Money gathering on a Safari.

Red and Myun crashed down on the landscape of Netfrica Net, wiring their access through the Jeep's router and hooking to the landlines.

"We're in," Red reported cheerfully, stretching her arms in the arid heat that simulated the real Netfrica.

"Good job, I'll operate like usual, so go get us some cash," Shin replied, focusing on some particular species of cactus.

"Roger that, let's go Myun!" the red-caped wonder exclaimed, taking Myun's hand and having both of them skip across the Net.

[Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210 HP]
[Myun.SP: 100 HP]
As Red and Myun strolled on, they came across a big entryway, with totem poles signifying the entrance to... whatever the place was. This network looked completely barren, with sand stretching as far as the eye could see. Some trees could be seen in the distance, too and-

What? Oh, right, and the totems' eyes flash red, and they turn violent and whatever. But how could you not appreciate this beautiful scenery?

TotemA: 80HP [Attack Mode]
TotemB: 80HP [Attack Mode]
TotemC: 80HP [Attack Mode]
TotemD: 80HP [Attack Mode]

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Grass (in patches around)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210HP [grass]
Myun.SP: 100HP [sand]

"Ah, what a nice place," Red commented, taking in the lush scenery.

"Yeah, it really i- Wait, are you in a battle?" Shin started, raising an eyebrow at the viruses. "I've never seen these ones before. Proceed with caution, I'm sending you something to test them out with. Myun, just uh.... punch stuff," the ace stumbled, sighing as he inserted three chips in rapid succession to the PET. The tour guide was blabbering about the formation of sand dunes now, the Netopian couple nodded earnestly in interest and the Yumland Lady seeming to doze off from the heat.

Tugging, his white-collared shirt, Shin could feel the arid climate affecting him a bit too. He decided to wear that straw hat his mother sent him all those years back.


Meanwhile, on the net side Red smashed a bottle of wax in front of her before taking out two Boomerangs, grinning madly as an extremely tall Candle formed in front of her, lighting up in a soothing green flame, casting its healing properties to the red-caped wonder and her pet rabbit.

"Here goes something!" the crimson crusader yelled, crossing her arms before throwing the Boomerangs out from the sides of the Candle.

Humming threateningly, the wooden sickles whizzed through the air, coming around both sides of the Totem group, passing through, meeting in the middle, and flying back to their owner. What was the result of these nature-empowered death scythes crossing paths among the viruses? Time would tell.


"We'll take a short break at this rest stop for some water," Scius declared to the group. The Netopian couple got up, fanning themselves with guide pamphlets as they raced to the outpost the jeep had stopped at. Who thought not to bring water on such a trip anyway?

Popping open his own water bottle, Shin took some slow, deliberate sips of water to fend off the threat of dehydration. The sun wasn't shining so bright, but the ace tipped his hat lower just in case.

Looking in a mirror, Shin imagined himself to look quite like a Zemon virus with the conical straw hat he wore. The image seemed kind of silly, but at the time it was pretty good to protect him against sunburn.

"Let's see, the Boomerangs are used up, so..." Shin mumbled to himself, smirking as he sent three more chips in.

The Yumlander lady stirred, making a snorting sound as she slowly came to.


"Burn up!" the fairy-tale fighter roared, slamming her hands on the ground to form a giant circle with the character for "fire" in it.

Columns of lava burst forth from the ground, marching across the sand dunes in search of prey, and it found it in the form of the Totem viruses. The crackling flames roared ferociously as they neared the viruses, threatening to engulf the symbolic shafts in their ever-blazing pyre.

Myun hopped over after the flames died down to see if any viruses remained and proceeded to punch at everything that wasn't dead. It was a cold business, but someone had to do it.

A familiar buzz of insects came to Red's ears as twice the usual amount of Honeycombs surrounded her form, a single bee in each one, ready to retaliate when need be.

Red felt safe her, among her insect friends, and could relax in the lush grass she was already on, breathing quietly.

"It's a nice day," Red commented, fading away to sleep. The sunshine casting a soothing beacon of light on her body for added effect.

