Revenge of the Aqua Navi!

After a short excursion through the mini-server and computer, SplashMan found himself at the outskirts of the Netopian net. It had been a while since he had been here...but while it wasn't Yoka, he liked this area. Probably because this was his native Net. "Okay, I'm here! I'm a little nervous, virus busting in front of your dad, but I'm ready!"

"Don't worry about him, he's just sitting down, looking at the computer screen! It's got you on it, like on my PET, but there's all kinds of weird numbers. ...And he's acting like I don't exist, so I guess he's not gonna tell us. So, let's get started. Get searching!"

"Okay!" The Navi took a good look around the Net, then picked a direction and started moving, eager to find viruses to delete.

(searching for Battle #1)
Splashman wanders around, looking for some viruses that might be impressive to take down.
Soon enough, he runs into some heavys, like for real. Three Gaias, twirling their hammers, and two Craggers, buffing up their stone muscles, are notified of Splashman's presence. The five wobble over, and grin, taking fighting stances.
Well, do you best.

GaiaA: 100 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaB: 100 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaC: 100 HP [StoneBody]
CraggerA: 120 HP [HardBody]
CraggerB: 120 HP [HarbBody]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 200 HP

...! Those viruses with hammers...they were what he couldn't beat last time. He wasn't going to let that happen twice. Sure, they didn't have those fancy chips Sabrina's dad gave her for the test run, but this time they actually half-knew what they were doing, and knew that they couldn't attack them right away. But those rock viruses...he'd never seen them before. But his sights kept returning to the three Gaia; they were how they'd show how much they had improved. "I can't believe I found these guys already! I'm not gonna lose to them again!"

"Yeah, really...that was embarassing!" With that said, Sabrina knew they couldn't just attack them. Sure, Break chips could probably get through that armor, but they didn't have any. Which meant they'd have to focus on the Craggers first. "All right, let's take those rock viruses out quick!" She grabbed a chip featuring a blue Swordy, and inserted it into her PET. "Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

SplashMan's wrist and hand faded, and was replaced with a water-infused blade and a tank-like hilt. He wasted little time in rushing towards the less-than-mobile viruses, and giving them a prompt lesson in swordplay...but, something felt odd. The slash felt like it connected with something, but it was like he had to force it through, instead of simply slicing through the virus. Yep...something was definitely off. "Er, Sabrina? We got a problem. I think these things have some defense thing going for them, just like the Gaia!"

"Well spotted, SplashMan." Back in the real world, the man in front of the computer began nodding his head. "The Cragger virus has an ability that reduces non-Break damage by half, called HardBody. So if you don't have any Break chips handy, it's as though they have twice their listed HP."

"Twice their listed HP?!" Needless to say, his daughter wasn't thrilled at all about this. "Ugh...wait. Why am I complaining? SplashMan, just keep at it with AquaSword, and I think you'll get them in...3 hits? I think...I'm not a math genius, you know..."

"3, huh? Okay, I'm on it!" The (probable) sound of hard water cutting through stone could be heard once again, as the Aqua Navi continued to slice and dice the Cragger. He then did it again, but almost immediately after the final strike, the AquaSword had had enough, and shattered after only 3 attacks. Apparently, swords got stressed more easily when cutting through rock hard beings. "Aww, my sword's busted!" He took several steps back, highly wary of those three Gaia viruses. "But that's okay! I don't need a sword to tear these guys up!" The remnants of the sword, both on and off his arm, faded, as his regular hand reformed. "Oh, and don't send me any more chips just yet! I know they use the hammer to do something, but I can't remember what. So just let me deal with it!"

...That made no sense. If he didn't know exactly what they were doing, wouldn't that be a perfect time to send over a Guard? Unless their attack was Breaking or something...then he'd be a sitting duck. And that was possible, so maybe it wasn't as dumb as she thought at first..."Okay, but make sure you don't just stand there!"

The Navi had no plans to do that. He moved gently from side to side, waiting for the viruses to do something...

