Sunshine in Netopia (EVENT!)

A flash of light streamed down at the Netopia area, landing Alphonse safely onto the ground. He looked around and felt the shiver of nostalgia over his body.

"Heh, haven't changed at all"


"Roger that!"

[Event Battle #1 Commencing]
Warping into the area, Stringer notices Alphonse close by. "Hey, you're one of the Navis from the NetSquare, right? I guess you're here to find the thieves too, then." Putting forth his gloved hand, Stringer introduced himself, "I'm Stringer, thread manipulator extraordinaire, at your service."
"Oohh? Another strange navi! You can finally make a friend weird as you, Alphonse!"

" 'Strange'? A gentleman personality is strange? He and I share the similar personality of what a man should be!"

"Yea yea, what ever you say...Let's get on with the thief searching!"

"Roger...*turning to Stringer* My name is Alphonse, also at your service...Now, how about getting little action into our dull life?"
"I like the sound of that. We should probably wait for anyone else that might come through the portal, but after that, it's no prisoners on those stupid thieves." laughed Stringer.

Picking up his PET, Donell spoke up, "That wasn't funny, Stringer."

"Donell!" yelled Stringer, "Where have you been?!"

"Out," said Donell flatly. "Jeez..." sighed Stringer, "well... looks like we'll be getting into some action soon, so don't leave again!"

"Fine, fine..." said Donell, falling onto his couch, dropping his Battlechips on the table next to him, grabbing a remote, and flipping his TV on to pass the time.
"*YAWN!*...Damn, there wasn't anything we could find around here!"

"Sneaky Ruffians! I just hope we can do something today!"

"What ever...I'm gonna get somethin' to eat"

"I could've been finishing a book or two rather than wasting time...and some peppermint teas..."
Winter steps out of the Netopian portal, not sure what to expect this time... and finds it to be somewhat more pleasant than the Onsen was. She steps away from the portal, just in case someone else comes through it, and glances about the area around her. So this is Netopia's Network... she thought as she said "Any sign of our target?"

Jared took a few moments to run a few traces and some other inquiries before speaking in a calm voice... "There are tracks leading away from the portal to your left that match the targets' signatures. There's also 2 Navis nearby, though their signatures do not match those of the assailants. Come to think of it, both of them are from the party."

"Aye, I see them." She spots the two Navis... One appears to be little more than a butler, while the other looks like some sort of guard. Appearences can be deceiving. Winter closed her cloak about her before gracefully walking over to the other Navis...

Once she came within easy earshot of the two, she began speaking to them in her usual cool, yet pleasant, tone... "Are the both of you here chasing after the Navis who crashed the party at the Net Square?"

" *mouth full of foods* Bua? vommting habbn?"

"...Clean up your manners for once, *sigh*. Anyways, we got a new company to aid our search"

Alphonse gave a noble bow towards Winter, ending with a pride smile. "My name is Alphonse, and my friend is Stringer. I'll be taking that you are here to aid us?"

Alphonse looked out into the Netopia area, still wondering the whereabout of the sunshine criminals. "Nothing yet?...Man this is getting way boring", "Patients is a Virtue, K", "Patients my ass, speed and power is what you win in a fight!", ...I really do wonder how you survive in your primitive live of yours...

((The Bold Italic text is Alphonse thinking -___________-))
Aduro came through the portal in a flash of fire and light. He soon was hovering a few inches above the ground, watching his new allies with a hawk's eye. His face reamined stern and unchanged as he looked down at each one, making eye contact before saying, "I am Aduro." He slowly flapped his wings and let himself fall to the ground. His wings where still bruning and crackling, dropping soot at his feet. He moved them around his body, only letting the fire from his ankles still be seen. He was a giant fireball right now. "What is the plan?" He said, wanting to get started on this mission.

Adam looked at each of the various Navi's as well and said, "I am Adam. I am the operator of Aduro. Don't mind him he is over serious. Not much of the joking type I am afarid. I am here for that," Adam said with a smile on his face. Adam got up from his station at the party, to take note of the other people and get more food. He soon sat back down however and said, "We are good to go once you guys give the cue."