Turn Summary:
1. Candle2 in front [Creates 100 HP Fire-resistant object that casts Regen 10 To-All allies]
2. Boomerang1 to Totem group [75 Wood DMG]
3. Boomerang1 to Totem group [75 Wood DMG]
4. FireTower to Totem group [100 Fire DMG + Piercing + Ground Attack + Group Attack]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Get in Melee Range of Totems
1. Attack whatever's left [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack whatever's left [50 DMG + Impact]
*Rhythm Boxing to Whatever's left [2x10 DMG]
3. Attack whatever's left [50 DMG + Impact]

Red' Actions cont.
5. RiskyHoney1 [Counter for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
6. RiskyHoney1 [Counter for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Red
*Wood Ability: Regen 5 on Grass
Before the totems could open their mouths to attack, they die of sickles and fire-induced overkill. Good job.

Totem x4: Charcoal.

Terrain: 80% Sand, 20% Grass (in patches around)

Red_Riding_Hood.EXE: 210HP [grass]
Myun.SP: 100HP [sand]

Battle One - Victory!!
Rewards: 600z, 16 Frags
((Bugfrags? XD))

"Nice work Red, move on to find more," Shin sighed, glad that it was over that quickly.

"Roger that!" the crimson crusader replied, saluting in a comically serious manner before bouncing away with her pet rabbit further into the network.

((BATTLE 2))

((And calculate my Bugfrags from last battle, I think it should be 16. :V ))
Unfortunately for Red, it turned out she jumped straight from the frying pan into the fire! ...Actually, considering the viruses were fire and metal, it might've been more like jumping out of the fire into the frying pan. But let's not think too hard about that.

Swordy-FA: 80 HP
Swordy-FB: 80 HP
Swordy-FC: 80 HP
HeavyA: 75 HP
HeavyB: 75 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Red: 210 HP
Myun: 100 HP

"Ick," Red grunted, the flaming swords making her a little dizzy. She, for one, had enough of fire looking things since their tournament battle.

"Heavys huh? I've never seen those before," Shin mused, scratching his chin.

"That seems like a problem," Red pouted, putting her hands on her hips and staring at the current round of viruses. "You sure we'll be fine?"

"Probably, do the same set up as last time. Myun, go after those Heavys. Red, do a cover attack with the Boomerangs and then move in close for a tidal wave," Shin ordered, slotting the necessary chips in one-by-one despite the blistering heat shining down on the open jeep. There was still a bit more to the rest stop, but he decided to stay in the vehicle.


"Can't be helped. Let's go Myun!" the fairy-tale fighter exclaimed perking up as she smashed a bottle of candle wax in front of herself as her animal partner raced toward the Heavy viruses.

Once the towering Candle was formed and lit, the red-caped wonder pulled two Boomerangs out of her picnic basket, grinning mischievously as she targeted the viruses.

"Here we go! Double Boomerang!" Red cried, crossing her arms, then throwing the wooden sickles out from the sides of the candle. Spinning through the air, the playfully-themed projectiles emitted a sound much like a buzzsaw as they approached the virus group from both sides, harbingers of their possibly imminent destruction.

If this worked as a distraction tactic, Myun was surely able to take advantage of it. Reaching the first Heavy, the boxing bunny threw a devastating right straight at the virus, hoping to deal some major damage before trying to finish it off with two whacks from her ears.

Spinning around, the combat hare delivered a hard spinning roundhouse to the second Heavy before shifting backwards to avoid any oncoming attacks.


Watching the battle, Shin kind of felt like sitting in the plain of grass Red was in. It looked kind of nice.

"Mm~ Did we stop...?" A feminine voice inquired from Shin's left. The dark-skinned Yumlandian Lady had woken up, glancing around in a daze.

"Yes, we've arrived at a rest stop. Feel free to get out and stretch," Shin answered in a friendly tone.

"Ah... that seems like a good idea," the Yumlandian lady acknowledged, standing up and stretching, letting out a suppressed yawn all the while before blinking and heading out to the rest stop.

Will she be ok? Shin thought to himself as his fellow tourist stumbled her way to the rest stop.


"Next!" Red called, having already warped behind the Swordys location and sent a powerful tidal wave crashing down at them. Balling up her left hand, the crimson crusader slammed her fist into the ground, a blue circle with the chinese character for 'water' appearing, before summoning yet another tidal wave directed at the Swordy group.

"Did I get 'em?" Red asked, panting before whipping her head rapidly from side to side to shake off the water.

