NS Mission: Escort's Meetup Point

A very small camp had been set up in the middle of a bum area of NetVegas, through which many derelicts crawled. Although the area was illuminated only by a few crooked streetlamps and populated only by dull-looking, possibly rogue navis, one navi stood out, despite the figure's dark apparel. A tall navi of about 6'1" with difficult to discern gender was standing amidst a whiteboard, keeping its arms crossed neatly in front of it and standing very straight. The navi was dressed all in black including a cloak, hood, and gloves, but with a silver eye-mask and a green ring of prayer beads around their neck. A few cups and pitchers had been set out in preparation of guests and the decor in that small camp was so impeccable that it looked like a dream amidst the dark alleyways.

The coordinates that Sylk and MachMan's party had received had led them to this location.
((From NetSquare))

A pair of lights flashed in the darkened sky above the camp, and were just barely illuminated by the cyan light before it quickly faded, revealing the trio overhead. Mach was still holding Aera in his arms, and Vector was floating next to him, his red eye already started to sweep the area. Mach was doing a similar sweep himself, and Aera looked around curiously.

An odd place to meet, but I assume this is it.
It would seem that way, sire. I haven't located Miss Sylk yet, she might not have arrived yet.
I don't see her either, maybe the Navi standing in the camp is with the Neo-Shogunate?
That's my best guess, might as well introduce ourselves

Mach and Vector silently decended towards the ground, and landed around a dozen feet from the Navi in black. Mach had no idea who this Navi was, and he wanted to keep his distance, just in case. He eased Aera to the ground, and she stood next to him as she looked over towards the Navi with a kind smile. Vector's metal plates touched the ground with a metallic clink, and he continued to sweep the area while occasionally fixing on the Navi.

Machman took a step forward, and tried to make eye-contact with the Navi. He spoke confidently and comfortably; the Navi did look intimidating, but he's encountered much more sinister and dangerous/looking programs before.
Good evening. I'm Machman.EXE, and these are my SPs: Aera, and Vector. Are you currently looking for assistance from our friend Sylk.EXE and my team?

Aera nodded her head politely as she was introduced, and Vector did the same. All three programs looked towards the Navi, hoping they were in fact in the right place, and weren't just talking to some random passerby.
A flash of light was quickly swallowed in darkness, from a more secluded section away from the crooked street lights illuminating the camp. Two crimson orbs lightly shined from the shadows looking onwards as navi and SP gathered. Recognizable faces in sight, 6 more red eyes appeared and then faded as the figure in the shade began to move ever slowly towards the group. It's multiple appendages could be vaguely sighted as the navi got closer to the light, each step a little faster than the last.

Bursting forth, her dark body which has blended in so well with the sparsely lit surroundings, darting towards Machman and the group. The twin tails of her skirt kicked up each time her inhuman legs pushed her forward, dancing behind her as she moved. Approaching Mach at an alarming pace, she slowed herself just enough to prevent knocking him over, as she reached out her upper most arms and hugged him from behind coming to an abrupt halt.

Hey Mach~ Guess who, heehee. Sylk chimed with a playful grin. Releasing her grip she took and step back, her enjoyment continued to show as she looked over the group. It's so good to see you all again. I missed you~ It was at this point her eyes caught the large navi clad in black just past the others, and a small wave of embarrassment flooded her body. This was the proper coordinates for the meeting, and the setup looked like the navi was waiting for them, so it was only natural that this was the one Yasu had mentioned. She worried the first impression was already ruined.

Sylk quickly tried to regain her composer, slowly approaching the navi with a much more serious expression then what she had just let out. Her upper most right arm ran its fingers through the sapphire hair hanging over her face, and brushing it to the side as her lower arms hung down against her body. the middle set slowly crossed themselves together against her stomach as her voice itself took a more strict tone.

I assume you would happen to be Escort? I'm sorry, I hope you weren't waiting too long. I'm Sylk. The spiders eyes gave the NS operative a slow once over, her tongue briefly running over her lips lightly, followed by a smirk and general look of satisfaction.

I look forward to working with you. Shall we get this meeting started then?
Machman was looking towards the Navi until his facial expression almost immediately changed to an intense scowl, and his eyes darted to his left side. His wings shifted sharply as well, but then they seemed to stop and float lasily behind him. Mach's expression eased just as Sylk's arms wrapped around him. He raised an eyebrow and turned his head back in an attempt to look at Sylk.
Why hello there, Sylk. Long time no see! You seem to be doing well.

Aera had managed to resist the urge to turn it into a group hug, but she still had excitement in her voice as she greeted her friend.
We missed you too, Sylk! We're so glad you're doing alright.

Vector's arm, which had formed into a sword at the sight of a figure advancing on Mach, quickly fragmented into their individual body plates.
You are as energetic as ever, Miss Sylk. We're glad to to see you again.

The trio then started to shift their focus back to the Navi in front of them as Sylk introduced herself. She was assuming this Navi was named Escort; the Navi they were supposed to meet, apparently. Mach noted this Navi appeared pretty stand-offish, was this typical of the Neo Shogunate? Or might they just be meeting a darker one of their numbers?
The one that the navis correctly identified as Escort laughed lightly, smiling at her new guests. It was still fairly difficult to discern the gender of the navi as it beckoned the four attendants to sit. "You've done well to come here so expediently. Greetings. I am indeed Escort," the navi greeted them. Even after speaking a full sentence, the voice left some room for doubt. Was it a woman or just a very pretty man? The figure seemed graceful and somewhat thin with smooth skin, all pointing towards it being a woman... but it was hard not to also notice the absence of long hair or makeup, as well as the dignity and sculpt of the person's shoulders. The cloak obscured the figure just enough to hide their sex.

"To start us off on the right foot, I've prepared tea and coffee. Please take whichever you like, or feel free to abstain; I will not be offended," the navi offered with a wave of its arm, then resumed its servile position with both hands crossed. "Master MachMan, Lady Sylk, and the other two of you with whom I'm not yet acquainted... I will be happy to explain pleasantries with you and offer you answers to any questions you may have before we get started. However, before you ask your questions, I bid you look at these, the personae established for our mission."

