Exorcist had begun to think that she would never find Djinni in the steamy sauna of Yoka net, but finally, she managed to locate the genie. "Phew, that was worrisome! I'd begun to think maybe we weren't in Yoka at all," she sighed in relief, beaming a welcoming smile at her new partner.

Burt beamed a less welcoming and more eerie and unnerving smile down, seeing the two arrive at the meeting point. "Play well together and be good friends, alright Exxy?" Burt cooed, curling his lips into another creepy grin.

The navi crossed her arms across her chest, leaning inward and frowning in displeasure. "Training! This is serious training! Isn't that what you told me earlier?" she asked in exasperation.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while you train, right? She seems like a fun person to be around, ha ha ha! Maybe she'll cheer up your droll disposition a bit," her operator laughed snarkily, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"Droll? You really think I'm dull to be around?" Exorcist asked in shock, feeling slightly offended. Shaking it off, she turned back to Djinni, realizing that it was rude to ignore her ally for petty bickering with her operator.

(Waiting on Shuryou)
"You'd think I'd be used to heat by now..." Djinni whined as she waved at herself with her hand in a futile attempt to decrease the heat. Sweat was rolling off of her skin slowly as she floated around aimlessly in search of Exorcist. Eventually she saw the figure of Exorcist in the distance, noticing she was searching for her, so Djinni decided to wave her arms around wildly and headed for her. "Maybe we're in a volcano!" Djinni exclaimed happily as a reply to Exorcist's sentence, "With all the heat and steam..."

"Training, huh?" Na'im said as he held a hand against his head, his index finger close to the corner of his eye and the others close to his chin, "That is not a bad idea. We haven't really been acquiring new things, but it's still good to get a grasp on one's strategy. We'll have to formulate a proper plan to strike or it'll turn into a tragedy."

Djinni nodded and waited quietly for Exorcist to stop talking to her Operator. Once her ally had turned around, she started waving around her arms. "Let's have fun then!" she exclaimed and grabbed Exorcist's hands while shaking them happily, "To properly introduce myself, I am Djinni.EXE! I'll be in your care!"
The introduction between Djinni and Exorcist was cut short when unknown entities rose from the steaming body of water near the two. It was a pair of Larks and a group of Canodumbs aiming straight at the nearest target. The navis prepared them self for battle till something strange occurred. The steams that was filling the area started to form into a uncertain shape and created a block between the two!

This doesn't look too good to start out! Work together to overcome the viruses!

MistyA: 100 [Facing Djinni / Blocking]
MistyB: 100 [Facing Exorcist / Blocking]
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50

Terrain: 60% Normal, 30% Aqua, 10% Geyser

Exorcist: 120
Djinni: 180

"I-In my care? If you put it in such a provocative way, you'll definitely, er, provoke my netop, so to speak," Exorcist told her partner, whispering out of one side of her mouth cautiously. Unfortunately, before the two had any further time for introductions, they were swamped with viruses; even the air itself seemed to be swirling with an evil aura. The aura seemed to stop, focusing itself as a barrier between the two navis and cutting off their visual contact. "This thick fog is no ordinary facet of nature, my friend. We must be careful; I'd wager the air itself is hiding a manifestation of evil!" she warned, making some quick hand motions for divine protection.

"Ah... Your body looks really good when it's moist... It must look spectacular on Djinni's rich skin tone, if only I could see her right now," Burt commented in a low, dreamy tone, smiling down dumbly into his PET.

"Erm, I'll worry about my skin-care later Burt, for now, let's focus on the evil that's manifesting itself throughout this area," Exorcist coughed, crossing her arms again self-cautiously across her breasts. The operator responded with a dreamy nod, slotting in a few chips without really thinking about them. "I wish you'd pay attention. If you would just communicate with Na'im we could build a team strategy, you know," she sighed, frowning up at her operator. As he still seemed to be failing to respond, she discarded the idea of coordinating with him and went to thinking about the barrier of mist.

