((From InternetCity))

A pair of cyan flashes appeared in the skies above the bright, flashing lights of the network, followed by a pair of similarly colored beams of light which crashed down to the floor. As the beams quickly disappeared, they left Mach and Vector behind. The pair looked around, waiting for their partners to arrive.
Rhea and Harley crashed into the area with a very obvious "thump" from their aggregate digital weight. However, like all other digital stuff around, it amazingly did not crack the floor or something. Maybe. Perhaps it had a delayed action, who knows.

Sighting upon both Mach and Vector, who already arrived, Rhea nodded to them in acknowledgement. "Are you ready?" she inquired, readying herself for battle. She had already asked for Camillia to ready herself-- much to her own delight, and the fact that Camillia's too tired to complain, she obliged.

[[Ready for BATTLE1]]
Machman responded to Rhea's question with a nod before he and Vector started searching for any sort of viral activity around them. Aera, sitting in her "command chair" inside the PET, watched over Mach's status screens, and she too kept an eye out for any viruses that might be lurking in their immediate area.

((Ready for Battle 1))
Mach and Rhea, along with their Support Programs, wondered around the neon-filled street of NetVegas in search for viruses. Instead, they found a bright, rave scene with a psychedelic floor laid out with a handful of viruses enjoying themselves. Jumping erratically and screeching at the top of their lungs, they weren't holding back with their fun...till the navis showed up. Like every party-poopers, they had to be dealt with, and the viruses had pushed aside their rave-agenda to fight off the intruders!

MuteAntA: 90 HP (Ice)
MuteAntB: 90 HP (Furnace)
PogoJackA: 80 HP (Grass)
PogoJackB: 80 HP (Grass)
PulseBatA: 80 HP (Solar)
PulseBatB: 80 HP (Furnace)

25% Grass
25% Ice
25% Solar
25% Furnace

MachMan.EXE: 200 HP (Grass)
Vector.SP: 110 HP (Ice)

Rhea.EXE: 140 HP (Solar)
Harley.SP: 40 HP (Furnace)

Mach and Vector noted the brightly glowing and flashing lights, making the area seem alive with color and activity, even with no one around. However, it was made apparent to them they were not alone; a gaggle of viruses over an incredibly varied floor beneath them was ahead. Mach's energy shields rose instinctively, as did Vector's protective cloud of orbiting body plates. Mach quickly identified the viruses, but only two of them were actually familiar: the MuteAnts. If they were anything like their Tromby and Tuby cousins, they would broadcast a signal that would disable some of the group's subroutines. He mentally labeled them as his top priority, he had to delete them with haste.
MetaGel2, please.

Aera too recognized the threat and quickly selected the chip's icon before swiftly sliding it to the upload area, sending the chip directly to MachMan. As she sent the chip to him, Mach targeted both of the MuteAnts, and one of the flapping PulseBats. With his internal targeting software online, he nearly instantly got all three of the viruses' coordinate positions and direction of movement as well as their movement speed. Using that data, Mach selected the starting points of the trio of globular gels that materialized overhead. The transparent blue blobs tumbled down towards the ground, hopefully splatting on their targets and crushing them under their gooey masses.

Thank you, how about a Bubble-V, and BambooSword?
Sure thing, on their way!
As Aera uploaded the requested chips, Mach gave his marching orders to his SP. He raised his right arm towards the viruses while he spoke, even as his hand and forearm transformed into a buster, and the hilt of his MachSabre materialized in his left hand.
Stay here, and engage any targets that attempt to attack Rhea or Harley. Focus on the Jackhammer-looking ones.

Vector moved his right arm diagonally across his chest, as the plates that made up his arm started to shift about, reforming into a long, sharpened blade.
Yes sire!
With one swift movement, he swung his blade out to his side, the razor-thin weapon sang as it sliced through the air, and continued to faintly hum as he pointed the blade forward and drew his arm back, like an arrow waiting to be loosed. Vector's polished metal body flickered from the reflection of the muzzle flash of Mach's buster. The misty double-helix trail of the round gave away the round's highly pressurized water warhead. Mach aimed it directly at the second PulseBat as it fluttered in front of him, noting the slight altitude changes from the flapping of its disproportionately small wings. The round exploded in a triangular cloud of white, spreading over the virus's position and hopefully blasting it with a storm of pressurized water.