[Order of Turn:
1-AquaSword chip attack on CraggerA and CraggerB (80+10, Aqua)
2-AquaSword chip attack on CraggerA and CraggerB (80+10, Aqua)
3-AquaSword chip attack on CraggerA and CraggerB (80+10, Aqua)
Splashman's blade strikes the Craggers, and they seem to make a 'huffing' sound. Are they laughing? But as he continues to strike blow after vicious blow, their laughing is cut short, and a look of panic consumes them as they are blasted apart into nothingness.

The Gaias seem to be a bit stunned from this turn of events, but heft their hammers and quickly start swinging. As Splashman moved to one side, out of the way of one strike, a second hits him square in the chest, sending him flying. Luckily, as he was flying, the third hammer missed him as well.

GaiaA: 100 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaB: 100 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaC: 100 HP [StoneBody]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 160 HP
While he had taken on some damage, what concerned SplashMan more was that the Gaia didn't seem to lose their StoneBody status at all during their attack. Maybe he blinked and missed it, but..."Did anyone see them change color?"

"Uh...nope. Looked gray the whole time to me."

"Yeah..." He folded his arms and looked over the viruses, trying to think of something that might work. "I have an idea. Maybe if we knock them out of hammer range, they'll have to lose their armor to move or something!"

"Hmm...I guess it's worth a shot." Sabrina grabbed a chip that looked like it had never been used before, mainly because it hadn't. It was a simple looking chip; a large blue fist, and that was it. "Battlechip, ColdPunch! Slot in!"

Naturally, the fist became the Navi's new right hand, and he looked it over for a moment. "So, this is ColdPunch? Neat!" Without another word, he rushed the hammer viruses, and quickly picked out who was getting nailed first, second, and third.


One by one, SplashMan's new icy, enlarged fist attempted to punch each remaining virus square in the chest, which he figured was the best spot to hit for knocking them back. After the third round of hand-to-hand combat, he took a couple steps back, and prepared to dodge anything they could throw at him...what the? The fist was suddenly fading...which was odd, considering he didn't think it took on too much damage from wailing on the Gaias. And then, almost as soon as it disappeared, a yellow Guard formed in front of him. That answered that..."Hey! You didn't shout out, 'Battlechip, Guard! Slot in!' That's not just to make you feel good, you know!"

"Oh, relax! If they're too far away from you, they'll have to do a long-range attack. And Guard can reflect it! I mean, you can't be too surprised, right?"

Well, that was true. When was the last time he went through a battle without using either WideShot or Guard? It had been a long time, if it even ever happened. So he remained behind the shield, but took a peek from behind it; he wanted to know for sure exactly where those viruses were...

[Order of Turn:
1-ColdPunch chip attack on GaiaA (70+10, Impact, Knockback)
2-ColdPunch chip attack on GaiaB (70+10, Impact, Knockback)
3-ColdPunch chip attack on GaiaC (70+10, Impact, Knockback)
4-Guard1 chip attack (60-, Reflects an attack)]
Splashman goes on the offensive, whacking the viruses backward with his ColdPunch, however, it didn't seem to do much damage. One Gaia brings its hammer over its head and slams down, causing a massive quake to move outward. The water warrior quickly throws up a Guard, which works, and reflects the quake right back at the virus, though it still didn't seem to do much.
Then, what could be called aftershocks of the first quake, propagated by another Gaia, knocked Splashman over and did some damage.
Ugh, these guys were annoying.

GaiaA: 99 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaB: 98 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaC: 99 HP [StoneBody]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 140 HP
Granted, they didn't have the chip arsenal they had now. But this was starting to look a LOT like the last time he fought viruses like these..."That didn't work...but, I think I saw something!"


"Well, it was when one of the Gaia was about to attack. I think it's guard might've dropped for a second!"

"Really? Are you sure?"

"...Not really..." SplashMan looked over the Gaia. He really thought he had seen something, but was it worth finding out? ...Well, it wasn't like anyone had any better ideas. "But I think it's worth a try!"

"...All right, if you think so..." Sabrina looked over her folder for a moment, before deciding on, of all chips, one they'd never used before. But if SplashMan was right, they'd be down one Gaia..."Okay, use this! Battlechip, DoubleNeedle! Slot in!"

