A puddle of water began to form in Sharo Net, and it expanded to quite the size. The water began to rise up and coalesce into a human form. Then, it receded to reveal the watery warrior, Eternalis.EXE. The Navi strolled out of the puddle, which disappeared as quickly as it came.

Looking around, he discovered that Sharo was not to be messed with. A cold chill instantly came, nearly making him freeze in the process. Suddenly, he felt somewhat better. Seems his Aqua element was taking effect and warding off the cold, making him ride in tune with it. Then, his emblem flashed from its usual blue color to yellow, and a light emerged from it. The light receded quickly to show Eternalis' new Support Program, Aurora. Her lithe form slightly shivered in contact with Sharo's freezing winds, but Eternalis walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Nearly instantly, a barrier was placed around her, which seemed to ward off the cold for now. His SP looked back and smiled in gratitude.

Thanks, Elly! Now c'mon, let's go find some viruses to play with! Aurora said with some glee in her voice. The Aqua Navi winced at the name, but only chuckled and began to walk with Aurora, into the wild frozen landscape.

[Battle 1 - Start!]
Eternalis and Aurora find the network becoming more and more unstable as they walk further in and soon discover a group of aqua viruses. Looks like it's go time.

Coldbear: 200 HP
Pengi: 80 HP [ice] [icebody]
Slimer: 90 HP [cracked]

Terrain: 60% Cracked, 20% Normal, 20% Ice

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP [cracked]
Aurora: 40 HP [cracked]

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
Aw, look at the cute little viruses! I want to pet them! Aurora said, oblivious to the fact that they were monstrous killing machines in her protector's book.

Aurora, no, stay back. These look dangerous, Eternalis warned. Harke, fire up the virus database. We've got 3 new species right here. As he addressed his operator, he reinforced the small barrier he had held up for Aurora a little earlier. Something told him that this wasn't gonna be a good place to be without protection.

Aw, come on, Elly! I don't need this barrier! I can take care of myself! Aurora protested, only met with a shake of the head from the Navi. Alright, alright. I'll be careful, she relented.

His operator, on the other hand, had just opened up the communications link, and heard the brand new moniker Aurora had given her master. Pffff-hahahahah! Elly? Seriously, Et? Hah, awesome, Aurora. We'll call him that, Harke said, barely able to contain himself from his fits of mirth. The virus database was up, and Eternalis was content to read up the information by himself.

ColdBear: 200HP/Attack Pattern: Throws Ice Cubes
Pengi: 80HP/Attack Pattern: Releases snowflake/Special: Invulnerable on ice
Slimer: 90HP/Attack Pattern: Stomps on enemies

Hm, okay, not too bad. I'll be able to do this. I can do this, he thought as he prepped himself for battle. Turning to his operator, who only needed a speech bubble saying 'ROFL' over his head to complete his look, he requested chips.

Hey, Harke, if you're done snickering, I'd like the WindRacket and Zapring, please. Aurora, he turned to his SP now, please, please try to stay out of trouble for now. I wouldn't like to see you hurt. Try to get off this cracked floor, and onto that normal ground over there. Ice is too hazardous.

Okay, Elly. Both operator and SP answered in unison. Harke reached for the two chips, slotting them in easily. Battlechips, WindRacket, Zapring, slot in!

Crouching in a readied position, Eternalis activated his vapor process and started to evaporate into the air. It was saturated with frozen particles, so he'd have to be careful. Almost fully transformed, he managed to wave to Aurora before speeding off in vapor form. Easily moving through the enemy lines, he re-appeared behind them, standing tall and mighty.

Then, he pointed with his right hand, and felt the Windracket chip take effect as power over the icy winds crept into the hand. Turning the winds around a bit for practice, he then waved his hand in a dramatic motion of an arc. The chilly winds complied to his gesture, and howled out in a screaming gale of blasted wind. That should get the Pengi off the ice... now for the bear.

Looking at the new process Harke had programmed, named 'Desolation', he activated it in a straight line headed for the ColdBear. The lifeforce was sucked in towards the watery warrior, leaving the ghastly, unnatural ice behind. Then, he extended his pointed finger and opened it into an outstretched palm. He fueled the Zapring data into the palm, sending spasms down his arm and sparks flying off of it. When he felt he couldn't control it any longer, he fired the beam of electricity towards the bear, aiming to catch it by surprise after that wind attack.