Upon the primitive seeming (yet in its own way charming) whiteboard, several sentences had been written with very neat cursive:

Quote ()

1. Lucky Master: Lucky Master is a navi who holds a special place in his hearts for life's sinful vices of women and gambling. He is a smooth talker but also a brilliant investor, even when it comes to gambling. He's known to cause quite a scene whenever he appears at any establishment. He is rumored to dress in a fine, three piece suit. He acts eccentrically and is somewhat egotistic, never bashful, and always flirtatious. He gives generously to his companions and also wins big, so that his monetary establishment is never upset. He becomes bored of things quickly and will not speak to people who he doesn't find interesting. He is not much of a fighter and thus keeps bodyguards around himself, sometimes in plain sight and sometimes in hiding. People refer to him by the name "Lucky."

A small handkerchief will be carried on his person. On this handkerchief are some notes, which pertain to the information to be given at the mafia get-together.

It is important to realize that this persona is central to our entire mission. This persona will be under the most scrutiny out of all of us. The one who takes this identity must be extravagant yet cool under pressure when all eyes are drawn to him. Those who are not confident in their abilities should seek another role.

2. Mrs. Lucky: An attractive woman who wears her hair in a ponytail. She usually dresses with a luxurious boa and a provocative, low-cut gown. She usually hangs on Lucky's wing, but if left alone, she will gossip with others and proclaim that she is unhappy with him. She is viciously jealous of the attention that he gets and will often plot against him in discrete ways. A rumor says that any misfortune that Lucky encounters is as a result of the Mrs. planning. She is well aware that Lucky has been repeatedly unfaithful to her in the past.

This role is slightly less important than that of Lucky, because it will not be as heavily scrutinized, but still critical. The two are always seen together besides brief periods of separation, so keeping character will be essential.

Final: Any remaining actors should imitate either mistresses or bodyguards. If mistresses, the only condition is that they be women. If bodyguards, they may take any form, but do have the condition that they must seem highly professional, as is rumored to be demanded of Lucky Master's closest bodyguards.

These roles are the safest. Anyone who doubts their ability to keep in character or literally cannot keep character in one of the other two roles should take one of these.

"I'd appreciate it if you all would divide out these roles as you see fit. It may surprise you to know, but these false personae have been constructed upon mountains of fabricated rumors and appearances. They are very important to us. As such, please treat them with care... It would be good even if we could leave the casino with these personae in tact, for later use.... If you have any questions for me, please ask." After waiting for them to take it all in, Escort smiled again, then continued. "I will be coming along with you all, of course, so feel free to assign me any role as you see fit. I assure you, I'm quite the capable actor."
After examining the different roles, and thinking of multiple possibilities, Sylk was a little uneasy. With so little knowledge about the personae and how they had been used previously the thoughtof trying to play Mrs. Lucky made her shudder. If she somehow slipped up and said something out of place, she would feel terrible, both for her team and for ruining something for the faction.

Well, if your offering to take any role we ask... Sylk began to plot out a decent scenario which could potential work out for both parties, as she began to speak her mind. Would it be possible for you to take the role of Mrs. Lucky? Who ever takes the Lucky Master role will have a script of sorts to work from. This way, you can use your personal knowledge of the character to make the whole scenario more effective, granting both major roles an heir of authenticity.

Sylk had thought this out pretty thoroughly by time she finished her sentence, so far it sounded like a great idea. With a lack of knowledge or attachment to our usual selves, it would be less likely to slip up, as well as make it easier to play the role of a gossip and meddler. As well you should be able to handle any questions regarding Lucky Master or Mrs. Lucky easily. I think this would be best, if you're ok with that, that is. I don't want to make you uncomfortable. She ended with a hint of concern in her voice, though she wondered what would happen if escort preferred to do something else.

I would guess that MachMan would make a lovely Lucky Master, and Aera could easily play a mistress with their close attachment to each other. Vector has a loveable protective nature about him already, i know that first hand, heehee~ So we also have a body guard position easily filled.

The spider paused for a moment, crossing all her arms across her front as she wonder about herself. There was one of every spot filled if they went with her plan, so she could potentially be very flexible. I can provide as a bodyguard or a mistress, both would be fun for me~ However, if my idea is not adequate we can easily change things around to make it work. What would you all recommend? With her final words, her gaze slowly shifted back and forth between the rest of the group, waiting to hear some input. She was a little nervous as to what they would say she should do, but she tried to trust in their judgment, as well as her own capabilities.
Machman rubbed the chin area of his mask as he listened to Sylk's suggestions. He was still unsure of Escort's gender, but maybe Sylk knew the Navi was in fact a woman. However, as he listened to her explanation, he began to agree more and more.
I agree, especially for one who's considered the scheming gossiper. I think having proper intel and a true understanding of the characters would be tantamount as Mrs. Lucky, and you are clearly the expert in that field.

Aera nodded, and she was partially glad she wasn't originally nominated for Mrs. Lucky, she was uncertain she could be so bitter towards Machman (who she assumed would be Lucky), even if it was just an act. Vector watched Sylk carefully and occasionally moved his eye, as if affirming her statements as she went on. He then shifted his focus towards Mach as the suggestion came up for him to be "Lucky." Machman crossed his arms and flexed his shoulders a bit.
Sounds like a tough position, but I always love a challenge, and I won't let you all down. Any additional intel would be appreciated.

Aera smiled happily at Mach's willingness to play the main role, and enjoyed the idea of being able to work along side him. Vector was also glad with Sylk's suggestion, but he knew that was essentially the only position he could fill. All three seemed to be happy with the setup, but some questions started to arise in them. Aera was first to speak up.
Sylk and I could both be mistresses, but I don't exactly know what a mistress does...

Mach thought it would be somewhat odd to have two mistresses hanging around him, but as he thought more about it, it would certainly fit the character he would portray; and since Sylk and Aera get along very well, he didn't see any possibility of conflict that could blow their cover. Mazer's pop up window appeared next to Machman, and he glanced over towards the whiteboard again before he spoke to Escort.
[Hm... I think we could make Machman look the part, but I'm trying to think about how to incorporate a suit while keeping his mask intact... I could try to make a GMO that doesn't require the mask, but that might take a while; do you happen to have any templates that could be used? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Mazer Patrovski, Machman's operator. It's a pleasure to meet you, Escort.]
Escort took the questions one at a time. Sylk had apparently recognized her identity as a female; pressing one gloved hand against her chin, she pensively lowered her eyes to the net's floor as she considered their options. Her face had flushed just a bit, but she seemed okay with the idea of posing as Lucky Master's wife. "Very well, I believe you may be correct. I'd hate to force any of you all into a position of lambasting your own friend. Perhaps since I am least acquainted with him and most familiar with the mission, it is only fitting that I play this role," she responded to Sylk's suggestion.

