Scientific Chaos

((From ACDC))

With a flash of cyan light, three figure emerged onto the Network. As the light faded, MachMan, Aera, and Vector's features became more defined, and their colors started to show more clearly. They too got a better look of this familiar, but different network. It seemed like they were much deeper in the SciLab network than they'd ever been before; who knows what kinds of programs and viruses lurked amongst the equipment and floating data...

((Ready for Battle #1))
Machman and team seemed to happen upon a rather desolate area of the Chaos Network. Though the layers of the net were always more so the deeper you went.

Detecting something speeding towards them, the three units broke up as they avoided MachineGun fire from a distant source. Turning toward the enemy line, the team spotted a Gunner and CanoGuard virus while two Rattys moved in on them.

Well, let's see.

CanoGuard3: 230 HP
Sniper: 210 HP

Ratty3A: 160 HP
Ratty3B: 160 HP

100% Metal

Machman.EXE: 200 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP

Mach and his two SPs quickly came under fire, with sparks kicking up around them from the Vulcan rounds ricocheting off the metal floor, followed by the tell-tale popping of the machinegun that fired the rounds. All three programs quickly took to the air, and saw the pair of Ratty viruses approaching. Mach glared towards them as he instructed his SPs.
Stay with me, we're going to go airborne, and completely negate the mouse-viruses' attacks. Mazer, requesting AirRaid, DashAttack, and Magnum battlechips.

As the pair of SPs stuck close to their Navi, Mazer retrieved the requested chips from his battlechip "magazine" and slotted into the PET one after the other. Aera flew towards Machman, her arms outstretched towards him and approached quickly. Machman, who was angled forward towards the viruses, rolled to his side and caught Aera in his arms and continued to roll through the air. As he did so, large metal surfaces sprouted from his body and started to fold into place, eventually twisting and reshaping his body into a sleek aircraft, with four plasma-thrust engines and forward-swept wings. During the transformation, Aera was nestled into her seat inside the cockpit, and restraining harnesses held her firmly in place.

Mach leveled out, his wings halted parallel to the ground, and they started to bristle with activity as Vector slid his body armor into place over the aircraft's frame. Additional metal plates floated out from Mach's metal skin and reinforced the strengthening plasma shields as they made a nearly invisible protective dome over Mach's front. From the viruses' point of view, the single Machfighter could be a fairly intimidating sight; however, when the aircraft bearing down on them somehow multiplied into FOUR aircraft, it wouldn't have been surprising if at least one of the viruses started to rethink the idea of attacking the programs.

Two exact copies of the MachFighter skirted out from each side, and held fast near Mach's wingtips. Though the three-ship of MachFighters looked intimidating enough, a 4th aircraft rose above the MachFighter's position, and equalized airspeed with it. This aircraft was slightly smaller, and had a single plasma thrust engine instead of four. It looked to be in the same theme of the Machfighter, and had a pair of vulcans permanently exposed at the junction of its wings and fuselage. It also had a pair of missiles mounted on each wingtip, making it look armed to the teeth. Aera looked up from inside the cockpit, and got a pretty good view of the new wingman as it held in formation.

With a silent command, the two decoys simultaneously surged forward and split off in separate directions, while the FighterPlane peeled off and climbed slightly before rolling away to separate itself from Mach's flight path. As soon as they did so, Mach concentrated on the two Ratty viruses approaching him; Aera could see Mach's "eyes" (in the form of crosshairs) sweep over the field and stop over the pair of ground-hugging viruses. Aera was pushed back into her seat by Mach's sudden acceleration, and the ground beneath them became a silver blur. Mach's engines burned brightly, pushing him even faster; past the sound barrier in the first two seconds. A powerful sonic boom rocked the area, and a veil of highly compressed air formed over Mach's frame, essentially creating an invisible battering ram. The Ratty viruses may have been struck by a crushing wall of air as Mach flew by, but their armor would very likely hold up against the ramming assault. However, Mach knew this as well, and just as he would have passed over their position, the area would have been lit up with sparks from bullet impacts thanks to the strafing run from the FighterPlane following him.