Meanwhile, Aurora was feeling kind of helpless, left out of the action. She turned to Harke and asked, Isn't there anything that I can do? The operator was at a loss, until he remembered the statistics he looked up for Aurora earlier. Seems she had the unique ability to receive one chip every now and again. He picked up the Sword and slotted it in. Battlechip, Sword, SP transfer!

In the net, Aurora found herself gripping a large energy sword, gleaming blue. She smiled and thanked the operator. Looking at the battlefield, it seems that Eternalis (or Elly) was dealing well with the viruses, and was dealing out a wind attack on them. Looking at one particular virus, she analyzed the viral composition herself. Her visor threw out masses of information that she skimmed through. Then, figuring out an approach, she finally decided it would be good to try her throwing skills. Readying the sword in her hand to throw, she locked in on the penguin virus, waiting for the exact moment that the Pengi would be hurled off the icy surface.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora (5HP Barrier)
(1) Vapor Reassimilation: Self (Teleport) - behind virus group
(2) WindRacket: ColdBear, Pengi, Slimer (100, Microburst) +Teleport
(3) Desolation (Large Ice Terrain) - Line towards ColdBear
(4) ZapRing1: ColdBear (Elec 40, Stun1) (x2 Aqua) (x2 Ice Terrain)
(*) [Prepared] Aegean Water: Anyone in need (Heal 10 x 7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) [Prepared] Throw Sword: Pengi (Slash 80) - Catch from Windracket's Microburst
The instant teleportation caught the viruses in a surprise and the blade of wind cut through the viruses with ease. The Slimer was instantly deleted, while the other two was simply blown away due to the sheer force. The ColdBear was thrown away and found itself on a trail of ice in front of him. Eternalis threw a supercharged zapring at the virus, but it was negated by the icecube that was fired from the ColdBear. Pengi was sliding across the field, and towards Aurora. Due to the lack of ice beneath it, the virus couldn't sustain its defensive skin and protect it self from the thrown sword.

Coldbear: 100 HP

Terrain: 30% Cracked, 10% Normal, 60% Ice

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP [5 HP Barrier]
Aurora: 40 HP [Cracked]
Eternalis watched as his SP threw the sword towards the Pengi he'd whacked without even a single thought of hesitation. Surprised, he called out to her, Hey Aurora! Nice throw! Thanks! The SP responded in kind, You're welcome! Heehee!

Looking at the lone ColdBear, he assumed it would be prudent if Aurora stayed still and avoided its attack. The ice cube he saw the ColdBear counter with looked a bit frightening, and he didn't want Aurora to be on the receiving end of a giant drink cooler. Instructing her, he shouted, Aurora! I'll deal with this one! Please just try and keep out of trouble, okay?

Okay! Aurora said as she bounded over to the normal panels, as the cracking sounds of the floor were starting to worry her.

Harke, another Zapring, and Firehit! Eternalis started as he crouched into a ready position. His operator let out a 'hm' of approval and readily slotted in the chips, this time without much fanfare. The Navi quickly restarted the Zapring process yet again, with the same crackles and sparks of before. This time, though, he imbued the Firehit chip into his hand as well. The result was a fist that burned with yellow fire and was surrounded with yellow energy. He concentrated on the elemental forces in his hand, feeling them bind around each other and conflicting against each other.

Then, everything went silent. The crackles didn't spark, the fire was pacified. The watery warrior took this signal and flung his fist towards the ColdBear, releasing all of the chip attacks at once in an all-out assault. As he drew back his arm, the energy dissipated into small shocks, and he prepared to sidestep an attack, should the ColdBear launch another block towards him.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora (5HP Barrier)
(1) ZapRing1: ColdBear (Elec 40, Stun1) (x2 Elem, Terr)
(2) FireHit1: ColdBear (Fire 60, Impact)
(3) FireHit1: ColdBear (Fire 60, Impact)
(4) Dodge
(*) Aegean Water: If necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) Movement to Normal panels

ZAP! Dead.

FishZenny and Chips, Woo!