With a stoic frown, she took the next quandary. "I would approach your own role this way, Lady Sylk: if you choose to be a bodyguard, you will have to do less acting, but will also be unable to communicate with the rest of us without arousing suspicion. The bodyguards must be very composed and professional. If you choose to be a mistress, you would have the option of communicating more freely with us, but at the same time, you are more likely to be scrutinized by others."

The navi's face turned a little red as Aera inquired as to the actual nature of a "mistress," but she kept her composure well and smiled. "Ah, a mistress is a woman that is... kept nearby for the pleasure of her company, but is not actually involved in a marital affair with the master," she explained to the best of her ability. "In this role you can act however you wish, but the general idea is that you must act as if you are fine with being a mistress, even knowing that Lucky Master is married."

Finally, she addressed the questions of MachMan's operator. "Certainly, I did bring some costumes in preparation, fitting average human sizes. I believe we can fit your navi into one of the eccentric suits designed for Lucky Master. I also have simple black tuxedos for bodyguards and Vegas-style dresses for the ladies, if you are interested." Moving behind the whiteboard, she brought out an assortment of neatly hung costumes. The "Lucky" tuxedos were white, while all of the others were black. A multicolored array of dresses hung there. "I hope you'll excuse me for taking the only black dress of my size." With her large size, however, it was hard for Sylk or Aera to imagine they'd have needed to concern themselves with that issue regardless.

With another elegant motion, she waved her arm to the delicate white curtain that she'd used to frame the camp and brushed it aside. Beyond there were three dressing booths, looking slightly like absurdly refined port-o-potties. "I'll go ahead and change. Feel free to use .GMOs if you'd rather, or grab an outfit and move in. As for your mask problem... because we never explicitly said he doesn't wear a mask, there should be no problem with you doing so, as long as you can be expressive and communicative while wearing it. You're also free to pursue other options... I'm afraid I don't have a fix readily in mind, however."

Stepping into the booth and drawing the curtain behind her, Escort began to disrobe quickly and efficiently, as the others could tell from the sounds of her movement. "Please knock on the wall if you need anything while I'm preparing. My make-up may take some time to apply... I'd encourage you all to sample the coffee and tea, if you find yourselves parched."
Mazer and his three programs listened attentively as Escort spoke, and fielded some of the questions asked. Aera listened to Escort's simple, yet useful, explanation of a mistress's activities. She nodded occasionally as their NS contact explained, then looked down slightly as she seemed to mull it over in her head. She then looked up at Escort and smiled.
I see, I think I understand the role better now. Thanks for the good explanation!

The programs watched as Escort revealed the dressing rooms, but Mazer and Mach's focus shifted back to Escort herself as she spoke about the mask issue. Mazer adjusted his glasses a bit and responded.
[Okay, I guess it won't be an issue. I'll probably just need to make some minor edits to Mach's appearance so he matches with the suit.]

Mach nodded as he looked over towards the rack of costumes in front of him. Aera was already looking at the different dresses, excitedly trying to pick out a favorite.
Can't say I've worn a suit before, but I've seen a few images when you were looking for help with yours, Mazer.

Mazer chuckled as he started to turn a little red.
[Yeah, it took me a freakin' half hour to put on that tie...]

Mach started to laugh slightly as he picked up the suit, and started to head over to the dressing room. Aera was still looking at a few of the dresses, but looked back at Sylk.
Hey Sylk, what kind of dress do you like? There seems to be a pretty good selection, so I think you won't have much trouble finding a favorite. I think I'm going to try this teal dress, and see how it fits.

Aera pulled the teal cocktail dress from the rest of the dresses, and stepped into the dressing booth next to Machman's, just as he closed the curtain. Vector stood outside quietly, knowing any attempt to get into a suit would very certainly result in a pile of diced fabric. A few moments passed by, until Mach spoke up.
Uh, Mazer, I can't remove my armor. Could you deactivate those subroutines so I could actually fit in this suit?
...mine too, please...

Mazer couldn't help but laugh at their realization, but it completely slipped his mind as well. Mazer started to open up the settings controls for both the Navi and SP, and made changes to allow them to look more natural in their new outfits.
[Alright, just a moment. And Mach, I'm gonna try to use some of Aera's image programming to give your "hair" a more realistic and human look. Hopefully it doesn't bug up...]

A few minutes later, Machman's hand, now covered in brilliantly white gloves, moved the curtain out of the way, and stepped out in his new attire. He was completely dressed to the nines, with his white pressed slacks and jacket. His crisp button up shirt was black, and he had a white bowtie around his neck, and polished black shoes on his feet. Mach's mask was still present, but instead of looking like the normal armored plating, it looked more like a form fitting, flexible fabric. The metallic spike-like hair that he normally had was replaced with much more natural hair, which was slicked back over his head, and slightly spiked out in the back, while he had only a few small bangs up front. His hair was still orange, and shined in the light, as if it was gelled back.

Mazer whistled as Machman stepped out, he was impressed with how good the Navi looked in a suit. Mach looked down at his suit, and moved his shoulders around; it was just slightly bulky, but his range of movement wasn't too limited. However, the white color just seemed too much to his taste.
Hey, Mazer, could you adjust the color of this suit, I'm practically being blinded by this thing.
[Yeah, I don't think white is exactly the best color for you. I think I got something that could look a little more to your liking, but it'll still pop.]

Mach looked down as the color of his jacket and pants started to fade almost to black, but then they started to change to something more like a dark royal blue. It was definitely darker, but the blue was fairly easy to see. He then saw thin orange pinstripes appear vertically in the fabric, giving the suit a nice flair. His collared shirt turned to a rich orange color, and his bowtie changed to a deep cyan, giving even more color to his outfit. Gold cufflinks dotted the cuffs of his shirt, and his shoes gained a little more luster, shining like obsidian.

As his mask dulled to the same dark blue color as his jacket, he raised a still white-gloved thumb up to his operator.
Now that's more like it. Thanks, Mazer.

Vector looked curiously at Machman's outfit, examining the structure of the fabric to be specific, because he wondered if he could possibly orient his body plates in a similar fashion. It would still keep it's structural integrity like a steel plate, but have the flexibility of cloth. He then noticed movement behind Mach, and quickly glanced over the Navi's shoulder. Mach noticed Vector looking behind him, but then he saw the SP just freeze in place as his glowing red eye slowly became larger.

