Divine Piano Duet

Somewhere in a thicket in the heart of the jungle-like net area, all sound died for a second, before returning to normal. Seconds later, the dark armored form of Pianissimo stepped out of the thicket, pulling brambles out of his scarf. Yet another net he was unfamiliar with, but it was certainly a nice change when he was so used to the frigid net of Sharo that he had recently come to strongly dislike.

He looked around for a minute, trying to assess the net. It was a jungle, obviously, so it was probably largely populated by wood types. While that would certainly be easier to deal with now that he had added two more fire chips to his arsenal, his ally had traded away one of the best fire chips in existence, which could put them at a disadvantage. "Unavoidable, I guess," he whispered, before looking around and waiting for Divinity to show up.
Breaking a hole into the netframe of the sky, a bright light appeared as Divinity emerged from it. The hole was automatically mended as Divinity floated downwards slowly. As soon as she landed, she immediately knew that the following battles would not come without heat waves. "It's waaarm," whined Divinity softly as she shook her arms and flapped her wings to send a cool breeze at herself. "At least my bodysuit is off now..." she sighed with relief. She continued to float closely above the ground again as the FloatShoes program kicked in and walked over to where Pianissimo was standing.

"It looks way warmer there though," stated Area as she looked on her screen. Area had placed her chips on Duke's bed so she could browse them easier and tossed her cigarette out of the 'room' as it would be rude to smoke in someone else's chamber.

"Don't I have some bikini or something...?" asked Divinity as she looked around at the surroundings. This was new for her, even though she had gotten used to weird places because of the Planeswalker tests. "Aren't you warm, Pianissimo? The black parts of your armor should attract plenty of heat as far as I know. Hey, if we're lucky... Maybe our enemies will melt before we get to attack them." Still trying to figure out why Pianissimo seemed to have less trouble, she walked around a bit without straying too far from her companion to look for viruses.
Viruses come to meet the duo. It looks like they want to hear them sing or something.
Grass covers most of the field, there are sharp bamboo like spears hidden in the ground within the grass. Then, there's just normal terrain.

KilbyA: 90 HP
KilbyB: 90 HP
KilbyC: 90 HP
MagtectA: 90 HP
MagtectB: 90 HP
MagtectC: 90 HP
WhomperA: 130 HP
WhomperB: 130 HP

Terrain: 60% Grass, 10% Pungi, 40% Normal

Pianissimo: 140 HP
Divinity: 120 HP

Pianissimo sighed. If his ally was going to spend the entire time complaining about the heat, perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all. He made only a slight glance at her, saying "The heat...does not bother me." It was true, he was never bothered by such things. His armor was breathable, a result of past experience on Duke's part, more specifically his remembering how hard it was for Swing to stand the heat of Netfrica during the Drauchen battle while wearing all that samurai armor. He did, however, chuckle slightly after hearing her comment about the viruses melting. "Heh, I wish. Though if that were possible I bet Netfrica at least would be completely free of viruses."

He walked only a couple feet behind Divinity as they searched for viruses. The search didn't take very long in the least. "Well, what do you know? Our victims seem to have come to us. How do you like that?" Pianissimo said, putting a hand on his katana. "Wait...Duke, send me some of those new chips. I want to try them out. How about that fireburner and...no, I'll keep the terrain the way it is...toss another heatshot in with it. And the aquasword."

Duke sent the chips, and Pianissimo took the moment to gather what information he could from the viruses. Let's see...Whomper, just like those Weather things in Sharo. NORMAL element, if they follow that trend. I should probably get that setting fixed. A good Shadow Slay and a hit from the aquasword should fix them both. Kilbies...three of them. A good burst of flame is all I'd need for them. Good thing I asked for two fire chips. As for the rest...floating magnet things. Wow, what the hell is wrong with the net these days. I guess it's at least better than the bats in ACDC, though. I don't have any wood chips, but if I remember correctly, Divinity does. That should solve that problem.

Pianissimo activated the fireburner chip, and a giant flamethrower immediately melded over his right arm. "Cool," he said, immediately rushing towards the kilbies, trying to touch the ground as little as possible. He stopped just short of the moving bamboo groves and aimed the flamethrower, trying to catch all three in one shot. Hm...that should do it he said, then let loose, sending a jet of flames at the groves. Now for the finishing touch, he continued to himself, downloading and activating the heatshot. A series of small jets of flame shot out of the sides of the resulting gun as Pianissimo singled out the two farthest of the Kilbies, then fired the large fireball at it.

