Insert witty feline title here!

From one area to the next in a flash, Nyan emerged from a blue pillar as she entered the new area known as Yoka. She had never been here before, at least as far as she could remember, so she looked forward to the new experience. She always looked to test her abilities in new situations. Nyan would use them as tests to assess her adaptability as well as her skills in different terrain and climates.

Well then, all that's left is for the twins to show up, and then we can scout the area. She stated swiftly, as looked around the area to take in the scenery.

[Mmhmm! I can't wait to see how you do in this new place! Maybe we can even get you some aqua chips, huh?] Mira cheerfully added, as the two waited for their companions.

((Battle 1 ready when fera arrives))

A sudden exclamation came from behind Nyan, accompanied by a crashing sound. The source of the sound came to be from a certain mischievous feline, who had somehow found it amusing to crash onto the ground, breaking some of the paneling with her jump. Of course, Raki hadn't done it with her bare hands, but with the help of some peculiar-looking spiked knuckles. Ouch, those looked painful.

Meanwhile, the other side of the pair decided on a much more elegant entrance, whereupon Riki simply walked in, wielding an impressive-looking Sharo-designed Rk-95 assault rifle. Sighing at the damage Raki had done, Riki simply looked at Nyan with a forced smile, which looked like it was saying, "Sorry about her!" In any case, it was Raki who broke the silence, who exclaimed with gusto, "Forwaaard!"

[Battle 1 - Ready!]
- Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
The Twin and the military navi walked passed various pools of water, warm and cold, as they across Yoka Netwok. They came across a group of viruses huddled around a warm circle of coals as they warmed them selves up after a nice, cold bath. Shivering, the viruses saw the three felines and began to prepare...but still preferring to stay near the coals!

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP
MagneakerC: 70 HP
MagneakerD: 70 HP
MudfeeshA: 60 HP
MudfeeshB: 60 HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Coal (Center)

Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP

Throwing around some mock punches, Raki amused herself by moving ahead, shadow-boxing imaginary viruses. Riki trailed behind, sweeping her vision left and right, searching for their enemies, as well as making sure Raki didn't accidentally get herself into some kind of troublesome situation. Of course, that didn't take very long, as Raki stopped her play and put up a hand to her forehead to look ahead. Squinting her eyes, she spotted a six-strong group of viruses, four of one kind, and two of another.

"What's the composition, sis?" inquired Riki, seeing her sister scope out the enemy for once.

"Looks like a four-strong bunch of 'neakers... and two others I don't recognize. They don't look like they're Aqua-type," reported Raki, scratching her ear as her tail flicked about, thinking about how best to rush into the situation guns blazing. She was rather disappointed to find that she wasn't going to rip apart some water-based viruses, but another thought came into her mind, and she snapped her fingers with a grin. "Hm, doesn't matter. We'll shred 'em to pieces. Scottie, send me the chip we got earlier, will you? The extra-sharp one, if you please~" said Raki, emphasizing the last statement with a tone laced with sweetness. Markus cringed visibly at the sickly-sweet words, and complied with the request immediately.

Even Riki was slightly taken aback by the voice her sister was using, halting her strategizing for a moment. However, she regained her composure quickly, and looked at the composition of the viruses. With a certain battlechip, she could take out a chunk of the viruses using elemental exploitation... "... Ah, Mark, could you send me the CornShot too?" said Riki, drawing back slightly as Raki materialized the Boomerang in her hand. Tapping the side of the visor on her head, she activated their usual defense systems, giving Raki some stronger armor, and for herself, an energy barrier.

"Ah, of course, I'm sendi--"

"Let's go!!"

