Dino is hungry.

"Why are we here again, exactly?" Frag growled as he stomped through the steam, his nonexistant nostrils flaring in response to the moisture.

"You still don't remember?" Joseph snapped irritably. "This was... this was where you once fought."

"Really? Did I win?" Frag wondered, his interest suddenly raised.

"..." Joseph fell silent, as the memories came flooding back.

"Joseph! Yo! Answer!" Frag roared at his nonresponsive operator--

((Battle 1! Leon can join whenever. :P))
MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
Canodumb2A: 90 HP
Canodumb2B: 90 HP
SwordyA: 60 HP

Frag.EXE: 100 HP

"What the?!" Frag roared, as he found himself surrounded by a trio of viruses, with two snipers far in the distance. "Joseph, snap out of it!" He called to his Operator desperately, as the viruses closed in--

Quote ()

They were all around him... dozens of them, all relatively unknown Navis. It was supposed to be an easy job, with little to no resistance... They were so loud...

"They'll pay... They'll... They'll..." Joseph's breaths came in ragged jerks, as his hand trembled in rage. "FRAG! DELETE THEM ALL!!" He slammed his fist against the bench, as he rammed in the Boomerang chip, followed by the Sword.

Frag spun, facing each virus with each spin as he went around faster and faster, a green blur forming before his head--"Get off of me!" He commanded, as he released the Boomerang, the chip spiraling away from him--

Quote ()


Pain. Frag didn't know where it was coming from, but he remembered it... In a blind rage, he barged straight at the MarkCannons, his tail whipping behind him--

1. Boomerang1 (60 wood), Swordy, Metools
2. Sword (80), Metools
3-4. CHARGE! (Dodge, Canodumb2s)
(3-day bump.)
The Boomerang carved a green swath through the air, tearing the Swordy apart before it could even get off an initial attack. It broadsided the first MetoolEX as well, but simply sent the virus for a severe loop rather than downright deleting it. The second Met, though, lunged underneath its helmet as the Boomerang approached, causing it to simply bounce off. Recognizing that the second Metool wasn't worth beating useless with a Sword, Frag speared the injured one through instead. He turned, furious, and charged toward the others, roaring like a vengeful Godzilla. The two Canodumbs turned their cannon-like heads as if to look at one another, and then one fired a shot that hit Frag full in the chest and sent him flying off his feet.

MetoolEXB: 70 HP [HELMET'D!]
Canodumb2A: 90 HP
Canodumb2B: 90 HP

Frag slammed painfully into the red helmet, a burning mark in the center of his chest. His breath ragged, he rose, the sword shattered with his collision.

"ERROR! ERROR!" Joseph's PET cried, as it displayed Frag's current stability on the LED screen.

"Bloody hell..." Joseph snarled, as he drew his trump cards. "One fucking shot, and he's already half gone? What's with this place?" Sliding the chips, he declared: "Frag, finish this! Magbolt! ElecReel! Battlechips in!"

A massive electromagnet materialized on Frag's tail, as a pair of golden horns erupted from his head. Swinging his tail like a flail, he slammed the Magbolt on the red helmet, treating the hiding Met to a shock therapy.

Around Frag, the air crackled, his data cracking and fraying--

Hold! I must... Hold! Frag struggled to keep his body stable, as the force of the impact earlier set in--

Before him, space seemed to bend, a framework of data slowly coming into existance. Frag's eyes were clenched shut, deep in concentration. The framework filled in, becoming solid within seconds, a block of deep blue--

With a gasp, Frag opened his eyes, satisfied that he wasn't coming apart--and stared directly into the floating wall before him. "What... what the?!"

"What are you doing, Frag?!" Joseph demanded. "Hit the Canodumbs! Now! Move whatever the hell that is out of the way!"

I'm going to need a few seconds... Frag realized, as he began channeling the chip's power, electricity coursing through his horns, his eyes, his mind--

Now, how am I going to move this thing? Frag wondered. It looked exactly like a part of him--so if...

With a shudder, the block shot towards the sky at lightning speed, leaving Frag open--and the way clear! Gaah! Too much!

Firing as fast as he could, Frag sent the bolt of energy into the pair of Cannodumbs, the coil of lightning barely left his mouth before the block slammed down before him again--

1. Magbolt (90, elec, stun), MetoolEXB
2. Block: Build: (-20 HP, create BlockA: 40/40 HP)
3. ElecReel (100, elec, multitarget same type), Cannodumb2s
4. Shield with BlockA
"Hey Celeste... how do you plan on finding that guy? He took off pretty quick, and you were well... not quick" Leon asked in a flat voice.

