of that by now. The grating woodwind music, which still hummed all around them, was merely an annoyance to them, but apparently, it held a much more sinister purpose. "I don't know if she just explained it really poorly to Vee or if she's actually betrayed us. Regardless, she isn't looking out for us! I'm so worried about Roc right now..."

She paused for a bit, looking between the others. "Oh... And Pest... Just, y-you know... not as much, on account of her...?" she murmured, placing one hand in front of her mouth and sticking her index finger out, wiggling it around to indicate Pest's needle mask.
DragonierMan did not resist Vee as she began throwing herself at him. He cupped her cheek in one of his strong hands and gave it a little stroke with his fingers, tracing around her lips with his thumb. "No, nothing is wrong with you. We just haven't had any time to be alone together, what with both of us being so busy with our missions." He then continued to stand/lean against the bathroom wall as Vee did whatever she wanted with him, and return in kind. Keeping them both as quiet as possible (using his hand on her mouth if needed to stifle sounds). Although he would try to avoid letting Vee feed him or inject him with anything while they played with each other.


Aya helped the female navi to her feet, having seemingly recovered from her earlier experience. It seemed as if she was used to it by this point. "I already warned them about the cake, it was an obvious trap," Aya explained to her. Aya then took a moment to look over the new arrival. "Roc and Pest huh?" Aya said as she began to think of the names that she had heard recently from MachMan. "I assume that makes you Skywriter. I'm Aya."

Aya extended a hand for a handshake. She also cocked her other hand over her shoulder, her thumb pointing towards the men's bathroom. "General Vee is just having a meeting with the boss. She seems fine by the way, even if she is poisoned. Shouldn't take them long. I doubt she would try to harm him or anything, she's been giving him signals for a while now. Let them have their fun," Aya explained to Sky and Mach, clearly not minding to explain the debauchery that was probably happening a few feet away behind closed doors.

"Anyways," Aya said, waving the trio's attention away from the bathroom, "Perhaps you should, calmly, start from the beginning. What happened right after everyone had some cake? Are Roc and Pest the ones causing the damage to the blimps? If so, then I don't really see the problem. This Piper woman didn't explicitly say how she was going to cause the distraction. This is just a way for her to vent on the Mafia. And even if not, that doesn't mean that we should stop our mission as it stands. Even without those two, the rest of us should be more than enough for this task." She turned to Mach and arched an eyebrow. "That is, if you guys are as good as you say you are."

Again with the cocky, testing attitude.
The brief possession of Aya by a "Magistrate.EXE" detailed the reasons for their allegiance, it seemed to fit with the NS's goals. She returned control to Aya as quickly as she appeared, which left the SP visibly disturbed and annoyed by the program's seemingly incessant meddling. His allies were getting more and more interesting by the minute, it seems.

Suddenly a figure decked out in classic pilot garb burst into the room and nearly face-planted into the cake, Mach took a step back and squared up on the intruder, but he quickly recognized his fellow squadron member. [[i]Skywriter![/i]] Aera's voice exclaimed in delight. [[i]Cute outfit, it suits her,[/i]] she added as Mach adopted a more relaxed posture. The slatted armor over his shoulders had begun to bristle like spines in preparation for battle, but Vector too recognized their ally and stood down, causing the sharpened metal shards to lower back into place.

Skywriter didn't waste any time to explain the updated situation, much to Mach's delight; he'd been in the dark for too long. However, the mission sounded to have gone into near complete disarray with all but Skywriter tainted by Piper's malady. Aya's intuition was spot on... Worse still Roc and Pest were MIA, who knows what they were up to. However, the ensuing chaos could provide a significant fog of war in which to operate unnoticed, something Aya appeared to understand as well from her calm introduction and demeanor. Mach glanced over towards the SP as she gave an indirect challenge, then back to Skywriter.

"It's rare to have a mission go smoothly," he started, trying to indirectly reassure the Navi. "We'll regroup and capitalize, thanks for the mission update." he said with a nod in Skywriter's direction. "Is there anything else we should know? Otherwise, I'm going to shoot the door off to end their 'discussion' back there." The two glowing crimson eyes over the angular mask shifted slightly as he tilted his head back, gesturing towards the closed door behind him. He wasn't entirely worried about DragonierMan being in close proximity to a compromised NS General, but he thought it to be bad form to 'have fun' while in the middle of a mission. Aya's comments clued him in to assume they weren't actually discussing details of the mission... [[i]In a bathroom? Classy.[/i]]
Aya rolled her eyes. "Alright jeez, if you're that insistent." She walked over to the bathroom door, muttering. "Just like Master sometimes. One track mind for nothing but brute force." She paused in front of the door, raised her hand, and knocked on it. "Alright, knock it off you two. We have a mission remember?" She lowered her voice afterwards. "At least they have me to keep a level head. Someone has to with all these aggressive male combat subroutines churning in their bodies."
Having acquired everyone's attention (and sympathy from most of them, having almost fallen into a diseased cake), Skywriter turned her attention to Aya. "Right, good... So none of you ate any of it. Phew," MachMan's squadron-mate sighed, raising up her cap a bit and revealing her purple hair as she wiped sweat from her forehead. "Wait... The general is in there? With a guy?! Nooo, no-no-no-no-NO! That's not good! We've got to get the two of them out of there right away!" she panicked, working herself into a frenzy again. Aya's words caused her first to stare, baffled, then to shake her head so hard her helmet almost fell off. "You don't get it! I watched Roc go from... well... Roc: singularly focused on rescuing her sister and unfriendly to even her closest allies... to... er... a sex zombie!" she explained, seeming unable to find the right words. "Who the person is now has nothing to do with what they're really thinking! Trust me, things are going to get super, SUPER awkward if we don't get the two of them out of there right now!" As she continued shouting, she nodded to MachMan enthusiastically, hoping that he would, indeed blow the door down. She finally calmed down once Aya agreed as well. "Please get them out of there..."


