Mission: 'The New Toys'

"Ah, so you're here," one of the Navis said. He was wearing a visor around his eyes which seemed to be attached to his helmet. Above the helmet he wore a red cap with the capital letter 'A' on it. His outfit consisted of a green outfit worn like a karate gi with a dark green sash, white bandages around his arm and hand, large red shoes that were spikey at the front with a white stripe across its middle from left to right and small red and white balls hanging from the sash. "I'm ArcadeMan, the leader of the Gaming Squad," he said and shook Kedamono's hand, but noticed he was unable to do so. "Ah..." he stumbled, then scratched the back of his cap, "Right. You're only a hologram here."

On ArcadeMan's left was a slim and tall man who had black hair that was styled in a way as if he was constantly running against the wind and entirely horizontal on the top. While he wore a black bodysuit underneath it all, his body was mostly covered by an outfit that would be suitable for a Formula One racer. It was white with blue stripes and a long blue scarf adorned his neck. On his back was a bagpack in the same colors as his outfit and contained a lot of sport-based items. "I'm SportsMan," he said, as he started to run on his position, "Try moving around! Try moving around!" His speech was as fast as his outfit which didn't get better as he started to run around in circles.

The third and last one was on ArcadeMan's right who had the image of a small little girl in a large light pink bunny suit from top to toe. If you'd look at her from a distance, you could easily mistake her for a bunny plushie. The only part of her actual body was her face which was on the bunny's face place with her hands and feet looking more like stumps than hands. Across the bunny suit's surface were random stickers such as rainbows, flowers and little hearts. Instead of welcoming Kedamono, she hid behind ArcadeMan quietly and glanced at Kedamono a few times.

"You're probably wondering why you're here," ArcadeMan started as he raised a finger towards the sky, "TO TEST OUT OUR GAMES!" Nodding silently to himself, thinking he was cool and awesome, he lowered his finger and walked over to Kedamono. "Now first we need to do some tests... But not just you," ArcadeMan continued and opened a window which showed the room Kedamono was undressing in before. Silently he glanced at Kedamono and laughed quietly. "Hahah, wrong window..." he muttered and quickly closed it, reopening another window to look at one of the Operators. "Where's the other guy?"

"He'll be over in a minute," the person said, "His muscles were too big for the machine so we had to make some quick adaptions."

A few minutes later another hologram appeared, this time of Sinro, who just stood quietly and grinned wide. "OK," ArcadeMan started again and turned towards the two, "Try to move or run around. Either is fine. Try jumping as well, maybe some movements with your arms. The device you are in makes sure you remain in one place, while your hologram actually moves within the Net World. But only within this place we created, the Game Zone." He grinned and puffed up his chest as he put his hands into his sides. "Made that name up myself," he said and loosened his body again, "But try to move again. Don't go too far, because the defenses against viruses aren't that great and your holograms are still data..."
"O-Oh my..." She mumbled, taking small and large steps in a small circle, the movments were as though she was in the real world, moving her arms in small circles and even jumped a couple of times, though, not very high, this device she was hooked up to simulated her movments perfectly as though she was in the real plane, though the following question, was just blurted out. "What kind of device is this? It simulates movments perfectly." Though she didn't bother taking the question back, it was bound to come up sooner or later.
Kiddie walked after Kedamono, after moving away from ArcadeMan, and followed her movements exactly, including moving her mouth as Kedamono did. But the voice of Kedamono scared Kiddie, causing her to run away quickly to a rainbow-colored cube in the distance.

"Ah, don't mind her..." ArcadeMan said and laughed quietly, "She may be shy, but just as all of us, she's a great fan of playing games." ArcadeMan walked over to Kedamono, while in the distance Sinro performed ridiculous poses. "This device is a new game machine made for arcades exclusively. Its name is Palnight Bomlux Pocket," ArcadeMan continued, a sigh left his mouth after he said the name, "It's something our sponsors made up. We'll probably change it once it's finished."

"Ah, I'm one of the sponsors," Sinro said after he walked to ArcadeMan's side, "The P.B.P. notices my own movements perfectly. The transfer from person to hologram is excellent." He then turned to Kedamono and laughed loud, before talking to her. "Look at this!" he shouted and moved into a boxing stance. He then lunged out with one of his arms and disappeared.