"Hey, how about you shush and see if you can see him anywhe- never mind. I think I see him. There's a large looking battle over there..." Celeste replied as she ran towards the area in question. Sure enough, when she got within sight range, there stood Frag. Although he seemed quite a bit worse for the wear. She took a second to think about what to do... a second that she shouldn't have.

"What are you waiting for Celeste? Do something to help out!" Leon cried. He grabbed his bubbler chip and swiped it through the scanner. "Bubbler, slot in!"

As the bubbler was loaded for Celeste, she said a short prayer for healing to fall upon Frag. The bubbler's power was transformed, and a gentle rain began to fall in the area. Thanks to the prayer said, Frag was the recipient of the bubbler's energy.

Celeste then began to sing. This time here song was quite energetic, almost militaristic sounding. As she began to sing, a small ball of energy appeared over her head. She continued to sing, the ball of energy growing slightly larger over her head. She suddenly stopped singing, and with a quick and sharp throwing motion sent the ball of energy at the enemy Met.

Slightly tired from the drain of the last attack, she took a moment to regain her strength, making sure to keep herself from harm's way as she did so.

1. Conversion: Bubbler 50 -> Heal 25 @ Frag.
2,3. Firecracker. 40 Normal damage @ MetEX B.
4. Dodge.
((le bump!))
The Metool helmet flew into the air and the whole mess, the headgear and its wearer, were scattered into particles of data by Frag's mighty tail. Meanwhile, his Elecreel began filling the cannons with massive amounts of energy, and though one did get a shot off it was merely intercepted by Frag's block. His new ally relieved him of some of the damage he had begun to take.

Canodumb2A: DELETED!
Canodumb2B: DELETED!

Frag.EXE: 75 HP
Celeste.EXE: 140 HP



Rewards: 350 zenny each.
"Who the..." Frag looked around, the cool touch of the restorative data fading off of him. "Oh, you're the one from--"

"Hmmph." Joseph grumbled, not bothering to acknowledge the tagalong.

"Well, thanks for the help there." Frag nodded appreciatively, as he glared up into the sky momentarily. "We're looking for something--Joseph won't tell me, though. Wanna come with us?"
Celeste made a small bow towards Frag as he thanked her for the healing. "I'd be more than happy to accompany you on your journey Frag."

Celeste moved closer to Frag. "I should let you know that I'm not very good at hand to hand combat... So please do your best to keep me safe" Celeste said shyly as she bowed towards him. "I'll follow you wherever for now. Just lead the way."
"Well, then..." Frag turned around, a bit taken back. "I guess we'll be heading... that way?" He took a tentative step--

"Left." Joseph growled.

"--Very well, that way." Frag quickly adjusted, nearly slipping in the process.

((Battle 2!))
Suddenly, a sword lunged out at Frag, nearly cutting him. He instinctively jumped back, only to find a flurry of sword strikes advancing upon him. Strike, and a dodge. Strike, dodge. Strike, dodge. Endlessly the pattern continued, and it became quickly evident to Frag that he'd have a hard time attacking the Swordy unless he either took a hit or managed to break the combo somehow.

Celeste, meanwhile, wasn't exactly having fun herself. A Slimer had snuck up on her, and had literally stretched over her, restraining her using ITSELF. The slimy coating of the thing didn't help. Nor did the fact that there was another Swordy hovering slowly towards her...

...And what could that dust cloud off in the distance be...?

Swordy A: 60 (Keeping Frag locked into a combo of strikes)
Swordy B: 60 (Advancing slowly upon Celeste)
Slimer: 150 (Keeping Celeste Immobilized)

Frag.EXE: 75 HP (Locked into dodging until Swordy A's combo is broken)
Celeste.EXE: 140 HP (Immobilized! No actions applicable!)


((Also, yes, I do realize this is a bit unorthodox. Work with me here. Also Modlocked. PM me when you've both posted.))

Quote (Celeste)

"I should let you know that I'm not very good at hand to hand combat... So please do your best to keep me safe."

"Nnngh!" Frag stretched back, the blade nearly grazing his torso. Celeste! He twisted instinctively, to tend to his charge--

In his distraction, Frag stopped dodging, consumed by the obligation to protect Celeste. In that fatal moment, the Swordy's blade stabbed into his torso.

"Forget about that--Frag, pay attention to your damn surroundings!" Joseph raged at the PET, slapping in a chip as he did so. "Tend to yourself, then to your desires, idiot! Shotgun! Sword!"

"D-desi--" Frag stuttered, before being blissfully silenced by his head morphing into a shotgun barrel. Twisting to the Swordy that had stabbed, Frag willed the chip to its maximum power, a white light gathering at the point of the barrel before being unleashed in a full burst upon the Swordy.

"Celeste! I'll get you out, just hang on!"