Machman raised an eyebrow before he turned around in an attempt to identify what Vector was looking at. As soon as he turned, he also froze, and stared forward in a look of sheer astonishment. Mazer took off his glasses, and moved closer to his PET as he saw what his two programs were gazing upon.
[... Wow.]

Aera blushed as she stood in front of Mach and Vector, wearing her new outfit. She decided to lose the short ponytail and had somehow accessed and edited her appearance program; she had one large bang hang diagonally down the left side of her face, while the rest of her short hair hung just above her shoulders, and splayed slightly outwards. Her left eye was almost completely covered by her bangs, but her sapphire eyes still seemed to shine through. She had just a little hint of blue eye shadow, and a light application of crimson red lipstick. Her neck and shoulders were bare, the straps of her dress hung just below her shoulders, and crossed in front of her chest in a rather low cut, showing a significant but modest amount of cleavage.

The dress hugged Aera's smooth, toned abdomen, waist, and even down to the top of her thighs, showing some of the contours of her butt. The dress had a split running up the right side all the way up to her mid thigh, allowing excellent freedom of movement in her legs. She was wearing a pair of teal stiletto heels, with little gold straps which wrapped around her ankles and partially up her lower legs. She also wore a pair of very long teal silk gloves that stretched just a few inches below the straps of her dress. The gloves were altered slightly to allow the ruby crystals on the backs of her hands to be seen, and she had a thin gold bracelet around each of her wrists. She intertwined her fingers as she turned slightly to the side in embarrassment.
Please don't stare, it's a little embarrassing...

Mach blinked as if he snapped out of a trance, and walked up to her. He looked directly into her eyes, and reached out to hold one of her hands.
You look stunning, Aera.

She smiled and looked back up at Mach, her face was now several shades of red.
Thank you, Mach...
She tried to regain her composure and ran her hands up and down Mach's arms before she took a step back and looked him over.
You don't look too bad yourself, Mach. And your hair... it's looks so shiny and smooth!

This time it was Mach's turn to turn a little red as Aera playfully flicked at one of his bangs. Vector took a step forward, looking at both his king and queen.
M'lady, I am in awe of your beauty...
He then looked down towards the ground slightly.
I wish I could wear a suit like you, sire, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to don it without damaging its structure.

Machman and Aera both recognized Vector didn't have a costume to fit in, and looked over towards Mazer.
Mazer, do you think you could make a .GMO for Vector?
Please, Mazer? Vector should have the chance to look nice and crisp for the mission as well.

Mazer looked over Vector as he pulled up the screen with the SP's design settings.
[Hm... I think I could make something real quick. Vector, I'm going to change the parameters of most of your body plates, by making them much smaller. I'll also add more for you to use. What I want you to do is try to mimic Machman's attire. While you do that, I'll try to pull up an image of a specific outfit for you to copy.]

Vector's body plates started to split and separate, as more and more smaller metal plates materialized around him. Vector nodded and looked over towards Machman. After a few seconds, his body plates began to rearrange themselves. His appendages started to appear as if they had thickness, as if they were covered by the sleeves of a jacket or slacks. He tried to copy the design of Mach's suit almost exactly, even down to the bowtie. Mazer soon spoke up again.
[I'm uploading an image to you now. Try to the clothing in this image, and I'll try to adjust the coloring of your body plates.]
Yes sir.

Mazer uploaded the image, and Vector's body plates started to shift their positions slightly as even more body plates appeared around him. The suit jacket started to lengthen and change into what appeared to be a trenchcoat, complete with an over-sized collar that is flush against his chest, but angles sharply forward near his collar bone, and up behind his neck. His head also started to change, developing a short brim and forming what appeared to be a fedora. After a few seconds, nearly all of the bodyplates were in position, giving Vector a radically new shape.
Sir, I have copied the image.
[Alright, and here are the colors.]

The plates covering his body nearly instantly changed color; the areas that looked like slacks, a bowtie, the fedora, and the trenchcoat turned matte black, while the shirt underneath and the ribbon wrapped around the fedora changed to a pure white. His "shoes" changed to a glossy black, with white accents on the sides, almost like spats. The collar of his trenchcoat was trimmed in white, showing off the angles of the collar, and giving him a much more formal, yet professional look. His "face" kept the normal color scheme, and his eye continued to glow red, now partially obscured by the brim of his black fedora.

Mach raised his eyebrows as Aera smiled and clapped quietly thanks to her gloved hands.

Vector looked down at his new appearance, and was a little unsure by the very foreign, and unfamiliar design.
Do I... look alright?

Aera smiled warmly at Vector as she slid her hand gently down his arm. Though the metal shards of his body were quite sharp, he nearly instantly changed their positions to keep himself from cutting Aera's hand.
You look very handsome, Vector.
And not to mention cool! I apologize for the pun, but you look really sharp in that outfit.

Mach could hear Mazer's pained sigh as Vector looked up at Aera, his eye glowing brightly.
You're too kind, M'lady.

Mach looked around, and didn't see Escort or Sylk, they must still be changing.
I guess now we wait for Sylk and Escort. And we might as well grab some tea or coffee while we wait.
Considering heavily what Escort had said about the differences between the body guard and the mistress, she felt that being able to converse in this kind of environment with the others would be more favorable to her, regardless of what people thought of her. She was used to thinking that people thought poorly of her as it was. No matter how tough or proud she seemed to be, deep down there were always times she was worried about her own appearance and what people thought about her. She tended to feel better about herself when with mach and the rest of the group, but she always had wondered what it would be like if she were more normal. As she moved towards the dresses, she let out a saddened sigh to herself. There wasn't too much selection for someone with her physical attributes, but that was to be expected with her unique design. She feigned a smile as Aera spoke up about the garments.

Mmmm, I haven't quite decided yet. I need a bit more time...

She was nervous, but she tried to keep it hidden. She wondered if maybe the bodyguard position would be easier on her. As Rei watched her, he slowly began to understand what was going on. She had pitched an comment before about her looks, and slowly with her actions it all began to make sense to him.

"Sylk, give me a moment. Make your way into one of the dressing rooms, I have something to install which should make you happier." He spoke full of confidence, more so than Sylk had ever really heard in Rei's tone before. She nodded and didn't question his motives as she slowly drew the curtain, and closing it once more behind her as she entered.