Aduro nodded in agreement with his Operator as he waited.
"*sigh* Oh dear, another fire type navis...I really do wonder if I should have my E.L.E.M.E.N.T. configurated. Anyways, we need all the help we can get, so no time to nag"

"*half a sleep* HUH?! wah?...Who cares...*ZZZZZZZZZZ*"

Alphonse approached Aduro despite his searing fireball and his flaming apperance. Calmly, he lets out his hands to give him a "gentle introduction". "Well, how do you do. My name is Alphonse, my friend here is Stringer, and this lovely lady is Winter. Sorry to ruin your fun, but neither of us knows where the criminals have fled to."

" *ZZZZZ* "

"...Please excuse my partner, he's a bit...disoriented."
as nikko went through the portal she landed face first in front of the navi team in netopia as she got up she rubbed her face carefuly as she still had the rageclaw equiped.

"MEOW! that hurt."
"seems like you landed in netopia."
"and it looks like theres some navi's other navi's here."
"ya. looks like it."

nikko then walked up to the other navis.

"helo. my name is nikko.exe, seems like we are all teaming up."

then timmy's face appered next to nikko in a little screen.

"my name is timmy, nikko's operator."
A bomb sails through the air, gathering brightness as it descends on the crowd near the portal--
nikko quickly sees the bomb, jumping back quite aways to avoid it.

"EVERYONE! get back! were are under attack!!!"
"damn! looks like the enemy got a premptive strike!"

Nikko then got on all fours and ran away from were the falling bomb, unsure of how big it's blast radius was.

jump back
warn others
run away quickly
Winter is startled as Jared shouts suddenly "Winter! Incoming!" causing her to react quickly to the new threat... She uses the power of wind to leap side-ways at great speed while getting a good look at the incoming weapon... That's no ordinary bomb... with this thought she increases her speed to get out of it's possible blast radius... Jared could only watch and cross his fingers...

1-3: Wind-assisted mad-dash away from the bomb's landing zone.
"Aw jeez... Hey Donell, any ideas?" asked Stringer.

"I dunno, use your string or something," mumbled Donell, ripping open a bag of chips.

Sighing, Stringer replied, "You're so useless... but I suppose that is a good idea."

Throwing his right hand forward, Stringer shot 5 threads out at the bomb, trying to catch it in midair so he could fling it away to where nobody would get hit. And just for safety, Stringer jabbed his left hand out to the side, shooting out strings at a nearby sign and reeling himself in, in order to both gain momentum on the throw and get out of the way if he can't catch the bomb.

1: Attempt to catch and throw bomb in midair with strings.
2-3: Pull self as far away as possible/Try to gain momentum if he can throw it.
Aduro watched as the others arrived, one of which being a cat type Navi. He scoffed as he watched her move and speak with her operator. Smacking his forehead, Aduro began to move around the area, scouting around for any danger. "We seem to be clear. For now." He reported to Adam. No sooner had he finished the sentance, had his eyes caught sight of the bomb soaring towards him. Adam let out a sigh, "Irony is a fickle beast huh? Better move. That bomb could be small, or really freaking huge."

Aduros eyes widened as his wings unfolded from his body. He flapped them quickly, moving to the right of the portal as fast as he could. Fire trailed from his as he flew, leaving traces of soot on the ground.

1-3 Fly away from the portal.

"Che! A Surprise attack!"

" *Waking up* HUH?! Wah? Finally some action?"

"Yes, it's action alright...K! Send me a Shotgun chip!"

" Huh?!...Alright. SENDING SHOTGUN!!"

Alphonse immediatly switched his arms into a shotgun and aimed it towards it. Behind his rash actions, he was running backwards as fast as he could while putting his gun up high. Alphonse was hoping the shot gun's shot radius would at least hit the bomb mid air while he was distracted dashing away from the area. "COWARDS!!", Alphonse yelled with top of his lung and shot the massive bullets towards it, hoping to eliminate the threat.

1: Run away from the threat
2: " (<- Ditto)
3: Use Shotgun to blast the bomb mid-air
The bomb is caught--then shot! But the resulting explosion engulfs the area in a field of smoke!