Using the sound of the Bubble-V's detonation like a starting gun, the thrusters on Mach's wings burned a bright cyan and sent the blue and orange Navi towards the rag-tag group of viruses. Mach held his saber upside down as the green-tinged cyan blade burst forth from the top of the hilt and down towards the floor. Mach brought his left knee forward as he angled his right shoulder ahead and brought his left arm back, allowing the energy blade to trail behind him as he wound up to strike. He tried to make a bee-line towards the nearest PogoJack.

As soon as he got within range, he drove his right leg forward as he kicked his left back, and swung his upper body clockwise to increase the relative speed of his left arm, and ultimately his glowing blade. He swung the sword in a sharp, arc-shaped horizontal slash in an attempt to bisect the virus at the midsection. The Navi didn't slow even a little as he tore past the virus, even if he didn't manage to cleave the Jackhammer virus in two. Mach's feet were mere inches above the floor as he forged ahead before making a sharp right turn, to not only to give his allies a clear shot at the viruses, but also to reposition himself to strike again if anything managed to survive.

Vector's eye bounced between the two PogoJack viruses, waiting for them to make a move. As soon as the virus attempted to advance on Vector himself or his allies, he thrust his blade forward as if he was attempting to stab the virus. The metal slivers that made up his arm separated from each other and spread apart, causing the entire blade to extend outwards like a tethered harpoon. The largest part of the blade was the chevron-shaped tip, which whipped through the air in an attempt to pierce the virus's body before it quickly retracted back into Vectors arm. When the metal blades streamed back down towards the SP, they seemed to have a spring-like effect on the others, causing the plates to bunch up where his elbow would be. As soon as the 'harpoon' tip fell back into position, it sprang out again in a second attempt to stab the virus.

ACTIONS: -[Passive Accuracy Enhancement, Haste]-
1. Heavy Shielding: MachMan.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD)
Vector: Activate OBDS (2-hit Shield + 1TCD)
-[Reinforce: OBDS (+2 hits)]-
2. MetaGel2: MuteAntA,B PulseBatA (120dmg Aqua + Slow x3 targets)
3. Bubble-V: PulseBatB (80dmg Aqua Spread2)
4. Strategic Movement: Advance on PogoJackA's position
5. BambooSword: PogoJackA (80dmg Wood Slashing)
6. Strategic Movement: Continue past the viruses and make a sharp right turn before looping back around to face the viruses
Vector: Attack PogoJackB (35dmg Aqua) x2
Rhea jumped straight into the action.

"Requesting Sword and Guard1 chips," the petite Navi said, eager to exhibit her prowess in the art of swordfighting. Camillia sleepily obliged, rubbing at her eyes while she's at it.

Harley, on the other hand, was eager to get the heck out of the furnace-y panel he was standing on. Realising that his services was not needed as yet, he settled for dodge-trotting around the colorful battlefield.

Rhea brandished her signature energy blade, readying up her parrying processes as she sped towards the enemies in a feat of mobility; her footwork guiding her as she tumbled at some points to hopefully avoid attacks. As soon as she was close enough, Rhea swung her sword at the nearest Pulsebat in mid flight.

A foot reaching the ground to balance herself, Rhea spun and let the blade slice at another direction, hopefully to wipe out the other Pulsebat. Immediately afterwards, the petite Navi lowered herself to a ducking position, tumbling her way out of the virii group to a safer location.

Then the purple Navi deployed the guard defense with her free arm's generator, bracing it like a giant shield it was while she observed silently what her partner(s) are capable of.