Sylk's body began to glow in a blue light, bright enough to completely hide her figure had anyone been looking, as Rei installed the GMO program. This was to be a gift for his navi which he had been working on for a long while now, shortly after they had first met Mazer and his navis. He had finished it a while back, but he never could figure out just how to bring it up until now. As the light began to fade, Sylks eyes teared up as she looked at herself in the change rooms mirror, unable to hide the shock and joy as she saw her new body. Giving herself a once over she was absolutely stunned.

The Silken black dress fit so snugly upon her lovely tanned flesh, causing her to admire her own lovely curves and backside as she tried to examine from every angle. Leaning forward and placing her two arms just below her breasts, she tried to accentuate the cleavage show by the low cut front. Her gloved hands ran up the exposed skin from her elbow to her shoulders, before tucking the lone string that held up the dress beneath the velvet black band resting at the base of her neck. She fiddled with the silver ring holding the band together at the front, and straighten up the golden locket-like pendant handing from it to rest just above her chest.

Brushing her now shoulder length hair to the side, she examined the dazzling teardrop ruby earrings. It was all so lovely, and she couldn't come to accept that this was her. As she tried to turn around, she stumbled for a moment. Tugging on the side of the dress, her right leg became exposed through the slit at the side, revealing the black high heels which she hadn't noticed immediately. This also drew her attention to the web-like design in white upon her ebony gloves as it fixed the dress.

As she tried to get a good view of the reverse side, her ruby eyes took in the spider web tattooed across her tanned skin, and the detailed black widow which hung upside down in the center. As her eyes trailed lower, she blushed lightly as she examined the tight fit which showed off her rear. The dress was definitely showing off all of her features to their fullest, but it just made her smile more.

Thank you so much, Rei... Sylk wiped her eyes with the soft fabric of her elbow-length glove, as she tried to regain her composure. She was completely blown away by the sight. you don't know how much this means to me...

"You don't need to thank me. Just go out there and have some fun."

The spider just giggled, and nodded before turning her way towards the curtain. Pulling it to the side, she slowly made her way out with an elegant stride. Her left hand was drawn across her slim abdomen, as her right hand pulled her Sapphire hair to the side once more, her crimson gaze locked onto the group.

Maaaaaach~ A slow, alluring voice called out as she slowly made her way towards them, enjoying every moment of it as she tried to anticipate the reactions. You all look so lovely... I could just eat you up~ A soft smile formed on her lips, as she waiting for some kind of response, eagerly.
As the trio conversed while waiting for Escort and Sylk to finish changing, Mazer started to fiddle with his PET.
[Hey, I have a pretty good idea for you to use your Enhanced Perception program in a more discrete fashion. You may need it if you end up gambling, especially since Lucky is known for being a very successful gambler.]

Mach adjusted his bowtie as he replied.
Right, good idea, Mazer.

Mazer closed his pop-up window and got to work, and Aera took a sip of tea before walking up to Mach. She was still a little flushed from before, and it seemed to get worse every time she looked at Mach's face.
So... um, you probably know a lot more about this than I do, and I'm still a little unsure about my character... what would I do?

Mach couldn't help but feel a bit nervous, since he had a fairly good idea as to who a mistress is, and what she would do. He then tried to help her out as best as he can.
Hm... well, you could hang around me, and it would likely be safest if you're within earshot of me at all times, just in case. But if you really wanted to get close to me, you should probably wait for when Escort, Mrs. Lucky, isn't around. You'd likely avoid her if you can, and wouldn't really mention me if she were to speak with you. Remember that she would be my wife, and I'm cheating on her with you. If anyone other than Mrs. Lucky speaks with you, you should be able to talk freely, as long as you don't do anything that could blow our cover.

Aera nodded, understanding what Mach was saying, but she seemed to be worried about something. Mach saw this, and put his gloved hands softly on her bare shoulders.
It'll be okay, if you ever need any help, we can probably speak with each other via wireless comm. Also don't forget that Vector would be working for me, and he can watch over the both of us easily. You'll do fine, just have fun while being aware of your surroundings. We'll be right with you the whole time.
...thank you, Mach... Just don't forget I'll be here to watch over you too.

Mach smiled as he stepped closer to her.
I feel completely at ease, because you're with me.

Mach leaned in, and kissed her forehead. She froze for a moment as she felt a thump in her chest, as if her heart just did a somersault. Her chances of not being flushed were completely shattered, as she almost turned red as a beet. She looked up at him, and managed to weakly smile back at him, as her hands trembled at her sides. She felt like everything was getting hazy, blurry...

Her pupils tightened as she seemed to snap back into reality. Mach could see she was still blushing, but was unfortunately rather oblivious to what his SP was feeling. Aera turned her head towards Sylk, just as Mach did the same. Aera's eyes went wide, as she saw a Navi slowly emerge from the dressing room. She was a very tanned, and very well proportioned woman, but she looked very similar to...
S-sylk? You look... AMAZING!!

Aera brought her arms up towards her chest in excitement as Mach let go of her shoulders. He was, yet again, stunned by a program with an incredibly attractive physique. He noticed she was much more human-like, with only 1 pair of arms, 1 pair of eyes, one pair if l-legs... and one pair of...
Mach's eyes had fallen on Sylk's superbly defined rear, and everything mysteriously started to lose brightness, as if the lights were turned down. Unbeknown to Mach, a pair of sunglasses had materialized in front of his eyes, which fortunately hid his gaze towards Sylk's derriere. Mazer's pop up window reopened next to Mach, and Mazer smiled as he saw his navi in the rather snazzy pair of shades he designed.
[Those are all you need to use your Enhanced Perception! Pretty nice, huh? ... Mach? What are you staring a-...oh.]

Mazer had turned the window, and caught a glimpse of Sylk as well. Mach heard a clanging sound, which caused him to snap out of his gaze, and noticed the sunglasses on his face. He took them off before he turned towards the sound, and saw Vector instead. His right arm had basically fallen off his body, and hit the ground like a metal cylinder before it fell into a pile of metal slivers. His glowing eye, which was staring towards Sylk as well, was glowing so brightly it looked like it was going to catch his head on fire, then it flickered out as he fell backwards. His body made an odd metallic thud, and actually spread out like the shards of a broken glass.

However, the jolt of the impact seemed to wake Vector back up, because his eye began to glow once again, and his body plates were drawn back as his body reformed. He slowly got back to his feet, and removed his fedora as he looked back at Sylk.
Miss Sylk... you look like... a fine work of art! Your beauty alone has caused my armor to shatter.