The FighterPlane's vulcans buzzed excitedly and spewed dozens of rounds downrange, with tracers illuminating the aircraft's bullet path. It fired a pair of bursts towards the Ratty viruses, pausing for only a second or so as it reacquired its target and opened up again. The FighterPlane continued to engage the Rattys, and Mach's frame started to crackle with electricity. Aera had started to channel some of her own electrical power through the arm holds in her seat, which directed the energy into the nose, which surged into the spine-like canard wings jutting out from the sides of the forward fuselage. Aera focused her aim on the two immobile turrets, and Mach's own targeting systems assisted her in directing the electrical energy towards them. Mach's cockpit and nose were almost drowned out by the bright flashes caused by the electricity surging from the canards and blasting forward in a trio of bolts, fired in quick succession. They looked almost like white lasers before the exploded near its targets with a blast of sparks and electrical discharges, inundating the area with electricity.

While Aera tried to roast the targets with electricity, Mach's crosshairs halted over the CanoGuard, and his weapon blisters opened up to reveal his triple-barreled vulcans. The decoys flying through the area were originally tasked to harass the turrets, faking strafing runs and imitating a multitude of other hostile maneuvers in an attempt to draw fire from them. However, they quickly broke contact and turned away to give Mach a clear lane of fire. The vulcans quickly started to spin up before roaring with a hail of 30mm gunfire. The heavy, incredibly dense rounds blasted through the air and tore holes through the target area. The CanoGuard's protective metal plates wouldn't stand a chance against 200 armor piercing Vulcan rounds. Thanks to the purely metal terrain, not much dust was kicked up by the attack, though fragmentation from the 30mm rounds bounced and rolled over the metal panels, before they were kicked up by the wake following Mach as he cruised past. The vulcans spooled down, and the barrels were allowed to cool for a moment before the weapon blisters closed.

Mach started to climb as he rolled sharply to the left, and started a quick rising left turn before he quickly rolled 180degrees to the right and pulled hard. Aera felt almost 9Gs from the high speed turn, which was sustained for several seconds. If Aera was human, or had a circulatory system like a human, she would have very quickly blacked out since all of her blood would have been forced down into her lower extremities, and away from her brain. Her head and arms felt like lead weights from the Gs her body was being subjected to, and Vector struggled to keep his armored plating secured to Mach's frame. Mach quickly finished his turn, and was then approaching the turrets from their 6 O'clock position. A pair of spear-like projections started to form from Mach's wings, and upon closer inspection they were actually a part of Vector's armored plating. The fractal SP aimed carefully at the wide turret area of the CanoGuard, and hurled the spears towards, hopefully before the turret virus could pan over towards the MachFighter and protect itself.

Mach flew overhead yet again as a pair of missiles materialized underneath him, one secured under each wing. A pair of crosshairs appeared in the panoramic display inside the cockpit, and Aera watched them as they swept over the area and searched for the Ratty viruses if they had survived. Upon lock, the crosshairs stopped and turned red before they followed the viruses. As soon as both viruses were targeted, the missiles were pushed away from their pylons and dropped away from the MachFighter just a split second before their solid rocket engines lit up and sent the missiles streaming towards their respective targets, leaving a pair of white exhaust trails behind them. Their guide fins steered them towards their targets, and they eventually hit something and exploded with a pair of powerful explosions.

-[Activate MachFighter.GMO]-
Aera: Sit in MachFighter
Vector: Armor MachFighter
1. Heavy Shielding: Machman.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD)
-[Vector: Reinforce Heavy Shielding (+2 hits)]-
2. AirRaid2: Summon FighterPlane (100HP Flying Object, 10dmg x15, 3 turn duration)
3. DashAttack: Ratty3A,B (90dmg + Impact)
--FighterPlane: Attack Ratty3A,B (10dmg x7 to A, 10dmg x8 to B )
Aera: Attack Sniper, CanoGuard3 (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
Aera: Attack Sniper, CanoGuard3 (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
Aera: Attack Sniper, CanoGuard3 (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
4. Rising Barrage: CanoGuard3 (50dmg x4 + Multi-hit + Breaking + Seeking + Impact + Knockback + Movement + BusterLock + 8TCD)
-[Strategic Movement: Get behind CanoGuard3 after strafing run]-
Vector: Attack CanoGuard3 (35dmg Aqua)
Vector: Attack CanoGuard3 (35dmg Aqua)
5. Charge Magnum1
6. Magnum1: Ratty3A,B (120dmg Fire + Break + Panel Break)

DecoyA: Draw fire from CanoGuard3
DecoyB: Draw fire from Sniper

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(May 22-19:31) Aim: Aren't his enemies supposed to be MIGHTY MORPHIN TIER 3 VIRUSES?
(May 22-19:32) Aim: With the power to DO THREE ACTIONS?
(May 22-19:32) CC: Two are stationary.
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Armoring up and taking off, Mach and co. assaulted the virus forces backed by a small plane strafing them simultaneously. Going in with his decoys, MachMan attempted to dash through the Rattys but soared past harmlessly when they split off individually to chase the decoys. The FighterPlane was able to hit them both as they turned to pursue. Aera was more successful then Mach, drilling the CanoGuard virus hard with bolts. The Sniper took one of the shots, but they were too far apart for the spread to be very effective.