"..." ArcadeMan remained quiet for a bit and SportsMan, who noticed it too, just stared at it with mouth opened wide. "That isn't supposed to happen," ArcadeMan started and brought up a window, "What happened to mister Coga?

"His eh..." the Operator started and sighed before continueing, "His muscles were too big for the game console." She held her forehead in her palm and turned off the window with another sigh.

"And that's that!" SportsMan shouted and ran off as he continued shouting, "Follow me, girl! Follow me! Can you keep up! Follow me!"

"Follow him..." ArcadeMan said and took a remote out of his pocket. He tapped a button and a red line appeared where SportsMan had started running. "Follow this line, then enter the red-colored rube you'll see at the end. Your first game will start once you enter," ArcadeMan said and walked off towards the red cube as well.
(this is making me feel like Kedamono is in an episode of Reboot...kinda...)

"Very well, I don't want to make things take longer than they should." Keadmono said as she streatched her vertual self and began to run after SportsMan as quickly as she possibly could, following the red line into the cube.
(( Others will be able to do this too if it pulls through succesfully ))

Once ArcadeMan and Kedamono entered the cube, they stepped into a virtual world made by SportsMan. In the middle was a boxing ring and on the sides were 'fake' people cheering. "Kedamono! Kedamono!" they shouted as they pumped their fists into the air.

"Ah," ArcadeMan started as he closed his eyes and tilted his head to a side, "He's only into theatrics when it comes to sports." He then held his hand above Kedamono's shoulder, wanting to pat her good luck but couldn't due to the hologram, and spoke directly to her. "I'll be in my own cube. Making the final changes. SportsMan will guide you through this... And don't worry. He loses his hyper activity when he's serious," he said and waved before leaving the cube through a hallway that was part of the virtual world.

Sprinting towards Kedamono and stopping precisely in front of her, SportsMan appeared and saluted playfully. "Good you're here," he said and took out a clipboard from his backpack, "Everything's done here. And as you've heard... All we need now is you." Tapping a spot on the clipboard, he nodded and continued talking. "Please get into the ring and I'll explain the gameplay," he said and moved to a side so Kedamono could get into it, "Oh, and please step on the RED circle. Not the BLUE circle. They're in the corners."

The ring was exactly like a real boxing ring with elastic wires on the sides and a little step up to the main place, although you'd have to slide through the elastic wires carefully. In the corners were pillars, taller than those in usual boxing rings, and in front of two were the player's circles.
"very well." keamono said as she carefully made her way into the ring, making her way into the red side, tapping her foot impatently as she waited for instructions on how to play.
"OK," Sportsman said as he took a device out of his backpack that looked like a remote control. "Let's get this gig on the way then," he said and tapped a button on the remote control.

In a flash, a normal Navi with boxing gloves and a pair of boxing shorts on appeared above the blue circle. While on the other side, the image data of Kedamono's hologram changed so she'd be wearing a top, shorts, shoes and boxing gloves. The Navi remained in his position, but held his boxing gloves up and shuffled around as if he was practicing before the match.

"I'm calling this 'Punch-In!!'," Sportsman exclaimed as he held the remote control into the air. "Now to adjust the difficulty... Need it to be fair for both sides..." he muttered and moved a slider on the remote control. After doing this, he looked up at the boxing ring and noticed the image data on Kedamono had changed into an incredibly buff and muscled woman. "Oh soccer, that can't be right!" he shouted and quickly slid it back to a normal form, "Guess it was already set properly..." Adjusting a few more things, he coughed quietly in his fist and started to talk to Kedamono after getting onto the boxing ring. "I shall now explain how the game is played," he said as he stood in front of her, "I'm sure you have already noticed your opponent standing over there. You will try to defea-" His sentence was ended abruptly as the opponent of Kedamono lunged its fist at the back of Sportsman's head, who was trying to hit Kedamono. "OFF!" Sportsman shouted as he turned to the image of the opponent and then back to Kedamono to continue. "Defeat your opponent by using boxing moves. We've created a few attacks and you'll be using a test pack that incorporates all moves. So feel free to try it all out." After the introduction of the concept, he continued to talk on and on about the systematical details of the game which seemed to sound vaguely like 'blah, blah, blah'.