And as expected, Rhea stared at the duo dumbly as they showed off their arsenal of attacks. Her jaw hung slightly. Harley snickered at Rhea's naivety.

Summary of Actions
Harley.SP: Autododge
-) SigAttack: Parry [Passive 1-hit shield] Active
1) SigAttack: Mobility [1 Tactical Movement, 1 Dodge, 1 Take Aim; 2TCD] Getting into melee range
2) Sword [6/6] [80DMG, Slashing, B Accuracy + Sword Mastery + Take Aim] PulseBatA
3) Sword [5/6] [80DMG, Slashing, B Accuracy + Sword Mastery] PulseBatB
-) Subtype: Swordplay [Dodge after 2 slash attacks]
-) SigAttack: Quick Feet [Passive 1 Tactical Movement] Tumble from enemy like a boss
4) Guard1 [Reflect 60DMG Once, Breakable]
MachMan coordinated some Slimer viruses to drop on the MuteAnts, while Rhea dashed in to slice up a few bats. Both were successful, and Mach and Vector followed up the attack with the PogoJacks, deleting them quickly.


20% Grass
25% Ice
25% Solar
25% Furnace

MachMan.EXE: 200 HP (Grass) [6-hit shield]
Vector.SP: 110 HP (Cracked) [4-hit shield]

Rhea.EXE: 140 HP (Solar) [1-hit shield / Guard1]
Harley.SP: 40 HP (Furnace)



MachMan: [PileDriver1] Battlechip, 500z, 13 BugFrags, 3 FXP
Rhea: 750z, 13 BugFrags, 3 FXP
((*makes Vector bladespam post to delete 10HP Pogojack* *victory post edit* *all is good*))

MachMan started to decelerate and turn back towards Vector and their new allies; his energy shields disappeared along with his saber. His antigravity drives hummed calmly and allowed the Navi to make a relatively silent approach. Mach casually touched down and glanced over the field before looking back at his allies.
Well, that's that. Impressive swordplay, Rhea.

Aera nodded in confirmation, she was watching Rhea rather closely from her monitors, realizing the Navi was much more nimble and coordinated than what was previously thought.
I don't detect any others in the immediate area, sire. Shall we continue?
I'm ready if you two are.

((Ready for Battle #2))
Rhea just opted to stare at the impressiveness and oozing coolness that Mach and Vector displayed during the battle -- even now. "Sir Mach," she started, "You have to enlighten me to be just as attractive."

"I don't think that's the proper word for it..." Harley muttered, trotting along to get Rhea moving. Rhea, upon watching her SP move, did not want to fall behind, and followed suit.

"We are always ready." Camillia snickered. Now where did she learn that from?

[[Battle 2 Ready]]
Moving further into the area, the party left the rave floor onto a decrepit road, away from the flashy lights of the normal roads. Some Twins were talking in hushed tones amongst themselves, soliciting with a PotDragon on the side road. Some HauntedCandles provided dim lighting, as well as alerting the rest of the viruses to the presence of the Navis. The EarthDragon retreated into its pot, while the other viruses prepared themselves for battle!

HauntedCandle A: 100 HP
HauntedCandle B: 100 HP
HauntedCandle C: 100 HP
Twins A(1): 100 HP [Cracked]
Twins B(1): 100 HP
Twins C(2): 100 HP [Cursed]
Twins D(2): 100 HP [Holy]
EarthDragon: 200 HP [In pot]

-- ALLIES --
MachMan.EXE: 200 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP

Rhea.EXE: 140 HP
Harley.SP: 40 HP

50% Normal
20% Cracked
10% Cursed
10% Poison
10% Holy

Mach couldn't help but grin at Rhea's comment. If she was attempting to bolster his confidence, it was surprisingly effective.
Haha, nothing special.