"GOGOGO!" The Navis hear a voice, as shadows storm into the smoke--

Seconds later, they're facing an army of virii lead by a HeelNavi! Some of them were stationary viruses--they must have carried them in under the cover of smoke!



Alphonse: 120
Aduro: (Needs a Signature.)
Stringer: 100
Winter: 100
Nikko: (Needs to fix Signature. How do you have +3 chips, +1 Speed, and +50HP?)

Battle start!
"An ambush?!! Che, they're worse than cowards. Everyone! Listen to what I say!"

Alphonse quickly looked over all of his allies and saw what type of attacks and potentials they had. "We need to work together to heavily inflict them with out getting hurt our selves. First things first! Everyone uses their shotgun or a multi-damaging chip, that means you Nikko and your Boomerang chip! I'll try to use all of my Heatshot against the Moloko since they're weak against fire. Winter will use her ice attacks to make the field into ice, rendering the enemies evasion lower. Stringer will use his string attack to tie the Heelnavi so he won't use a chip against us! And everyone, I pray that you will survive!!"

((GO people GO!!))

PS/EDIT: ((Sorry Rinku...I don't know what you navi has TT-TT))
((..... we're screwed! :ph43r: ))

He's certainly done his homework... though how much he knows is still up for debate... Winter thought as she instead responded with "Aye, that's a plan." She then spoke to her Net-Op "Jared, I'll need all of the gun chips and a sword, fast!" Jared was already sending the data... "I see them and I'm already sending the data. Be careful, I'll tell you more once I do a more detailed scan."

Winter rapidly chanted her spell, then quickly cast Crystal Spire to freeze the ground in a rapidly expanding circle of permafrost around her... The spire erupted from the ground beneath one of the Molokos in an attempt to knock it off-balance and line it up with another Moloko for Alphonse's Heat attacks...

The promised chips materialized in the form of a Rapier in it's sheath at Winter's left hip and a collection of magic wands that hung from the sash about her waist... As they appeared, Winter began to glide gracefully across the ice, lining up her first attack while selecting a wand... Then Jared interrupted "Winter, watchout, those are Gaia! Get off of the ground, NOW!" GAIA?! She immediately aborted her attack, pointed the Cannon-Wand at the ground, activated it, and took to the air like a home-sick meteor, hoping she'd managed to avoid what was surely about to happen...

There was no time to warn the others...

1: Freeze the ground and attempt to knock Moloko B in-line with Moloko A for Alphonse's attack using Crystal Spire (20 Aqua + Freeze Terrain)

2: Move into a better position for an attack....

3: Abort attack, and evade the enemy by taking off into the sky with a Cannon for a quick boost. (Winter is capable of controlled flight.)
Sorry abou lack of sig. Fixed it.

Aduro coughs as the smoke hits the area around him. He is a rather far distance away from the group of Virii that attacked. He looked over their staggering ranks in disbelieve as they appeared. "Not good." He said. "Adam? Help!" Adam nodded and sent in one shotgun chip. "Ok here's the plan," Adam started, "send your fire seeds attack at the gaia's. Then attack something with that shotgun. This is going to be a VERY slow process for us. Buckle down and hold out. Bear with the tide." Aduro nodded, not at all looking forward to this battle.

Aduro brought himself to the ground and grounded himself. He started to form the fire seeds while listening to the oders being issued out by one of his teammates. He nodded in agreement, not quite understanding everything that was going on. He formed the three seeds and juggled them, while picking out his targets. He soon sent all the seeds towards one of the gaias. He took to flight again and brought up his shotgun chip. He took aim at the two wall virii. The shot caused him to fly back into the air. He held wings firm while he was preparing to fly. Soon he was off and hovering a few inches above the ground. He was moving around to a different postion, trying to avoid damage.

"Ok not bad. We need to see how our teammates do as well in this. We will all need to work together for this to work," Adam said.

1) Fire Seeds at Gaia A -60 fire-
2) Shotgun to Wall A -50 splash
3) Dodge

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