Recreational... busting... run??

((Link from Netsquare))

Broadside phased into the local net via a link from NetSquare. Once he'd had a moment to glance at the scenery, he began to move in search of viruses...

((WhiteGuard.GMO Active. Ergo, not his mech form.))

((Requesting Battle 1))
Virus Attack!

NinetalesA: 150 HP
NinetalesB: 150 HP
NinetalesC: 150 HP

Broadside.exe: 140 HP

-Go for it!-
Broadside reported to Jared the moment he saw the viruses... "Enemies sighted. Scanning..." A moment passed then... "Virus type: Ninetails. Quantity: 3. Threat assessment: Low. Broadside stopped talking for another second or two before he asked for chips: "Special request: Send the Wind Chip, and 3 ranged chips.

"Ninetails eh?" J.T. said absentmindedly as he rifled through his chips I don't recognize that type... Must be a new breed of virus some hacker came up with recently. He found and slotted in the 4 chips and told his Navi "Wind, Twinfang1, Zapring1, and Shotgun sent. Good hunting." as he mashed the Send key.

Broadside Activated the Wind Chip the moment he got it, summoning a Windbox before him. The air began to move as motor within the virus spun up, starting with a mild breeze but quickly becoming a powerful gale.

It was all part of the plan...

Broadside, standing back to back with it, used the Windbox both as cover, and as a means of keeping the trio of Ninetails at a distance while he unslung his Guard Rifle from his back with his right arm. He manifested the ranged chip data as an ammo clip for the rifle in his left hand, and brought the weapon within reach... With a little difficulty, as the left arm still rested in its sling, apparently immobile, he socketed the clip into the side of the gun, parallel to the barrel.

His weapon loaded, he spun around, facing sideways relative to the viruses and Windbox, and began visually scanning for targets. He brought the Guard Rifle up, into a one-armed firing position across his body, his profile mostly hidden behind the Windbox's mass, and started his attack...

He tracked his aim into line with the first Ninetails he saw, and fired the Zapring1 at it. As the electric ring flew down-range, movement to his left caught his eye... So he shifted his aim to a second Ninetails and fired one of his Twinfang1 rounds at it, hoping to discourage it long enough for the Windbox to push it away. He shifted his aim to the right again as the third Ninetails came into view much closer than the previous two... Broadside fired the second iron spike from his gun and followed it with a shotgun blast.

1: Place Windbox in front of Broadside. (Object, 100 HP, Wind Effect)
2: Load Guard Rifle w/ TwinFang1 while behind Windbox (70 Null x 2 Targets)
3: Shoot NinetalesC w/ ZapRing1 from behind Windbox (40 Elec + 10 Bonus Elec + Stun1)
--) Shoot NinetalesA w/ TwinFang1 from behind Windbox (Target 1)
--) Shoot NinetalesB w/ TwinFang1 from behind Windbox (Target 2)
4: Shoot NinetalesB w/ Shotgun from behind Windbox, Spread to NinetalesC (50 Null + Spread1)

--Object Status--
Wind: 100 HP
Broadside's attacks only angered the Viruses, which were kept at bay by the stun, and the wind created from the box. Ya, they arn't happy foxes at this moment.

NinetalesA: 80 HP
NinetalesB: 30 HP
NinetalesC: 80 HP (Stuned)

Broadside.exe: 140 HP
Winbox: 100HP
Broadside ducked behind the Windbox, using it as cover while he prepared for his next attack... "Resilient, aren't they? I'm sending you an ElecReel1, 2 shotguns, and a Sword." As JT finished speaking, Broadside received the data, and prepped his rifle... He swung the rifle around to where his other hand could reach it, wary of the Ninetails... He used his left hand to press the magazine quick release button, which dropped the spent clip to the ground (where it dissipated into nothing). He then formed a new magazine from the data (which appeared in his left hand), and slotted the clip into place. A beam-bayonet's cylinder appeared below the gun's short-barrel, inactive for the moment...

His Guard Rifle reloaded with fresh chip data, Broadside swung himself around again, and fired at will. His fifth shot, an ElecReel1, fired a forked lightning bolt from the square-barreled weapon, lancing out at the viruses with raw electrical power. Without waiting to see the results of his attack, Broadside shifted his aim to the right to fire a shotgun blast, then back to the left again to unleash a second hail of steel, while hoping to catch any survivors with a wall of lead.

His ammunition spent, Broadside ejected the second magazine, and waited for results...