Coldbear: DELETED

Terrain: 30% Cracked, 10% Normal, 60% Ice

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP [5 HP Barrier]
Aurora: 40 HP [Cracked]

400z + [IceCube] Battlechip, 19 Bugfrags.

HP: 100
Properties: Normal, AquaBody
Object Damage: 100 + Impact
Damage Method: Telekinesis, knockback, Throw
Accuracy: Special
Description: Summons a large ice cube.
Duration: Until destroyed.
Element: Aqua
Special: AquaBody: Immune to Aqua damage.
Eternalis looked around, and sighed. That wasn't too hard, but there was more to come. Aurora came up to him, cheering, Elly! Did you see my throw? Did you, did you?

Yeah, I did. Thanks, Aurora. That was a real help, though I was kind of worried back there, you know, he replied with a chuckle, having no mouth to smile with. He extended his hand and ruffled the girl's hair slightly, making him feel slightly like a protector figure of some sort. Man, he was getting a lot more staid. Loosen up, old man, he thought.

I can take care of myself, Elly! Don't worry! Now can we go on and do more? Can we, can we? Aurora replied with a jump in her step and a smile across her face.

Sure, let's go.


And thus, did the duo forge onwards into the freezing winds of Sharo Net.

[Battle 2 - Start!]
Eternalis and Aurora soon found themselves on a hockey ring with Dharmas swarming around, shooting out hockey pucks dangerously from every direction. They seemed to be damaging some systems that may affect real world devices. It's up to Eternalis and Aurora to stop them!

DharmaA: 90 HP
DharmaB: 90 HP
DharmaC: 90 HP
DharmaD: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP

Eternalis and Aurora forged ahead into the Sharo networks. They hadn't gone that far when Aurora began to shiver. A strong gale had just blown through the area, chilling unprepared programs to the bone. Eternalis saw his SP struggling to keep sane in the cold environment and felt pity for her. That suit of yours must be a bit low on cold resistance. Harke, anything you can do for our little lady? he asked his operator.

Harke raised an eyebrow at the request, but simply smiled slightly and shrugged. Sure, why not? SP physical configurations are about the same as those in Navis. Gimme a sec, he said as he opened up a text module from his PET. A few well-placed key taps later, and Aurora stopped her shivering fit. She started feeling a lot warmer than she had before, as if her body was surrounded by some sort of heat shield.

Thanks, Harke! You're the best! Aurora called with a smile on her face.

Any time, Aurora. I added a temperature constant to the immediate surroundings of your physical form, so whether it be hot or cold, you'll always feel nice and warm inside, Harke explained.

Uh, guys? Situation, Eternalis interrupted as he found themselves stumbling upon what seemed to be... a hockey ring? Yep, a look around the field confirmed that suspicion, with the usual markings of such a place imprinted into all of the icy floor. Looking around, the ring was mostly devoid of any sentient being clever enough to know the rules of hockey and play it. Well, except for a few viruses, which seemed to be having a ball shooting some hockey pucks in random directions. One whizzed over his head, which he just barely managed to avoid by ducking under the projectile.

The carnage didn't stop there, as the ring was closely situated near some system blocks, which were being pulverized by the stray pucks. Harke immediately opened up the virus database, analyzing the viruses that were vandalizing the area. He recited from the readout, We've got viruses called Dharma, health integrity 90HP. As you might have guessed, their main attack is to shoot hockey pucks that bounce off from anywhere and everywhere. Pretty unpredictable when you get to them the first time, so be on your guard. Ideas?

Well, I would think Zapring should work well on this terrain, after seeing its effects in the last battle, Eternalis noted. Windracket would be good for taking out at least two, if not three. I can vaporize behind them to get the jump on them. Any others?

Can I do something, too? Aurora chimed in.

The Navi thought up a plan quickly to get Aurora to help and keep her away from any danger. Hmm, well, that IceCube we just got might come in handy. I can place it in front of you, and you can hide behind it. You can give backup support with a Shotgun. That sound good to you, Aurora?

Yeah! Aurora was happy that she could play a role in the battle, even if it's only from the sidelines.

Harke? he turned to the operator.

No objections, he commented. The operator whipped out the chips for the operation, sliding them in deftly one by one. Battlechips, IceCube, Zapring, WindRacket, slot in! Shotgun, SP transfer!