Markus sent down the CornShot to Riki, just as Raki leapt up into the air, and spun around hard, sending the metallic boomerang far into the enemy lines. With luck, it would shear through the fish, and maybe catch a stray robot lizard in the meantime. Riki went into a prone position quickly, and loaded the CornShot's ricochet data into a few bullets. With her brow furrowed, she pulled the trigger, and let off a solid round of fire.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---

[1] Synchro Defense @ Raki [20 HP Casing + 1-Hit Shield] + Riki [20 HP Barrier]
[2] Raki: Boomerang1 @ Mudfeesh A/B + Magneaker D [Wood 60 + Arc Attack] [+100% Elec] {B}
[3] Riki: CornShot1 @ Magneaker A/B/C [Wood 50 + Trick Shot Spread 2] [+100% Elec] {A}
Nyan began her tactical analysis of her surrounds immediately as the viruses came into sight. The terrain was fairly basic on the outer area but there was the more unique heated coals around which the viruses stood around. This also drew her attention to the enemies. No matter how she looked at them they certainly didn't give off the feel of the aqua types that the twins had mentioned early. Mira, we have 6 enemies... and they certainly don't give off the feel of a water element. We should defeat them quickly. Nyan advised her Operator, hoping to try out that new chip she had received in the last battle.

[No problem, Nyan! I'm sure you can handle 'em fine. Let's go!]

The feline navi began to plan a tactical assault, taking into account the position of the enemies and overlapping it with the trajectory of her attack. Being huddled together it made them sitting ducks, and to a cat there was no better prey. Nyan rushed forward, and then to the left as she kept her eyes on the group, waiting for the moment where the most bodies lined up. As if playing a slot machine, she came to a complete halt as the jackpot presented itself.

Mira, I need that dash attack!

[You got it, Nyan.]

A Mira tossed the chip into the PET, Nyan darted towards the cluster of enemies, her claws extending from her fingertips. Her body filled with power as she absorbed the data, her legs bending slightly before pouncing at an incredible speed shooting forward. In a flash she moved through the enemies delivering a series of slashes as she passed by each member of the gathering, until she arrived on the other side. She planted her feet hard and extended the claws on her feet to slow herself. Spinning around she aimed to face what was left of them, keeping on her toes to prevent a counter attack by an angry virus looking for revenge.


1) Tactical movement - Line up as many enemies as possible

2) DashAttack - 90 dmg + Impact + LineAttack(5) - Accuracy: C - MagneakerA / B / C, MudfeeshA / B

3) dodge
The three felines did not waste anytime jumping right into the battle, throwing group attacks one after another in hopes to finish the viruses in one fell sweep. Nyan's speedy attack devastated a good number of her target while Riki and Raki's attack wasn't so perfect. Their attacks missed the majority of the viruses, but still managed to delete a few of them. The remaining viruses tried to attack back, but only met with either a speedy evasion or barriers

MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
MagneakerD: DELETED
MudfeeshA: DELETED
MudfeeshB: 60 HP

Terrain: 65% Normal, 30% Coal (Center), 5% Mud

Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP [5 HP Casing + 1-Hit Shield] [5 HP Barrier]
"Hah!" exclaimed Raki, as she repelled a Mudfeesh's attack by redirecting its flop towards the ground. "Scottie, RageClaw, now!" she ordered, as she leapt out at the fish with ardent fervor. Markus had to restrain himself from flipping out all over the place and slotted in the chip just as Raki reached the mud-tracker. Riki merely watched from the sidelines, hoping her defenses would stay for the course. Raki, meanwhile, already had her claws out, which were immediately enveloped by the data from the RageClaw.

"Watch me, Nyan! This is what busting is all about!" said Raki, as the clacking of the mechanical RageClaw emphasized her statement, shining in the light. At first, she made a quick stab at the fish, leaping past it with her previous momentum. After that, she spun about, and, in an unorthodox move, switched the claws over to her feet, executing a roundhouse kick that was aimed to cleave the fish even more with some powerful leg strength.

Shortly after, the claws on her feet were retracted, and she planted her hands on the ground, and vaulted herself over the fish. With her landing, she aimed to end her acrobatic sequence with a downwards strike, aiming to finish off the target by raking it in half. "Ahahahaha!" laughed Raki, eliciting an uncomfortable look from Riki and Markus. "She really knows how to show off those moves, doesn't she," said Markus, scratching his hair absently. "Y-Yeah..." replied Riki, gripping the handle on her rifle tightly.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---

[1] Raki: RageClaw1 @ MudfeeshB [Null 40 + Slashing] [5/6] {B}
[2] Raki: RageClaw1 @ MudfeeshB [Null 40 + Slashing] [4/6] {B}
[3] Raki: RageClaw1 @ MudfeeshB [Null 40 + Slashing] [3/6] {B}
Satisfied with her confirmed kills, Nyan ran a hand through her hair as she took a moment to survey the remaining enemies. Mira, only two enemies are left. I suggest giving me a rage claw so I can clean up here. The navi requested, as her eyes locked onto the magneaker. She also caught note of Raki charging the mudfeesh without hesitation, as she shot a remark her way. Nyan was uncertain if she was supposed to take this as some sort of challenge or not. Is that so hmm? I won't lose to her. Nyan's tail twitched back and forth at the thought of some friendly competition, something she normally never would have considered. She lost her usual professional demeanor as her claws extended and fortified with the power of the rageclaw.