1: Reload. (Dodge behind Windbox.)
2: ElecReel1 @ All Enemies (100 Elec + 5 bonus Elec + To-All-Clause)
3: Shoot survivors w/ Shotgun (50 Null + Spread1)
4: Shoot survivors w/ Shotgun (50 Null + Spread1)

--Object Status--
Wind: 100 HP
Paladin Fried Foxes anyone?

Reward: 500 Zenny
Broadside collected the Zenny data, and went in search of another group of viruses....

((Requesting Battle 2))
More viruses. Joy.

SpikeyEXA: 100 HP
SpikeyEXB: 100 HP
SpikeyEXC: 100 HP
FirephoenixA: 110 HP
FirephoenixB: 110 HP

Broadside.exe: 140 HP

-It's getting hot in here-
-So get ready for Battle 2-
-It's getting so hot that you need to FIGHT!-
Broadside unslung his rifle as he sighted a new group of viruses... "Enemy sighted. Scanning..." Jared riffled through his chips while Broadside took his scan of the enemy... "Virus types: SpileyEX / FirePheonix. Quantity: 5. Threat assessment: Moderate, unless dealt with quickly."

"Gotcha. Sending ElecReel1, TwinFang1, and a pair of Shotguns." J.T. said as he located and slotted in the fore-mentioned chips, and mashed the Send key with a chuckle.

Broadside, far from laughing, loaded the chip data magazine into his Guard Rifle, and silently charged the group of viruses. As he approached, he raised the square-barreled gun, twisted his torso to better deal with the recoil, and braced for the attack. As he pulled and held the trigger, Broadside turned his torso, riding the recoil, and sprayed the group with a thunderstorm's worth of forked lightning bolts.

The way Broadside executed the attack reminded Jared of something... I've seen this before in college history class about an ancient weapon called a 'tommy gun'. Hah! I wonder what Broadside would think if he knew how much he looks like a 'gangster with a violin' right now. Jared chuckled at the absurd thought... I'll bring it up with him later.

Meanwhile, his ElecReel1 spent, Broadside turned to run around the group to the left, and leaned foreward.... The custom cylinders on his backpack opened suddenly... the lower and smaller pair's centers opening like an iris with the metal sliding out of the way... the upper (and much larger) pair of cylinders split along the bottom side and hinged open, acting as control surfaces? A short but intense burst of flame issued from all four of them, propelling Broadside forward at high speed and allowing him to cover 20 times the distance he would have covered by simply running within that 2 second time span.

As he flew through the air, Broadside raised his right arm, aiming the Guard Rifle at the first FirePheonix, and fired a TwinFang's steel spike at the flamming foe. He touched the ground a moment later with his left foot, pivoted to the right, and boosted a second time while kicking off as if he was just running... He took aim at the second fire bird, and pulled the trigger once more...

Though he wouldn't admit it if someone asked him (at this point in his life), Broadside was very much enjoying himself.

1: Load Twinfang1 into Guard Rifle. (70 Null x 2 Targets)
2: ElecReel1 @ All Enemies (100 Elec + 5 bonus Elec + To-All-Clause)
3: Boosted Dash (Dodge)
--) TwinFang1 @ FirepheonixA (Target 1)
4: Boosted Dash (Dodge)
--) TwinFang1 @ FirepheonixB (Target 2)

Two of the Spikeys were instantaneously blasted away by the storm of lightning that washed across them and tore them to pieces. The last Spikey saw the wave of electricity leaping from one of its destroyed friends towards it, and went tearing out of range of the lightning's reach.

Broadside's boosters carried him past the blast of fire that one of the flaming birds had produced with a simple flap of its blazing wings. the White Guard turned his rifle on the bird and fired; the first half of the TwinFang ripped the feathers right off the FirePhoenix's back. A similar treatment was applied to the other virus.

The second FirePhoenix flailed its wings desperately, somehow managing to stay in the air. Its body ignited, and a blast of fire roared toward the Navi. The boosters carried Broadside safely out of the path of the attack a second time, leaving him entirely unscathed.

SpikeyEXC: 100 HP
FirephoenixA: 40 HP
FirephoenixB: 40 HP

Broadside.exe: 140 HP
Broadside does not let up on his foes, even for a moment.... As the second steel spike of his TwinFang1 strikes the second Firepheonix, Broadside fires a follow-up shotgun blast, intending to delete the injured virus with a wall of lead. He shifts his aim back to the first Firepheonix, and fires a second shotgun blast, sending a cloud of deadly projectiles flying at the flaming bird. He then turns his gun sideways, and ejects the spent magazine onto the ground, without stopping.

As the Navi turned towards the SpikeyEX, still running, his Net-Op spoke to him suddenly, sounding a little amused... "Alright, I'm sending you a few more chips to finish them off with."