Quote (Blah Blah Blah)

Starting HP is 500. NaviCust is turned off for the duration of the fight if 'played' by a Navi.

Each player gets 4 actions. An action can be used to dodge or attack with a chip. There are no normal moves. A player can dodge to the left, to the right or backwards, but will always return to the same spot after doing this.

If both attacks are the same DMG value, it will deal half damage to both players.

Following list contains attacks for this battle.

Weak Punch (WP) - 40 DMG
A simple punch. Usually done with the left fist.

Strong Punch (SP) - 80 DMG
A stronger punch. Usually done with the right fist.

Left Hook (LH) - 60 DMG; Counters Left Dodge
A wide attack done with the left arm.

Right Hook (RH) - 60 DMG; Counters Right Dodge
A wide attack done with the right arm.

Hadouken (HK) - 40 DMG; Counters Back Dodge
A beam sent out from the boxing gloves.

Spin Punch (SP) - 40 DMG; Counter Left and Right Dodge
A move where the user rotates his/her entire body with arms spread.

Uppercut (UC) - 80 DMG; Must be used after dodging backwards; Counters Back Dodge
Move back. Slide forwards. Deliver a strong punch to the opponent's jaws.

Repeater (RP) - 20 DMG x 3; If Dodged, the last two will hit
Three quick punches like a machine gun with fists.

When the never-ending sound coming from Sportsman ended, Kedamono could see a few icons in the corners of the visor she was wearing. In the upper right corner, she could see a few icons of the attacks she had available.

6x WP | 4x SP | 3x LH | 3x RH | 3x HK | 2x SP | 2x UC | 4x RP

In the lower left corner was an indication of her own HP, the number 500 standing proud in a white color. In the lower right corner was the number 500 in the color red, as if it was staring threateningly at Kedamono's 500.

Sportsman nimbly left the battlefield and stood on the side of the ring with the remote control raised into the air. "Ready?" he asked, then shouted, "GO!"

Kedamono - 500 HP
Boxing Navi - 500 HP
Ok...this shouldn't be too hard...I can win this... Kedamono thought as she stared down her enemy, not breaking from her stance before jumping back as far as she could, before the force of the arena returned her to her starting place, as she brought her left arm back and sent a lighting fast punch at the enemy while being pulled back to her starting position, attempting to connect with the enemy's chin.
No need to worry...I'm sure that even if I lose, I won't be harmed in the real world...this is just a game afterall kedamono said before dodgeing to the right, but, sent a weak punch at her enemy as soon as she returned to her starting position, hoping like hell she could finish this quickly.

Dodge back
Uppercut (80 if not dodged or countered)
dodge to right
weak punch (40 to enemy if not dodged or countered)
"Oh, I forgot to tell you..." SportsMan started while they were already fighting, "There are connectors within the image data that's covering your holographic body. So while you won't actually receive damage to your real body, it will notice when something happens and react accordingly. Like... If you get hit in the side, you will feel a simulated force from that direction. But it's not harmful. And my game is the only one with such features..." After saying this, he took a bag of popcorn from his backpack and started nibbling it one by one while enjoying the fight from the sidelines.

1. The opponent slides to the left while Kedamono moves to the back. Nothing out of the ordinary happens.

2. Kedamono immediately comes back with an uppercut which is met by a right hook from her opponent. The right hook flies just over her head while her own fist connects with his chin.

3. Trying to get her back for this, he lunges his fist out at her direction and generates a straight beam from it. But this is dodged by her quick decision to dodge.

4. The fourth move of the match becomes a crush of data as the boxing gloves hit each other with an equal amount of damage.