Nyan dashed forward to the magneaker, her claws prepped and ready to dig into something as she approached. Oh? Is that so? How about I show you some military-class busting then! The feline retorted as she closed the gap, her right arm drawn back for a strike as her left crossed in front of her as a guard. With a swift motion her hand lashed out from the side, a sweeping strike which drew her body to rotate. Wasting no time with a follow up Nyan's left hand moved from its position, this time raising up above her head, before bring it diagonally across her opponent as she faced him once more. The one-two slash combo was efficient and quick, and more then enough to finish the opponent but something drew her to lash out once more.

Her body in a croutched position from the downward slash, her legs tensing for a moment before leaping straight up. The claws on her feet became empowered with the rageclaws strength as Nyan shifted her body weight forward, her hands swinging downward to get some momentum. Nyan's body flipped forward mid air, as her right leg lifted as high as her flexible form could take. Using gravity to its fullest the cat brought the full weight of her body, the force of the rotation, and the swing of her leg all down from above all focused into a single slash of her claws. She was confident it would rend her opponent into ribbons.

Nyans feet touched down as the claws retracted, her coat fluttering behind her for a moment before setting once more against her back. A satisfied grin began to form as her tail swayed happily behind her. Too easy.


1) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing - 5 uses - Accuracy: A @ MagneakerA

2)RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing - 4 uses - Accuracy: A @ MagneakerA

Ability: Swordplay - Parry

3) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing - 3 uses - Accuracy: A @ MagneakerA
Anyone up for some electric-grasshopper and muddy-fish fillet?

No? Have some rewards instead.

MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED
MagneakerC: DELETED
MagneakerD: DELETED
MudfeeshA: DELETED
MudfeeshB: DELETED

Terrain: 65% Normal, 30% Coal (Center), 5% Mud

Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP

Nyan.EXE: 500z
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 550z
Static: +2 FXP
"Nyahahaha! Not bad, Nyan, not bad at all! Pick up some moves, eh?" laughed Raki, completely ignoring that Nyan probably thought up the moves herself. Being self-centered was a bit of a draw on her. "Well, that's that, let's see what we've got," she said, walking back to the virus that she had just made a sashimi platter out of.

"Hmmm..." muttered Raki, as she picked up a piece of the Mudfeesh she had just sliced up. Hey, even if she was a reckless fighter, she knew finesse. Even better, the virus hadn't disintegrated like the rest, giving her a chance to examine its remains. It... looked a little slimy. Didn't look much like dinner, maybe some wasted piece of sashimi someone accidentally dropped in the mud. "Whatever," she shrugged. Making sure her back was turned to the rest of the team, she went to sample some of it. "Time to eat~"

Riki was examining some of the leftover data from the battle, and was disappointed to find that there was a distinct lack of battlechip data. "Still nothing, Mark," sighed Riki, sending up the Zenny packets up to the PET. "... Eh, it's okay. Just... follow your sister and make sure she doesn't do anything bad," said Markus, not really caring about this "NetBattling" business in the first place. Nodding to Markus, she noticed Raki was hunched over something, and thought she might have found something. Walking over, however, allowed her to see Raki spitting something out with fervor.

The latter noticed the former's approach, and stood back up. "... What were you doing, sis?" inquired Riki, seeing a rather unpleasant expression plastered on Raki's face. "... They don't make very good snacks," groaned Raki, spitting over to her side as she walked forward, leaving Riki confused as she trailed behind.