Broadside nodded as he received a Shotgun, a Guard1, and a Magbolt1 a moment later, and slung his rifle back over his shoulder once again. He then brought his right arm around, braced it before his body, and activated his Guard1, causing a white riot shield to appear. He charged towards the hellhound, behind the cover of the shield, as he activated his Magbolt1. Once he got to a point just outside of melee range, Broadside brought his right arm up, his fist charged with electricity, and flared the boosters on his pack for a split-second... Riding the force of the rocket boost, he suddenly entered melee range and threw his punch at his fiery foe...

1: Shotgun @ FirePheonix B (50 Null + Spread 1)
2: Shotgun @ FirePheonix A (50 Null + Spread 1)
3: Charge at Spikey while defending w/ Guard1 (Reflect 60)
4: Jet-assisted right-hook w/ Magbolt1 @ SpikeyEX C (90 Elec + 10 bonus Elec + Stun1)
They all die.

FirephoenixA: DELETED
FirephoenixB: DELETED

Broadside.exe: 140 HP

Get: Phoenixshot, 850z

"Targets eliminated." Broadside said as he walked over and retrieved the chip and Zenny data, then sent it to the PET.

Jared smiled at his Navi when he received the data, and shared his excitement at the payoff... "Nice! Keep this up, and you'll be getting another upgrade soon. Good work."

"Acknowledged. I'm searching for another virus signal now."

And Broadside did just that...

((Requesting Battle 3))
The virus signal comes through loud and clear. Broadside hustles his massive metal butt towards it, and finds a nest of Ninetails tucked away in a secluded corner of the 'Net. Before he gets anywhere near, they leap up and their eyes flash a dangerous red.

A couple of magnet virii pop out too, for good measure.

NinetailsA: 150
NinetailsB: 150
NinetailsC: 150
NinetailsD: 150
NinetailsE: 150
MagtectA: 90
MactectB: 90
"I've encountered a nest of viruses. I'm moving to get a better read." Broadside said as he moved in closer. "Virus type: Ninetails. Quantity: 5. Threat assessment: L--" Broadside was interrupted as the viruses sprang from the ground, growling. When the Magtects appeared, Broadside spoke more quickly, relaying the sudden turn of events to Jared... "Ambush.--" (Jared sat up, and selected 6 battle chips to send Broadside, and started to slot them in as his Navi spoke..) --"Ninetails and Magtects advancing. All melee types. Sen--"

"--nding chips. ElecReel1, PheonixShot, TwinFang1, Windbox, Guard1, and Sword." Jared smiled... "Yano, if you hunt for viruses, this is eventually bound to happen. Use whatever you need, and I'll prepare your next set of chips."Broadside nodded, knowing his Net-Op spoke the truth... "Affirmative. Executing untested battle strategy."

With the word "Strategy", Broadside unslung his Guard Rifle, and loaded a data magazine containing the ElecReel1, the PheonixShot, the TwinFang1.... and the Windbox? Object or no, he loaded it... then held out the rifle, and pulled the trigger, changing his Guard Rifle from a mere hand-weapon to a 50 Caliber gun emplacement with a pair of built-in gust generators mounted on either side of the turreted gun....

Broadside reached out and grabbed the trigger grips of the heavy machine gun, and released the safetey, causing the WindBox aspect of the weapon to issue forth its great gale... He then swung the weapon around, circling in the opposite direction, and lined up on the closest virus, a Ninetails... And pulled the trigger.

Broadside strafed the virus group with the gun, firing a hail of ElecReel1 bolts like machine gun rounds at everything that looked like a virus... The weapon kicked with the recoil every shot, making using this weapon harder than it looked at first glance. Electrified shell casings flew from the side of the weapon with every shot, forming a pile at his feet as the bolts flew down range.

The ElecReel data spent, Broadside yanked the chambering lever, and switched chips. He then walked his fire back over the group again, firing flaming bursts of PheonixShot1 data at the first three Ninetails his aim crossed... The weapon's recoil was a great deal less with this type of ammunition than with the ElecReel, making his shots much easier than before...

All too soon the data gave out... Broadside yanked the lever for the chambering slide again, and switched to his last chip: the TwinFang1. He then continued filling the air with "lead", firing the spikes at the last two NineTails. Having gotten used to firing the weapon, Broadside was able to pick his targets for each shot, then firing with fair ease...

The last data casing ejected from the heavy caliber gun, and fell into the pooling pile of casings clinking at Broadside's feet. The wind had kicked up so much dust that he could not see the results of his attack...

He waited for more data...