"It's hard to say for certain... but this mist must be the work of some kind of virus. I'll take a few experimental attacks and see what happens, but I must be careful not to injure Djinni, whom I'm fairly certain waits just on the other side," she reasoned, readying the single sword that Burt had sent her. "Alright, Djinni, if you can hear me, stand away from the wall. I'm going to attempt to cut it now and I'm not certain how thick it is, so we should avoid hurting each other in our attempt to down it!" she cried out, though the volume of her voice was not quite as high as intended. Holding the katana out with both hands, she quickly withdrew her elbows, then thrust it out into the mist. Withdrawing the sword, she clenched her teeth and plunged the blade back in, giving it a quick twist.

"Ah... Looking at her slender arms and belly doing all that motion... I should really keep Exorcist out of her robe more often," Burt muttered with a contented grin, leaning back for a long draw of his cola before looking back to the screen. "Heeey, buddy, you got a handle on your own navi over there?" he asked Na'im idly, not bothering to glance away from his screen.

"Could you send me another chip please, Burt? I need to deal with the rest of the viruses," Exorcist requested, looking behind her and squeezing her legs back together in a stiff position. Burt nodded, his greasy black locks bouncing up and down as he eagerly slotted in a boomerang. Exorcist exercised caution discarding the sword, looking for a way she might use it as a convenient decoy, then deployed her usual green slip of paper. "I hope it's not too damp to use," she muttered, folding it effortlessly and quickly realizing that the moisture had not softened it. "That's a relief," she sighed, pausing to line up her trajectory with the larks. Once she'd gotten it how she liked it, she released the boomerang towards the group and hoped for its impact, keeping her eyes trained on the viruses for a counterattack.

1) Katana1 to MistyA and B [60] and Misty A [60]
2) Katana1 to MistyA and B [60] and Misty B [60]
*) Swordplay
3) Boomerang to Lark group [65]
4) Dodge
"Gwah!" Djinni exclaimed as she slid away from the stream of water purely out of reflex. Turning her head to the side, she grinned behind her veil and started to speak. "They almost seperated us, Exorcist," she said, but then realized she was speaking to nothing. Then Djinni heard a sigh coming from her Operator and turned her head towards the sky.

"You really did get seperated," Na'im said with a hand at his forehead, "We had better get to the other side to help Exorcist. Maybe Burt can help u-" Na'im's voice stopped abruptly as he noticed the look on Burt's face. Na'im sighed again and turned back to his PET. You'd almost think we switched Navis... Na'im thought as he checked his chips, raising his eyebrows as he came across one. "This is interesting... Didn't notice the creation of this one. It ought to create some fun," Na'im said and slotted in the chip.

The flames coming from Djinni's clothes increased in size and started to swirl around her. "What... Is this...?" Djinni muttered as she looked around while raising her hands to look at them properly. She then realized the existence of a stream of coding going through her body at full speed, causing her eyes to widen and her pupils to disappear. Eventually her entire body was engulfed with flames except for her eyes that were staring into nothingness. "Element Shift!" Djinni shouted, causing the flames to change their color to a bright yellow and generating electric sparks in the shape of flames. Slowly, almost as if it were taking a lot of effort on her side, Djinni brought her hands to each other in front of her face and kept them close to each other. "Complete Shift!" Djinni shouted and pulled her two hands away from each other, causing the flames to shatter and reveal her new form.

Na'im whistled softly and held a chip between his two of his fingers. "Let's see what you can do now, Djinni," Na'im said and sat back, sometimes glancing at Burt to see what kind of perversities he was busy this time.

Exploring her new form, Djinni looked at the gauntlets that covered her hands, after raising them, and felt an immense energy forming inside of it already. "This is..." she muttered and held her hands on top of the cannons that were positioned on her shoulders, "Broadside...? But wait..." After asking herself this, she looked at her left hand again and got an annoyed look on her face. "I didn't get the giant weapon," she muttered, but then felt a surge of data flowing through her mind about her new weaponry, "So that's it..." Without any physical indication, she made the saucer at her bottom start to spin. Faster and faster, until the saucer became a blur and completed the generation of the electric energy that became visible around Djinni. Holding the shoulder cannons in her hands, she took them off of her body effortlessly and held the right one close to her left arm. Connecting the cannons to her left arm, she decreased the electric field to her left arm which caused a fusion of the parts to form Broadside's signature weapon 'the Deletion Cannon'. "And now our bond has been completed," Djinni said as she looked at the weapon, "Broadside..." Instantly Djinni aimed the weapon at the Misty that had been blocking her and executed the attack. Two parts extended from the weapon, changing the initial shape as cannon to that of a crossbow, and sent forth a beam of focused electric energy at the enemy.