Eternalis and Aurora each received their respective data, and they looked at each other. We can do this together, their determined eyes seemed to say. Their respective emblems glowed in unison as they nodded to each other. Eternalis quickly initiated the IceCube process, summoning a blocky-looking wireframe onto the battlefield, which quickly filled itself to form the cube of ice in front of Aurora's position. The SP took cover behind it as she loaded her shotgun. Eternalis then activated the ZapRing in his right hand, letting the energy course unrestricted through his arm. Fighting the flow would only inhibit its power and damage him. Extending his arm towards a Dharma, he opened his palm and released a beam of energized plasma towards the crazed hockey virus.

Then, his body began to fade into the air as the vapor process began its work. He gave a quick wave to Aurora before completely transforming into vapor form, becoming one with the cold atmosphere. He dashed with impossible speed towards the Dharma group, phasing right through one of them, and stopped dead in his tracks behind them. Changing back into normal form, he called upon the forces of the gales to his arm yet again, releasing a powerful blast of air towards the viruses. It didn't seem like much, but it had the ability to deal quite the amount of damage.

Meanwhile, Aurora kept herself ready as the shotgun in her hand gave a 'kchnk' sound, signifying it was ready for use. She leaned towards the side of the ice cube and locked her sights on a Dharma that looked like it was close enough to its ally. Her visor seemed to aid her in her targeting as it provided her with a crosshair for the shotgun's intended target. The crosshair hovered around the virus before locking onto it with a confirmatory 'beep', which prompted Aurora to pull the trigger, releasing a shotgun shell towards the virus.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora (5HP Barrier)
(1) IceCube: In front of Aurora (100HP AquaBody Object)
(2) ZapRing1: DharmaA (Elec 40, Stun1) (x2 Terrain)
(3) Vapor Reassimilation: Self (Teleport/Autododge) - Behind Dharma Group
(4) WindRacket: DharmaB/C/D (100, Microburst, Wide)
(*) Aegean Water: Any if necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(*) All for One: Eternalis (Shared Damage)
(1) Shotgun: DharmaA/B (50, Spread1)
The Dharmas attacked with their random ass hockey pucks and the ice was suddenly covered in ricocheting discs. Eternalis set down an IceCube to protect his support program and fired off a Zapring to stall one of the viruses before teleporting behind them to give a big WindRacket wave. However, his plan went askew when only one of them was brought down by the attack while the other two kind of slipped away by accident or on purpose. It was hard to tell. Two of the bouncing pucks found their way into Eternalis's feet, one cracking open her barrier while the second nicked him in the ankle. Aurora was totally spared from the assault, as was the IceCube but her Shotgun was equally unsuccessful in damaging any of the viruses. By the end of it all, whatever minor damage Eternalis sustained was quickly taken care of by his healing subroutines.

DharmaA: 10 HP [stun]
DharmaC: 90 HP
DharmaD: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP
IceCube: 100 HP
This ice is more of a nuisance than I expected, Eternalis thought as he surveyed the surrounding enemies. Three enemies still standing after that assault... He was going to have to do better than that if he wanted to delete these annoying Dharmas.

Harke, any ideas on how to kill these hockey addicts? Eternalis asked.

We-ll... Seeing as it's Sharo.. I think I may have an idea, Harke replied, picking up a chip. Looking at the Lark depicted on the chip's display, he wondered if it would work at all. Okay, since WideShot is a water attack, if it comes into contact with the viruses, it just might freeze them. Sharo's incredibly cold climate and the ice flooring just might make it work, but-

Are you out of your mind?! There's no way that'd work! You think this is some sort of cartoon or something? Eternalis retorted.

You have any other bright ideas? Harke replied, surprisingly coldly for someone whose usual demeanor was calm and collected.

The Navi worked his thought processes for a good few moments before giving in reluctantly to the operator's plans. ...No.

Then we're going for this. Use your aiming procedures to see if you can hit them a little more reliably. That ice is slippery. After, no, scratch that, IF they're frozen, follow up with a couple of FireHit punches. Even if they're not frozen, the fire attack should melt the ice underneath them, so they won't be able to slide around so much. Aurora, Harke turned to the SP, can you see if you can't nudge that weakened one a little into deletion? I'll give you any chip if you want any help.