Turn Summary:
1. Candle2 in front [Create 100 HP Fire Resistant Object that grants Regen 10 To-All Allies]
2. Boomerang1 to SwordyF Group [75 Wood DMG]
3. Boomerang1 to Heavy Group and Swordy-FC [75 Wood DMG]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to get in Melee Range of HeavyA
1. Attack HeavyA [50 DMG + Impact]
*Rhythm Boxing to HeavyA [2x10 DMG]
2. Attack HeavyB [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Dodge

Red's Actions Continued:
4. Areagrab behind SwordyF Group [Teleport, Dodge, Movement, +1 Accuracy]
5. Wideshot1 to Swordy-F Group [60 Water DMGx2 (Weakness) = 120 DMG + Wide Attack]
6. Wideshot1 to anything left [60 Water DMG + Wide Attack]
Starting off, Red summoned a Candle to help regenerate any damage losses. Then, she released a whirling sickleblade towards the Swordy group. The Swordy sprang into action and warped up to her, dodging the sickles, except for one guy who didn't manage to warp in time.

The Heavies moved in as well, teleporting into her space. Fortunately, she had another sickle in place for them, deleting the two and damaging a nearby Swordy. Myun just sat there as the Boomerangs did what was supposed to be done, and looked at the pretty horizon.

The Swordy lifted their swords to attack, but as their blades crashed down on the dry grass, they found their target to be AWOL! Warping behind the surprised Swordy, she called upon a tidal wave and smashed the Swordy in its wake.


Terrain: 100% Grass

Red: 210 HP
Myun: 100 HP
Candle: 100 HP

Battle 2 - Victory!!
- 440z
- [Shake1] Battlechip
- 20 BugFrags

Damage: 90+Break
Accuracy: C
Description: Throws a dumbbell that slides through enemy lines for two turns. Can hit up to three enemies twice, second time having a 50% chance of hitting.
Duration: Two turns
Element: Null/Break
"Nice job Red," Shin complimented, giving a small applause to his navi. "And we got a new chip.... which we won't be using soon, but that's cool anyway."

"Woohoo! I'm on a roll! Let's keep going!" Red yelped, punching forward and winking. Myun half-heartedly attempted to copy this motion, but also stuck one of her ears out. It kind of looked like they were doing martial arts training.

"Well, enough of that, keep going," Shin advised, making a fanning motion at his PeT.

"Yahoo! Let's keep going until the ends of the earth!" Red cheered, Myun raising her fist in somewhat similar joy as the two skipped off.


Red and Myun heard the unmistakable sound of a howl across the net...which was strange because it totally wasn't night time or anything. Walking a bit further, they found a group of canine viruses huddled in one area. There were a pair of proud, elegant NineTails standing in the middle, while three Spikeys circled around them, trying to do everything they can to catch the attention of the beauties. This must be one of them fancy "rituals"...And Red intruding into one of them surely pissed the viruses off!

NineTailsA: 90 HP
NineTailsB: 90 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Red: 210 HP
Myun: 100 HP

"O-oh wow..." Shin blushed, pushing a hand into his own face.

"Kyaa~! E-excuse us," Red stammered, covering her face with both hands as she turned away. Walking into a mating ritual was not one of her intentions on this trip at all.

"Sh-sheesh, you'd think they'd do it in a more private place," Shin groaned as the male Spikeys growled at Red, angry at her for intruding on their sacred mating ground.

"Ugh... we should've checked if it was virus mating season before we got here," Red whined as the Spikeys barked louder.

"Well, they'll just have to cool off," Shin grimaced, scratching his head as he pulled out two chips from his folder. "Be sure to cover the whole field, these things have good range after all," the ace advised, slotting the chips in.

"Roger that! Here comes the tidal wave~" the fairy-tale fighter called, her hands covered in globules of water as she made a circling motion before slamming both into the ground.

The crimson crusader grinned as the ground shook, spouts of water gushing forth from cracks in the ground as a massive tsunami erupted out of the ground, bursting forth int its wake to consume and drown the fiery wolves that were in front of it. Churning with destruction the wide waves sloshed on, pummeling at the viruses in an attempt to completely subdue them.

But this wouldn't be enough, Shin knew that much, so he planned ahead.