Aera cooed as she heard Vector's compliment towards Sylk. Machman could help but chuckle as he saw his SP reveling in Sylk's beauty.
It looks like Vector is even more impressed than I am!

Aera started to walk up towards Sylk, and looked in astonishment at her friend's new appearance. She couldn't help but "ooh" and "aah" at her appearance, especially her tanned skin, the spiderwebs on her gloves and back, plus the locket and earrings.
You look so beautiful, Sylk! I almost didn't recognize you!
Sylk's face felt flushed, though it showed less upon her darker skin, even though she was expecting some attention. It was all just a bit too much for her to handle. She wasn't used to it. She sheepishly turned her head away trying to hide her embarrassment, and giggled to herself softly. Her hands made their way to her pendant, fidgeting with it in a nervous reaction not really sure what to say. You guys really are too kind to me, heh.

Sylk slowly made her way over to the table which Escort had been standing at earlier, eying the tea as she reached for a cup. Even something so simple felt drastically different to her with her lack of extra limbs. Normally she would have grabbed all her necessities at once, making the process much quicker than doing it all one at a time. The aroma tickled her nose as she poured the drink, a relaxing scent which gave her a good feeling about the choice. After adding a dash of sugar and a splash of milk, she picked the cup up, and turned to face the group, stirring the beverage with a spoon in her other hand.

You all are lucky this time though, heehee~ Sylk joked, as she gave them all a once over with her ruby stare. I have my hand's full as it is in this form... If I were my usual self, I don't know if I could keep my arms off the three of you~Her eyes peering towards them all over her cup, as she took a sip. A sigh of satisfaction as the tea did the trick, helping to relax her a bit as she enjoyed the flavor. As the cup left her lips, she looked over to mach and then to Aera, thinking about how they acted towards each other on a regular basis. For the mission, that might effect things a little negatively considering how escort explained the situation.

You know Mach... you'll have to give me the same treatment as you do Aera for this. Sylk paused for a moment, and then second guessed her words as she thought about their actions together more clearly. Actually, you'd have to treat her more different, rather than treat me like her. Lucky is supposed to be a flirt, never shy, and cool headed. Mach was too much of a knight in shining armor for their usual relationship to fit, from what she could tell from their company.

Lucky seems like far from the gentleman you usually are.

Sylk slyly grinned as a mischievous look appeared in her eyes. She just had a wonderfully fun idea to make this whole scenario more enjoyable. I'll be doing what I can to help this image come to life, with my actions. Try not to take it personally~ The question is, how will the both of you fare in this? It might be a bit taxing with how close you are...

Sylk did worry that it would be a problem for the two, but on the other hand the thought of the extra attention she would be getting also made her a bit excited as scenarios played in her mind. She felt poorly for scheming, but when it came down to it she sort of knew this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sylk just told herself it was for the betterment of the mission, and attempted to believe it.
As the navis revealed their new looks to each other, Escort listened from behind the curtain, where she was finishing applying her make-up. She'd been putting a lot of attention into it, but her expression slowly faded back into her usual stoic frown as she watched her features in the mirror. She realized that a group that tight wouldn't really have much interest in her no matter how she dolled up, so wasting that much time with getting pretty was just unnecessary.

"Rather, it's my job to make sure they accomplish the mission and find the shogunate membership fun and attractive... I'd do better just to stay out of the way," she resigned with a sigh. After keeping her eyes closed for a moment, she opened them and looked into the mirror with a challenging smile. She practiced the Mrs. Lucky character for a few moments before exiting to greet the others.


Drawing aside the curtain with one hand, Escort stepped out of her booth with her free hand fashionably clasped over her hip. "Wow... You all changed so much that I hardly recognized you as I came out. I'm going to have to run a quick inspection, of course, so please wait just a moment longer," the attendant advised the navis, keeping her usual stoic expression.

She said nothing of how much she'd actually changed herself, however. Her very short, ordinarily gelled black hair had been pulled backwards away from her forehead; apparently that was the only way she could achieve a short, up-done ponytail, which was necessary to fit the description of Mrs. Lucky. The robe had vanished, replaced by a very slim-fitting black dress, which zipped discreetly down the back. The back itself was cut somewhat low, but the front was more distracting; the front was quite low cut and the dress was strapless, so it easily lent the impression that she was going without a bra.

She'd done makeup much like the others, but with thicker eyelashes and shadow, perhaps to fit her character. Her steel blue eyes remained stoic; it would probably be for the best if she could put some mischief into them before the mission started. Her breasts were larger even than Sylk's or Aera's, displaying size and movement that seemed impossible from how she'd been earlier: indistinguishable as either man or woman. Another of the most surprising features was the tone of her body; despite having an impressive cupsize and womanly hips, she also had unbelievably tight muscles and a graceful, athletic body. It brought to mind the idea of martial artists, who hone their bodies so as to have incredible muscle density with little fat.

Besides the dress, she wore some fairly gaudy looking silver jewelry and a huge, fluffy white boa that circled her neck and hung across her front like a snake, swishing as she moved. She wore high-heels as well, which seemed somewhat unnecessary, as they increased her height past 6'2." Lucky Master was going to be dwarfed by his supposed wife.

Seemingly ignoring their opinions of her own look, she went on to appraise the others. "Yes, Lady Sylk and MachMan's companion, you two both fit your roles as mistresses. I'm certain everyone will be jealous of Lucky Master. The bodyguard looks fine, although I'm somewhat confused as to why he didn't simply go forward as a robot; I don't think it would look terribly suspicious to have one as a bodyguard. Still, that's up to you all," she muttered, looking them all over with close inspection.

As she came to MachMan, one eyebrow raised dubiously. It wasn't a pleasant expression to have to face, since it either meant that she was unhappy with his costume or unhappy with having to be married to him. "Er, I understand that you wish to be eccentric, but isn't this slightly overboard? They say that a mask makes a person suspicious and the more elaborate the mask, the more suspicious the person is. The mask alone is a bit of a risk, but if you wear both eye-covering and a mask, it will be a little too conspicuous. I'd ask that you consider an alternative." As she spoke, she was leaning inward a bit towards MachMan to inspect him, unfortunately giving him a more-than-justified peak down the front of her dress, which threatened to become too risque if she dipped down any further. Thankfully she didn't, but rather returned to her standing position.