Vee seemed unable to respond to DragonierMan's words, other than to smile and nod her head slowly, brushing her shaggy, brown hair against the lap of DragonierMan's pants as she did. She closed her eyes with a peaceful, but bashful, expression, as she began to gently stroke DragonierMan's groin with one cloth-covered hand, increasing speed as she found the right way to cup it with the least awkward motion. Once she felt as though she'd gotten the proper rise out of him, she opened her eyes again slowly, moving her hand to let out the object of her desire. It seemed like this was going to go off pretty much without a hitch and, looking at her contented, utterly aroused expression, it would probably be hard for him to think he was doing anything wrong...

... But he was, of course, doing something wrong, and Aya began to knock on the door to remind him of that fact. Vee had managed to free his sensitive parts from his pants now and her face was right next to them, her tongue beginning to loll out of her mouth slowly, so DragonierMan had only about a second before she set to creating a magic moment that undoubtedly lead to a truly savage lashing from Yasu later on.
DragonierMan was interrupted right at the good part. And, with monumental reluctance, pushed Vee back. "Ok, I'm coming," he said without regard to how that sounded. He then pushed himself back inside his britches and helped Vee up. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and gave her another stroke on the cheek. "Keep those thoughts for the after-party," he promised before he straightened himself up. He gave it a minute for the two to calm down before opening the door.

"Ok, let's get start-" he paused as he saw Skywriter. "Who are you?" he asked as he reached to his hip where he had a short scabbard materializing a hilt for him to grip. Aya moved between Drago and Sky and waved her hands for him to stop. "No wait! She's one of us." Aya moved aside and presented Sky to Drago. "DragonierMan, this is Skywriter, one of MachMan's 'aerial squadron'." Aya said with her fingers forming air quotes. "She came to warn us about the poisoned cake and the apparent sex zombie status it confers to the consumer."

Needless to say, Drago's mind could only go to dark places with that knowledge. As evidence to the dawning realization on his face and his occasional glances at the cake. He walked over to the cake and tried to package it back up. "Well, then we should confiscate it so we can bring it back to base to try to find a cure. After the mission of course. But for the moment we should at least make it so no one else succumbs to its effects."

If no one stopped him, and it was possible, he would turn it into a data packet and stash it in his belt.

He then turned to Mach, dusting his hands. His eyes then flashed like the headlights of a car, then immediately dimmed back to his normal eyes. For a brief moment, Mach could see text scrawl across Drago's eyes before he put up his hands to cradle his head as if he got a headache. Wiping the sparkles from his eyes with his hands while his eyes were closed. Aya shivered a little, just like when Magistrate happened. When Drago put his hands down, he took a moment to blink a lot and shake his head a little to clear it. "Sorry for the delay, ugh... Vee was just informing me that, that there had been a complication." He lied as he batted his right ear with his right hand. All his motions were like as if was recovering from a flashbang.

"Seems like this Piper gal is causing us a bit more problems than we'd have liked. Well at least, as far as we can tell the target is still on this blimp, which hasn't taken much in the way of damage yet. So, we should be able to get her without too much difficulty." From all accounts it looked like Magistrate was watching through Aya and had relayed all that information to Drago, and then Drago went with it and made it seem like Vee informed him. Though it was clear to anyone who looked at Drago and Vee, that they didn't really have any briefing.
Skywriter explained the effects of the poisoned cake in further detail, though she appeared visibly uncomfortable describing them. That said, few could casually mention the term "Sex Zombie" in conversation without skipping a beat. The unchanged crimson expression on the mask completely concealed Mach's already muted reaction. His eyebrows rose as he silently queried the statement he believed to have heard, then he formed a rather terrifying mental picture. Even having known Roc for only a short time, the idea of the brash, hot-blooded, stacked Navi being a sex-hungry predator was intimidating. He didn't see her as the type to take "no," "I have a headache," or "please don't break my pelvis" as an answer.

Skywriter also showed significant concern for DragonierMan being in such close proximity to the 'tainted' general, but Aya had already moved in to break up their 'meeting.' He looked back to see a flushed Vee possibly still on her knees on the floor of the bathroom, with an armored ally all too keen upon updating the situation in which he was thoroughly briefed. Adding on to the Dragonier's recap of the situation, he looked back to Skywriter. "Did you get a visual on either Kismet or Piper recently? Other than Roc and Pest going... 'rogue,' what's the situation like topside? Is it just a wild party, or completely disorganized chaos?" He spoke calmly and tried his best not to rapid-fire his questions; his intent wasn't to interrogate the already frazzled Navi. However, she was the only Navi who'd been outside in the midst of the action who didn't seem to be under Piper's "spell."

"I agree we could still secure the objective, especially if the chaos will obscure our movements. Are there any other routes to the upper levels other than jetting out the bay door?" he exclaimed, then glanced from side to side to see if there were any other exits, preferably leading to an area closer to their target(s). He felt even in the chaos, a trio zooming up from the sides would draw at least some attention, as opposed to simply opening a door.