The weapon formed on the Navi's arm...whatever it was. It looked like some weird cross between a regular Navi's buster and a bow. At least it was simple enough to figure out. He positioned it in the general direction of the Gaia triplets, but didn't focus on any one; after all, he didn't know which ones would do something. He waited, and waited...aha, one of them appeared to be moving! Deciding to go ahead and attack while the possible window was open, he aimed his buster bow towards it, and fired a pair of spears towards the hammer wielding virus. Of course, even if it worked, he still had two more of them to deal with...

Which naturally meant that his operator was busy inserting a chip featuring a Mettaur into her PET. "Anti earthquake time! Battlechip, Guard2! Slot in!"

The shield that immediately formed in front of him was red, proof of its additional countering power. Thing was, there was at least two potential attacks waiting for SplashMan. What if he had to take multiple ones? "Uh, Sabrina? Quick do you dodge an earthquake?"

"Uh...jumping, maybe?"

...Whether that could possibly work was highly questionable, but it might be worth a shot. Something to keep in mind if they all attacked him, at least.

[Order of Turn:
1-Wait for a Gaia to begin attacking, and possibly lower its guard
2-DoubleNeedle chip attack on Gaia (whichever is the first to attack) (50x2)
3-Guard2 chip attack (120-, Reflects an attack)
Splashman guesses correctly that the Gaias have a weakness... and that weakness is when they attack! As soon as the first lowers his guard, Splashman lets loose a duo of needles, swiftly deleting the enemy. Another enemy raises his hammer at the same moment, however, crushing the tile in front of him with enough force to send out a shockwave! Splashman's guard saves him from the attack, but by the time the reflected attack returns, the enemy had already put their near-invulnerable state back up.

GaiaB: 97 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaC: 99 HP [StoneBody]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 140 HP
So, he WAS right. They couldn't attack while their defense was up. Good to know, to say the least. "Yes! I deleted one! Two more to go!"

"A personal best!" Sabrina was glad they figured out how to beat a Gaia, but like her Navi said, they still had two more to repeat the process to..."All right, ready for the second one?"


And so, a chip featuring a pufferfish virus was inserted into the PET. "Battlechip, AquaNeedle! Slot in!"

At the mention of AquaNeedle, the Navi's eyes widened a little. He had another of those ideas. "Hey, Sabrina! Could you let me use AquaNeedle this time? I can probably see which one attacks first before you, so I could switch first if we have to. And it's not too hard to aim at a Gaia, since they don't move very much!"

"Uh...sure! I'll just switch it over to Navi mode...there!" She liked the sound of what she said. It made her look like she had done some fancy programming thing...even if it only took one button press to switch. "It's all yours!"

"Thanks!" SplashMan eyed the remaining virus pair, waiting for one of them to try and attack, and therefore become vulnerable to his attack...wait, it looked like that one just moved! Without missing a beat, he aimed the needle attack towards the guilty party, and put everything he had into the execution, which allowed them to drop with just a little extra power. The three needles fell from the sky, all headed towards the Gaia that had appeared to try something...

However, he wouldn't get a chance to see if they hit immediately, as his operator was too concerned about the third virus to not send over some protection. "Battlechip, Guard2! Slot in!"

The shield covered the front of the Navi, preventing him from seeing the exact results of AquaNeedle. "Hey! Couldn't you wait a second or two later to do that?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought keeping you safe was more important."

"...Okay, okay, I get the point..." He continued to hide behind the Guard, waiting for the counterattack that would in all likelihood occur...

[Order of Turn:
1-Wait for a Gaia to begin attacking
2-AquaNeedle1 chip attack on Gaia (whichever is the first to attack) [(20+10)x3+10]
3-Guard2 chip attack (120-, Reflects an attack)
(Erm, Cereal? You confused me a bit on the Aquaneedle damage calculation. It's 20, x3, with the elemental bonus added at the end. So, not 20+10, x3. Either way, though, it's cool, but now you know)

The first two needles strike true, as the Gaia brings its hammer down for another wave of attacks. Luckily, one of them had received an extra bit of power from Splashman himself, so they did a bit more than usual. But shielding before the third attack hit, the Gaia's wave bounced harmlessly off of the Guard2 once more and... into its ally, who had just uncovered. The resulting shockwave comes dangerously close to damaging Splashman, but with the Guard gone, he's able to see the shockwave coming and leap over it. But that was a close jump... no telling how long he'd be able to keep those up.