Mach and Vector continued to float ahead, until they started to detect a sizeable area of viral activity. They quickly found themselves in a rather dim area that seemed to be in the outskirts of the glitz and glamour of the typical NetVegas sights. There were multiple viruses ahead, but none of them were new to the speed Navi, and he was confident his newest ally could handle them as easily as he could. As he raised his protective energy shields, he directed his two SPs for this new encounter.
Vector, lay down some fire on those HauntedCandles. Aera, could I get MetaGel2, SonicBoom, and ElecPulse chips please?
[[i]On their way![/i]]

Vector responded silently with a nod, then drew his arm across his chest as it began to bristle with what looked like metal thorns. In one swift motion, he swept his arm out across his body in a wide arc, flinging a trio of dagger-like blades towards the burning candle viruses. The thin blades seemed to sing as they whipped through the air, a silent announcement that the battle had begun. Meanwhile, MachMan received the uploaded chips, and picked out three targets several feet in the air. A trio of red orbs appeared in his vision, showing where the MetaGel blobs would manifest, and positioned them directly above the PotDragon and one of the Twin pairs. With the hiding virus's pot upright, a vertical strike from the transparent blue gel would do the job perfectly, in theory.

On cue, the blobs materialized in the air before quickly dropping down and hitting the ground with a loud *splat*. Mach quickly followed up his assault by taking a step forward with his right foot. However, as he did so, his wing thrusters flickered cyan before erupting in a flash of light. With a rumbling boom, Mach vanished, leaving nothing but a wide crescent-shaped pressure wave surging towards the Twin viruses ahead (in case they survived the blob bombing). The sheer overpressure caused the pressure wave create a very visible ripple in the air.

Mach nearly instantly reappeared several feet above the other pair of Twin viruses, his body parallel to the ground, and facing the viruses. His right hand was reaching towards them, and crackled with electricity for just a split second before a surge of halo-like rings of electricity burst from his hand. These rings grew larger and larger in diameter as they left the palm of his hand, allowing Mach to deliver a powerful jolt of electricity over a wide area beneath him. The electrical assault lasted for only a few moments; the Navi rocketed ahead as soon as the attack subsided, then made a steep climb into the air in an attempt to avoid enemy fire, and clear the area for Rhea's attacks.

ACTIONS: -[Passive Haste, Accuracy Enhancement]-
1. Heavy Shielding: MachMan.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD)
Vector: Attack HauntedCandle A (35dmg Aqua)
Vector: Attack HauntedCandle B (35dmg Aqua)
Vector: Attack HauntedCandle C (35dmg Aqua)
2. MetalGel2: PotDragon, Twin A,B (120dmg Aqua + Slow)
3. SCRAM Boost: Teleport above Twin C,D (Teleport + 2TCD)
4. SonicBoom: Twin A,B (120dmg Null + Wide Attack + Shot Eraser)
5. ElecPulse: Twin C,D (100dmg Elec + Seeking + Glitch + Cone Attack)
6. Dodge
Oh, they were mostly new to Rhea, alright. Except for the Twins.

The petite Navi knew from the beginning that she will never be able to handle the twin Twins alone-- especially not when she does not have the firepower to do so. The last time she managed to do something, it was with the help of the other 'bud' that she had -- Eternalis.

With so many targets, however, Rhea didn't know which to focus on. As Mach and Vector seemed to automatically know what to do and sped off, Rhea turned her attention to Camillia, waiting for instructions. The redhead smiled. "Well," Camillia started, "You can try to take out the candles first, since they're the one providing light." With that, the redhead slotted in a few chip unused since they obtained them. "Then perhaps you can provide some support?" "I do not understand. I do not do supportive functions," Rhea started, then realised that someone else was dishing out more damage than her. She pulled a straight face, and downloaded Camillia's chips for use.

Obtaining the Kunai1 chip, Rhea sped into action-- first by loading up her signature blade, then proceeding to run towards the virus source of dim light. Though a ranged attack, Rhea did not want to spare any chances... and threw three smaller energy blades flying out of her generator towards each virus candle. She then rolled away, making her way towards Vector. Rhea's free hand reached out to touch the panel Vector was on, turning it into a brightly-lit panel similar to what was engulfing one of the Twins.