Completing the first stage of the assault, Mach opened up on the CanoGuard with a hail of lethal bullets, deleting the virus in seconds. As Mach doubled back for another run, spears from Vector flew at the Sniper virus. One managed to hit just as the virus unleashed a violent spray of gunfire on the MachFighter. Its terrible accuracy prevented it from landing too many hits, and the Rattys were busy trying to attack the decoys until one was annihilated by Magnum fire. The other was barely spared and turned its attention to the attacker, Mach.

CanoGuard3: DELETED
Sniper: 70 HP

Ratty3B: 100 HP

100% Metal

Machman.EXE: 200 HP (5-hit shield)
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP
((Nineteen lines if you include the decoys. :] ))

Mach was rather disappointed in his performance, considering he had gone on the offensive yet destroyed only two of the four viruses on the battlefield. Whatever these viruses were, they were much more advanced than any other viruses he'd encountered before. Not to mention tough!

Mach swung his lower engines downwards in their housing, and put the upper two engines back to idle. He was about to kick the lower engines into full throttle to keep his frame airborne, but he quickly realized he didn't need to, thanks to his antigravity drive. Without any sort of thrust input, he would simply float in the air. With his nose still pointing towards the remaining turret virus, he adjusted the vector of his antigrav drive to his right side, and very uncharacteristically for an airplane, started to strafe to the right with nearly zero forward movement.

Aera watched from inside the cockpit as they started zooming to the right, as if she was looking out the side window of a raised monorail. Mach's voice came in through the speakers inside the cockpit, and the HUD started to change slightly as his Enhanced Perception program started to activate.
[[i]Aera, go ahead and finish off the turret. I'll take care of the last one.[/i]]
Leave it to me!

Aera smiled before her eyes focused on panoramic display in front of her. The display had already started to change from what looked like a live camera feed to something like an infra-red/night vision view. The battlefield became a dark gray, with the "sky" a lighter shade. The active viruses below were bright red, and multiple data feeds were situated around them, displaying armor integrity, X/Y/Z distance information, movement speed, and even what direction they're facing (heading).

Aera's eyes lit up and darted about, just trying to take all of this new information in, but she reminded herself of the task at hand, and resumed focusing on her target. Her hands and fingers sparked slightly as she began to channel power into Mach's frame, which was directed into the canards on his fuselage. She aimed directly at the turret before she poured her energy into the receptors in her chair, causing the built up electrical power to jump from Mach towards the virus in the form of several electrical bolts. She watched them as they surged towards the virus, before they impacted with an explosion of electricity.

After the electrical discharges fizzled out, she noticed multiple crosshairs appear before they slid over towards the lone ratty virus. As Mach targeted the virus, four missiles materialized under his wings; two on each. Aera could see the crosshairs locking on the virus, giving the targeting information to the missiles, who now had their prey and were ready to go.

Mach's frame shook slightly as a pair of the missiles dropped away from his wings before their solid rocket fuel engines kicked on, and sent them streaming towards the Ratty. Out of the corner of her eye, Aera saw the FighterPlane coming in from the right, guns blazing and peppering the area with a hail of bullets. The smaller fighter broke off as the first missile impacted with a loud metallic clang. That one had no explosive, but the one following immediately behind it made up for it with a sizeable fireball and a wicked blast of heat.

Just as the missiles hit, Mach fired the other two, which jumped from his wings as they sped towards the Ratty. They appeared smaller, but they zoomed much more quickly through the air before they hit, creating a pair of much smaller fireballs, but they had more than enough power to destroy their target if it had survived the first volley. However, Aera felt she still had some power left, and punctuated the strike with a pair of thunderbolts, which leaped from Mach's canard wings and struck the ground with a piercing boom, and inundated the immediate area with electricity. Though the metal terrain mostly held up to the strike, the panels were blackened by the flames and pitted from the sheer impact of hte projectiles, while others were literally buzzing with electricity for a few moments.