GaiaB: 46 HP [StoneBody]
GaiaC: 79 HP [StoneBody]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 140 HP
(OOC: Odd, I always thought that elemental bonuses did apply before the multiplying. I've done it at least several times before with AquaNeedle1, and no one's said anything about it. In fact, it was calculated as 30x3 by the mods as opposed to 20x3+10. So are you absolutely sure? Since only two needles hit anyway, it doesn't affect the battle, but I would like to make it clear one way or the other. And just to avoid all confusion from my end, here's what I had listed for AquaNeedle1's damage:


Now, here's what each part means:

[(20: AquaNeedle1's damage per needle.
+10): SplashMan's Aqua-element, so he gets a 10 point boost to Aqua-element chips.
x3: The AquaNeedle series hits a total 3 times.
+10]: SplashMan has a subtype of Normal, allowing him to add 10 damage (it's actually 15 since he's above LV 10, but whatever) to the final total of a chip attack each turn of the user's choice. I chose to invoke this for AquaNeedle1.

This was all done so that AquaNeedle1 could reach a damage of 100, and thus be able to defeat a Gaia not in StoneBody status. But again, maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I would like clarification on the matter.)

(OOC: Good god, that was a long OOC...also, I forgot to list AquaNeedle1 as being Aqua element. Sure, it's obvious, but it goes against how I list action. Crud, I say!)

Not quite how he drew the idea up, but SplashMan wasn't sweating the results too much. After all, they were weakened pretty nicely now. "Okay, I wanna end this now, before anything else can go really wrong!"

Even though the Navi had the power to do that without any outside assistance, Sabrina figured it'd probably be smarter to send something over to help him out. "Right, so use this!" Her choice this time was a lovely blue cannon chip. "Battlechip, Hi-Cannon! Slot in!"

It didn't quite match SplashMan's shade of blue, but he was a man of action, not a man of fashion. He pointed the cannon forward, and waited for a Gaia to get out of StoneBody mode, as he had the past couple of times. ...There, that one seemed to be doing something! Without hesitating, he pointed his cannonized hand towards the offending virus, and fired a single blast of energy towards it.

Now, a problem was presented for him. His operator had no more Guard chips to send without warning, which meant he was a sitting duck if he did nothing, even if only one virus was left. But if she sent him another chip, there might not be enough time to attack. What to do, what to do...wait, it looked like it was starting to make a time to waste. He quickly bent over, and let the cannons on his back fire powerful twin water sprays towards the hammer wielder. Now, hopefully he hadn't been wrong about either, or else he was about to get a leg full of earthquake...

[Order of Turn:
1-Wait for a Gaia to begin attacking
2-Hi-Cannon chip attack on Gaia (whichever is the first to attack) (80)
3-Wait for the other Gaia to begin attacking
4-Water Splash sig attack on Gaia (whichever is the second to attack) (140, Aqua)]
Splashman plays it safe, jumping out of the way of the incoming shockwaves and firing a powerful cannon of energy, and another blast of water at the two Gaias after they attacked. The ranged shots finished the hammering foes off. And a clammy wind swept across the barren battlefield. I bet Sabrina's dad was impressed.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Splashman.exe: 140 HP

GET: GolemHit1
Nope, he hadn't been wrong about either. The Gaia were gone, and he had acquired his revenge on the viruses for humiliating him once before. Sure, he still took a fair share of damage from figuring out how to hit them, but he wasn't going to complain much about it. "Yeah!!! No one beats SplashMan twice!"

"Mmm." Mr. Jetto looked over the various numbers on his computer screen, and nodded. "I have to admit, you two have gotten much better. Better than I would've anticipated, to be honest."

"woohoo! You hear that, SplashMan? Even Dad thinks we're great!" She couldn't move about much, due to the limited space in the room, but Sabrina was still beaming. "We'll be all caught up to him and Brandon in no time!"

"However." That one word froze the blood and water of the operator and Navi, respectively. "It still took you a while to get the rhythm down, and you lost 30% of your HP in the process. Also, not having any Break chips at all made you take a good attack phase longer. You're still good enough to defeat them, that's for sure, but you have a long way to go before you can match either your brother's skills or mine."


