Forever grinding

From Here

Groaning out as she flopped into the network, the wooden puppet of a navi slowly picking herself up and starting off into the network, her body shuddering out.

(Battle 1)
The area Freya found herself dropping into was an enclose, but spacious area. The panelling underfoot was metallic, though there were patches of magnetic circuitry in a few places, and a couple of strips of brightly lit landing lights.

On the whole, it looked almost like some sort of equipment or aircraft hanger, with a large blast door firmly locked down at the far end of the room from her, and a great deal of complex-looking equipment rigged from the ceiling, and the walls. To one side of the hanger, a vehicle that looked vaguely like an old-style space shuttle was suspended in a hang rack, and had a variety of automated tools working away inside various open panels on its sides, while a lifter was fitting transport containers into its underbelly.

To the left, near the wall, a selection of other vehicles were parked. Some were clearly lifting and shifting tools, , while one or two looked much more like one- or two-person swift transports, likely for hopping between bays.

All of this may have been fascinating to the wooden navi, but the more pressing issue was that she wasn't alone in the space hanger. Though much of the ceiling was fitted with maintenance equipment and other highly complicated and high-tech looking machinery, several of the things suspended up there looked... suspect. They were less 'technical machinery' and more.... 'string puppets'. Then one of them blew a breath of bright energy down towards Freya, turning a patch of the panels nearby her into brightly glowing solar. Another of the puppets was drawn up into the ceiling, or rather, into a black portal that was smooth to the ceiling itself.

One of the others chittered menacingly down at Freya, while the other made a sound something like mocking. One thing was for sure; they weren't friendly.

-=Not Mechanics=-

WingerA: 80Hp [On the Ceiling, Back Left][Solar]
WingerB: 80Hp [On the Ceiling, Middle][Withdrawn][Metal]
WingerC: 80Hp [On the Ceiling, Directly above Freya][Metal]
WingerD: 80Hp [On the Ceiling, Near Right][Magnet]


Freya.Exe: 140Hp [Middle of the are, towards one end][Metal]


50% Metal [The Majority]
35% Solar [Two long strips running the length of the room, like runway lights, plus a small patch a short way in front of Freya]
15% Magnet [Scattered single panels, mostly towards the sides of the room]


Various High-tech Gadgetry: 20Hp Each [Roughly a dozen scattered about the space, and sticking up as single-panel spikes]

Space Shuttle: 500Hp [Very Large, Very Heavy, suspended in a supporting cradle over the back right side of the room]

-=Battle 1, Start!=-
Looking around her as she could feel the viruses presence around her, one above her and the others scattered about the scenery, one unseen by her eye as she weighed her options carefully. But before she could say a word, the navi was interrupted by her netop. Freya, something's come up and I need to get going. I can't just leave you jacked in, so either finish this up quickly or run, I don't have a subchip though. Her op said, leaving the navi to simply roll her eyes...well, if she had any.

Either way the navi would begin to look about for an escape route, her feet clattering on the metallic as she would run for an exit, any sort of exit that she could find to escape the area, neglecting the one behind her, but maybe that was for the best, who knew what could be out back that way (not counting the time the player has spent away from her, but that's neither here nor there). The wooden puppet searching for an exit to get out of the area so she could at least jack out and go back to her PET.

1-4: Escape (25% base+40% from actions)
An unexpected event caused Freya's operator to order her to retreat, which was met with derisive laughter(?) from the floating viruses. They didn't seem to want to pursue her, though, so she was able to escape from them quite easily.

[Escape success!]