New battlegrounds.

*after jacking in*

"Ok, i'm off."
"ok nikko, just don't get yourself deleted..."
"Shut it."

Nikko then ran on all four paws and looked around for virii.

(battle 1, viruses or what ever you got up your sleve.)
Virus Attack!

BombcornA: 70
BombcornB: 70
Slimer: 150

Nikko: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"Corn and a slime......just what i wanted to face..." Nikko said sarcasticly.
"Oh geez....Firehit1, energybomb, Rageclaw battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips Nikko's right paw started to glow with fire while a small bomb appeared in her left. Nikko then quickly threw the bomb at BombcornB as she was running twords BombcornA, giving it a large uppercut as she neared it, trying to burn it down into nothing as a large pair of bear claws appeared on her paws as she then jumped at the Slimer, giving it two large slashes with the claws as she ran around quickly, not knowing what was going on, she felt even more tired than useual.

Energybomb---->BombcornB (40X3)
Firehit1----->BombcornA (60X2, fire over wood)
RageclawX2---->SlimerA (40X2)
free dodge due to sword type
((Was the damn it really necessary? Makes you sound a bit demanding.))

Nikko's attacks chew through the corn. She slams his fist into the slimer and manages to sneak away, but now has an arm covered in goo. Eww....

BombcornA: DELETED!
BombcornB: DELETED!
Slimer: 70

Nikko: 100
"" Nikko said as she was shakeing her arm to get the slime off.
"Hehe, Magbomb1, shotgun, cannon, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a large cannon, appeared and over rided the rageclaws while a small bomb appears in her, now, empty paw, throwing it quickly at the Slimer and gaining a small buster, she then aims the cannon and shotgun and fired, hopeing to take it out this time, Nikko then jumped back and waited to see if the slimer remained.

Magbomb1---->Slimer (30X2, chance to stun)
Cannon+shotgun---->Slimer (50+40=90)
preped dodge/battle overview
The attacks catch the slow slimer!

BombcornA: DELETED!
BombcornB: DELETED!

Nikko: 100


Rewards: 300z
"Keep on going Nikko."

Nikko then walked on, ready to pounce.

(battle 2)
Virus Attack!

MetoolEXA: 70
MetoolEXB: 70
MetoolEXC: 70
FirepheonixA: 110
FirepheonixB: 110

Nikko: 100

Battle 2 Start!
"upgraded Metools and a couple of birds, my kind of fight."
"Energybomb, rageclaw, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a small bomb appeared in Nikko's right paw, she then quickly jumped above MetoolEXA and threw it down, hopeing to delete it quickly, then a large pair of bear claws appeared on Nikko's paws, Nikko then jumped onto MetoolEXB and gave it two slashes with the claw, then she runs around quickly, jumping upon FirepheonixA with her sig attack as well.

Energybomb---->MetoolEXA (40X3)
RageclawX2---->MetoolEXB (40X2)
free dodge
cat attack--->FirepheonixA (50, chance to stun)
The Metool only took one splash of energy to the face before deciding defense would be a good option. The Rageclaw effectively destroyed another. Her quick dodge got her out of the way of an incoming pickaxe attack, which seemed set to avenge its comrades, and Nikko landed her quirky tackle as well, seeming to bring the beast to the ground. Its ally was ready to attack, however, and bathed the Navi in flames from its wings.

MetoolEXA: 30
MetoolEXC: 70
FirepheonixA: 60, stun (-1 action!)
FirepheonixB: 110

Nikko: 70
"Hehe, ouch....damn burd."

Nikko then jumped at the weakened MetoolEXA, slashing it once with her rageclaw, then she jumps back over to the Firepheonix that she wakened earlyer with her sig attack, slashing it twice then jumping back and running around like crazy to avoid being hit by the enemy.

RageclawX1----->MetoolEXA (40)
RageclawX2---->FirepheonixA (40X2)
free dodge
(i would like to finish this up SOMETIME this year!)
((Then how about not RPing like crap or taking such a bitchy tone?))
The puny met is taken out and the pheonix is hit once before the shock wears off and it flies upward. Then both birds fly up into the sky and unleash flames, one set hitting Nikko and burns away most of her fur. She is now quite exposed.

MetoolEXC: 70
FirepheonixA: 20
FirepheonixB: 110

Nikko: 40
(i get REALLY SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF ONLY GETING IN ONE OR TWO RP POSTS A DAY! and unfortunately.....i can't RP well with swords.....maybe i should just give up...)

"Birds.....are gonna die....I WILL TEAR THEIR WINGS OFF!"

Nikko then jumped up to FirepheonixA, takeing a large swipe at it in a rage.

"DAMN! i have to use the chip.....the net police are gonna be pissed. regen 40, battle chip in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chip a small pink aura surounded Nikko, healing her body and regrowing the fur that was buned off.