"But we've seen Broadside multiple times... If we do what he does, we'd just be mimes," Na'im said and thought for a few seconds as he rubbed his chin, "How about your movement speed? Check, then go for their defeat."

"Will do," Djinni said, her personality slightly altered as if wanting to imitate Broadside, and seperated the cannons from her Deletion Cannon, putting them back onto her shoulders again. As soon as they were connected once again, she made them emit flames from the rear end which made her capable of strafing through the enemies' ranks. As she did this, she brought her hands together and, through a mechanism inside her new armor, opened up a hole in the palm of each hand. From the holes came concentrated flames, which were then collected in a large orb between her two hands. Once the orb had reached its peak capacity Djinni thrust out the orb to the cannon-shaped enemies while keeping one of her arms held out towards it to move it along the enemies in an attempt to destroy more.

1. BroadsideCross LV1 [Elec/Break; +10 Elec]
2. Deletion Cannon - Custom [60 ELEC; 2 TCD] @ MistyA
3. Dodge
4. FireBurn1 [50 FIRE; Strikes Up To Three Enemies; Ranged] @ Cannondumb Group
Exorcist cut her sword through the Mistys seemingly doing no damage at all. While she hacked away at the clouds, Djinni activated a Cross, taking on a more armoured form. With a few more quick slashes and some fancy footwork, the two hazy viruses were deleted, clearing the way for Djinni's Deletion Cannon. However, her target having been already deleted, the deadly particle beam cut past Exorcist and zapped a Lark instead. The virus let out a squeal before disintegrating into a fine mist of data.

Exorcist chucked her Boomerang at the remaining viruses, while Djinni spewed a swath of flames. The combination of attacks wiped out the last Lark and Cannondumb array and secured a clear victory for the pair.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: DELETED

Terrain: 60% Normal, 30% Aqua, 10% Geyser

Exorcist: 120
Djinni: 180

[Battle 1 - Victory]

Exorcist get: 500z + 2 FXP
Djinni get: 500z + 2 FXP
Still in her movements, Djinni came to a halt and changed her direction towards Exorcist's position. She floated towards her ally and stopped in front of her, tilting her head forwards to look at Exorcist's face. Holding a hand on the right side of her helmet, causing the visor to disappear into the helmet, she started to talk to Exorcist. "Are you hurt?" Djinni asked as she stared at Exorcist, "After I shot my weapon at the enemy, I noticed you through the mist. But I was already in motion so I couldn't stop as easily to check how you were doing... I'm sorry if I hit you."

"She looks fine," Na'im commented as he glanced at the screen, "But the tournament has drawn a line. It's our turn to fight some goon. Let's pack up and head for it soon."

"Ah, already?" Djinni asked as she turned to Na'im after being focused on Exorcist, "Time went by faster than expected..." Djinni's armor shattered and returned to its original state, disengaging the BroadsideCross program. "But at least we managed to check out this," she said and nodded at herself. "Well, Exorcist," Djinni said and looked at her ally, "I'm sorry I have to leave already. Time is something we cannot control."

"We'll be around though," Na'im said as he glanced sideways at Burt, "I'll find some BBS later to send you my e-mail. Now I'm leaving before the ship sets sail."

"That didn't make any sense... Well, goodbye Exorcist," Djinni said before she exploded and disappeared from sight.
"Time is something we cannot control... True words indeed. You're a good man, Na'im, very wise. I say something similar myself," Burt nodded in agreement. "Well, get on to your match then," he waved the operator off.

Exorcist relaxed her muscles as the fight ended, giving Djinni a polite bow and assuring her that no harm was done as she left. "Well, I don't recall you ever saying anything like that personally," the navi remarked, looking back to her operator and raising one eyebrow dubiously.