Raki.EXE/Riki.EXE: 150 HP
Huh? Nyan was briefly confused at Raki's initial comment, but coming to realise her meaning she just kind of shrugged. Ahh, so that's how this one thinks... Making a mental note of one of Raki's personality traits. I suppose I should collect the data then. The feline casually spoke as she headed towards the "spoils of war" so to speak. After taking a few moments to examine the remains she was a little disappointing in lack of anything substantial in regards to chip data. She let out a brief sigh as she collected the zenny and uploaded it to the PET.

Mira meanwhile was chuckling to herself slightly, with a bright smile as she opened a channel with Nyan. She was quite amused after witnessing her Navi's performance in battle at the end, seeing as her actions were out of the ordinary for the ex-military cat. [It's nice to see you loosening up and finding a competitive spirit, heehee. You really enjoyed yourself didn't you? Even your tail is still happily darting about.] The Operator teased only to follow with another giggle as Nyans face began to turn a slight shade of red.

Th-That's... I mean... SHUSH! it's nothing like that! Nyan stammered, as she reached for her tail in desperation and tried to control her emotions and body. You're just imagining things. Turning her back to the screen as she spoke, as she began to calm herself down and regain her composure. Let's just continue, and I'll forget about your mistaken ideas.

[whatever you say, heehee~]

*battle 2 Ready*
After leaving behind the remains of the last battle, Nyan and the twin cats finally found the exotic Yoka in its fullest. A giant pool of its famous onsen was laid out before the navis are far as the eyes can see, set at the perfect temperature for the most relaxing bath one would ever take. But like with many good things in life, it's meant to be shared...right?

Of course! The viruses seemed to be helping themselves already as a group of them were lazily floating around till they saw the navis. They seemed almost reluctant to get out and get into the fighting mood after the relaxing bath, but nonetheless, they were ready to get things over with these feline intruders!

LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 100 HP
StarfishA: 60 HP
StarfishB: 60 HP
WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP
WallaC: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Onsen

Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP

Further into the Yoka network, the cats hit the jackpot; a vast spring of hot water was laid out before them in all of its magnificent form. Raki threw her arms up at the sight, crying out with elation. "Sweeeeeet!" she exclaimed, looking at all the warm water. Though one would expect cats to be rather averse to water, she wasn't too concerned about it, as she splashed around in the water, running around like a little kid would.

Riki, on the other hand, didn't like getting her nice and dry coat wet. Clutching the edges closer to her feet, she drew back from Raki, who wasn't really intending to get her sister wet. Not directly, of course. If anything, she'd just clock it up to "collateral damage" and leave Riki to stew. "Sis, stop splashing around, I don't want to get my coat wet!" whined Riki, trying as hard as she could to leap away from the splashing without making even more splashes herself.

Of course, that provoked Raki to concentrate more of her fun-seeking efforts on doing exactly that. "Siiiiis!" retorted Riki, who resorted to running ahead of her mischievous sister. That wasn't very effective, however, as the latter had quite a bit of experience in closing distances, usually to delete things. Before Raki went to pounce on her shortly-breathless sister, however, she stopped in her splashing tracks. "Whoa, whoa, hey, Riki, slow down," said Raki, catching up with her still-running sister.

"... Haa, haa, why'd... you stop... sis?" panted Riki, as she struggled to keep herself from running out of air, even though Navis really didn't breathe "air". "Larks, Starfish, aaaand some Walla, dead ahead," stated Raki, matter-of-factly. Indeed, Riki would have nearly run into them if Raki didn't stop her just a few seconds earlier. "Don't look too happy about us running in, either," observed Raki, her tail darting around, drops of water flicked about as a result.

"Mark, could you send down a ZapRing down, please?" asked Riki, who had just put up their signature double defense, now a staple precautionary measure, with how her sister acted at times. However, she opted to switch it around a little, with Raki getting the energy barrier, and her getting the armor reinforcement. That way, her coat stayed a little drier in the process as well. Markus complied, not really commenting on anything, as the coffee's invigorating effects were starting to recede. Just then, he remembered that even if his paper was ready, it still had to be proof-read, and did that in the meantime. Professor Blanchard could be a bit of an asshole with that sometimes.

Riki loaded up the ZapRing into her rifle, and aimed through the scope. Should it hit, the amplified electrical power would likely tear through the manta ray-like virus like butter. Pulling the trigger, a small, unnoticeable orange beam escaped the barrel, hopefully doing exactly that. However, as she was preparing for the next shot, a sudden force pulled her downwards into the water!