Satisfied with his work on the kilbies, Pianissimo made a break for the nearest normal terrain, just in case. It'll probably be easier from here anyway he thought, grasping the hilt of his katana in both hands and plunging the blade into the surface of the net. As usual, it took a bit of doing only for the first few inches, then the blade slid effortlessly into the ground. Pianissimo drew it back out a few seconds later, to find the blade covered in toxic data. "Excellent..." he whispered, before flinging the poisonous substance at the puppet-like whompers. As soon as Pianissimo had shaken it all of the blade, he slid his hand down the length of it, and it became encased in a 'shield' of water. Pianissimo gave it a test swing, sending drops of water everywhere, before jumping at the whompers and swinging the aquasword at both of them at once.

1. FireBurner1 Kilbies - 50 x 2 (fire weakness) (x2 grass panels?) each
2. Heatshot Kilby B, spread to C - 40 x 2 (fire weakness) (x2 grass panels?) each
3. Shadow Slay Whompers - 80, split 40-40, 5 damage each turn for the next three turns to each
4. Aquasword Whompers - 80 each, wide, aqua
"I guess I've got better things on my mind than the heat," Divinity muttered as the viruses appeared before the duo. Still levitated above the ground, she shook her arms and stretched her legs for the coming battle as she shouted out at the enemies, "Time to throw in the battle chips and kick these viruses to the curb!"

"I'm sending you four chips, Divinity. Use them however you want. You'll know how to do it," said Area as she took the four chips from the pile she had dumped on Duke's bed. "Hrmm," hummed Area softly through the PET's microphone and muttered afterwards, "This bed is actually pretty comfy... I think the heat is making me a bit sleepy... I haven't had a lot of sleep lately..."

Divinity started to control the data being sent to see what it exactly was and muttered at Area while doing this, "Just remember you're not at home, young lady." She held her arms upwards as the shields accepted the first pair of data streams. At the moment Divinity swung her arms back to their position close to her hips, the shields started to glow in a bright green color that circulated around the edges. She flung her right shield far into the air as she took the left one quickly in her hand. Turning the shield around, so the hollow part would be pointed at the sky, she practically spun the shield as a top towards the enemies while keeping the shield airborn. Floating sideways slightly she caught the shield she had thrown upwards in her right hand and, in a swift movement, she moved her arm in a large bow from top to her back and to the front and released it as she rolled it like a ball through the air.

Her normal weapons away now, she energized the remaining two chips within herself and grabbed the halo that was floating above her head. Holding a firm grip on the halo, she forced the chip data into it as it started to surge with electricity before her eyes. After downloading to her halo was finished she started to pull on it from each side. Eventually, in a split second, she ripped the halo apart and because the data mended itself quickly she suddenly had an identical halo in each hand. "Final blow," she muttered as she tossed the two 'Zaphalos' at their respective targets which were the viruses identified as Whompers. Shortly after they had left Divinity's hands, there was already a new one floating above her head. Floating on place, she held her hands out towards the enemies as she waited for her shields to return to their respective place.

1. Boomerang [60 Wood; Multiple Enemies] @ Magtect group.
2. Boomerang [60 Wood; Multiple Enemies] @ Magtect group.
3. Zapring [20 Elec, Stun] @ WhomperA
4. Zapring [20 Elec, Stun] @ WhomperB
Everything dies.


Terrain: 40% Grass, 10% Pungi, 50% Normal

Pianissimo: 140 HP
Divinity: 120 HP

Pianissimo Get: 1000z
Divinity Get: Magbolt1, 600z
Pianissimo watched the progress of Divinity's boomerangs as the slaughter took place. Did she just spin it like a top? Or roll it like a ball?

"Too easy," Pianissimo said as all the viruses fell. "You'd think even ACDC net put up more challenge than this place."
"Two minds are better than one," said Divinity as she caught the first shield that was headed back, quickly followed by a swift movement of her left hand to catch the second shield. Transmitting the chip data and zenny data to Area, she shook her head slightly and nodded. "Let's see what else they got for us," she continued after attaching the shields to her gauntlets.

