Daisy's Inferno

On one of the patches of land in this volcanic like area appeared Daisy, although something seemed strange about her. For one, she didn't have any cloths on, but instead was covered from the neck down in nice, soft, brown fur. She was also curled up on the ground, cuddling her long tail that was covering her face.

Muurrrr, Tail. So soft~ So warm~ So... hot?

The tail moves slightly to reveal part of Daisy's face, eyes closed. Her eyes slowly open, a look of confusion beging to appear on the furry navi's face.

Wait... How did I get here? I thought I was still in the PET... unless...

"Hey, foxy lady, you might want to change out of that GMO for something that will keep you cooler... And less flammable." Virgil told his navi, chuckling as she was getting up from the ground.

"Virgil! Why didn't you tell me you were about to Jack me onto the net!?"

"I did warn you that I was going to, 5 mins ago when I got on the island. Guess you were to busy with your tail to hear me. So, you going to get out of that GMO or risk overheating?" The man asked his navi.

It was then, that the fur on Daisy slowly started to disappear, starting from her hands, and feet. Her tail, fox like ears, and the lines on her face vanished almost instantly once the arms and legs were fur-less. When all that remained was a few regions covered...A pair of Jeans and a buttoned up lapcoat suddenly appeared on her body.

"Does that answer your question Virgil?" Daisy responds, unbuttoning the coat and taking it off to reveal a simple tanktop.

"Risk overheating, got it."

Rather then respond to her netop, Daisy decided to wander around.

((Battle 1 please)
A rocky, volcanic area...know what would make perfect sense? Rocky, volcanic viruses. Like the ones Daisy just bumped into. Joy.

VolcanoA: 110 HP
VolcanoB: 110 HP
VolcanoC: 110 HP

Terrain: 100% Lava

Daisy: 175 HP

+ GET TO IT! +
"So... Hot... Virgil, why didn't you just jack me into the last layer of this place? You know, the cold one? I would have rather that over this heat." Daisy said, walking across the lava as if it was nothing thanks to her navicust parts.

"...Other then the fact I have to guide you through all 7 layers, this is Hades, not Hell. Gees girl, didn't know you knew parts of the Divine comedy." Virgil responded, chuckling after the first sentence, but that was when Daisy saw something off in the distance. Wanting to know what it was, Daisy ran off in that direction.

When she got a lot closer, she stopped and saw what looked like volcanoes. Virgil just looked at them, and took out a single chip from his pack. He already knew most of his chips can take the viruses out quickly, but decided that this one chip could handle the job well enough.

"One chip. If I only send you a single chip you think you can make those volcanoes dormant?" Virgil asked his navi, slotting in a buster up. Daisy brought her hand to her chin and pondered.

"...Should be possible." Daisy responds, as she started to bleed from her hand. The red liquid flowed through the air around the bleeding navi, forming a sort of bubble. While the bubble does fully surround Daisy, there are holes through out it for looking trough, but not enough to compromise its ability to protect the navi from harm.

The buster up chip ran through Daisy's systems, changing values for his buster to make it stronger. The color of Daisy's blood was also effected, it started to look... healthier.

Daisy looked that the volcanoes trough the holes of the barrier, finally figuring out how she wanted to take care of them. "Alright, since something that looks like a volcano is probably fire element, something like this should do the trick." Daisy said softly, placing the palm of her hand on the interior of the bubble. Then in a swift motion, she slide her hand across the bloody barrier. Once her hand went across a quarter of the barrier's circumference, she took her hand off the the barrier and returned it to her side.

One the other side of the area that Daisy touched, small ripples began to form and spread across the barrier. But, just before Daisy moved her hand, a glob of blood in the shape of a closed fist flew out of where the ripples began. Then as Daisy moved her hand, the origin of the ripples followed, and halfway to where Daisy's hand would stop, a second bloody fist emerged from the barrier, and again from where the ripples were being formed. Then when Daisy took her hand off the barrier, a third fist appeared, and the ripples stopped forming and died down.

Each fist flying fast through the air, each fist able to hit with the might of a navi with an almost fully upgraded buster...

And each fist, heading towards a different volcano.

((Passive 30HP barrier
1) Buster Up: Attack goes to 4
2) Blood strike: Buster shot Volcano A, B, and C: 40 aqua + Elemental weakness + Lava panel bonus = 120 total
Turn splice))
Charging her buster to higher powers with a BusterUP chip, Daisy quickly realized how easy it was to deactivate a volcano or three. Just needs a blood sacrifice.


Terrain: 85% Lava, 15% Normal

Daisy: 175 HP (3 actions left) (BusterUP)


Rewards: 550z
"Looks like I did it." Daisy said, all of the blood returning to her. She went up to where the volcanoes were and gathered whatever data was left. She then looked around more, and goes off in a random direction.


Daisy comes across a giant hole in the ground, and heads to the edge of it. "Wow... That.... is really big." The navi says, peering into the massive opening.

"Could be something good down there. You going to check it out or stay up there?" Virgil asks his navi.

"I think I'll check it out." Daisy responds, stepping off the cliff and floating in the air. Slowly Daisy floated towards the middle of the opening, and begun to descend down it.

((To RogueNet))