1. Strategic Movement: Strafe to the right, pointing towards the Sniper virus
2. Enhanced Perception: Machman.EXE (Accuracy Enhancement x3 + 3TCD)
Aera: Attack Sniper (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
Aera: Attack Sniper (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
--FighterPlane: Attack Ratty3B (10dmg x15)
3. CannonBall: Ratty3B (150dmg + Break) [+ AccuracyUP]
4. LavaCannon2: Ratty3B (120dmg Fire) [+ AccuracyUP]
5. FireHit1: Ratty3B (60dmg Fire + Impact + Double Attack) [+ AccuracyUP]
6. FireHit1: Ratty3B (60dmg Fire + Impact) [+ AccuracyUP]
Aera: Attack Ratty3A (35dmg Elec + Spread1)
Aera: Attack Ratty3A (35dmg Elec + Spread1)

DecoyA: In formation with Mach
DecoyB: In formation with Mach

Although they tried, the remaining viruses were unable to withstand the onslaught of Mach and co., not even dealing damage thanks to the team's shield. It wasn't long before the viruses were all finished off.

CanoGuard3: DELETED


100% Metal


Machman.EXE: 200 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP

39 BugFrags
The Machfighter slowly approached the ground, and several of Vector's armored plates floated towards the floor, gathering up bug frags and a decent amount of Zenny data. There was no battlechip data to be found, but for their first battle in this new network, it wasn't bad.
[[i]Alright, let's continue on.[/i]]

As soon as Vector's armor re-fastened itself to his frame, Mach's engines opened up with a burst of thrust, throwing him forward and soared over the network floor. His radar and visual systems scoured over the area for any sort of activity, and he kept his weapons at the ready, who knows what kinds of things you'll run into here...

((Ready for Battle #2))
After only a short minute of speeding through the network, Mach's radar picked up a signal just as a bolt of lightning shot past him at... well, light speed. Veering off, he sighted a quartet of hostile viruses eying him. Most of them were crackling with electricity, making it somewhat difficult to determine the aggressor. Regardless, the viruses were raring to go, this being made evident by a loud warning shot fired by one of the viruses.

MegaBunnyA: 200 HP
MegaBunnyB: 200 HP
Catpult: 280 HP
ElecOgre3: 300 HP

50% Normal (Virus area)
50% Metal (Under MachFighter)

Machman.EXE: 200 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 110 HP

Mach banked hard to the right to avoid the energy bolt, and caught sight of the viruses ahead. Mach started to identify potential targets as he requested chips from his NetOp.
[[i]Mazer, I'll need BambooSword, DashAttack, SonicBoom, and... FlameLine2 battlechips.[/i]]
[Roger that, they're on their way.]

Mazer quickly retrieved the requested battlechips from his chip magazine, and slotted them into the PET one after the other, in the order of request. Small icons for each battlechip appeared on his PET screen, with green loading bars rapidly filling next to them, indicating their upload progress. Within seconds, all 4 chips were completely loaded into Mach's program.
[[i]Thank you, sir. Aera, Vector. Target the tank virus and do as much damage as you can.][/i]

Aera nodded and replied as a nearly transparent cyan energy shield formed over Mach's leading flight surfaces and fuselage. At the same time, several of Vector's armored plates peeled away from Mach's skin and floated within the shield's boundaries.
Will do, Mach!

Almost immediately after his shield formed up, his two decoys activated behind him and split away from him before flying at his wingtips, making it appear as if he had multiplied. They both rolled outwards simultaneously with the precision of an aerobatic team, before they dove down towards the ground and crossed paths before the slalomed over the ground towards the bunny viruses.

Mach pointed his nose towards the floating ElecOgre, and rapidly approached as his weapon blisters quickly opened, revealing the already spooled up triple-barreled Vulcan cannons. He put his targeting "pipper" over the virus and opened fire, firing two streams of armor-piercing death, and inundated the area in front of him with 30mm rounds. The roar of his Vulcans lasted for only a couple seconds before he expended his ammunition, silencing the guns and having them retreat back into their weapon blisters. Just as he was about to zoom past the virus, he pulled up, bringing himself into the start of a large vertical loop. Aera was forced down into her seat, and strained a bit under the Gs as she charged up. Her eyes watched the horizon swing down past her feet, before her gaze darted upwards as the horizon reappeared over her head.