"At least the chip we got was good," said Area as she held the new chip in front of her face, "This'll come in handy, indeed."
Well, it seems like you have stumbled into a swamp. And yet you found some viruses that were waiting to ambush you. And on a side note, you might want to be careful where you step.


Pianissimo: 140 HP
Divinity: 120 HP

Field: About 70% poison panels with 5 patches of grass(grass 25%, 5% Pungi)
Divinity blinked a bit as the environment took a sudden change right before her eyes and looked upwards. "Hey Area, where are you guiding us? Or are Duke and Pianissimo the guiding party? I don't even know anymore..." she said as she ended with shaking her arms up and down in a distressed way. Followed by a sigh, she glared at the opponents for a moment and then looked at Pianissimo without moving her head. "Be careful of the swamp. Try to make use of ranged attacks for this time," Divinity said as she herself remained floating closely above the ground. She knew the poisonous panels wouldn't harm her as she never would actually reach it with her own two feet. She spread her wings in a fierce motion as she spread her arms apart with them. "Let's stick to the same tactic as previous battle!" she shouted.

"But with a little addition," muttered Area as she took hold of a chip after recharging her Boomerang chips. "We're going to do what we're good at," continued Area as she spoke at Divinity, "Let's use our advantage in this battle. Your levitation. Go attack!"

Holding one hand to the front, towards her targets, she started to focus energy towards her gauntlet. She turned her hand slowly to hold it out towards the enemies, showing a bright light in the palm of her hand that growed slowly. In a flash, she grabbed the light and forced it into an elongated form. Slowly she slouched over only to dash out in a swift movement as her wings beat wildly, feathers floating behind her. Divinity noticed the ground below shift before her eyes, as she travelled over them, and stopped her movement as she reached her first targets. In a quick horizontal motion, she swung her sword at the enemies. All she could see from the strike was a flash that struck her eyes from the emulated sun light that reflected on her blade. "Haaaaa!" Divinity shouted as she beat one strong time with her wings, pushing her backwards so she could take an aerial dash at her other targets for the sword weapons. Before she struck this time, she looked at the opponents to see how they looked like and suddenly realized their arms were very pathetic. You'd think these things... I'd better not take them for granted! she thought as she swung her sword at them so that even if they would jump upwards, she would strike them. Knowing what would come next in the decisions, she let go of her sword in the same swing and moved backwards again.

Holding her head downwards, she crossed her arms over her chest while both shields received a tranquil green aura around them. The aura shifted its properties quickly after that, changing into a razorsharp edge that started circulating around the shields' form. "X Strike!" she shouted as she looked at the enemies just a bit over her visor. Divinity quickly swung both her arms to the upper sides as she disengaged the hold on the shields to make them fly out towards the enemies. Still flapping her wings to stay airborne, she held her hands out before her body in a defense way and to catch the shields for when they'd return.

1. WideSword [80 Normal; Wide Range] @ PowieA/B.
2. WideSword [80 Normal; Wide Range] @ PowieC/D.
3. Boomerang [60 Wood; Multiple Enemies] @ Magtect group.
4. Boomerang [60 Wood; Multiple Enemies] @ Magtect group.
A swamp, then? I see, dangerous territory. A few patches of grass, the rest is some sort of toxic liquid. How the hell did we walk right into this, though? "Duke, where the hell are you guiding us?" he asked, almost at the same time that Divinity asked the same question. Pianissimo, on the other hand, didn't flail his arms wildly as he did so. "I'm not sure," Duke answered. "The signal's still acting a bit funny on my end, so I can't get a clear picture."

"Okay, from now on, you aren't allowed to direct us," Pianissimo sighed, looking at the pair's next group of victims. He already knew the danger of the swamp, but apparently Divinity felt fit to remind him anyway. "I know," he muttered. "Use range to my advantage, that sort of thing." Pianissimo pressed the emblem on the back of his left hand and brought up the chip selection screen. Now...same tactic as last time for the kilbies, I think. Divinity's probably got the magnet guys taken care of as usual...Powies...what are powies? Pianissimo took a moment to scan the flapping viruses. Ah yes, those things. They seem perfectly harmless, then they jump on you like an iron weight...Divinity can handle some of them, but I wouldn't trust that she can take care of all of them...okay, two powerbolts, as well. Pianissimo pressed the icons for each of the chips he wanted, then waited, hoping the 'funny' connection wouldn't cause problems with downloading the chips.