"WHAT THE.....!? where did you get that!?"
"I found the data near where we fought the Heelnavi, he must have droped it."
"The net poice are gonna kick your ass."
"Just finish this up."

Nikko then dove at the remaining MetoolEX, takeing two large slashes at it and hopeing it dies this time and then Nikko runs around quickly, trying to avoid being hit by the enemy attacks.

Rageclaw---->FirepheonixA (40)
Regen40 (heal 40 HP per turn temporaraly)
RageclawX2---->MetoolEXC (40X2)
specal ability:sword play, free dodge with two sword type attacks in a row.
((Mod lock.))

The bird is struck down and so is the met. The pheonix's attack misses.

FirepheonixA: DELETED!
FirepheonixB: 110

Nikko: 80
Regen: 1/3
(uhhh...darkstar don't like where this is going. also, regen lasts 5 turns.)

"Heh. time to die birdie."
"Shotgun, firehit1, magbomb1 battle chips in and download."

As Timmy sent Nikko the chip data Nikko's rageclaw was removed for a small buster, a small metal bomb and a large amount of heat building up within her. Nikko quickly threw the Magbomb at the Pheonix, fireing her Shotgun as soon as the bomb neared the pheonix, her left paw then flared up with flames. she then quickly jumped near the pheonix and gave it a large upercut with the firehit. Nikko then started running around quickly, not sure if the pheonix was deleted or not.

Magbomb1---->Firepheonix (30, elec, can stun)
Shotgun---->Firepheonix (50+splash,null)
Firehit---->Firepheonix (60, fire)
dodge/battle overview
The bomb misses but the firehit and Shotgun take the pheonix out. As thew smoke clears, Nikko feels a hand on her shoulder, "Boy, not bad, not bad at all." A smiling navi stands behind her. He has a thin figure and body suit is primarily white, a few blue strips lining his attire. A Helmet with a blue outlines adorns his head. His grin gets bigger and he dashes back. Tapping his helmet, a black visor forms over his eyes, "Nikko.EXE, the catgirl navi registered to a Mr. Timothy. So, this is the one who ran off with the Regen40, huh? In fact, seems like its in effect right now. Well well, my darling scanner system never fails." Raising his gloved hand, two heelnavis rise from the water, each dressed similarly to the lead navi. They look sort of doll like, though, they're faces consisting of nothing more than a blue circle, "Well, boys, better retrieve that data for me. She shouldn't have had any time to restore her chip data, so you shouldn't have too hard a time. Oh, and Ms. Nikko, I would advise against trying to jack out." He smiled wide once again and pointed at her shoulder, "I gave you a little present there. Try to jack out and your PET will be quite fried. So, shall we begin?"

FirepheonixA: DELETED!
FirepheonixB: DELETED!

Nikko: 100
Regen: 2/5

Rewards: Guard, 350z

Boss Fight! Chips not Refreshed!

VisorNavi: 300

DollNaviA: 100
DollNaviB: 100

Battle Start!
"SHIT! Timmy......"
"I know.....we are gonna have to fight our way out."
"*Sigh* had you had the brains to use the recover tens we have this tould have never of happened.
"Shut it. Cannon, rageclaw, guard battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a large green cannon appeared on Nikko's right paw, as she quickly fired it at DollNaviA and gained a pair of bear claws. Nikko then jumped at it, giving it two large and quick slashes, then she jumped back and raised a large sheild, ready to reflect any attack and then Nikko rushed out from behind it, trying to dodge any other attacks from the police.

Cannon---->DollnaviA (40)
RageclawX2---->DollnaviA (40X2)
sword play:1 free dodge with two sword attacks in a row
The first doll goes down.

"So fragile..." mutters Visor as the first Doll falls. The other moves to attack, but the navi raises a hand, "Wait." He grins as the Regen takes effect, "Now that she's used it this trun, any damage we deal won't be recovered. He cocks an eyebrow as the Guard appears, "So, this reflects one attack, correct? Well then, guess I better not attack with anything strong." Gesturing to his ally, the Doll fires a basic buster shot, which bounces back. It was so puny it hardly even noticed.

"Now.... for my turn." The navi grinned evilly, "Slot in.... Markcannon!" Using both his visor and the cannon's scope, he manages to predict which way Nikko will dodge and fires upon her, "Heh heh... combining my own accuracy with highly accurate weapons... no matter which way you try to evade, my attacks will find you. Eh?" Something blinks inside his helmet, "So, trying to apoligize for your actions, eh? Silly girl, you can't shoot first and ask questions later. The moment you took the Regen40 for yourself rather than turn it in, you broke the conditions for your mission. Admitting when you made a mistake while recieving punishment only demonstrates to the punisher that he's justifies in his actions! Heh heh heh!"

VisorNavi: 300

DollNaviB: 99

Nikko: 30
Regen: 3/5