Panicking, she attempted to struggle away, but a small transmission directly into her thought processes stopped her from going any further. "Geez, relax, will you?" the transmission said. Of course, there was no one who had transmit permissions to those, except for a certain mischievous cat. "Aaaah, you almost made me drown! Couldn't you have warned me?" said Riki, noticing that the watery terrain around them didn't seem to have the HP-draining property that normal Sea CyberPanels had. That was a plus.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---

[1] Synchro Defense: Raki (20 HP Barrier + 1-Hit Shield) + Riki (20 HP Casing)
[2] Riki: ZapRing1 @ LarkA [Elec 40 + Stun1] [+200% Aqua/Onsen] {A}
[3] Raki: Pull Riki under [Submerge/Dodge]
As the group came up upon the vast pool of water, Nyan's ears drooped slightly at the thought of traversing the terrain. She didn't exactly hate the water but she certainly prefered it when it was frozen over. She gripped her coat tightly, looking down at her attire and began to worry at what could possibly occur were she to enter fully dressed. The last thing she wanted was her clothing to get soaked and smell of wet fur for the rest of the outing.

I suppose it would be the wise decision... She muttered to herself, as Nyan began to remove her boots. toss them to the side, she moved to remove her gloves, and then with a bit of hesitation she slowly began to slide off her overcoat with a bit of embarassment leaving only her icy blue bodysuit. As the clothing hit the ground, it uploaded itself to the PET so she could access it easily after they had passed through the area.

With her hands and feet exposed, a sharpened set of nails were visible on each, more then enough for the navi to fight with if need be. Nyan was more concerned with covering her upper body, as she brought her arms across her chest immediately as the coat was removed. Her foot pulled away as it touched the water for the first time, only to return once more and finally submerge as Nyan took her first few steps into the terrain.

T-this isnt so bad I guess...

As she moved a little deeper in to catch up to the twins who seemed to have rushed forward, Mira chimed in to mawk the Navi's actions just a little.

[Nyan I still dont understand why you do that. You're already doing [i]that[/i] to make 'em smaller anyways. I'm surprised you're okay with the discomfort, and after i went through all that trouble to give you larger B- ]

M-Mira, shut up! Don't say anything! The navi hissed as the fur on her tail seemed to stand on end, her ears pulling back like an angry cats, as Nyans face became flustered and red. I-it's none of your concern, just drop it.

Mira realized it was a touchy subject for the navi, and while she wanted to find out why they were a bit cut short, as they realized they were the only ones around. Nyan reluctantly took up a battle position, causing her to move her arms away from what looked like a fairly average sized chest which she had been covering. Of course, looks can sometimes be deceiving.

Let's just finish quickly. Mira, Spreader and DashAttack, ok?

[You got it kitty cat!]

Nyan materialized the chip data the moment it finished downloading, a large caliber shotgun placed firmly in her bare hands. Nyan cocked the gun with a quick pump only to lower the barrel towards her foes. Her finger twitched slightly as it pressed up against the cold trigger before squeezing as hard as she could. A large bang resounded as a hail of bullets launched forth into the crowd of enemies. It was a nice warning shot, she thought. Unfortunately she only had enough ammunition for one round, so Nyan relinquished the weapon from her grasp only to have its data fade away.

Nyan felt more limber and less restricted without the heavier clothing she was used to, and it enabled to her move more swiftly as she rushed the enemy group. She kept herself aware of the enemies around her, watching closely for their movements and actions as she approached. Planting a foot hard on the ground, she pushed off at an incredible speed, her claw like fingers slashing the area around her as she passed along her targets. Her barrage of strikes enough to rend her opponents into a pile of data if they were to be caught within it. As her speed returned to normal her feet skid along the watery panels, a wave of warm spring water kicking up into the air and then raining down softly as she came to a halt.

That should take care of a few of them. She spoke confidently, looking out across the battlefield once more to see what was left standing.