No thanks, Harke. I'm going to try something myself, Aurora replied, determined.

Careful with that, don't want you to get hurt. Okay, anything else for the plan?

Nope. No.

All right. Battlechips, WideShot, FireHit, slot in! the operator said, starting off the second routine.

The watery warrior went straight into action, initiating his targeting protocols. His eyes lit up with a green glow as a multitude of mathematical formulae and physical calculations sped through his visuals, giving him the vital information he needed for another shot at the Dharmas. Then, his eyes returned to their normal yellow color, the Navi having finished his data-gathering.

Then, Eternalis' right hand began to whir in indication of activation, swiftly rearranging its structure into Force Cannon mode. The arm did not keep its singular barrel structure, however, as two more barrels formed themselves into the design, showing off a triple-barrel mode. The cannon began to charge as Eternalis fed the targeting data into the firearm. The pressure charge finished in the space of a few moments, and the watery warrior dropped to a firing position and fired the blast of water towards the Dharma.

Then, the arm reassumed its normal configuration quickly, changing back into human hands. Then, the hands burst into crimson flame, the result of activating the Champu-driven chip data. The Navi looked towards the hockey players menacingly and waited for his chance. The fire in his hands grew impatient and flared further to show it. Then, Eternalis' eyes grew wide as he saw an opportunity. His left arm roared forth in a fierce left hook and his right arm followed suit in a long uppercut. Both punches sent the fist-shaped flames careening towards the viruses.

Meanwhile, Aurora watched the lonely, stunned Dharma that sat all alone by itself. Her smile turned into a grin as she attempted to gather her inner energy into her hands. The emblem on her chest glowed as the lines coming from it shone a bright yellow. The circle in her palms began to crackle and spark as they gathered the energy from the lithe support program's core. Soon, balls of static electricity were made in Aurora's hands.

Eat this, virus! she cried as she thrusted her opened hands towards the virus, sending a small blast of electricity towards it.

< All for One: Shared Damage >
= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora (5HP Barrier)
(1) Take Aim WideShot1
(2) WideShot1: DharmaC/D (Aqua 60, Wide, Freeze?)
(3) FireHit1: DharmaC (Fire 60, Melt Ice)
(4) FireHit1: DharmaD (Fire 60, Melt Ice)
(*) Aegean Water: Any if necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) Attack: DharmaA (Elec 10) (x2 Terrain)
Eternalis started off by focusing his targeting vectors on the hockey-puck viruses before firing off a wideshot at them. He successfully caught both viruses in the blast, freezing them over with the power of water over ice. Charging forth, the watery warrior encased both fists in flame, delivering mighty punches to his foes and incinerating them completely.

Aurora just fired an electric blast at the last Dharma and poof it went.


Terrain: 90% Ice, 10% Normal

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP
IceCube: 100 HP

Get: 750z, 20 Bugfrags
Well, that was nice and quick. Just the way I like it. C'mon, Aurora, Eternalis beckoned, Aurora hopping beside the watery warrior, exploring the depths of the networks.

[Battle 3 - Start!]
Going across the ice eventually landed the two in water. With no land in sight, the pair could only walk on.

Sensing danger, Eternalis pushes Aurora back, just in time to save her from two encasing whirpools! Another set seemed to form behind Eternalis, who dragged Aurora away from the area.

It then began to rain... But from what source, Eternalis could not tell. The skies were too cloudy.

It looked like an uphill battle.

????A: 100 HP [Submerged]
????B: 100 HP [Submerged]
??????A: 80 HP [High Altitude]
??????B: 80 HP [High Altitude]
??????C: 80 HP [High Altitude]

Terrain: 100% Sea
Weather!: It's Raining!

Eternalis. EXE: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP

Eternalis and Aurora walked on forward in search of viruses. Eternalis, in particular, was having a great time. He was in his element in this icy wasteland of a landscape. Though some may call it harsh, he called it 'interesting'. So it was a bit of a disappointment when he saw that the ice had somehow abruptly ended at a point, being replaced by water everywhere. Aurora seemed a little happier with the change, since it meant a lot less slipping and sliding. She would've told her Navi earlier about the ice, but was a bit too shy to say anything.