Mach's armored skin flashed in the light as he reached the apex of his loop, and was completely inverted for a few moments. Aera continued to look up, and could see the tank virus on the ground. Even though the sky was at her feet, and the ground was overhead, she managed to stay focused on her target. She could see the flashes caused by small electrical discharges arcing from the spine-like canards on the sides of the fuselage, before they transformed into large jagged bolts of electricity, which surged down towards the ground. Vector took Aera's queue to attack, and launched a trio of long, sliver-like spears towards the slow moving tank. As the bolts of lightning tore past the slower moving spears, the surrounding charge caused electricity to arc amongst the spears, electrifying them. The spears managed to hold up against the electrical onslaught and didn't melt from the heat, but they buzzed feverishly while leaving a trail of electrical discharges as they streaked towards the tank virus. The spears themselves were aglow with hundreds of little flashes of light, which was caused by the electricity jumping amongst the tiny gaps between the multitudes of metal plates which made up the spears. With any luck, they might be able to deliver a powerful shock of electricity as they pierce the target, like a trio of nightmarish taser probes.

As the barrage continued, Mach continued with his loop, and dove towards the ground in a wide arc. He had slowed down by a significant margin once he reached the apex of the loop, but he started to gain speed at an alarming rate, the ground was hurtling towards them. Aera was now getting pushed into the back of her seat, and she couldn't help but giggle excitedly, since the whole experience felt like a roller coaster on steroids. Outside of the cockpit, the leading edge of Mach's right wing started to glow a bright green, due to the BambooSword battlechip data being channeled into the area just over his wing's leading edge, turning it into a massive blade edge. Below his fuselage, a large fuel tank-like structure materialized, secured to a hardpoint directly between his lower engine housings. Mach adjusted his flight path slightly to send him hurtling towards the virus, and hopefully slice it in two with his energy-tinged right wing.

The green glow bled away from his wing after he passed by, but his airspeed continued to increase, causing a veil of pressurized air to form over the front of his frame. Ahead, Mach's drones were hopefully circling the bunny viruses, acting very aggressively and "firing" their Vulcan guns in an attempt to keep the bunnys together. The drones were on orders to make a "cordon" and keep the bunnys from moving out, and to act as aggressively as possible to push them back into the circular holding area. If all went well, then they would be perfectly situated to receive the brunt of the attacks coming their way.

Mach kept accelerating and flew very low to the ground, creating a wall of air between his frame and the ground, which would hopefully have enough force to bash the viruses. However, this wasn't even the worst of it. He tried to time his attack just right, so he would reach a speed of over 340 m/s (~760mph), and shatter the sound barrier directly over top of them. The resulting sonic boom and following shockwave should be enough to put a severe dent in their armor, and even destroy any projectiles caught in the wave. The loud boom of the shockwave would be deafening, and it would mask the sound of the fuel tank being forcibly popped from Mach's frame, and hit the ground with a loud explosion. Unlike a normal bomb, due to the shallow impact angle and size, the munition tumbled forward as it fragmented, spraying a combusting, coagulated fuel mixture. This weird firebomb's shell split into multiple pieces and spread apart as they continued to tumble over the ground, and bathed a large swath of terrain with fire. Hopefully the bunny viruses were caught in the middle of it, and would have likely melted from being coated in flaming napalm.

After passing over the viruses, he made a gradual climb as he banked 45 degrees to the right, and initiated a fast, wide turn to survey the field. Aera watched in awe at a large area of the battlefield lined with fire, and creating a massive tower of pitch-black smoke. Mach watched the area closely while making the turn, trying to see if anything was still moving amongst the smoke, flames, and general destruction. If Mach sustained any damage, the residual energy from Aera's attacks rebounded into Aera's body before being re-injected into Mach's system, in the form of restorative data.