Then she was left with a Recov30. "Who is this for?" Rhea asked loudly, and Camillia placed a digital pointer on Harley -- a pointer that only Rhea could see. "Oh," Rhea said, throwing the chip data at the equine SP. "Much obliged," Harley snorted as he obtained some healing before trotting a safe distance away from all the battle.

Summary of Actions:
Harley.SP - Autododge
-) SigAttack: Parry [Passive 1-hit shield]
-) SigAttack: Quick Feet [Passive 1 Tactical Movement] Run to HauntedCandles
1) Kunai1 [30 DMG x 3 Targets; Slashing, B Accuracy + Sword Mastery]
2) Dodge towards Vector
3) HolyPanel [1 panel Holy] @ Vector
4) Recov30 [30 HP Heal] @ Harley
MachMan started up his protective shielding, while Vector swept his knives in a wide arc, stabbing the Candles easily. Rhea finished off two of them with her own Kunai. The Twins started to try and attack, but MachMan sent some Slimers in to finish them off, along with the PotDragon. The dragon was immediately executed, though only one of the Twins were hit. A curious effect started, where the dead Twin suddenly came back to life, and fired a beam towards Rhea! Unfortunately for it, MachMan had a backup plan, and let a sonic boom to eat their face, while Rhea parried off the shot easily. Rhea got a HolyPanel next to Vector just as the remaining HauntedCandle released a powerful burst of fire underneath them. Thankfully, it didn't connect.

The remaining Twins were now on the receiving end of a surge of electrical power, through an ElecPulse. The Twins didn't like that, though, and stepped out of the way, retaliating with a beam. Unfortunately, MachMan was much too fast, and dodged the attack quite easily. Meanwhile, Rhea fixed up her horse a little. (+30)

HauntedCandle A: DELETED
HauntedCandle B: DELETED
HauntedCandle C: 30 HP
Twins A(1): DELETED
Twins B(1): DELETED
Twins C(2): 100 HP [Cursed]
Twins D(2): 100 HP [Holy]
EarthDragon: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
MachMan.EXE: 200 HP (6-hit shield)
Vector.SP: 110 HP [Holy]

Rhea.EXE: 140 HP (Shield broken)
Harley.SP: 70 HP

45% Normal
20% Cracked
10% Cursed
10% Poison
15% Holy
Rhea managed to parry off a beam directed at her just in time, and successfully placed the Holy panel and completing the process of patching up Harley. Throughout the happenings just now, though, Rhea realised that the Twin's characteristics-- the ressurrective abilities-- initiated once again.

Perhaps MachMan didn't know, and Rhea felt that it was her duty to inform her busting partner on the Twin's ability. "The twin viruses need to be eliminated simultaneously; if not, they will regenerate," Rhea called out to the other Navigator, informing him. Harley snickered, wondering what were the chances of a much more senior Navigator not knowing that, but kept mum about it.

"My proposition is to eliminate a Twin each at the same time," Rhea continued, proposing a joint attack. "With the timing right, both Twins will fall." Without waiting for her partner's response, the petite Navi bursted into action, reloading her sword for parrying and letting her swordsmanship footwork bring her closer to the Twin nearest to her.

As Rhea approached, she did a quick dodge to one side just in case something hostile was flying at her way. "Can I have a Sword, Operator?" she started, and almost immediately Camillia responded with the chip delivered to Rhea's data banks. Before she brought the Sword chip data to life, however, Rhea intentionally let off steam and whirring from her existing energy blade before attempting to bring down a dramatic slash at the Twin...

... However, there was actually no real punch behind the attack. Harley whistled at the move, but gave no credit either as he minded his own business elsewhere.

The particle generation processes performed during the attack (which was the cause of the steam and whirring), however, was real. Using the particle boost, the petite purple Navi combined it with the Sword chip data to deliver a second, real sword blow at the Twin before her.

Her legs brought her out of melee range as soon as it was possible, Rhea turned to see how her partner fared.