A long silence could be heard throughout the house, as Sabrina and SplashMan tried to absorb all that criticism. "...I thought we did pretty good..."

"Y-Yeah..." Even without much of a face, the Navi still managed to look a bit dejected. "I guess I'll go see what we got for winning..." As he approached the victory data, he began getting a strong reading from the data...a reading similar to one of the viruses. Usually there was leftover junk data that gave it off, but never like this..."Let's see...uh, bad news. No cash..."

"Perfect..." The young woman felt nothing more like melting into the floor for the rest of the day. "Well, did we at least get chip data?"

"Yeah, but I can't analyze it here, since it's something I've never run into before. I'll send it over..."

The PET accepted the data, and quickly determined what data it was; GolemHit1. The revelation made the senior Jetto suddenly laugh. "Ha ha ha! I guess fate felt like paying me back for being that critical..."

"Well, if you'd let everyone else know what's so hilarious, I'd appreciate it."

"All right, here's the specs on GolemHit1. It attacks by sending a Cragger fist slamming down, hitting up to three enemies with its force. It's a Break chip, so you've got something for viruses like Gaia and Cragger. It also cracks panels it lands on, so you can alter terrain a little if there's something about it you don't like."

"Really? Neat! What's its power?"


"Whaaat?!" Sabrina nearly fell out of her seat at finding out she had a chip with THAT much power. "Are you serious?!"

"Yep. But keep in mind, it's a fairly inaccurate chip. So you're playing with fire if you don't use it wisely."

"Figured there'd be a catch..." She flipped open her folder, and made a couple of switches. However, her folder suddenly looked a bit different from what it had been for the previous fight. "Okay! That's all set! By the way, SplashMan, I made some trades and stuff for new chips! There's a lot of new stuff, so I won't say everything, but...I caved. The ElecReels are gone!"

"Gone, huh?" SplashMan couldn't say he wasn't happy to hear that. "Good riddance! And I guess I'll find out about the new stuff pretty soon!"

"Right! But you're not gonna find out just standing there, so how about we get busting again?"

"Okay! Battle 2, here we come!" Re-energized by the new chip information, the Aqua Navi wandered a bit deeper into the Net. It was sad, really...he was a Netopian Navi, and yet he was already moving into uncharted territory for himself...

(onward to Battle #2!)
Splashman comes accross a group of enemies. The two Bighats stand front and center, with their hands behind their back. They make their way towards Splashman at a leisurely pace, though they seem up to something, as if they either want to offer him something illegal, or stab him and take all his cash. The Melodies, by contrast, jump happily around the field, looking more like they want to play than do harm. Two Brushman sit farthur back, each just floating a few inches off the ground. They clean off the spot beneath them, creating a holy panel beneath.

BighatA: 100
BighatB: 100
MelodyA: 80
MelodyB: 80
BrushmanA: 100 (H)
BrushmanB: 100 (H)

Splashman: 140

Terrain: 92% Normal Cracked 6% Holy 2%
SplashMan could safely say that he'd never seen any of these viruses before. Then again, he'd never made it past the Gaia viruses before, so...yeah. At least it made searching a lot less boring. "Well, here we go!"

"Yep!" Despite wanting to, Sabrina didn't even try taking out a chip just yet. She had a weird feeling that her dad was about to say something...

"Hmm...Sabrina, do you have any chips with a Wind attribute?"

Sometimes intuition ruled. "Uh...I used to, but I traded it. Why?"

"Used to?" This was news to SplashMan as well. Looked like Wind was gone now...

"Well, if I failed to mention it before, some viruses are vulnerable to secondary effects. For example, did you notice how Cragger only took half damage from AquaSword? Well, a Break attack not only pierces its defense, it instantly deletes it, regardless of power. BigHat has a weakness of sorts to Wind. It blows away its glasses, which causes it to wander aimlessly, and even attack its own allies."

"Well, that's neat and all, but it doesn't do us a whole lot of good if we can't actually do that." Seriously, couldn't he wait until she could actualyl do this stuff before telling her? "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have viruses to delete. Ready, SplashMan?"

"All set!"