"Well, you haven't known me for that long yet, riiight?" he asked, laughing it off. "I mean, what I usually say is more like, 'Age is of no consequence to romance,' but it's basically the same principle! We can't control when we come into this world."

The navi sighed, crossing her arms across her chest and tensing her eyebrows in a pensive way. Now she was trapped alone with Burt once again for the remaining duration of her training, which she supposed would be the situation for the majority of her future battles. "I can't wait for our next match," she muttered. "That might at least provide a little relief."

"It's a shame Djinni couldn't stick around, hmmm? I hope Na'im's battle goes well for him," Burt smiled carelessly, kicking up his slippers onto the small sitting table in front of him and resting his arms behind his back.

((Ready for Battle 1))
Exorcist traveled some distance before encountering another group of viruses. This time, it was a handful of Senbon and a strange shaped virus called "Dharma." It didn't take too long before they saw Exorcist alone and hoped they could take advantage of the current situation. The Dharma gave a sharp stare towards the navi and suddenly spat out a hockey puck out of nowhere! It backtracked a little before rammed its body to send the puck straight towards Exorcist's feet!

Dharma: 90
SenbonA: 80
SenbonB: 80
SenbonC: 80

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Aqua

Exorcist: 120 [HOCKEY PUCK!!!]

Ordinarily, Exorcist would have spent longer plotting out her movements when faced with new and unknown enemies. The Dharma which now faced her, however, had shown its trump a little early and forced her into a position where she didn't have much time to think. Vaguely hearing Burt's voice, but not having time to focus on it, she jumped into the air to try to alleviate the threat of the fast-moving puck taking off her feet in a gory display of only partially inhibited momentum. Mid-air, she began to free up her senses enough to hear Burt.

As usual, Burt had been offering fairly useless advice such as, "Jump, Exxy, get off the ground!" but luckily he'd stopped now to focus on slotting in the chips that she needed. One after another, she received the data, realizing the importance of releasing the weapons as soon as she could receive them. Her first weapon was dollthunder, which she figured might have been poorly chosen due to altitude. She allowed herself at least to land first, her breasts heaving uncomfortably without the usual restriction of her robe to hold them back. Exorcist sighed as Burt's smile curved to reflect his happiness with that aspect of her swimsuit, but she had no time to focus on him or to pray for the success of her attack, releasing the lightning bolts immediately upon the enemy.

Having a little more leeway to request attacks now, she paused momentarily to consider what else would be useful against her current enemies. "Could you slot me in the boomerang? Apart from that, I'll focus on my own defense for now," she requested from her operator, pulling up the shoulder straps of her suit to make sure that the chest coverage did not become displaced. Nodding dumbly, Burt slotted in the weaponry. Forming her usual green boomerang paper, Exorcist irritably regarded the moisture of her air as a hindrance in using her folding method. "Couldn't you maybe slot it in as a regular boomerang, like the virus uses it?" she asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Hey, it's you that figures out how it manifests. I'm just slotting it through," Burt yawned sleepily, crossing one leg over the other.

Accepting that answer, Exorcist gave herself a mental chop on the head and told herself to stick to a regular boomerang in the future. Utilizing her dexterity, she quickly folded the boomerang to the best of her ability and threw it out to meet the group of Senbon. She wasn't certain how they attacked, but she didn't want to give a new enemy any longer to reveal its tricks than she could manage. Finally, along that same note, she decided to put the rest of her energy into anticipating her enemy's attacks and responding with quick sideways movements.

1) Dodge
2) DollThunder1 to Senbon group [80 x 2 for element = 160]
3) Boomerang1 to Senbon group [65]
4) Dodge
The evasion of Exorcist succeeds in dodging the puck as she manages to jump over it, albeit just barely. The lightning bolts manage to hit not one, but two Senbon as one manages to swing out of the field of one that didn't target it as well. The folded paper boomerang whacks it, and it is deleted as well. The dharma seems to be preparing another attack busily, leaving itself open.

Dharma: 90

Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Aqua

Exorcist: 120
"Excellent, Exxy! You took them out even more perfectly than I'd dreamed, although granted, there was no dynamic camera involved," Burt congratulated his navi, crossing his arms and raising his head proudly. "Now there's just one left; he'll be an easy target for this next combo I'm sending you. It looks like he might be getting ready to throw down another puck though, so approach carefully."

