The Great Viral Purge of Netopia Net

The Great Viral Purge


A flash and a thunderclap lit up the Net, signaling the arrival of someone to this isolated corner, tucked away from prying eyes. A portal had opened between Internet City and the Netopian System, connecting the two together through a tunnel of light. The armored form of SINNBAD, the knightly navi, appeared in full form as the illumination faded. He stepped out into this new, uncharted world with a grave look. The conduit that initially took the navi there died down and disappeared within seconds of his arrival, leaving the warrior alone for the moment. To face whatever horrors were there.

SINN flexed the fingers of his hands, no longer held down by the weight of his arm cannon. His blaster was removed, bringing the stabilization on both sides of his body into sync. He also had a new assortment of weapons. A broadsword was sheathed on his back, a dark gray holster. And a spetum spear, held by a strap diagonally across his back, over his sword sheath. He unstrapped his spear and held it in right hand, feeling the weight.

Destin told SINN to place a marker when he arrived and then await reinforcements. SINN reached to his waist and took what looked like a small stick from his belt with his left hand. The knight pressed an invisible button on the cigar sized object. The tool extended in both directions, forming a strong, yet slender pole. A flag unfurled from the top of the staff as SINN drove the bottom spike into the grass. SINNBAD's dark gray navi symbol displayed itself proudly on the silvery cloth of the banner, blowing majestically in the calming breeze. The steel stave became cemented in the earth, unmoving.

Then the standard began giving off a signal...

[Attached: NTPI-0087P.LNK]

SINNBAD rose into the air a foot off the ground and waited. His eyes watching the surrounding terrain.

[Notice: Anyone who is active and equal to or below level 10 can join. After at least two others have posted up/joined I will start the Mission. You can reserve a spot if you wish. I will hold for you even if two others have joined.]

Navi partaking in mission thus far:

HP: 120/120

HP: 100/100

HP: 150/150

HP: 170/170
A beam of light opened up on Netopia, and then Blazeman emerged from it.
"Cole, if you get me EJOed or deleted, I am going to crush all your battlechips, zenny, and run away from you."
"You threatened me with that LAST time, Blazeman." Cole said, while palming his face.
"Actually, this time it's serious." Blazeman told his operator.
"Whatever. Hey, there's a shadowy figure over there!"
"I don't know if he is friendly..."
"He looks like a knight, Blazeman! Why don't you go ask him for directions? Maybe we can bust viruses with him!" Cole suggested.
"Well, knights ARE loyal, so sure. He could be a dark knight, but whatever." Blazeman said.

Blazeman then ran over to SINNBAD, hoping he would give him some directions or something. He then tapped him on the shoulder, and asked him...

"Excuse me, sir knight, but do you know any powerful viruses around here? I'm Blazeman."
The knight looked down upon Blazeman from his spot next to his flag, slightly hovering above the ground. He listened as the other navi made his statement. SINN smiled.

"Well met stranger. I am SINNBAD. This place is dangerous to the feint of heart. But if you wish to battle beside me in ridding this place of the foul taint of viruses, you are most welcome to join."
"Cool, a knight talking navi! You don't see those everyday."
"Don't worry, SINNBAD. I take a danger and beat it like a stick." Blazeman said, while bowing his head.
"You don't talk very noble, Blazeman.." Cole said with a Err... look on his face.
"Quiet, Cole."
I accept your assistance. I am also awaiting another. He should be here within the day. The three of us should be enough for the task at hand.

SINNBAD stated.
"Thank you."
"Wow, Triple Trouble. This oughta be good."
"Yeah. A knight, a fire demon, and some other guy working together. This will be good."
"I'm gonna go read some comics while we wait." Cole said, while getting some of his comic books.
"OK, Lazy McLazy." Blazeman said, while rolling his eyes.

Blazeman then sat down on a nearby bench, and juggled his flames while waiting.
The sky reopened as a yellow bolt of lighting struck the ground in between Blazeman, and SINNBAD. When the dust and smoke cleared Sparks was standing in the spot striking a very heroic pose. If his face could be seen from under the mask it would have the "I'm friggin awesome" look on it. "Sorry I'm late SINN. Hey who is this guy?" " The samurai navi looked at Blazeman in confusion.

"Stupid, that's gotta be his brother!" Joseph smiled.

"DON'T CALL ME STUPID!!! I've never heard of a navi with a brother... any ways they don't even look similar." Sparks barked in retaliation.