Summary of Actions:
Harley.SP - Autododge
-) SigAttack: Parry [Passive 1-hit shield]
-) SigAttack: Quick Feet [Passive 1 Tactical Movement] Run to Twins C(2)!
1) Dodge
2) Sigattack: One Damage?! [1 Damage + Slashing + Break + 39 Strengthen] Twins C(2)
3) Sword [80DMG + 39 Strengthen + Slashing; B Accuracy + Sword Mastery] Twins C(2)
-) Subtype: Swordplay (Dodge)
4) Dodge
Mach's wings twisted in the air, facing the thrusters forward before they flickered slightly to nudge MachMan backwards in the air. With no thrust to guide him, Mach slowly fell backwards into a rolling back flip. He plummeted towards the ground as his body slowly returned to an upright position, then he almost instantly slowed to a stop a foot or so above the ground, next to Rhea as she informed him of the Twin's regenerative powers.
Hm, if only we had that kind of ability...

Mach had faced off against Twin viruses before, but he'd never seen one regenerate a fallen partner. Vector listened in on the conversation as well, adding the data to his memory as soon as it was heard. Mach nodded at Rhea's proposal of picking out one Twin each, then deleting them simultaneously.
Sounds like a plan. Requesting RageClaw3.

Aera quickly started to send the requested chip, and Mach turned to Vector. The floating Navi gestured towards the remaining HauntedCandle with his hand, just as his fingers started to elongate and flatten out as they curved into a set of wickedly sharp claws.
I'll leave it to you.

Vector responded with a nod, and the slight clinking of the metal plates of his arm sliding into position to form a gladius-styled wrist blade over his forearm and hand. Rhea had already started her assault, so the pair quickly bolted behind her, not to be outdone by the purple Navi. Mach cruised over the ground just behind Rhea and off to her right, with Vector off to the left. Vector had his bladed arm drawn back and held firmly against his side, while Mach's arms trailed slightly behind him. With both programs watching their ally carefully, they quickly reacted to Rhea's sudden sidestep with a maneuver of their own. Vector slid to the side in the opposite direction, towards Mach and the HauntedCandle, while Mach popped into the air and moved the same direction as Rhea, but making rolling cartwheel as he arced over Vector.

As soon as the programs effectively switched places, they went off to their separate targets. Vector crouched low to the ground and held his blade perfectly straight as he made a beeline towards the HauntedCandle. As soon as he got in range, he thrust his blade forward in an attempt to run the virus through. MachMan skated over the ground, his feet barely clearing the tiles below and lined himself up to pass the Twin on his right side, where his clawed hand was waiting. He held his claw open and splayed his bladed fingers apart before he whipped his arm forward in an attempt to expediently dice the virus with a horizontal slash. If that didn't take, he kicked his heels forward and raised the toes of his boots, prompting the thrusters on the soles of his shoes and the ones on his chestplate to howl loudly to get him to a near complete stop. As he did so, he started to turn around counter-clockwise, effectively making a very tight U-turn behind the virus while remaining in melee range. He brought his claws to bear one more time, launching a rising diagonal slash towards the Twin to hopefully cut the virus down.

ACTIONS: -[Passive Haste, Accuracy Enhancement]-
1. Strategic Movement: Follow Rhea towards the Twins
Vector: Follow Rhea towards the twins and HauntedCandle C
2. Dodge
Vector: Dodge
3. RageClaw3: Twins D(2) (100dmg Null + Slashing)
Vector: Attack HauntedCandle C (35dmg Aqua)
4. Dodge
5. RageClaw3: Twins D(2) (100dmg Null + Slashing)
6. Dodge
Vector took out the Haunted Candle fairly easily, while Rhea and MachMan tag-teamed the Twins. They stood mostly zero chance against the two in tandem.