"All right, we'll start with something new!" She grabbed a chip featuring a picture of a penguin-like virus, then placed it into her PET. "Battlechip, IceWave! Slot in!"

The Aqua Navi suddenly felt his hand turn cold, and a look revealed that he was holding an odd snowflake-shaped thing. "Uhh...what's this?"

"Well, you, uh..." Admittedly, she had no clue exactly how to use it. She just knew it did a lot of damage. "...A little help, Dad?"

"Just gently throw it forward. It'll undulate above the ground until it hits something. Don't worry, it's more accurate than it sounds."

Well, that seemed simple enough. SplashMan threw the snowflake forward, which enlarged and snaked its way forwards towards one of the somewhat menacing BigHats. "How was that, Christopher?"

"Hmm...well, you're a Normal subtype Navi, so I figure that was hard enough to get your attack bonus from it. Next time, try to throw it a bit more softly, so it won't automatically trigger your power."


"...Battlechip, DoubleNeedle! Slot in!" Sabrina hurriedly slammed another chip into the proper slot, having received enough coaching for her Navi for the moment. "You can chat after those things are gone!"

The bow-like gun formed, and the Navi sighed because of it. "You don't have to rush me, you know..." He aimed it towards the other BigHat, and performed the equivalent of pulling the trigger, causing two arrow-like needles to shoot in rapid succession towards it.

"Who's rushing? We've got viruses to delete!" Another chip was inserted, this one featuring a Catack virus ready to fire. "Battlechip, TankCannon! Slot in! The note viruses are moving kinda fast, so make it a wide shot and try to get them both!"

As the bow faded and was replaced with the giant black cannon, SplashMan knew that something was up. She never sent chips that fast. Oh well, if she was in one of her moods, there wasn't much he could about it. Especially since he did need to be deleting viruses before they did the same to him. Setting the TankCannon to its wider shot, he positioned it towards the bouncing pair of Melody, and waited...if he wanted to get both in one shot, he had to wait for them to both get on the ground at the same time...there! The explosive shot was fired, nearly causing the Navi to stumble backwards in recoil, and for an explosion to occur in the area of the elastic viruses. From here, he decided to do nothing else; he was a little iffy on whether he hit both of them, and if that bouncing was their attack, Guard probably wouldn't work...

[Order of Turn:
1-IceWave1 chip attack on BigHatA (80+10+15, Aqua)
2-DoubleNeedle chip attack on BigHatB (50x2)
3-TankCannon1 chip attack on MelodyA and MelodyB (80)
The chunk of ice crashes into the first bighat, shattering its data completely in a single hit. Splashman then fires two needles into the other Bighat, finishing off the pair. He then fires a massive gun at the two melodies, but the one bounces over the blast and escapes deletion. While in the air, it attempts to land on Splashman but the navi moves out of the way of the bounce, keeping in perfect health.

MelodyA: 80
BrushmanA: 100 (H)
BrushmanB: 100 (H)

Splashman: 140

Terrain: 92% Normal Cracked 6% Holy 2%
Well, that went about as well as he could've hoped. SplashMan faced the remaining Melody and BrushMen, wondering if they could even end the battle on this turn. Sure, it didn't look like the latter were going to do much, but they had those weird panels below them, and he didn't like that. "So, can someone explain to me exactly what's with the panels below the BrushMen?"

"Oh, I can!" Sabrina raised her hand for absolutely no reason. "They're called Holy Panels. Anything that's standing over one takes half the damage they usually would! So, if you shot one with a Hi-Cannon, it'd only do 40 instead of 80 like it usually would!"

"So, it's like they have twice the HP? Ugh, it's the Cragger all over again..." The Navi extended his arm, in anticipation of a chip. "AquaSword, please!"

"...Nope! We're going to end this battle this turn, and without AquaSword!"

"And how do we do that?"

"First, we should take care of that Melody! We need high accuracy, so..." Her choice was a green cannon, with gray trim. "Battlechip, MarkCannon! Slot in!"