Eternalis looked around while they walked along on the calm waters. There was something off about the setting, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Then, he felt subtle waves break the silence of the water's surface, different from the waves they caused by walking. Feeling the wave's course, it seemed that they were headed for Aurora's direction! No time to lose! Aurora! Get back! he shouted as he lunged in Aurora's direction and shoved her off her feet, nearly missing a couple of whirlpools at the SP's feet that nearly pulled her in.

Kyaa!! Aurora was knocked breathless, with Eternalis on top of her. Looking around, the whirlpools were still swirling with enmity. Then, it started to rain. Of all places in the world for it to rain, Sharo certainly wasn't on his list of expected shower locations.

O-kay, weird, Eternalis noted. Suddenly, he felt something struggling underneath him.

Uh, Elly, Aurora whimpered, her voice kind of small and squeaky. Could you, uh, please get off of me? It.. it hurts...

The Navi quickly realized a dead weight of several pounds was crushing his poor SP, and leapt off. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! he apologized profusely, bowing over. Are you okay, Aurora?! He began to look her over for any injuries. Then, he saw yet another set of whirlpools materialize behind him. Scooping up Aurora in one fell swoop, he carried her to a safer place and put her down.

I-I'm okay, Elly. I'm fine, I'm fine, Aurora managed a smile, her face turning a subtle flushed red, looking away for a bit. Eternalis looked around to scan the area for viruses. Not seeing any, he thought that was rather strange. Then, he thought of the whirlpools. Maybe...

They're probably hiding in the water.


The viruses. They're probably in the water, Harke repeated. Also, I think this rain's not a network feature. It's probably made by something else. What I'm worried about is that if it's virus-made. Then we could be headed for some real trouble. Viruses have a way of sneaking up on you sometimes... Harke warned.

Aurora struggled a bit to stand after Eternalis tackled her. Looking down into the water, she squinted her eyes to look. Her visor began to pick up on a couple of viral signatures, though she couldn't pick up a visual to identify it. She looked up, and the analysis she ran also picked up some virus activity in the clouds, though from what, she also couldn't tell.

Elly, she whispered. There's some viruses in the water. Can't identify them. Also some activity up in those clouds.

Thanks, Aurora, he replied. Turning to his operator, he requested, Harke, I think I'll have the IceCube and a couple of Zaprings. I've got something in mind.

Sending them in, the operator said.

Activating the first chip, Eternalis quickly materialized the ice cube underneath them both. The cube bobbed up and down as they tried to get a solid footing. Eternalis dug his feet into ice, while Aurora tried to hold on to the edges of the slippery frozen block.

I-it's really slippery... Aurora squeaked.

Eternalis then charged his hands with the Zapring chips. The arms began to glow with a yellow light. Sparks began to come off the arm-outputs as they were fueled with electrical energy. The Navi clenched his fists as the static charge began to travel down his arm into his hands. After the charge, the fists began to tremble and pulse with frequent shocks as he held them out towards two silhouettes in the water. Shortly after, the outputs discharged, sending blasts of electricity towards the two shadows.

He looked at his struggling SP and gave a look of sympathy. Sorry, Aurora. I wanted to keep you safe. Otherwise, the shock would've gotten you too, he explained.

I-it's okay, Elly. I'll manage, Aurora replied. Sharo was definitely not her element, given her form. She steeled herself and struggled to keep on staying strong.

< All for One: Shared Damage >
= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora (5HP Barrier)
(1) IceCube: Under Self/Aurora (100HP AquaBody Object)
(2) ZapRing1: Water (Elec 40, Stun) - Aim for ????A (x2 Terrain?)
(3) ZapRing1: Water (Elec 40, Stun) - Aim for ????B (x2 Terrain?)
(4) Dodge
(*) Aegean Water: Any if necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) Dodge
It all started when Eternalis got Aurora and himself into formation, via the formation of barriers and giant ice cubes. However, with deceptive speed, one of the submerged foes got behind the frozen stepstool, and slammed into it, heading straight for one of the whirlpools. Strangely, however, the IceCube simply...stood there, as if the whirlpool wasn't there. On the plus side, this meant Eternalis didn't have to worry about it happening again, as he managed to pinpoint the slightly out of focus viruses, and zap the living tar out of them with electrical rings. He still couldn't tell what they were from the light created by the ZapRings, but whatever they were, they seemed to be pretty large in size.