Heedless of his own danger, Frag charged at the other Swordy, an elongated blade at the tip of his tail. With a strangled roar, he lashed out with the Sword, trying to take the Swordy out with a single blow--

1. Initial dodge.
2. F*** dodging! (take SwordyA's blow); Shotgun, Untapped Power! (50 + 10), SwordyA
3. Charge! (Move at SwordyB)
4. Sword (80), SwordyB
Slimer: 150 (Keeping Celeste Immobilized)

Frag.EXE: 45 HP
Celeste.EXE: 140 HP (Immobilized! No actions applicable!)

Frag takes the hit from the first Swordy, then makes it closely resemble Swiss Cheese by hitting it with a shotgun blast. He also takes down the second Swordy with his Sword strike.

Celeste remains Immobilized. ;~;

...That dust cloud in the distance is getting closer...
(( Doing all the fun stuff while I'm away from the compy. Pshaw ;~; ))

"This situation seems oddly familiar..." Leon said in a slightly lost tone. Why did this situation seem so familiar to him he wondered. "Hang in there Celeste. Just try to break free somehow. Maybe try flailing like an idiot or something..."

Your sarcasm isn't appreciated right now... Celeste thought angrily to herself. But I guess you have a point, it's not like I can really do much at this point... Celeste began to twist and turn, flailing her arms and legs about in an attempt to at least get a limb to break the enclosure of the slimer.

Seriously... why do I remember this... Leon continued to wonder. He absent mindedly twirled a chip in his fingers. Maybe if I remember where I've seen this I can think of a way out...

Struggle to get a limb outside of the goop?
"Frag, hurry up!" Joseph urged, as the cloud of dust rose higher and higher--"Ditch her if you have to, but get out of the way of that thing!"

"I'm not leaving her!" Frag retorted, as he etched the slimey edge uneasily with the blade--it was too big, too unwieldy for this--Damn it! Damn it!

He twisted around, to see the dust cloud nearly upon them--

There is one option. A small voice whispered in his mind. It comes at a cost to her, but she'll live...

"It can't... it can't be the only option..." Frag stammered, before the trembling of the very earth made up his mind. "Joseph, Magbolt. Now."

Turning to the trapped Celeste, Frag explained as quickly as he could: "I'm getting that thing off of you--this is going to sting. Hang in there! And..." He added as an afterthought, "p-please don't hate me for this..."

With a vzzzt, the Sword shifted into an electromagnet, simmering with charged energy. Hesistantly, then with a determined motion, Frag pressed the edge of the Magbolt onto the surface of the Slimer, praying to himself that it wouldn't prove to be too much for Celeste--

1. Agonize.
2. See dust storm.
3. Beg Celeste for forgiveness.
4. Magbolt (90 elec, stun), Slimer
Slimer: PWNT. :0

Frag.EXE: 45 HP
Celeste.EXE: 1 HP (Stunned! -1 Action! Near Death Disorientation! -1 Action!)

The Magbolt discharges into the conductive fluid of the slimer, and small bolts of electricity spiderweb across it's surface... and right into Celeste! The full power of the now-doublepowered Magbolt tears into both Navi and virus alike, leaving the Slimer dead...

And Celeste at a slightly-crippled, disoriented 1 HP.

Meanwhile, the dust cloud in the distance comes close enough for Frag to see just what's inside-- no less than a hundred viruses of differing types line the inside of the dust cloud, their frantic battle charge fierce enough to cause the ground to shake.

I'd suggest running now.

Rewards: Half Heal

Frag.exe: 95
Celeste.exe: 70 (Stunned! -1 Action!)
Celeste let out a muffled scream as the magbolt unleashed its energy into her, nearly passing out from the shock of the pain...

"I REMEMBER NOW! Soulman was trapped by a slimer once, and Ayumi used the elecblade to kill it... and almost him too..." Leon exclaimed. "Guess there's no easy way out of that situation."

Laying on the floor, Celeste stared blankly towards the sky, unable to make heads or tails out of her racing thoughts/ Am I dead? Did I survive? Why didn't Leon help me? Is Frag ok? I hope I can still sing... Her thoughts continued on and on for a few moments, until she began to calm down enough to realize that she was alive, and while she had been injured badly, she had somehow recovered significantly. She managed to pull herself up so that she was propping herself up on her hands.

"I'm sorry Frag, I don't seem to be very helpful..." she said unhappily. She turned to look at Frag and caught a glimpse of the oncoming virus stampede. "Frag, you should run. I'll be right behind you,"[/b] Celeste said as she finished pulling herself to a standing position. She looked over her clothes for a moment, realizing quite quickly that running for her life in them would be a challenge in itself. Now all she had to do was wait for Frag to start sunning so her wouldn't see her trip.

Spaz about dieing.
Sit/stand up.
Wait on Frag to run.