Warping into the center of the viruses immediately after the torrent subsided, the red-caped wonder smashed a ball of ice into the ground, creating a thick sheet of permafrost over the bushy grass of the Netfrican landscape. Leaping into the air, Red collected the charged particles in the air amongst her fingers, channeling a frightening electric power forth.

"You guys are all..." Shin started, tilting up his sunglasses.

"Roast Chicken!" Red finished, thrusting forth a blazing bolt of lightning at the virus group, hopefully spreading it across the ice and shocking every denizen that comes across its path.

Myun, already finished waiting for the attack to subside, rushed into the aftermath of destruction, bearing her fists as she punched, jabbed, and fisted anything of the enemy that remained, making use of the ice terrain to glide freely from target to target.

"Did somebody say Roast Chicken?" The man from the Netopian Couple called as the tour group slowly got back on the jeep.

Turn Summary:
1. Wideshot1 at Spikey Group [60 Aqua DMG x2(Weakness)=120 DMG + Wide Attack]
2. Wideshot1 at SpikeyC, and Ninetails [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
3. Areagrab into the center of the virus group
4. Icezone [Create Medium-sized Ice Terrain centered on Red]
5. Airstep straight up [Gain High-Altitude]
6. Elecreel1 to center of virus group [80 Elec DMG +100%(Ice Terrain) = 160 DMG]
*ISR: Heal 30 to Red
*Regen 5 for every action on Grass Terrain.

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Movement to Melee Range of any remaining opponents.
1. Attack anything left. [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack anything left. [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Attack anything left. [50 DMG + Impact]
*Rhythm Boxing anything left [2x10 DMG]
Starting off, Red unleashed yet another tidal wave attack on the Spikey viruses and the Ninetails, deleting the Spikey successfully and giving the Ninetails a piece of the damage as well. The Ninetails started to react by whipping their tails towards the fairytale fighter, but missed their marks when Red warped up to them instead! Jumping up, she made an icy landscape right in the middle of deserted Netfrica, cooking them efficiently with electrical induction. One of the Ninetails did miss the attack for some reason, but was quickly taken care of with some well-placed Myun-punches.


Terrain: 50% Grass, 50% Ice

Red: 210 HP
Myun: 100 HP

Battle 3 - Victory!!
- 900z
- 25 BugFrags
Red and Myun hi-fived in mid-air as one came down and the other jumped up.

"On a roll guys, keep working at it," Shin advised, closing his PET holoscreen after communications. The jeep started rolling east, the day would simply continue.

"Roger that! Let's go!" Red saluted to the sky, skipping along with Myun, hand-in-hand.

Red and Myun continued onwards into Netfrica, looking for more viruses to bust. As they went on, the ground became more and more sparse with grass, and now the grass was limited to moderate patches, dry sand covering up everywhere else. There were some places that the sand didn't cover, but they were getting a lot more uncommon. Suddenly, the sand began to shift with activity, and the grass seemed a lot more dense than usual. Then, something poked its head out to look around. It was a little worm. The animal virus looked at Red for a bit before screaming indignantly, which prompted three more of its kind to leer at Red and Myun with hostility. Some others seemed to pop out of nowhere too, such as a group of Mushrooms that came out of hiding from the tall grass patches. The worms then dove back into the ground, and began popping up randomly in places all over the field.

SnakeArmA: 130HP [Sand]
SnakeArmB: 130HP [Sand]
SnakeArmC: 130HP [Sand]
SnakeArmD: 130HP [Sand]
MushyA: 80HP [Grass]
MushyB: 80HP [Grass]
MushyC: 80HP [Grass]

Terrain: 35% Grass (Medium-size patches), 55% Sand (Surrounds Grasses), 10% Normal (Small patch leading towards here)

Red: 210 HP [Sand]
Myun: 100 HP [Normal]

"Hm, this seems like a predicament," Shin mused, wiping the sweat off his brow as the jeep rumbled over a hill. "Quickly move to stable ground, then use this!" Shin ordered, slotting in two chips.

"Right! Those worm things looked nasty!" Red complied, moving a few steps to the patch of Normal Terrain that her SP was on. Back to back, the duo put up their dukes, eyes glancing around for enemy attacks.

"What are you doing, looking cool like that?" Shin sighed as Red leaned forward, placing a hand on the sand terrain. "Hurry up and activate your defenses. Today's a glass-making lesson you know."