Now all that was left was whatever was above the clouds. At least one of them was kind enough to lower itself into visual range; fittingly, it was a Cloudy, who spat out another cloud straight on top of the Aqua Navi, who had little place to go with the whirlpool preventing movement from the IceCube. On the plus side, his healing abilities made sure the pain didn't last.

CloudyA: 80 HP (rain cloud in effect for 1 more turn)
??????B: 80 HP [High Altitude]
??????C: 80 HP [High Altitude]

Terrain: 100% Sea
Weather!: It's Raining still!

Eternalis: 140 HP
Aurora: 40 HP (5 HP Barrier)
IceCube: 100 HP (Eternalis and Aurora on top; in middle of whirlpool)
So you've decided to come and play, then, Eternalis said seemingly to the Cloudy, but mostly just to himself. Aurora kept her eye on the cloudy sky with her visor's analysis processes, and determined that there were still some unknown viruses up there. Probably more of the same kind. She relayed the information to Eternalis, who nodded in affirmation. Looking up at the Cloudy that was raining some kind of prickly needle-like rain on him, he let out a low chuckle. As soon as the deadly droplets hit his exterior, the wounds created simply closed themselves up harmlessly without so much as a hint of effort on his part. He turned to his operator with the usual request, Database search.

You got it, Harke replied, with the database's screen already in his sight, and the readout's information ready to be divulged. Cloudy, 80HP. They attack by summoning a raincloud that rains down on the target, he read.

Okay, shouldn't be too hard to delete, the Navi replied, strategizing on the spot. After a moment, only two words were conveyed, and two was enough. WindRacket, Sword. His words were met with the sound of two chips being slotted in deftly by the operator's hand.

Stay calm, Aurora, he said as he turned to his SP. We'll have this done in no time. As soon as we can identify those other viruses up in the clouds, we'll go on them full force.

Okay! the girl replied with a smile, now that she had a good position on the ice. The whirlpool had steadied the bobbing cube, allowing her to stand up, albeit with some minor sliding.

As he talked, he loaded the now oft-used WindRacket into his right arm. The frosty winds gathered around his hand, creating a kind of transparent frost-cover of sorts. Clenching his fist, he confirmed that the chip was fully loaded and directed his sight upwards. Crouching down, he jumped through the viral rain without a second thought and unleashed a whirling tornado-like burst of wind towards the Cloudy. Should the attack connect, the air movement produced should do something about the cloud cover and blow it away.

Then, landing on the ice cube once again, he activated the Sword in his chip queue and directed the datastreams towards both of his hands. Two longswords promptly appeared in his hands, deftly whirled around in a display of dexterity. The longswords were moved around with blurring speed, as most of their weight was nonexistent, present only in the white handle that produced the searing blue energyblade. He grasped them with a tight grip, ready to deal out generous amounts of sword strikes towards any viruses that came his way.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(*) Aquatic Defense: Aurora if first barrier is destroyed (5HP Barrier)
(1) WindRacket: CloudyA (100, Microburst, Northwind) - Aim to blow away clouds
(2) [Prepared] Dodge
(3) [Prepared] Sword: Anything that comes (Slash 80)
(4) [Prepared] Sword: Anything that comes (Slash 80)
(*) Aegean Water: Any if necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) Dodge
Eternalis began his counterattack, swinging a mighty WindRacket at the offending rain cloud. Its effects proved greater than first thought; not only was that moisture cluster sent away, the very clouds seemed to part, revealing two more Cloudy hidden within. They lowered themselves upon their revelation, as the third launched another cloud. Unfortunately for the Navi, it remained difficult to evade attacks on an ice cube, especially when it was still surrounded by a GIANT WHIRLPOOL OF DOOM. Any effects were quickly remedied by his passives, however.

And look at that; with their creators deleted earlier, the whirlpools had no power, and so they emptied their (metaphorical) tanks, and faded into nothingness. One less obstacle to deal with. Or four, in this case.