"Besides that issue, I believe everything's accounted for," she informed them all, sticking an envelope discretely into MachMan's chest pocket as she did. He could only assume that it was the meeting script she'd been talking about earlier. "If anyone has any other questions, please ask them now before we get moving."
Mach and Aera continued to look over towards Sylk as she started to show a bit of shyness in response to how much attention she was getting. Aera stepped back a bit, but was still smiling excitedly while Sylk made herself a cup of tea. Sylk then started to raise an interesting point about Mach and Aera's behavior towards eachother, and what impact that may have in regards to the characters they're supposed to play. Mach was about to reply just as Escort walked out of her dressing booth.

The trio were quite surprised with how different the Navi looked, especially with the rather drastic jump in femininity. She was actually somewhat taller than Mach, thanks to her heels, and her armor managed to keep her very ample bust a complete secret from the group, but now it was all too apparent.
Wow, you look nice, Miss Escort! I didn't realize you were so tall!

Escort proceeded to make her inspections of the group's outfits, and seemed to be comfortable with their looks. However, when it came to the males of the group, she seemed to be much more critical. Vector attempted to explain his own appearance, while keeping his very professional attitude.
If I may, Lady Escort, I believe this design was chosen not only to allow myself to fit in with the general theme, but also because Mr. Lucky's rather eccentric nature would call for his bodyguards to dress "to the nines" as well. And as you can see...

Vector looked up at her, giving her full view of his rather unchanged face, and single glowing crimson eye.
I am still quite mechanical, or "robotic" as you might say.

Mach looked down at the sunglasses in his hands, and nodded at Escort's critique of his attire.
You make a good point, Miss Escort. Mazer, any way to make the visual program less conspicuous? Possibly something internal?

Mazer's pop up screen swung towards Machman, and the NetOp responded before the window closed.
[Yeah, I'll see what I can do.]

The sunglasses disappeared just a moment after Mazer closed his window, and he looked back towards Escort, Sylk, and Aera. He saw Escort slip the envelope into his jacket pocket, and assumed it to be the notes for the mission.
I personally don't have any questions at the moment. As for what you mentioned before, Sylk, both Aera and I are aware of our roles, and we'll try to stick to them as accurately as possible. Well, I guess that does bring up one question: Do you know if wireless communications amongst my SPs and I would be secure at this location? Or should we just avoid it entirely?
Sylk finished off the last of her cup of tea, and placed in on the table just in time to see Escort step out from her booth. It was far from what Sylk had expected, considering the only reason she had guess Escort's gender was solely because of the e-mail Yasu had sent. With her usual attire out of the way, Sylk was rather impressed. I don't mean any offense, but wow... You are not what I expected at all Miss Escort. Sylk's ruby eyes traced the representatives body up and down, subconsciously licking her lips for a brief moment, before snapping out of the stare. I have to say, you're quite stunning... I like it~ The former spider giggled, as she wondered just how one could attain such a tough looking body yet still look so lovely.

Maybe you can tell me your secret sometime? It's so rare to see strength and beauty all wrapped into one. I'm actually kind of jealous... Sylk looked down to the floor for a moment, averting her eyes as she felt embarrassed after saying all that. She really wasn't used to this kind of environment. She'd only ever been around a hand full of navi's before, and with them all dressed up so much it was beginning to make her hot and bothered. It was something that she had never felt before, and no where near the same feeling as the playfully intentions she showed to Mach, Aera and Vector. After all, before anything else, they were her first and only real friends. The attachment she had for them, though it may not always seem like it, was different then what she was experiencing now.

A-ah, sorry. I'm getting off topic. Sylk quickly tried to change her train of thought, hoping Escort wouldn't think poorly of her so soon into their meeting. The only question I really have is, is there anything specific Aera and myself would have to do or should we just stick close to Mach and try to act umm... Mistress-like?
Escort's expression didn't change much when Aera told her she looked nice. A slight smile appeared, but it was hard to tell if she was affected, since her expression was always fixed between various shades of cryptic frowning or calm smiling. After acknowledging the compliment in that small way, she turned to Vector and listened to his reasoning. "Perhaps you have a point. It's not a bad addition to the growing lore of our Lucky Master identity," she responded.

Turning to MachMan, her eyebrows lowered again and her eyes looked somewhat business-like and impersonal. It reminded him of the serious nature of their mission. "It's good that you've considered this. Of course, others inside the casino will likely be communicating in that manner, but you don't want to communicate in any way that will arouse suspicion. Therefore, even your supposedly private communications should be made in character if possible. In general, lean to the side of caution wherever possible. I'm not certain how much contact you fellows have made with the Mafia, but know that their methods are consistently beyond what a rational navi would expect."

Having said all of this, she kept her business-like face and turned to Sylk. Her eyes were still shut, as if she was trying to think of how to respond. Surprisingly, her face was also growing red; it seemed her control wasn't perfect after all, or perhaps Sylk was just scratching at some hidden personality trait that they couldn't identify? "Stunning you say? Well, this body is... that is..." she muttered, keeping her hands crossed politely in front of herself. She slowly realized, however, that acting like this was putting her further out of the mindset of her character; as soon as that got into her head, she corrected her thinking and got back to business.

"Ahem, thank you... Well... If you want to maintain muscle and physique, the best way is through practical applications. Anything is more effective with earnest effort... but yes, let's discuss it another time," Escort replied, brushing aside the issue. "There are several ways to fit into your roles as mistresses. The best is to be clingy and... I hate to say it, but dull-witted. If you show your intelligence, you will be more subject to scrutiny, whereas if you act simple-minded and singularly focused, our greatest worries are likely to bypass you as non-threatening."

Finishing with the questions, Escort pressed her hands together in an elegant motion. "I believe that's all the time we have for questions. We'd do well to hurry on to the casino now. Please, follow me this way," she finished, then began heading out into the dark streets. "Stay close together and wary, as criminal occurrences on this path through the net seem likely."

The path did indeed look dangerous. Heeding her words might not be a bad idea.

Before she'd gotten very far ahead of the group, it was pretty obvious that the shady derelicts all around the alley were keeping some shifty eyes on her. It wasn't too often that a rich-looking, totally stacked woman wondered through there... and with several other desirably rich looking companions. It seemed hard to imagine that they wouldn't get attacked at this point.