It didn't. He felt the data for all four chips as usual, and activated the first two without any trouble. His right arm became a flamethrower, just like last time. Now...can I reach them without dealing with swamp stuff? Probably, but that's what the heatshot is for, just in case. Pianissimo sighed, pointing the flamethrower at the kilby group. I wonder why this seems so familiar...oh wait, I just did it in the last battle. That's why. Pianissimo sent the jet of flames at the viruses, watching through the eyepieces of his helmet as their outlines faded against the bright glow of the flames. He didn't even wait for the fires to die before also firing the heatshot, sending the moving bamboo groves a complimentary fireball. Now...what was that saying...build a man a fire, and he's warm for a day, set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life. I think that was it.

Pianissimo looked towards the group of powies. Divinity had attacked the entire group with a couple of widesword strokes, but Pianissimo wasn't entirely satisfied. Multi-target chips aren't always perfect, he said to himself, readying the powerbolt chip data, focusing that from each chip into each hand. Pianissimo looked at the ground at his feet, and wondered, if only for a second, why they hadn't stopped BEFORE wandering into the swamp. He sighed, and slammed his hands against the ground anyway, even though they might already be far enough in that he could be thrusting them into poisonous water. Pianissimo looked up to make sure Divinity was clear, and then sent the data into the ground. Twin columns of energy shot up from the ground under the powies. And...I can't think of anything witty to say about that at the moment. It'll probably come to me a few battles later.

1. FireBurner Kilby group - 50 x2 (weakness) (x2 grass terrain?)
2. Heatshot Kilbies B & C - 40 x2 (weakness) (x2 grass terrain?)
3. Powerbolt PowieB - 70
4. Powerbolt PowieD - 70
Saddly, everything dies.... on the virus side.

You both get: 800 zenny
"Again, too easy. I was hoping Duke picked a more challenging place," Pianissimo said, standing back up. "I feel like I'm back in ACDC with Titania and them. Haven't even gotten a chip out of this, yet."
"Hahahahaha!" laughed Divinity as she picked up the zenny data and threw it into the air, wanting it to fall down on her as rain but instead of returning it was sent to Area's bank account. "No fun," said Divinity at Area as she pouted slightly.

Area, on the other hand, acted seriously as she accessed her bank account and made sure it would get there normally. After assuring this, she glared at Duke and started to speak at him. "Let's guide them to a normal place again. What were you attempting anyway?" muttered Area and continued after leaving a small break in her words, "A swamp is not a threat to Divinity at all, but it's less enjoyable for Pianissimo. Might think over our steps more carefully."

Divinity continued to flap her wings and floated towards Pianissimo after Area was done talking. She took his hand in her own hand and dragged him away from the swamp environment. "This time we're going the other way, OK? I don't want you to get hurt because of the place we're in." Careful to not slap Pianissimo with her wings, she continued to float away from their previous position with Pianissimo at her side.
"Hahaha..." Duke answered faintly. "Something's messing up with the signal on this thing. Unless you know how to fix it, Area, stop complaining. Anyway, Pianissimo, until I can do something about that, you'll have to either follow Divinity or guide yourself. I'll see what I can do, but I probably won't be able to fix it until I jack you out."

"Do what you must," Pianissimo answered. "And there's no need to drag me, Divinity. If you haven't noticed, I'm perfectly capable of walking on my own." Nonetheless, he continued to walk alongside Divinity, hoping for more of a challenge this time.
Divinity blinked at Pianissimo as she turned her head sideways towards him and let go off his hand. "I'm sorry," she said softly and turned her head back towards the path they were walking on. But suddenly she stopped and turned around quickly with her hands up to the air as she shouted, "I knew I forgot something!" In a quick movement of her hands, she caught her shields that had been flying behind her after she had thrown them away. After the money she had entirely forgotten about them. Quickly reattaching them to her gauntlets, she ran to catch up with Pianissimo again and continued to walk besides him.