CloudyA: 80 HP (rain cloud in effect for 1 more turn)
CloudyB: 80 HP
CloudyC: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Sea
Weather!: Mostly Cloudy, with patches of rain in some areas

Eternalis: 140 HP (Sword: 6 uses left)
Aurora: 40 HP (5 HP Barrier)
IceCube: 100 HP (Eternalis and Aurora on top)
Finally, they come out, he said to himself.

Aurora, any more left in those clouds? His yellow eyes dimmed slightly as he squinted at the fragments of rainclouds left in the sky. The rain was letting up, reducing to a little trickle that didn't have any adverse effects. Another plus was that the whirlpool holding the ice cube in place was gone, and they could move off the cube anytime they liked.

His SP glanced up, with her visor's systems still analyzing the skies for any sign of viruses. Not that I can detect, Elly. We're probably in the clear.

Alright, that's good. Each of them have the same HP, so this shouldn't be too hard. Harke, any suggestions? he turned to his operator.

Well, okay, let's see. Vapor-ambush should work, and Wideshot should be able to take out a chunk of damage pretty easily. The sword I uploaded earlier should suffice for cleanup jobs. That fine?

Alright, we're good. Aurora, can you cover for me?

Will do, Elly~! Aurora replied.

Harke quickly picked up the WideShot from his chip pocket and slotted it in. All right, then! Battlechip, WideShot, slot in!

Springing into action, Eternalis left the security of the ice cube and quickly initiated his vapor process. His watery composition began to shift into immaterial mode, his armor slowly phasing out as well. He gave Aurora a small nod before speeding off upwards into the Cloudy group, specifically above them. Rain can't fall upwards, he thought, as he readied the swords in his hands. Then, he re-materialized in the air, the superheated vapors coalescing into a body. Swords in hand, he spread his arms and charged the swords with the Wideshot data. The swords' already distinct blue glow grew even brighter with the Aqua chip's data as the watery ground from below rose up to engulf the energy blades.

Then, Eternalis' eyes grew wide as he brought the blades together in a cross-slash maneuver, sending a cascade of water towards the Cloudy group, hopefully taking them by surprise and dealing them a good chunk of damage. Then, his swords still crossed, he let himself fall a good deal towards the Cloudy and reversed the move, spreading his razor wings of terror once more towards the Cloudy.

Meanwhile, Aurora lifted a hand towards one Cloudy, charging her palm with electrical energy, as she had done before. Her strength was quickly gathered in her hand and collected quickly into a ball of sparks. Her fingers quickly grasped the ball into a fist, which overloaded the energy, sending it towards the Cloudy she was aiming for.

= Eternalis.EXE =
(1) Vapor Reassimilation: Above Cloudy group (Teleport)
(2) WideShot: CloudyA/B/C (60+5 Aqua, Wide) [+Teleport Aim]
(3) Sword: Nearest Cloudy (80 Slash)
(4) Sword: Nearest Cloudy (80 Slash)
(*) Aegean Water: Any if necessary (Heal 10 x7)

= Aurora.SP =
(1) Attack: CloudyA (Elec 10) (x2 Elem) (x2 Terrain?)
With the remaining viruses finally revealed, Eternalis and Aurora planned out their next move. As they did, the first Cloudy's rain cloud dissipated leaving the battlefield a bit clearer. Eternalis then made his way off the IceCube and moved above the viruses in vapor form. He soon reformed and dropped towards them. His initial cross-slass Wideshot took the Cloudys by surprise, knocking all three down to critical health.

His next strike began soon after. He literally fell upon the viruses, slashing one in half immediately. While Eternalis was busy in the air, Aurora charged up a ball of electricity and shot it at one of the Cloudys. The last two viruses were too busy with Eternalis, and the shot pegged one and deleted it. The final Cloudy realized it was a bad idea to stick around, but it was too late. The hostile aqua Navi brought down his Sword once again, ending the battle.

As the battle ended, the rain stopped and the IceCube shattered. The net sky was still a dreary gray, but what else could one expect in Sharo?


Terrain: 100% Sea
Weather: Cloudy

Battle 3 Complete!

Eternalis: 140HP
Aurora: 40HP

Rewards: 900z, 22 BugFrags