1. Heavy Shielding: Machman.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD) [+[color=000066] Reinforce [/color](+2 hits)]
2. Rising Barrage: ElecOgre3 (50dmg x4 Multi-hit + Breaking + Seeking + Impact + Knockback + Movement + Busterlock + 8TCD)
[[color=ff6600]Aera:[/color] Attack Catpult (35dmg Elec + Spread1)]x4
[[color=000066]Vector:[/color] Attack Catpult (35dmg Aqua)]x3 [+ possible damage multiplier from being electrified by Aera's [color=orange]Elec[/color] attacks]
--Movement: Vertical loop to make another pass at ElecOgre
3. BambooSword: ElecOgre3 (80dmg Wood + Slashing)
4. DashAttack: MegaBunnyA,B (90dmg + Impact)
5. SonicBoom: MegaBunnyA,B (120dmg Slashing + Wide Attack + Shot Eraser)
6. Flameline2: MegaBunnyA,B, Catpult (120dmg Fire + Ground Attack + Wide Attack)
-[[color=ff6600]Recharge[/color]: Machman.EXE (18HP Heal)]-

DecoyA: Circle aggressively in an attempt to corral the Megabunny viruses
DecoyB: Circle aggressively in an attempt to corral the Megabunny viruses

Cool Downs

Heavy Shielding: 3 Turns Remaining
Rising Barrage: 8 Turns Remaining
----------Busterlock: 3 Turns Remaining
((Still had 1 turn of cooldown from last battle, max 7 stacks before crash))


Orchestrating the battle with aerial precision, MachMan first had his sights on the ElecOgre, which had started to charge its horns with electrical surges. It absorbed MachMan's barrage with impunity, and caused a frightening cascade of electrical arcs to course through the air. Unfortunately, MachMan's directional shielding and distracting clones proved useless against this. The arcs went through the MachFighter's casing and fuselage, dealing MachMan and Vector a good chunk of damage. Thankfully, Aera was spared from the onslaught, as the shocks traveled around the cockpit. (-100) (-200, SC Triggered) Regardless, they soldiered on, with the SPs going all-out on an attack for the tank next. It went through without a hitch, and though the tank retaliated with a powerful burst fire, the MachFighter's shielding absorbed it without a hitch. After that, the fighter moved in for a slash at the ElecOgre, but the virus intelligently took evasive action, and dodged the attack. After that, the MegaBunnies were next, now subject to a streak of dashes and shockwaves. One was lucky enough to dodge the first couple of attacks, but the other was deleted quite easily. It attempted to launch a ZapRing, but it went way off course. It declined to partake in the flaming napalm that resulted afterwards, but the tank was unceremoniously melted down to scrap from the intense heat.

After that, the damage taken from the electrical surges earlier was healing slightly from Aera's recovery processes.

MegaBunnyA: 200 HP
Catpult: DELETED
ElecOgre3: 100 HP

50% Normal (Virus area)
50% Metal (Under MachFighter)

Machman.EXE: 118 HP [7-hit Shield]
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 1 HP
Mach's internal projection started to occasionally flash with static from the residual effects of the massive shock that course through his system, but he kept his speed and went through the attack run without hindrance. Unfortunately, like the battle before, he was only successful in destroying two of the four viruses. They seemed so much more reactive and tough than any of the others he's faced. If they are so strong here, they really must be wickedly strong in the Undernet. High-tailing it out of there felt more and more like a smart choice.

Aera, who was unharmed by the electrical attack thanks to the internal surge protection programs inside her seat (which were originally designed to protect Mach from power surges from Aera, but it managed to work in reverse), quickly went onto damage control and started to channel a large amount of restorative data into Mach's frame. Though he couldn't feel it, the data went to work quickly and restored all of the areas damaged by the electrical shock, even the static in the display was fixed. There was still some energy left over, and Aera directed it towards Vector's completely fried armored plates. His voice was pained as his energy was nearing depletion, but he felt relief as some of it was restored.
Thank you... m'lady.
Hang in there, Vector! I'm recharging more energy as we speak, I'll get you back to full power in no time!

Mazer started to slot in additional chips after looking over the battlefield. He sent down the chips he thought were best for the situation, he didn't want to waste any time due to how potent these viruses proved to be.
[Just uploaded some chips, aim carefully and take out the ElecOgre first, then overwhelm the Bunny!]
[[i]Confirmed, engaging now.[/i]]

A swarm of data started to appear around Machman as multiple programs were initiated at once. From inside the cockpit, the pale blue data started to appear a bright orange, and the entire battlefield turned to a dark shade of blue; Mach's enhanced targeting system was activating and scanning for his targets. The data quickly congregated in several places behind and underneath Mach's frame, forming the weapons he was preparing to use. A pair of heavy missiles formed under each of Mach's wings, and a single missile with an oddly broad, blade like warhead appeared directly under his fuselage. Behind him, his decoys and a FighterPlane materialized and moved into position at his wingtips. The two copies and the heavily armed intercept aircraft surged ahead and flew towards the Bunny virus.