1) Spreader1 - 30 + Spread 8 - Accuracy: A @ LarkA,B,C+ StarfishA, B + WallaA, B, C

2) dodge

3) DashAttack - 90 dmg + Impact + LineAttack(5) - Accuracy: C @ LarkB, C, WallaA, B, C
Faced with the dual threat/pleasure of water and viruses, Riki began the team's offensive with a defensive and shielded herself and her sister. While Nyan concerned herself with removing her less-than-suitable clothing, Riki loaded her weapon with a ZapRing and fired, the speedy projectile striking its slowly advancing target with a satisfying crack. By this point Nyan was preparing to join the fight, now brandishing a menacing shotgun in her hands. As she moved to fire, both Starfish began firing bubbles toward the Navi group. Some of the pellets pierced the bubbles, losing their speed and leaving the Starfish unharmed. The viruses near them were not so lucky, soon having numerous pieces of shrapnel shot into them.

One of the Walla retaliated with a pair of pointed projectiles at Nyan, but she was able to easily avoid them as she rushed past the viruses with lethal intent. The Larks managed to move away as Nyan passed, but one Starfish and one Walla were not so lucky. In a smart tactical move Raki pulled her sister under the onsen water, but not before a wave of water clipped the Navi's armor and damaged it.

LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 70 HP
StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: 60 HP
WallaB: 70 HP
WallaC: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Onsen

Nyan.EXE: 150 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP [20HP Barrier/1-hit Shield] [5HP Casing] [Submerged]
Floating about in the warm waters, the twins eyed the situation from below. The waters seemed to be quite crystal-clear from their viewpoint, even though it was obscured by the steam coming off on the top. Both of them watched as Nyan shed her outer layers swiftly, and decimated a few viruses with only the standard-type bodysuit. Raki would have whistled, but being in water kind of prevented that.

"Nyahaha, doesn't that look like a fine show, Riki?" said Raki over the transmission. However, Riki didn't say anything in reply, as her eyes were intent on focusing on the military cat's moves, and how gracefully her body moved. Her tail swished about in the water as she saw the large caliber shotgun Nyan held in her arms. Modified Sharo model, Saiga 12, barebones, she thought, identifying it as a reliable model among the snow-filled region's military types.

Mesmerized by the firearm, she remembered that her hand was currently devoid of any working weaponry, blamed on the fact that she had accidentally dropped her rifle into the depths when Raki pulled her down. As she was about to reconstruct her own piece of Sharo, however, she remembered that she was currently submerged, and that guns didn't exactly fire very well underwater. Of course, that only gives me an even better option, mused Riki.

"... Unyaaaaa. Riiikiiiii. Are you theeeeere?" transmitted Raki, who had swum up to her sister and waved her hand in front of her face. A short moment passed before Riki snapped out of her gun-trance and into reality. "A-Ah! S-Sorry!" blurted out Riki, to which Raki replied with a sigh. "Spacing out on me, Riki? Geez, and she doesn't even have much up top," teased Raki, to which Riki tilted her head in confusion.

"Hey, Scottie, send me that Boomerang again. I wanna get some action in on this," said Raki roughly. Riki realized she had also yet to send any battlechip requests. "Um, Mark, CornShot and Shotgun, please!" chimed in Riki. "Mrmrnrnm," mumbled Markus, before absent-mindedly slotting in the three chips. He ran a hand through his unkempt hair, and groaned. What the hell was this thing he typed, and why did it have to be so long?

A flash of light appeared in both Raki and Riki's hands before their weapons materialized, thanks to their "projection" and "construction" abilities. Raki had a pretty big frisbee-like object, which would look perfectly normal, if not for its serrated metal edge. Riki, meanwhile, had constructed herself in her hands a huge double-barreled... thing. It would be called a shotgun with its build, were it not for the two impressive-looking torpedo-like heads sticking out of the barrels, each of them representing the CornShot1 and Shotgun data.

"A one, and a two, and away we go!" said Raki, who started off the offensive with her lethal-looking death frisbee, spinning about in the water before tossing it with all the force she could muster. Somehow, after being thrown, it propelled itself without being slowed by the water's resistance, and sliced its way out of the water, heading off to cut up some viruses.

Meanwhile, Riki brought up the torpedo launcher near her head, looking at the viruses over their heads with a digital display built into the launcher. Square crosshairs appeared over a multitude of them, with lines indicating possible trajectories the missiles would go to, optimally landing on all of them without a hitch. Her finger rested on the trigger, Riki lined up the shot as best as she could, and let loose. A powerful thump carried her backwards through the depths as the launcher fired off its payload, with some bubbles trailing behind in a pretty display.