With that in mind, the navis had to question Escort's judgment; she seemed pretty professional and-in-the-know, but it seemed somewhat hard to imagine that going through that alley street was going to end without being mugged.
Mach nodded at Escort's suggestion in regards to the wireless communication, she made a rather good point since even their direct comm links may be monitored. Aera listened carefully as Escort gave more tips as to how to act more "mistress-like," and seemed to mull it in her head; it seemed rather strange, but she thought she could manage. Escort managed to keep the statement rather neutral, otherwise Vector might have misconstrued the statement as an insult towards Sylk and Aera.

Escort indicated it was time to move to the Casino, and unfortunately the path stretched through the rather shady areas of the net, where they were most definitely being watched. Mach looked around the area cautiously, before he made a suggestion.
Miss Escort, if you could lead the way, Aera and Sylk can be next to you, while Vector and I take up positions close behind you. And I assume this is when the the "act" starts?

Aera gave herself a one-over before she gently grabbed Sylk's hand and tried to lead her towards Escort. She smiled kindly as she looked towards Sylk.
Ready to go?

Mach quietly walked behind the pair, and Vector followed dutifully by his side. Vector's glowing eye had already started to sweep the area, trying to identify any sort of threats or hazards ahead. He was a bit excited, but comfortable, since this isn't very different from what he does normally while on the net. Mach adjusted his cuffs and flexed his shoulders before he spoke up.
Ready to depart once you two are prepared.

Well, i suppose i can pull that off... Sylk said in response to the explanation about the mistress role. Inside she was giggling about the reaction she got from Escort, however, quite amused. She hadn't expected something like that from a simple comment, especially considering how tough she seemed normally. Maybe deep down she had another side to her. I suppose we all have something we don't show on the outside, huh... She became lost in thought for a moment, regarding her own little issues that she rarely brought to other peoples attention.

Sylk snapped out of it when she felt the grip of Aera's hand upon her own, and smiled weakly. She didn't say anything, she just nodded in response to the SP. With that she moved to catch up to Escort with Aera, trying not to get left behind after getting distracted.
Escort chuckled slightly at MachMan's caution. "We've got a fair distance to walk. I don't think there's any harm in acting if you like, but nobody from the hotel is likely to see us just yet," she responded. She started down the path along with the others, keeping close in front of them.

The alley was full of derelicts and shady characters, but strangely, the first to address them didn't seem to fit in at all. At the exit of the alley, a weak-shouldered man in a blue coat designed like a clasped journal stood blocking their way. His head was covered by an open book and his face was very distinct due to its age, his monocle, and his curled mustache. "Ho ho ho... What luck. I never would have imagined such a fortunate looking group would come this way... How fortuitous!" With a cold smile, he clicked his fingers.

Several creepy looking navis, including a tribally dressed man, a woman in reptillian scales, and others that were lurking in the dark and were thus indistinguishable began to emerge from doorways and windows. They leered at the navis with ominous, grinning faces.

"With my tools taken from me, it took me quite a while to amass a group of associates that would allow me to take back up my old profession. But now, you see... I want your stories. I would like to hear your stories and record them for my own profit, then sell them. You have no objections, do you? I can tell you more, if you're interested, but you really have no options here!"


"Still silent? Well, I was quite a journalist during my working days... I'm pretty good at making pretty young things like you talk!"

ChronicleMan: 300 HP
Dino: 100 HP
TikiMan: 180 HP
???: 100 HP
???: 100 HP
???: 100 HP

Before anyone had time to make a move, two limousines neatly swerved out from each side of the street and smashed the old man between them mercilessly. A sickening wail shot out and, with his body looking smashed and contorted, the book-themed navi began crawling his way across the street. He was groaning so piteously that it was hard to imagine he'd offer further resistance.

Coughing uncomfortably, the tribally dressed man was the first to withdraw. The others quickly went back into the crevices from which they came.

"I was just thinking that we might be more comfortable if we took my limousines the rest of the way. It might also help with our image," Escort mentioned with a polite smile, as if she hadn't just crushed a man with two luxury vehicles. "I can drive one... Are any of you experienced enough to drive the other?" she asked, opening the driver's door of the second limousine. "If not, we can just take one, although it seems such a shame to leave the other here."
The group went forward until they encountered the odd-looking book Navi. The group stopped, and Aera held Sylk's hand tightly. Sylk could probably feel her hair standing on end, thanks to some of the static electricity building up in Aera's body. Machman started to step forward towards the Navi, and he heard Vector walking behind him, plus the sound of two sharpened metal blades sliding out from the ends of his trenchcoat sleeves.

Mach tried to instantly get into character, and stopped next to Escort, not facing directly towards the Navi addressing them. He slid his hands into his pants pockets, and raised an eyebrow with a cocky smirk as he was about to speak. However, he never got a word in, since he heard the screech of tires, and two Limousines seemed to appear out of nowhere before they very promptly crushed the Navi between them.

Aera was shocked by the very unannounced vehicular beatdown that happened in front of her, and Mach was unsure of whether or not these limos were either allies, or just a bigger predator. The latter hypothesis dissolved as Escort identified them as her vehicles. He gave an impressed chuckle as Escort opened the driver's side door of the second limo.
Hm, I know how to drive, but I doubt I'd be able to keep my image if I was seen driving you all around, especially my own bodyguard. Maybe we could just have the second follow behind us? They managed to get here without drivers, right?

Vector realized this was his cue, and his blades retreated as he opened up the closest rear door of the limo. He gestured inside as he lowered his head politely. Aera quickly started to calm down since the ambush had very quickly vanished, and looked towards the vehicles before she looked back at Sylk.
Ooh, I've never been in a limousine before! Sounds like fun, don't you think?

Aera started to move towards the limo, and stepped inside, before she looked out to see if Sylk was following. Machman walked next to Escort, and crossed his arms as he looked towards Vector and watched Aera enter the vehicle.
You're certainly full of surprises, Miss Escort. If your comrades are as well equipped and skilled as you are, I'm surprised you need others in your ranks.

Mach then turned his head towards the sound of ChronicleMan, still moaning as he crawled away, and started to try out his new character by calling out to him.
Sorry about the limo, buddy! We got a party to go to, and story-time isn't on the itinerary. At least you'll have something interesting to put in your diary now, right? Your welcome!

Mach grinned as Vector turned towards him.
Sire- sir, it's time to go.
Mach walked over to Vector, and stepped inside. Vector waited to close the door until after Sylk had entered as well, then walked over to the front passenger seat before he opened the door and sat inside. He closed the door, and examined the vehicle carefully as he waited patiently.