Kedamono - 480 HP
Boxing Navi - 400 HP
Not a bad first round...ow...my hand hurts like hell though... Kedamono thought, taking the tie between the weak punches a little hard, but, it wasn't too bad, she had taken away one fith of the navi's HP, she could probably manage to win this, at least, thats what she began to think. thinking quickly, she moved back from the starting position, but, thinking the navi would try to step back as well, to try and avoid an uppercut, as soon as she reached the starting point, she sent out a thin beam of energy, hoping her plan was gonna work. As soon as the hadoken was finished, she followed up with a repeater attack, her hands moved like lightning, sending out three visable punches at the navi while the rest looked like a blur. As the repeater settled, she quickly stepped to the right, in an attempt to dodge and manage to avoid another attack, if at all possible.

dodge back
REPATER! (20x3, 2 attacks hit automatically should it be dodged on the first punch)
dodge right

5x WP | 4x SP | 3x LH | 3x RH | 2x HK | 2x SP | 1x UC | 3x RP
1. As Kedamono stepped back in a dodging manuever, the enemy spinned around once in an attempt to catch her off-guard. But it failed miserably as he didn't reach far enough.

2. Thinking to do the same, the enemy stepped back in an attempt to dodge anything Kedamono would throw at her. But as this was expected by Kedamono, she had shot a beam from one of her gloves at the enemy which hit straight on.

"Yo, how's it going?" ArcadeMan's voice sounded as he entered the stage next to SportsMan. It remained quiet and ArcadeMan looked at his friend to see what was wrong. "Eh..." ArcadeMan started as he saw SportsMan in tears, "Seriously, how's it going?"

3. While Kedamono starts punching repeatedly, her fist is met by the fist of her opponent in a stronger thrust than hers as he tried to hook her head from the side. And hits her, causing her head to swing to a side by the impact.

"It's so one-sided..." SportsMan replied with a soft whimper at the end, "It's like she's making fun of my game with her fists. As if she can see straight through my programming." He stared at the ground before him as ArcadeMan softly pat his friend's shoulder.

4. Excited by the punch he got through Kedamono's defenses, he immediately tries to send another one at her. But this one is dodged as Kedamono swung herself to the right side.

Kedamono - 420 HP
Boxing Navi - 360 HP
I'm not making fun of your game SportsMan, it's just that i'm lucky today, thats all... Kedamono thought, hearing his comment, after rubbing her chin a little. I need to be more careful...I can't let myself drop my guard... she thought, looking at the Boxing Navi's HP. "360...not bad for a couple rounds..." she mumbled before she brought her right arm back and sent a strong punch towards the Boxing Navi and quickly followed up with a quick left hook attack right after.

Quickly getting back to dodging, she quickly steped to the left of her boxing area, attempting to evade an attack from the Boxing Navi, and then, a quick step backwards, in another attempt to evade an attack.

Strong Punch (80)
Left Hook (60, negates a left dodge)
dodge left
dodge back

5x WP | 3x SP | 2x LH | 3x RH | 2x HK | 2x SP | 1x UC | 3x RP
1. Kedamono lunged forwards with her fist to get a clean hit. But the Navi followed the movement and slid backwards.

"Let's see if this'll work," SportsMan started after he had lifted his head from his depressed stance. "Execute code J. O. J. O," SportsMan shouted at the Navi.

2. The Navi's eyes flashed for a split second before starting to punch like a madman. Although his three hits were met by Kedamono's fist which pulled through and got the Navi right in the face.

3. But this had no direct effect to his stance as he continued to fling punches at Kedamono in rapid speed. One time his fist just flew through the air as Kedamono had dodged one of them. But the others hit her clean on the chest.

4. Once again, Kedamono tried to dodge but without success. The fists of the Navi kept flying through the air without the faintest feeling of getting tired.

"Jojo?" ArcadeMan mumbled as he scratched his chin, "What kind of code is that..."

Kedamono - 340 HP
Boxing Navi - 300 HP
"AGH! Wh-Whats happening?!" kedamono half shouted as the boxing navi kept up with repeater attacks, her body was getting pulverised and she couldn't help but scream..."SPORTSMAN! I'LL GIVE YOU A NICE STONG PUNCH AFTER THIS YOU CHEA-OW!" Kedamono was interupted as another repeater managed to hit her. "Ugh...what did sportsman say after this image couldn't wait to-OW!" again, she was interuped mid sentence by another couple punches.
"OFF!" she shouted before stepping back and comming back with a nice uppercut towards the boxing navi. as this finished, she quickly followed up with another strong punch.
shout possible command
step back
uppercut (80)
strong punch (80)

5x WP | 2x SP | 2x LH | 3x RH | 2x HK | 2x SP | 0x UC | 3x RP
(Ok...I'm calling for a mod swap here. Shur, i'm sorry, but it's to the point, it's not WORTH the 1000z reward anymore. I don't care what happens now.)
The Boxing navi ignored Kedamono's "OFF", instead opting for a quick but potent "punch you in the face" attack instead.