The FighterPlane's vulcans erupted with flames and gunfire. Streams of bullets poured from the FighterPlane and burned through the air as they surged towards the Bunny. The decoys swarmed around the virus in an attempt to keep it distracted enough to lose focus on dodging the hail of gunfire raining from overhead. Even further away, the Machfighter started to glow, rippling with electricity. Was it hit again by the ElecOgre? No, the electricity seems to be originating from inside his frame! Aera had poured all of her spare energy into the MachFighter, so much that it couldn't be contained. With a bright flash of light and a screeching explosion, all of the stored energy was released into the air at once. With the massive light display, an invisible pulse of EM energy (directed from Mach's nosecone, which was pointing towards the ElecOgre), surged towards the virus, and with any luck would wreak havoc with its internal processes and hopefully stall its frightening attacks.

Aera's screen was white for a brief second or so from the flash, but it quickly faded and allowed her to see the pair of crosshairs locking on the pair of viruses below. As soon as Mach secured his targets, his frame shook slightly as all three munitions slung beneath him were released at once. The pair of missiles under his wings dropped for less than a second before their solid rocket engines lit, and they streamed ahead, turning smoothly towards their targets and leaving a white trail of smoke. The oddly shaped missile under his fuselage was in freefall for an additional second before its rocket motor kicked on as well. Unlike the others, this one actually banked as it turned towards its targets.

As soon as the missiles were away, Mach's flight controls immediately started to move, causing his entire frame to nearly instantly rock to one side and stop at a sharp 60 degree angle. Mach pulled hard backwards, causing him to peel away from his initial flight path and very quickly change his direction by a full 90 degrees in less than a couple seconds. Knowing counterattacks would likely come, Mach continued to roll clockwise and go inverted, before he nosed over and dove towards the ground while continuing to roll. His flight path spiraled in the air as he performed a full barrel roll, but continued to pull hard on his control surfaces, constantly trying to pull his nose up. Because of this, near the end of his barrel roll he was making a left turn and actually went back to his initial flight direction as his wings finally went level. His entire maneuver, which lasted for maybe 3 seconds at the most, moved him nearly 100 feet to the right, and 50 feet closer to the ground before returning him to his initial vector towards the viruses.

The pair of missiles split off as one went after the ElecOgre, and the second flew towards the Bunny. The one attacking the ElecOgre would have hit first with an impressive airborne fireball, while the second would have rocked the floor with a powerful explosion and fireball of its own. Following closely behind, the blade-tipped missile whipped towards the ElecOgre, as if it was trying to ram the virus. Upon passing through the target's location, it dove down towards the Bunny Virus, hopefully cleaving the virus in two with its broad, blade-like warhead.

Aera: Electro-therapy to Machman.EXE (Heal 72 + 2TCD)
-[[color=ff6600]Recharge[/color]: Vector.SP (18HP heal)]-
1. Enhanced Perception: Machman.EXE (Accuracy Enhancement x3 + 3TCD)
2. AirRaid2 (summon 100HP FighterPlane)
--FighterPlane1: Engage MegaBunnyA (10dmg x15 Multi-Hit)
Aera: Tesla Pulse to ElecOgre3 (Confusion + 2TCD)
3. Dodge
4. Charge Magnum1
5. Magnum1: ElecOgre3, MegaBunnyA (120dmg Fire + Break + Panel Break)
6. Boomerang1: ElecOgre3, MegaBunnyA (60dmg Wood)

DecoyA: Engage MegaBunny
DecoyB: Engage MegaBunny


Heavy Shielding: 2 Turns Remaining
Rising Barrage: 7 Turns Remaining
----------Busterlock: 2 Turns Remaining

Electro-therapy: 2 Turns Remaining
Enhanced Perception: 3 Turns Remaining
Tesla Pulse: 2 Turns Remaining
Focusing on damage control first, Aera repaired her allies quickly. With Vector restored somewhat and MachMan back to near-peak condition with defenses, the trio was now able to focus on a counterattack. MachMan summoned up some backup in the form of his decoys and a FighterPlane, allowing him to prepare for a final barrage. A preemptive dodge maneuver allowed him to avoid an extremely fast ring of electricity just as the attacker was buffeted with gunfire. The distracted viruses were no match for the ensuing rain of explosions and bladed missiles, resulting in a resounding victory for MachMan and his SPs.