HauntedCandle A: DELETED
HauntedCandle B: DELETED
HauntedCandle C: DELETED
Twins A(1): DELETED
Twins B(1): DELETED
Twins C(2): DELETED
Twins D(2): DELETED
EarthDragon: DELETED

-- ALLIES --
MachMan.EXE: 200 HP (6-hit shield)
Vector.SP: 110 HP [Holy]

Rhea.EXE: 140 HP
Harley.SP: 70 HP

45% Normal
20% Cracked
10% Cursed
10% Poison
15% Holy

-- BATTLE 02, VICTORY!! --


MachMan: [Team1] Battlechip, 705z, 5 FXP, 22 BugFrags
Rhea: 940z, 5 FXP, 22 BugFrags
Mach cracked his knuckles as his fingers returned to their normal shape while the RageClaw program deactivated. The battlefield was no longer populated with viruses, and now littered with zenny and bugfrags, with a little chip data at his feet. He reached down and picked it up as Vector started to gather zenny and bugfrags, leaving most of the zenny for Rhea while picking up half of the bugfrags. The little packet of chip data disappeared from Mach's hand as it was downloaded to the PET. Aera looked at the chip's properties; it was useful, but not particularly powerful, so she deposited the chip into the spare folder.

As Vector approached with a handful of zenny data, Mach lauded his SP's performance.
Good work, Vector. You're becoming quite the force to be reconned with.
The SP concealed his pride at the complement, and humbly handed the zenny to the Navi as he bowed his head slightly.
Thank you, sire.

The zenny disappeared from Mach's hand as well, prompting Aera to open up a small pop-up window next to him.
[[i]All data successfully downloaded, Mach![/i]]

Mach smiled and gave a quick thumbs up to his SP and turned towards his ally, prompting Aera to turn her window towards the purple Navi as well.
Good call on the Twins, Rhea. Haven't seen them regenerate like that before.
Aera smiled at Rhea, before attempting to satiate her curiousity.
[[i]I never thought viruses could do that, do you know if others can resurrect eachother? You seem to know quite a bit about them...[/i]]
Harley trotted around to help Rhea collect the goodies in terms of bugfrags and zenny, chewing and swallowing them like a grazing horse he was. Rhea flashed her signature thumbs-up at Mach and Vector, in response to Mach's own.

"I have encountered them in that state before, so I have firsthand knowledge," Rhea stated. In response to Aera's questions, however, Rhea only shrugged. "I am not informed of any other viruses of this nature." Harley joined the grouping, towering over them all as he lowered his head, spitting (without any saliva) the collected rewards into Rhea's hand. Rhea promptly kept them in her waistpack. "I can't say much about this either," he quipped, shaking his non-existent mane as if to brush dirt and dust off. "I didn't actually exist back then, see, so- uh, yeah. Quite unfortunately." Harley's eyes squinted a little, as if in deep, equine thought. He swore he existed longer than Rhea, but there seemed to be something off about his memory processes... Perhaps limited to equine quality?

If horses could shrug, Harley would've done so already.

"I would, however, show great appreciation if you were to impart with us some tactical knowledge," Rhea added, ignoring Harley's musings and noting the large variety of techniques her partners have displayed thus far.
Aera nodded as Rhea responded to her question, it seemed that resurrection ability wasn't very common... which somewhat came as a relief for the group. They've seen some pretty wicked viruses out there, and their threat would increase 10-fold if they were able to resurrect their comrades like those Twins.

Vector continued to scan the field, but he and Harley did a full sweep of the area, and retrieved all useful data. Mach raised an eyebrow at Rhea's request, and wasn't exactly sure how to respond.
I'd be willing to answer any questions you may have, even in the midst of battle. The three of us have seen our fair share of viruses and other foes, and we be more than happy to help you out.
"Yes, actually. Can you teach Harley to be faster? He is supposed to be speed-based," Rhea noted, pointing to the equine that trotted over to join the group. "How rude! Just because you now have witnessed someone with a higher level of skill than your subordinate, and now you think I am inadequate?" Harley scoffed, swinging his fibre-optics tail.