Both kedamono and the boxing Navi moved back at the same time, preparing for a powerful punch of epic proportions. They both moved towards each other and pounded each other's jaws, sending their heads reeling backwards.

The navi read Kedamono's incoming punch, and dodged to the left, avoiding further damage.

Kedamono - 220 HP
Boxing Navi - 220 HP
Kedamono stepped backwards as she gritted her teeth and flung a nice hard punch at the navi as hard as she could, hopping that it would connect. she then brought out both of her arms and began to spin around like crazy, still attempting to hit the navi. and then she quickly finished off with a beam of pure energy from her fists, hoping to end this finally.

dodge back
Strong Punch (80)
Spin Punch (40)
hadoken (40)
The Navi swung his fist at Kedamono as she dodged and lifted his gloves after he spotted she got ready for an attack. But at that point, as the fist of Kedamono hit the gloves, the exterior of the Navi shattered and revealed a green-colored wireframe 3D model that shattered as well.

"What's this?" shouted SportsMan as he stood up and looked around as if he was expecting someone to show up. Realizing there was no one else besides Kedamono and ArcadeMan, he looked down at the control panel in his hands and tapped a few buttons to see what went wrong. "Nothing's wrong..." he muttered and glanced upwards, "So someone is tampering on the outside." Turning to ArcadeMan, he continued to talk, "I'm gonna scout the surroundings. You stay with Kedamono until she's out safely."

"Fine," ArcadeMan replied and stood up, "If it's him, remain on your guard..." SportsMan nodded quietly to his companion and ran off with great speed. "Kedamono!" ArcadeMan shouted and jumped into the boxing ring, landing in front of her, "I'm sure you're wondering what's going on... Let me just say this... You have to leave. The test is, for now, cancelled. We expect some company over soon from a person who doesn't like these projects of us." Walking around in small circles in front of Kedamono with his hand against his chin, "It's just odd that he comes at this point... If it is him, we're not sure yet."

"Arcade!" SportsMan shouted as he ran up to the boxing ring from afar, coming to a screeching halt just below the boxing ring, "It is him. He's coming. Get her out now!" With a swift movement, he ran around the boxing ring to the other side and continued to shout at them, "What are you waiting for?"

"OK, but it usually takes a bit," he said, glancing at SportsMan from the corner of his eyes and then looked back at Kedamono, "The HJO process has started. Remain in your position, please."

But as the process was initiated, a sound was heard outside that became louder and louder with each passing second. It was the sound of tank threads, but before any of them figured that out they noticed one of the walls crumbling down. A Navi appeared, with the lower body of a tank equipped with sniper rifles, machine guns, mortars and other military weapons and the upper body of a broad war veteran with a cigar stuck between his lips, crashing through the wall that had crumbled down and took a long drag of his cigar. "Where is she...?" he muttered, glaring at them with a grim expression on his face.

"Leave this place, GunMan," ArcadeMan replied and took out a white bazooka with a red cap at the front out of nowhere. Holding it against his shoulder, he looked through the aiming piece and continued to speak to him, "She has no interest in your ways. SportsMan!"

As ArcadeMan yelled, SportsMan was already standing next to ArcadeMan. A small cloud of dust was seen around his feet from the stop he had to make to get there. From his backpack he took a soccer ball and started doing tricks with it in preparation for his offensive moves. "You won't pass," he said with a smug expression, "We know your tricks by now."

"Then I'll try another trick," GunMan said and let loose a burst of energy from the tank part to shoot himself at ArcadeMan and SportsMan.

But right before the fight started, Kedamono's vision of the Net World disappeared and was met by the people of the DNN station.