"Pfff," blew Area softly and stood up while leaving her PET and chips on the bed. She walked over to Duke's laptop and bent over to look closely at it. Her back almost horizontal now, she tapped some buttons on the laptop while muttering softly to herself. "What the..." she said all of a sudden, "OK, you win. The problem in the connection is causing our Navis to get into weird places without them even noticing it. Like lag in a video game." She sighed softly and stretched her back again, standing normally again. Area sat down on the bed and took her PET again in her hands, sometimes glaring at Duke.
As Divinity and Pianissimo continue on, the grass becomes much thicker, even growing high enough to obscure view, occassionally. But as they continue, they hear the unmelodious sounds of wings buzzing. Suddenly, a magnet comes out of the grass to almost strike Pianissimo, and pulling him forward into the arena of their next battle. A large clearing, filled with viruses, seems to be the main relief in this giant field of tall grass. Seeing two navis, the viruses all charge. TO BATTLE!

BombcornA: 70 HP
BombcornB: 70 HP
BombcornC: 70 HP
BombcornD: 70 HP
BombcornE: 70 HP
MagtectA: 90 HP
MagtectB: 90 HP
MagtectC: 90 HP
MagtectD: 90 HP
PowieA: 60 HP
PowieB: 60 HP
PowieC: 60 HP

Divinity: 120 HP
Pianissimo: 140 HP

Terrain: ALL GRASS

"Well this is better, at least. No worries about poisoned water," Pianissimo commented as he stumbled into the clearing. It was true, there was nothing but grass this time. No swamps, no bamboo spikes, just...a field of grass. And viruses. There was always the viruses. "Let's see...more magnet guys, more flappy things, and...seriously, internet. What the crap?" Pianissimo was eyeing the five corn-like viruses as he finished talking. Why the hell are there viruses that look like CORN? That's like...a navi that fights with a deck of cards or something. Just plain weird. Might as well see what it does.

Pianissimo scanned one of the corn viruses, trying to make some sense out of it. Wood type, duh. Not very strong, a heatshot could take one or two of them out. Not to mention the flammable materials on the battlefield. Attacks...you've got to be kidding me. Exploding kernels? Who the hell designed these things? Pianissimo sighed. He tapped the emblem on the back of his left hand, calling up the chip selection menu as usual. What's this? New chip data? I don't remember getting anything from the last battle... Pianissimo tapped the icon...which looked remarkably like something he would associate with Divinity. Hm...DivineCross? I've heard of the cross system before, but you'd think there would be more to getting one than this. Should I...nah. This group will probably go down in seconds. No sense worrying about that here. As for actual chips...Fireburner again...and how about the aquasword. I'll hit some of the corn things with fireburner, attack a few of the other enemies with the aquasword, and let Divinity mop up the rest. Can't be too hard. Pianissimo selected the chips as usual, then turned to Divinity. "You remember how during the Planeswalker test there were times when you suddenly couldn't say anything? Yeah, I'm about to do it again. Get anything you need to say out of the way now."

Meanwhile, in the real world, Duke was sending the chips Pianissimo requested when he noticed the new chip data as well. "DivineCross? I don't remember him getting that..." he said, shooting a sideways glance at Area, as though she had something to do with that. Apart from how it got there, Duke also couldn't help but wonder just what Pianissimo would look like crossed with someone so opposite from him. Nevertheless, he shared Pianissimo's sentiment that it would simply be wasted in this battle, and thus just sent the chips as usual.

Pianissimo grinned as he felt the chips being downloaded. The viruses seemed a bit more challenging, but it was still looking to be another slaughter. "Divinity...time's up..." he said, drawing his katana and slashing the air in a single motion. The air around him cracked, and all the sound rushed from the area. Party time, Pianissimo said to himself, kicking off from the ground and jumping right into the middle of the 'cornfield', morphing his right arm into the flamethrower as he went. Pianissimo touched back down gracefully, planting his non-flamethrower hand on the ground in front of him and raising the other into the air behind him as he landed. He stood up, touched one foot just behind the other, then executed a 360 spin as he fired a jet of fire from the flamethrower. Nothing like a ring of fire...say, is it getting hot in here? I better do something about that... Pianissimo drew his katana once again and brushed his hand along the length of the ebony blade, which quickly turned blue as a veil of water and foam engulfed it.

Kicking off from the ground again, Pianissimo landed behind the magnet enemies and slashed at a few of them, trying to avoid touching the magnets themselves. If he had learned one thing about electric viruses from Planeswalker, it was that. Satisfied that Divinity would probably take out any remaining ones with boomerangs...again, Pianissimo leapt at and attacked the group of flapping...things as well before almost completely vanishing into the air as he shot out of the immediate vicinity of the viruses and back to where he started.