--- Raki.EXE -- Riki.EXE ---

[1] Raki: Boomerang1 @ StarfishB + LarkB + WallaC [Wood 60 + Arc Attack] {B}
[2] Riki: CornShot1 @ LarkB/C + WallaB [Wood 50 + Trick Shot Spread2] {A}
[3] Riki: Shotgun @ WallaB/C + LarkB [Null 50 + Spread2] {A}
Nyan Licked her claws, a minor amount of data left on them after taking out two of the enemies with her flurry of slashes. She took note that she had missed over half of her targets, causing her to prepare another battle strategy as she took in the surroundings. with 5 targets left she was sure the twins could deal with some of those reliably, but her own arsenal wasn't powerful enough to take out many in one attack. Nyan had to be tactical about the remainder of the fight to do any real damage.

Taking an idea from Riki and Raki, the feline began to move forward towards what was left of the enemy. Specifically she rushed towards the Lark group, the water kicking up around her as she moved. In one fluid motion Nyan hopped into the air, or to crash back down through the water in a shallow dive forwards. Her body glided through the warm waters as she swam beneath her enemies, Nyan was trying to get in an attack from behind with hopes that they would be off guard.

Mira, i need the rage claw. I want to get up close and personal. Opening a channel to her OP to make her request. Happy to comply Mira smiled as she twirled the chip between her fingers. [No problem! Take em out, heehee!] Her voice responded as she slotted the chip in to download.

Nyan darted upwards and out of the water as fast as she could, water splashing everywhere as she broke the surface and up into the air. Water began to crystallize around her as her hands took on a lower temperature, a thin layer of frost coating them. As she reached the peak of her height she struck out at the air, freezing the moisture and sending forth two blades of ice to come crashing down from above.

Her silvery hair glistened with the water as her body began to fall, her ears drooped down not fond of the feeling of moist fur. Nyan resisted to urge of shaking to rid herself of the wetness, remaining focused on yet another target as she descended towards it. Her right hands claws became larger, stronger and more defined as she finished downloading the data of her favored chip. The distance closed, her arm drew back. In a flash her arm extended outward, as if pouncing her prey as she lashed out at the Lark.

You're finished!


1) tactical movement - dive under and behind enemies

2) Fridgid claw - (30 aqua + Slashing) x two targets ; A accuracy, shot type - 2 TCD @ Lark C, Starfish B

3) Rageclaw1 - 40 + Slashing - 5 uses - Accuracy: B @ Lark C
Finding themselves in a favorable situation, Raki and Riki armed themselves to the serrated-frisbee-teeth and prepared to proverbially open fire on the viruses above. The boomerang curved gracefully across the battlefield, albeit slowed somewhat by its travel time in the water. It sliced through the Starfish's bubbles without visible effort and finished off the virus as well. It continued through its arc, striking a Lark and subsequently embedding itself in a Walla. Ouch. The projectile disappeared after a moment and left the virus decidedly not well off. Riki's slightly less predictable projectiles spiraled through the onsen water before exiting with a splash and bursting near several targets: a doomed Lark and a soon-to-be-doomed Walla fell victim to the random whims of the Cornshot, and the Shotgun peppered the nigh-on immobile Wallas with shrapnel to finish them off.

Moving to end the battle, Nyan dove under the final virus and emerged behind it wielding a feral-looking RageClaw. She sent an icy projectile flying at the Lark as it turned around in panic and then moved in for the kill. Despite being clipped by a desperate wave attack from the Lark, her RageClaw raked across the virus's body and deleted it.

StarfishA: DELETED
StarfishB: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Onsen


Nyan.EXE: 135 HP
Raki.EXE / Riki.EXE: 150 HP [20HP Barrier/1-hit Shield] [5HP Casing] [Submerged]

Nyan: 720z, 2 FXP
Raki/Riki: 720z, 2 FXP
"Looks like that's the last of them," commented Raki, her tail swishing as she observed Nyan's cleanup of their attacks. "Hey, Riki, I'm turning off the direct transmission. It's making my head hurt from all the resource hogging," she said, to which Riki nodded curtly, and cut off the connection. She then blasted her way up with a powerful kick, while Riki looked at her beautiful torpedo launcher regretfully as it disintegrated into the ether.