"Right, this is protection against fire hazards!" the crimson crusader affirmed, nodding her head surely as a barrier of honeycombs surrounded her bodice. Myun got her own defenses ready to strike, a one-two punch from both of her ears should do the trick as long as the SnakeArms popped up within visible range.

"God of Fire and Lord of Thunder, hear my plea as I summon your grace. Bestow this land with your devastating power and rip forth the ground, tear it asunder!" Red chanted, igniting the Firetower chip and activating its fearsome power, directing the erupting towers of lava across the field, making sure it marched across the terrain and converted what was sand to glass, and what was grass to bare ground. Roaring with the might of a god, the flames went on, blasting at the terrain to induce widespread ruin.

Another chip went into Red's inventory, and Myun charged her mistress with supreme powers of destruction. Channeling the area's electrons across her fingers, Red shot a bolt of lightning across what was the assumedly created glass, hoping its power would shatter and destroy the terrain and inflict great damage to anything nearby.

Now she would wait and see...

Turn Summary:
1. Move to Normal Terrain [Movement]
2. RiskyHoney1 [Counter 1-hit for 5x10 Wood DMG]
3. FireTower1 across the whole Field [100 Fire DMG + Piercing + Ground Attack + Group Attack] (Aim to convert Sand to Glass and Grass to Normal)
4*. Break Elecreel1 across Glass Terrain [80 Elec DMG + Break] (Shatter Damage to anything on or near Glass)

Myun's Actions:
*Rhythm Boxing to any incoming enemies [2x10 DMG]
*Smash: Imbue Break to ElecReel1

Two of the SnakeArm worms began to attack Red and Myun, singling them out for attacks, instead getting hit in the face with bees and fists. Red turned a good bit of the battlefield into normal paneling and glass, hitting a Mushy in the process. Then, she did some crazy breaking Elecreel combo thingy, smashing the glass panels in one fell swoop, sending shards of glass everywhere, one shard hitting Myun as well.

SnakeArmA: 30HP [Sand]
SnakeArmB: 60HP [Sand]
SnakeArmC: 30HP [Sand]
SnakeArmD: 80HP [Sand]
MushyB: 30HP [Grass]
MushyC: 80HP [Grass]

Terrain: 15% Grass, 20% Normal (Medium-size patches), 25% Sand, 30% Broken, (Surrounds Grasses), 10% Normal (Small patch leading towards here)

Red: 210 HP [Normal] [RiskyHoney Used] (2 Actions Left)
Myun: 50 HP [Normal] (3 Actions Left)
Well, the plan had worked out, at some cost, but nothing they couldn't fix.

"Alright! Sunshine appear!" Red exclaimed cheerfully, twirling a finger and pointing at Myun.

Nothing happened.

"Uh... did you modify my healing processes again, Shin?" Red pouted, stomping on the ground and tightening her arms.

"Oh right, sorry, I found a more effective way of healing so it couldn't be helped," Shin apologized, scratching his head with much difficulty due to his conical hat being in the way. "It'll take too long to explain, but essentially you need to use your sugar intake as an energy source."

"Oh, so it's like.... a sugar rush, but not something I'm aware of?" Red responded, trying to figure out what Shin was really saying.

"Yeah, kind of. These other two chips should be good for eliminating those Mushys, so go get 'em!" Shin yelled excitedly, causing the other tourists to look at him weirdly.

"Alright! Sugar power presto!" the red-caped wonder cried, channeling all her sugars into a ball of healing energy that quickly hit Myun and eliminated some of the damage from the glass shard.

Turning to face the Mushys, the crimson crusader blew air out from her nose in a confident gesture, raising up her arms and balling up her fists.

In a quick, swinging gesture that caused the fairy-tale fighter to hit the ground, an onset of rumbling shook the battlefield as the red-cloaked warrior stood back and watched as a tidal wave surged out of the ground toward her enemies, the evil, standing Mushroom fungus viruses that possibly polluted the environment with dastardly spores that were certainly not contributing to green energy.

Feeling that wasn't enough, Red's right arm transformed into a hideous bear claw that firmly gripped Myun by the ears.

"A catapult tactic... I'm guessing," Myun stated boredly as Red nodded her head. Sighing, the bunny rabbit was flung forward at one of the healthier Mushys, bringing her fist back and timing the course of her speed before punching at the mushroom virus' face.