1. Enjoy the Silence - 10 damage to self, +30 damage to all chip attacks for one turn.
2. FireBurner1 BombCorns A-C - 50+30 fire (x2 fire weakness, x2 grass panel bonus), can hit up to 3 targets
3. Aquasword MagTects A-C - 80+30 aqua, can hit up to three targets.
4. Aquasword Powie group - 80+30 aqua, can hit up to three targets.
"Argh!" proclaimed Divinity as she saw the same electric viruses before her once again. Her hands slowly reaching towards each other as if she was looking for something to strangle, she started to mutter, "You... Guys... Annoy... Me... No mercy." Before she could run at the enemies in a wild frenzy, she was called back by Area who suddenly spoke in the microphone.

"Relax. The internet is trying to make you annoyed to lower your guard... Or something... I seriously don't understand why these things keep coming," muttered Area and started to look through her chips again. Remembering what viruses there were before the fighting duo, she tried to formulate the best plan for them and looked at a Boomerang chip with squinted eyes. "They keep coming... We keep attacking... Fair trade," she continued muttering and inserted the chip. Looking for the next chip to attack with, she picked up one that seemed flamable and noticed Duke picked one up with a similar design. But at that time, she suddenly noticed something similar and held two chips in her hand to compare them. "Hey Divinity," she started, "Why do I have a chip here with Pianissimo's symbol? What have you been doing this time?"

"Wait, what?" asked Divinity with an eyebrow raised as she looked at Area, "You sure? I think... It happened when I held his hand... You have to admit we've had some pretty intense battles with viruses. The Planeswalker battles were a great way to boost our teamwork with him and Duke." Divinity put a finger on her chin lightly as she looked upwards at the sky while thinking. I don't suppose... Wait... she thought and suddenly slapped her forehead, Then what was that kiss about!? It wasn't necessary!? But my database said... A few seconds of silence occured Divinity's mind at that time and she squinted her eyes as her thoughts continued with a dark tone, Persephone fixed my database... "Send me the chips, Area... I need to douse my anger with fighting," said Divinity as she spread her arms for her shields to have space for the attacks.

"Anger?" asked Area quietly but then shrugged and started to send in the other chips. "You know what to do. And it looks like it's time to go silent again," she continued as she shot a glare at Duke almost at the same time he did.

A green aura surrounded Divinity's shield as the silence came over the entire battlefield, but Divinity had no use for words anymore at this time. She was angry at a certain someone of who she thought she was a friend. Actually, the silence made it so she could scream without anyone hearing her insults and swears. Her mouth started to move as she was talking and took her right arm to the left for the first attack. Aiming carefully at her opponents and making sure Pianissimo wasn't close to her path, she flung her arm to the right again as the shield flew off towards the enemies while leaving a green trail.

She took her left shield in her hand, as she watched her last attack fly, and held it on her opened hand. A certain magnetism program made it so the shield would float just above her hand, but would never fall off. Holding the front of the shield out towards her opponents now she guided the data towards the center of the shield as the cross started to flame with a deep red. With her right hand she gave the shield quick slap so the shield would start to spin around. The jewel in the middle of the shield gave off a fire spark which was followed by a large stream of flames headed for her opponents.

Directly after that attack, she grabbed her halo with her right hand and held it in front of her in the same way as the shield in her left hand. The halo increased in temperature and became a shining red as a flaming hoop in a circus. From the halo came a fireball as Divinity's mouth moved as if she was still shouting things about who-knows-what. The fireball was heading for the same enemies as the stream of fire was intended for. Waving her arm to another place, she targetted a different kind of virus and flung another fireball out of the halo. The data in the halo now gone, it turned back to a normal color and flung it back to the position above her head. The fire from her shield raged for a bit longer though, as she kept spouting insults that no one could hear.

1. Boomerang [60 Wood; Multiple Enemies] @ Magtect group.
2. FireBurner [50 Fire; Up To Three Enemies] @ BombcornC-E.
3. Heatshot [40 Fire; Splash] @ Bombcorn group, whatever remains.
4. Heatshot [40 Fire; Splash] @ Powie group, whatever remains.

BombcornA: DELETED
BombcornB: DELETED
BombcornC: DELETED
BombcornD: DELETED
BombcornE: DELETED

Divinity: 120 HP
Pianissimo: 130 HP

Both get: Cornshot1, 600z
Pianissimo: 200z more