As they surfaced, Raki whisked her long hair about, enjoying the sensation of the water flying off of it. Riki happened to surface just then. "Nnnn, it's all soaked..." muttered Riki, looking down at her soaked coat and slacks disdainfully. The latter only grinned mischievously through her hair as most of it covered her face. "Man, Yoka's nice. Forgot how warm this was," said Raki, ignoring her sister's pleas. Riki pinched her lips, and looked about. There didn't seem to be much viral activity around, being a gigantic pool.

Meanwhile, Raki looked over at their busting partner, who had already shed most of her clothing for attire more suited to the water, and thought of something. Her rush to battle was kind of waning, now that she re-discovered that relaxing dips were just as fun. "Hey, Riki. Think we should take a break for a bit? This is so damned nice that I don't wanna get out for a bit," said Raki.

Riki's ears perked up at the word "break", and her face brightened up. "Well, I guess that means a yes," laughed Raki. She then swam past Riki, and shouted, "Hey, Nyan, we're taking a swim for a bit here! You good for a break?!" While Raki was getting Nyan's attention, Riki opened up a communication link with Markus, while also sending in the zenny packets they received.

"Mark, we're going to take a break here for a while. Do you mind?" she said. Markus waved his hand about in a dismissive manner, his face screwed up with frustration at his haphazardly-written paper. "Nnnnnh, go ahead, go ahead," he said, closing the comms window to focus on his suffering. "Oh, poor Mark. I wonder what's wrong," muttered Riki as the connection was abruptly closed.

Suddenly, she felt some arms reach around to her front, and claws rake at her coat. She yelped as it narrowly missed her skin. A moment later, a similar occurrence caused her slacks to come loose, revealing some black undergarments. Riki quickly assumed the fetal position as a furious embarrassment overtook her. "Siiiiiiiiis!" she yelled out, eliciting a mirth-filled cackle from her mischievous sister.

"Hahahahaha, oh, man, every time," chortled Raki, quickly whipping around part of the shredded coat in front of Riki, and tying it around tightly as a makeshift wrap. Her visor was also quickly snatched away and discarded. "There, that looks nice and proper," she said. Attempting to cover herself with her arms and legs, Riki glared helplessly at her over-enthusiastic sister as she saw that she, too, had shedded some of her clothes in a similar fashion. Her bracers and shorts had been discarded, and her top had its tougher armored layer removed.
Nyan relaxed as the last enemy fell to her claws, the fight causing to overlook the previous embarrassment she was feeling. She looked around for a moment, only to breath a sigh of relief as there were no more enemies to be seen. She raised her arms to stretch but was greeting with a slight pain in her chest. As she looked down, she noticed a small nick on the right side of her ribs, not only had it cut the body suit but even cut into her bindings.

She quickly covered her upper body with her arms, though the wrapping hadn't broken. She didn't want anyone to know what she did nor risk the possibility of the bandages eventually coming undone.Oh no, I need to get my coat back from Mira before its too late The feline fretted, looking around cautiously. Of course it was the sound of Raki's voice that caused her to suddenly jump. She swung around to look towards the twins, her face slightly red as she stammered a reply. B-break? Sure, lets do that then.

Nyan quickly opened a private channel to Mira, only to be greeted with a half distracted OP. [Oh, hey Nyan. Sorry, can't talk. I'm gonna get a drink and talk to Markus a bit, heehee~ You just relax and have fun, ok?] Before Nyan could even get a word in edgewise the link was already cut, leaving the poor navi to fend for herself.

But I don't do well with others alone... don't leave me now... Her ears drooped as she thought about what she would do and say, but refusing to try and voice her feelings to her OP. Nyan still really knew nothing about the twins, other than what she had seen in these battles, nor did she know how to approach them in a proper manner. She shook her head, trying to shake the uneasy feelings from her body. Water sprayed about her as her glistening silver hair danced about, before coming to rest over her face. Unfortunately nothing had changed.

Um... was all she could muster, before looking away slightly and hunkering down closer to the water.