"Don't yell at me! You know I'm in a bad mood because my forces are dirty!" Joseph exclaimed. "Let's just get started already!"

"Yea! Let's do that!" The electric navi folded his arms and looked back to Blazeman and his recent partner SINNBAD.
SINNBAD could not understand where the bench came from in this wasteland, perhaps the navi had conjured it. A flash of light broke through his thoughts however, as Sparks appeared. SINN gestured to Blazeman.

"He calls himself Sir Blazeman."

He stated to Sparks' question.

"Sir Blazeman. This is the one I was waiting for, Sir Sparks."

SINN gestured between the two navi for a moment. Then there was a chime that came from the flag. A voice came through it. Joseph and Sparks had already met SINNBAD's operator.


"My Lord, the troops have assembled and await your orders."

The warrior navi replied. He hefted his multi-bladed spetum spear to the sky as he said this.

"Good. Thank you all for coming. My name is Destin Obscura. The GNA has left it to us to purge this section of Netopia Net for them. As such they have given us special equipment. The instructions on how to operate this equipment will be given to us soon. I am uploading the equipment now."

Destin stated as he began to upload the programs.

[Attached: V-Eliminator.WPN]
[Attached: V-Eliminator2.WPN]
[Attached: V-Eliminator3.WPN]

[Requesting the commencement of the Mission.]
"Blazeman it is eh." Sparks turned to face the fire navi with shadow hands. He held out his hand for a handshake but immediately drew back at the sight of the shadows. "I think well skip on the shake. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for your assistance."

"Stop goofing off, and make sure you're ready." Joseph ordered, then turned his attention to Destin's voice. "Hey yo Des! What's up!"

"Now look who's goofing off." Sparks frowned.

"Worry about your self." Joseph responded.

(Requesting mission to start)
"Hey Sparks. Funny that you call me SINNBAD's brother."
"I know, that made me crack up."
"Anyways, lets get this show on the road!" Blazeman said, while getting into a BATTLE READY pose.

[Mission START!]
As the group equipped their own V-Eliminator program, a small backpack appeared on each of the persons' backs, with a gun attached to it by way of a thick reinforced tube of sorts. The gun is loosely hung on the pack's side, ready to be used. After that, a small instruction hologram appeared about a foot or so in front of the Navis' faces, containing the instructions for the program.

Quote ()


Operation of the Virus Eliminator Weapon Program:

The main cause of viral propagation in most areas of networks is the presence of specific 'spawn' viruses. These viruses, if deleted by normal means, will reproduce certain pieces of data to other viruses in the vicinity and pass on the spawn characteristic. To eradicate viruses completely from a specific section, the user of this program will use the V-Eliminator's Purge Shells on said spawn viruses. However, the spawn characteristic is not obvious on first observation. Users must denote an amount of processing (an action) to analyze the group of spawn viruses.

After this, the group must be eliminated, with the exception of the spawn virus. The virus must be destroyed completely using a Purge Shell (one action to use each). Some spawn viruses are very tough, requiring one, two or even three Purge Shells to eliminate. The program will evaluate the surrounding area into separate sections according to Purge Shell susceptibility. Sectors A, B and C will denote areas of spawn viruses requiring one, two and three Purge Shells respectively.

Jacking out suddenly can affect the Weapon Programs, causing corruption to Purge Shells. The maximum amount is two, minimum zero. The Programs have a limited supply of Purge Shells each. Should the amount of Purge Shells be insufficient for further clearance of the area, the mission will be assumed failed.


[0% Purged - 8 Spawn Viruses Left]
[0% Purged - 5 Spawn Viruses Left]
[0% Purged - 4 Spawn Viruses Left]

V-Eliminator Purge Shells: 12/12
V-Eliminator2 Purge Shells: 12/12
V-Eliminator3 Purge Shells: 12/12

OOC: In short, the instructions are:
1. Sort yourselves out, who goes to which sector, alone or grouped.
2. Get virus groups.
3. Scan for spawn, with one action. Only one person need do this for each group. Turnsplice if you like.
4. Fight the group. Delete the spawn virus with Purge Shell(s), which will delete the virus regardless of HP.
Blazeman was currently snoring during the speech, but then Cole yelled at him to wake up.

"WHAT THE!! Cole, I was enjoying that nap!"
"Yeah, while you were sleeping, you missed the entire speech! You are lucky I have it written down..."
"Thank goodness! Read it now please."
"Ok, here it is." Cole said, while taking out a sheet of paper.

Cole then read the entire hologram's speech to Blazeman, word for word.