Seeing nothing really helpful to do, Myun watched out for attacks by those worm things and got ready to avoid their attacks.

Turn Summary:
*Innate Sugar Rush: Heal 30 to Myun
5. Wideshot1 to MushyB,C [60 Aqua DMG + Wide Attack]
6. Rageclaw throw Myun at MushyC [20 DMG + Impact?]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Time punch while thrown at MushyC [Movement]
1. Attack MushyC [50 DMG + Impact + 20 DMG?(Rageclaw Thrown?)]
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
Red followed up with a water assault, deleting one Mushy and hitting the other for quite some. The survivor managed to come up to Red and unleash its spore attack before getting offed by the Myun-catapult. The sandworms weren't quite done with Red, and a couple more hits landed on her back, this time unhindered, depleting her HP faster than a kid and an ice cream tub. Ouch. (60x2)

SnakeArmA: 30HP [Sand]
SnakeArmB: 60HP [Sand]
SnakeArmC: 30HP [Sand]
SnakeArmD: 80HP [Sand]

Terrain: 15% Grass, 20% Normal (Medium-size patches), 25% Sand, 30% Broken, (Surrounds Grasses), 10% Normal (Small patch leading towards here)

Red: 90 HP [Normal]
Myun: 80 HP [Normal]
"Kh!!" Red cringed, spitting out data as the Sandworms did a dual attack. Sensing distress, Myun leaped back to her master's side, watching her back, fists and ears at the ready.

"Crap, Red hold on!" Shin shouted with alarm, slotting four chips in rapid succession.

At first, Red didn't feel any better, but saw a barrier of honeycombs surrounding her, so she assumed that protection was on Shin's mind before healing.

Next, Red felt her own systems accessing her giant reservoir of sugar to patch up the bites from the SnakeArms, and a washing green light from above helping the process along.

"Thanks a bunch Shin! I'm in top form already!" Red exclaimed, pumping her fist into the air, while her support program whacked at anything coming nearby.

"Good, now the next two chips should do a simultaneous job of keeping you alive and helping blow up these viruses. Here's something else for good measure," Shin advised, sending in the Elecsword.

"Gotcha! I'll stand at the top of staying put!" the red-caped wonder cheered, summoning a giant candle with the snap of her fingers. The aromatic small from the burning flame refreshed Myun and Red's stamina, ready to fight on.

Taking a deep breath, the crimson crusader pulled out a giant cube from out of her picnic basket and tossed it into the air, where it flashed between blue and red, spinning wildly until a color was decided. What it might do? Nobody knows.

Drawing out yet another item from her picnic basket, Red activated the plasma-bladed sword that had helped her so long since her encounter with the Cybeast. Standing at the ready, the fairy-tale fighter waited for her enemies to attack before swinging the sword of their doom.

But all they could do is wait....

Turn Summary:
1. RiskyHoney1 [Block and Counter for 5x10 +25 Wood DMG]
*ISR: Heal 30 to Red
2. Recov80 to Red [Heal 80]
3. Candle2 [Summon 100 HP Object with HeatBody and Regen 10 To-All Allies]
4. DBLCube1 [(Red) 40 DMG To-All Enemies or (Blue) 30 Heal To-All Allies]
5. Prep Elecsword to counter [80 Elec DMG + slashing]
6. Prep Elecsword to counter [80 Elec DMG + slashing]

Myun's Actions:
*Run Myun Run: Run behind Red
*Rhythm Boxing to any incoming foes [2x10 DMG]
1. Attack any incoming foes [50 DMG + Impact]
2. Attack any incoming foes [50 DMG + Impact]
3. Attack any incoming foes [50 DMG + Impact]
The SnakeArms blasted out of the sand simultaneously in an attempt to destroy Red once and for all. Unfortunately, they were met by bunny punches, angry bees, flashy boxes and a shiny sword.


Terrain: 15% Grass, 20% Normal (Medium-size patches), 25% Sand, 30% Broken, (Surrounds Grasses), 10% Normal (Small patch leading towards here)

Red: 210 HP [Normal]
Myun: 100 HP [Normal]

- 1020z
- [Spice1] Battlechip
- 40 BugFrags