An identical cannon formed on SplashMan's forearm, and promptly began to move its cursor around in search of an enemy. He had to do some of the work manually, to make sure it didn't target a BrushMan, but it soon locked on to something near the music note virus, preferably the music note virus. The cannon jerked his arm towards its crosshairs, and let out a blast...but this one seemed slightly more powerful than a usual MarkCannon shot. He had made sure that once was enough, and added some extra oomph.

"Okay, that's one more down. Next...we're healing you from that last battle!" A chip featuring a +80 became the latest victim of the black hole known as the chip insertion slot. "Battlechip, Recover80! Slot in!"

The Navi glowed white for a moment, as all of his hammer-induced damage from the previous fight was eliminated from his systems. "Perfect! I feel like a new Navi!"

"Good, then you'll be fine with a new chip!" Sabrina grabbed the newest chip in her arsenal, and looked it over a bit. Was it really okay to just use it all of a sudden like that? ...Eh, she was thinking too much about it. "All right, get ready! Battlechip, GolemHit! Slot in!"

"GolemHit?" While that was not, in fact, all he wanted to say, SplashMan didn't have the chance to speak his mind. A large, gray, stone fist suddenly dropped from the sky in the area of the brush viruses. "...What the hey?!"

"So that's GolemHit? Wow, that was kinda...quick. And probably painful for the BrushMen if it hit them. But...if it did, we're in good shape!" The final chip of the turn was inserted; it featured some Navi firing a gun-like attachment on his arm. Seriously, who was that Navi? "Battlechip, Spreader! Slot in!"

A similar gun formed over the Navi's arm, but he was clearly confused by the choice. "Uh...lemme go over the math. A BrushMan has 100 HP. Since holy panels halve damage, GolemHit did 70. Spreader will also be halved to 15, so they'll have 15 HP left. Unless Spreader has some holy panel cancelling effect..."

"Nope, it doesn't."

"Then why the heck did you send it to me?!"

"Because GolemHit did. Don't forget, it can crack panels. And that overrides the holy panels, so they'll take full damage now!"

"Oh yeah...neat! Guess I should get used to being able to make cracked panels..." He wasted no time in taking quick aim and firing the single shot, which soon spread into several in order to pepper the area with blasts. Now, to wait for the dust to settle, and see if everything was done...

[Order of Turn:
1-MarkCannon1 chip attack on MelodyA (70+10, locks on)
2-Recover80 chip on SplashMan (80, Recovery)
3-GolemHit1 chip attack on BrushManA and BrushManB (140, Break, cracks panels)
4-Spreader1 chip attack on BrushManA and BrushManB (30)]
Splashman manages to get a lock on the remaining Melody without much trouble and takes it out with a quick blast. He then slams both Brushman with the Golemhit, taking out their protective flooring. Each one then relocate itself and starts brushing again. However, Splashman manages to gun one down before I can complete its work, though the other one, having moved out of the spread's range, survives and once again sits in its own little haven.

BrushmanA: 30 (H)
BrushmanB: DELETED!

Splashman: 200

Terrain: 90% Normal Cracked 6% Holy 1% Missing 3%
(OOC: Shouldn't Recover80 have bumped SplashMan's HP back up to its max of 200?)

"Darn, they moved!" SplashMan looked over the final virus, wondering exactly how they were going to finish it off. He could probably do it himself, but better safe than sorry...

"Well, we COULD just MarkCannon it, but that would be boring and non-watery, and I know you wouldn't want that. So, we're going to go with this!" Sabrina pulled out three identical Lark pictured chips, and placed them in her PET one right after the other. "Battlechip, WideShot! Triple slot in!"

The water blaster formed on the Navi's arm, who didn't seem all too surprised. Sure, three was overkill, but again, better safe than sorry..."Well, time to wrap this up!" Luckily, WideShot was a simple chip attack, in that all he had to do was aim and fire. And considering how many time he had used WideShot before...yeah. He almost didn't even have to think in order to do it; he just positioned it towards the BrushMan, and let it rip that wonderful wave of water. However, he aimed a little to the left with the second shot, and to the right with the third. Had to make sure that virus didn't get away...

[Order of Turn:
1-WideShot1 chip attack on BrushManA (60+10, Aqua)
2-WideShot1 chip attack on BrushManA (60+10, Aqua)
3-WideShot1 chip attack on BrushManA (60+10, Aqua)