"Alright. Looks like Sector C is easiest because it has 4 viruses."
"No wait, what if it is a trick? What if its 4 super hard enemies?"
"Maybe you are right.."

Blazeman then turned to Sparks and SINNBAD.

"I think I should either go to Sector C, because of the low amount of viruses, or sector A, because it may be easier. Do any of you have any idea about this?" Blazeman said, hoping to get some advice.
"Well I think we should stay together. It'd be wise of us to fight as a team and over power the spawn viruses don't you agree Blazeman. You going off on your on isn't the best idea." Sparks added. "Is that to your liking SINN?"
"Let me get out a chalk board for right now. Cole, can you download the file?"
"Sure. Downloading Chalk.PROG and Chalkboard.PROG." Cole said, while pushing some buttons.

A chalkboard and some chalk appeared in front of Blazeman and the group.

"Lets see here, we have us and the sectors." Blazeman said, as he drew three people that look like stickmen, and then he drew Sector A, B and C. He then drew three lines, each of them connecting a stick figure to a sector.

"Now, we then have me, SINNBAD, and Sparks. If we each get the sectors as solo, we get it done faster. Then later, if we have to go to another sector, we then go as a group. Any questions?" Blazeman said, as he put down the chalk.
[Ghost Busters!]

SINNBAD was about to give his two cents in the conversation, but was interrupted by his operator.

"According to the briefing: Sector A requires one shell per spawn, Sector B requires two shells per spawn, and Sector C requires three shells per spawn. My calculations entitle that we will need to use thirty out of our combined thirty-six shells in this purge. It will be close. Ammo is at a premium."

Destin stated.

"We will go as a full group, Sector by Sector. I am not taking any chances here. We will work our way up the difficulty curve. Starting from Sector A. Is this acceptable to all?"
A chime interrupted their discussion.

"It seems as if another operator has heard of our mission and has pledged his navi to our cause. She should be arriving before we start."
The group of navis would not have long to wait, as a step through a portal brought in a very chipper looking young navi. While clothing might be somewhat lacking, she was dressed with other features that might take the eye's notice. Around both wrists held ever burning flames that seemed to brighten slightly when she spotted the small crowd of gathered navi. With soft wave and delicate smile the navi began skipping her way towards the group.

"Hello there everyone, my name is Lucia, and I serve my master Vincent. He tells me the lot of you might be looking for some help and said it would be worth looking into!" Giving a faint bow, the navi gave smile to each three in turn, though the smile turned somewhat surprised when she spotted a familiar face. "Oh, hello there, it's nice to uh, see you again, or some junk!" Faint giggle followed afterwards before the fiery navi turned focus back towards the armored soldier, "So, what are we doing and how can I be of help?"
SINNBAD bowed to the new navi. His armor glinting in the faded light of the dark part of the Net.

"Lady Lucia, it is a pleasure for you to join us."

He said with what he hoped was knightly grace. Destin linked himself to Vincent's PET in the meantime. A small window opening up so they could see each other.

"I am sending you the information we have received from the GNA. I have contacted them about your involvement. Until we get another V-Eliminator, your involvement with this mission will be to eliminate non-spawn viruses."

"HEY I KNOW YOU! Hey Lucia!"
"Oh look, its your wanna-be girlfriend."
"Cole, I am NOT putting up with the girlfriend crap for the mission. Either sit down, shut up, or I will break all your battlechips."
"Anyways, I think we should split up into two groups for Sector B and Sector A. How about Me and Sparks go into Sector B, and Lucia and SINNBAD go into Sector A? Then we all take Sector C in a group!" Blazeman said, hoping someone would agree with his plan.
"That is acceptable. Meet back here when you are done with your sector."

Destin replied, referring to the flag SINNBAD had placed earlier, and which flapped in the breeze.

"SINNBAD, take Lucia. Unfortunately we can not get a fourth V-Eliminator program. So, she will run interference."

"As you wish, My Lord."

SINNBAD stated as he finished binding the V-Eliminator pack to his body. He motioned for Lucia to follow before he headed to the designated sector.

[Moving to Sector A to begin Battle 1.]

"Just remember Joseph and Cole, Sector B 'spawn' viruses require two shots each to eliminate. And they will be eliminated regardless of health. Just be sure to analyze every virus group you come across and don't eliminate any 'spawn' viruses by normal attacks, they must be eliminated through the use of the V-Eliminator."

[Attached: Sector B.]

"I have uploaded the coordinates to your PETs for Sector B."