Summary: (Gun emplacement strategy)
1: WindBox (100 HP Object + Wind Effect)
2: ElecReel1 @ NineTails Group (100 Elec + Group Attack)
3: PheonixShot1 @ NineTails A, B, & C (70 Fire + Wide Attack)
4: TwinFang1 @ Ninetails D & E (70 Null x 2 targets)

Windbox: 100 HP

The Ninetales were almost all wiped out by the lightning, fire, and fangs. One is left standing, too afraid to move. The Magtects just kind of sit there, the wind blowing in their faces.

NinetailsA: DELETED
NinetailsB: DELETED
NinetailsC: 50
NinetailsD: DELETED
NinetailsE: DELETED
MagtectA: 90
MactectB: 90

Broadside.exe: 140 HP
Windbox: 100 HP (3)
J.T. spoke to Broadside over the noise of the wind-generating-turbines while he slotted in a ZapRing1: "I'm sending you more ranged chip data for your... uhh..." Jared trailed off as he looked at the strange object, completely at a loss. He picked up the next chip...

Broadside, on the other hand, knew exactly what it was, and what to do with it. He loaded the data into the HMG and yanked the slider, readying it to fire. He then took aim at the first Magtect, braced himself, and pulled the trigger. The 50-Cal fired the ring of electricity just like any other bullet (if you ignore the fact that it couldn't possibly have ft in the barrel), ejecting a casing as it did so...

As the casing came to rest at Broadside's feet, Jared blinked... Only in the net can you find a weapon that fires projectiles larger than the barrel. He shook his head, amused, and slotted in a Shotgun...

...Which Broadside immediately loaded into the gun and chambered, while shifting his aim to the sole remaining Ninetails. Once the fox was in his sights, Broadside closed his hands on the trigger-grips, and took the recoil as the gun fired a canister round's worth of metal pellets at his target in a spray, instead of the normal cloud-effect. And another 10 casings flew from the gun...

J.T. sent Broadside another shotgun as the last casing landed, stepping up the pace a bit. The Navi shifted his aim again, as he readied his next attack, and settled the cross-hairs on the second Magtext. The bolt clicked, and he pulled trigger again, sending a second deadly spray of lead flying down-range while the gun buzzed like an old combustion engine with a bad starter.

10 casings later, the short burst ended, and Broadside was already loading and chambering the next chip's data... He surveyed the scenem looking for anything to line up on, and hose down...

His trigger finger had an itch....

Summary: (still behind the custom object)
1: ZapRing1 @ MagTectA (40 Elec + 10 Bonus Elec + Stun 1)
2: Shotgun @ NineTailsC, Spread @ a target of opportunity (50 Null + Spread 1)
3: Shotgun @ MagTectB, Spread @ a target of opportunity (50 Null + Spread 1)
4: Shotgun @ Anything left, Spread @ a target of opportunity (50 Null + Spread 1)

NinetailsA: DELETED
NinetailsB: DELETED
NinetailsC: DELETED
NinetailsD: DELETED
NinetailsE: DELETED

Broadside.exe: 140 HP

Get: Varitail, 900z
Broadside deactivated the windbox data as the last virus dissipated into the net. He slung the guard rifle back over his shoulder and was just picking up the chip and zenny data when Jared suddenly spoke to him, sounding a little worried...

"Broadside, we just got an E-mail from Erin. It looks like her Navi has gone out of control, and is attacking friend and foe alike. I'd like you to investigate the cause of this phenomenon." Jared smirked, knowing what he was about to say sounded really odd coming from him, but his Navi would understand at least... "There may be friendlies and hostiles in the area... The Navi is currently located in Net-Square. You up for this?"

"Affirmative. Moving to Nav location now." Broadside said as he ran towards the Net-Square portal he'd used to get here....

Help was on the way....
"Bwahahahaha!" shouted a Navi that fell from the sky that landed right in front of Broadside between him and the portal, "I've got you now, gi-hey." It was a small chubby Navi with various pairs of lingerie as 'armor'. "You're no girl," the Navi said with an angry look on his face. He took two panties from the one on his head and ran at Broadside in a blind frenzy. Waving around the panties in his hands as if they were harmful weapons, he bumped against Broadside and fell backwards. "Gaaaaawd, are you made of steel!? How am I supposed to eliminate male Navis if they're made of STEEL!?" he said as he rubbed his chubby head with the pairs of panties and his eyes closed. "I'll just get rid of you!" he shouted as his eyes shot open, laughing maniacally as he threw around thousands of panties.

Before Broadside could even react to this, he was buried under a pile of panties and was somehow placed somewhere else in the Net. A single panty remained on his head while the rest disappeared without a trace, revealing the new place to Broadside.