Exorcist received the data, nodding in agreement, as she had every reason to want to dodge the attack herself. "Well now, this shouldn't be difficult; the evil in this area is lessening to the point where I can clearly focus on my opponent," she told her operator, readying a talisman in one hand. Charging the talisman with electricity, she looked out towards the remaining virus, thinking to herself that he didn't seem particularly fast moving and furthermore could probably not leave the ground. "Well then, this one will be a piece of pie," she smiled, feeling happy that finally fortune seemed to be smiling upon her.

"Mmm, now I'm hungry. It must be all this soda, perhaps... Or maybe the air out here just seems dry in comparison to the air out there, so it's messing with my throat? Ah, I'm a religious major, I know nothing of that sort of thing," he excused himself, rising up from his seat. "Finish it up, Exxy, and I'll be back with another cola and some crackers."

"Now I'm feeling a little hungry myself," the navi sighed, tilting her head in confusion. "Should I even be hungry? I don't really eat... I guess the feeling is just infectious," she answered herself, forming her favorite katana in one hand. Wrapping her hand around the comfortable grip, she could not help but feel empowered, left with only one enemy to oppose her. "Since it's just one enemy... And Burt isn't watching... I'm going to make this one really cool!" she told herself, beaming widely as she envisioned her awesome flurry of katana strikes, comparable to an action scene from a special-effects laden kung-fu movie.

Running forward, she anticipated the Dharma's attack, waiting for him to release the puck to attack her. When he released it, she planned to lunge into the air to escape, then do a ritzy number where she'd land on her feet and keep running. When she got up to the enemy, she'd hoist her katana high, then bring it down vengefully to cut her foe in two. After that, she'd circle around and bisect him with her sword, leaving him in for even cuts. "Maybe... maybe I can cut him into even more pieces! How many does it make if I cut 4 times?" she thought to herself, imaging the virus as a pizza in her mind's eye. She quickly found that the imagery was making her even hungrier than before, so she wiped it away and tried to replace it with something else, but then realized she couldn't stop making it into other foods, such as pie or cake. The whole feeling of coolness was replaced by her urgent sense of hunger, her stomach rumbling loudly despite the lack of her need to eat.

Trying to put the self-imposed hunger out of her mind, she went back to her original strategy, waiting for him to launch the puck and then jumping. Continuing forward, she attempted to bisect, trisect, and then "quad-sect" his body into four pieces with her katana, finding the process annoyingly less fluid and more troublesome than she'd imagined. Just in case there were any surprises left, (she had a vague idea the virus might explode or something, like a mecha from an anime), she stepped aside to dodge them.

1) Run forward to close distance
2) Jump to dodge puck
3) Katana1 to Dharma [60] and Dharma [60]
4) Katana1 to Dharma [60] and Dharma [60]
*) Swordplay- Free dodge
The Katana sliced and diced the Dharma into a delicious pizza useless fragments of data, leaving Exorcist the winner of the battle. The drifting pieces of data from the defeated viruses formed into a single mysterious data, which presented it self just in front of the navi.


Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Aqua

Exorcist: 120

300z + [AquaNeedle1] Battlechip
"Whew," Exorcist sighed with a satisfied smile, stretching and feeling pleased with her work. "I guess that was a good warm up. On to the next part of my training, right Burt?" Exorcist asked, straightening up the straps of her swimsuit for decency's sake.

"Not right now, my dear navi. You see, the starting matches of the second half are just finishing up, and we would hardly want to go the way of Kasu, allowing our opponent to win by default. I hope that training put you in good condition to face your next opponent!" Burt laughed, jacking Exorcist out from the net.

"Two battles is really all that we're doing...? I don't feel like I've improved at all... I guess I can use the rest of the time for meditation," she sighed, crossing her arms across her chest. Feeling the moist, bare skin of her cleavage, she smiled hopefully at Burt. "Um, so maybe I can have my robe back now?" she politely requested.

"Oh? Oh! Sure, sure," the operator said with a smile. "Just let me plop myself down in my seat..." he murmured, preparing to retake his spot on the couch.