Catpult: DELETED
ElecOgre3: DELETED

50% Normal (Virus area)
50% Metal (Under MachFighter)


Machman.EXE: 190 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 19 HP

TankCannon3, 900z, 49 BugFrags
With the battlefield finally clear of targets, Mach eased up on his throttle, and sent it into idle as he let the antigrav drive make him gently float towards the ground. As he got closer to the battle-scarred tiles below, bugfrags, zenny, and even battlechip data seeped towards his frame, before lifting off the ground and were absorbed through the bottom of his fuselage.

Aera plucked some of the bugfrags that were then floating inside the cockpit with her, while the zenny and battlechip data were directly downloaded to the PET. Mazer's eyes widened a bit as he looked at their newest battlechip.
[Woah, this one packs quite a punch! This TankCannon3 chip should be perfect for dealing with these heavily armored targets. It even has an explosive function, for decreased accuracy.]
[[i]Hm, sounds like we have something to test then. You hanging in there, Vector?[/i]]

Vector's single red eye appeared on a few of his metal bodyplates, which were secured to the back wall of the cockpit. His eye swung from side to side before tightening slightly.
I am still fit for battle, sire.
[[i]Alright then, let's continue on.[/i]]

Mach lightly touched his throttles, causing them to fire a short burst of thrust and sent them cruising over the network floor and deeper into the net.

((Ready for Battle #3))
The MachFighter continued through the network unopposed for a fair distance. Suddenly, a strong burst of wind rocked the craft violently. Several explosions could be heard just behind the MachFighter. Luckily, the wind had not been enough to keep MachMan in place. Scanning the ground, two Chimpu viruses were arduously trying to keep a fan pointed skyward with only boxing gloves. When they realized their allies' attacks had failed, they completely pushed the fan onto its back side and let the machine point upward before focusing on the MachFighter.

ChimpuA: 220 HP
ChimpuB: 220 HP
Killy: 240 HP
Beetank3: 240 HP (Metal)
TempestBox: 300 HP (Metal) (Pointed upward, vacuum)

10% Metal
90% Normal

Machman.EXE: 190 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 19 HP

Mach instantly started to scan the ground below as his frame was rocked and buffeted by a burst of wind. He spotted a pair of champu series viruses attempting to aim a wind virus towards him, while a Beetank and Billy-series virus moved next to them.
[[i]Mazer, requesting Bubble-V, Counter1, and AirRaid2 chips.[/i]]

Mazer furrowed his brow as he started to retrieve the chips.
[Only those three? I doubt that's enough to take them down...]
No sir, I just can't risk being too aggressive against them, especially with Vector as heavily damaged as he is. I'm going to try to stay on the defensive, and pick them off one by one.
[Alright, chips uploaded!]

Mach's energy shield quickly materialized in front of him, and Vector still managed to send his least damaged body plates out into the shield's area, to further bolster Mach's forward defenses. As the display inside the cockpit started to change into the Enhanced Perception mode again, Machman addressed his SPs, giving them direction for the battle.
[[i]Aera, I want you to take down that Beetank. We've seen these types before, they are constantly moving around. Try to anticipate where they are going to move, and lead your shots so you can ensure hits. Vector, when those Champu viruses try to counterattack, I want you to meet their fists with your blades. Keep an eye out, and shoot them down as soon as they get close![/i]]
Okay, you can count on me!
Yes, sire. I won't let you down!

While he had been giving marching orders to his SPs, his decoys had materialized at his sides before projecting their mirror images of their master, and started to bank and twist around his frame. With robotic precision, the drones stayed within 5 feet of Mach's wings and fuselage as they orbited. Their (fake) forms seemed to obscure the MachFighter quite a bit at times, but from inside the cockpit, the enhanced perception program allowed him to simply see through the projections. The small physical bodies of the drones themselves could be seen, but they were merely the size of basketballs , and didn't do much to impede Mach's vision.

Aera quickly went into action, and started to channel nearly all of her electrical power into the arms of her seat. Some of her bangs started to rise on her head due to the amount of current surging through her body, she glanced at her gravity defying hair briefly before she focused on the Beetank scurrying on the metal floor. She smiled, knowing the metal panels it stood upon would make her electrical bolts that much more powerful, and would hopefully prove a fatal mistake for the quadruped tank.

The electricity that pulsed from Aera's body channeled through her seat and down into wire programs, which ran from the back of her seat down into the small connection point in the wall of the cockpit, and split apart to the spine-like canards jutting from either side of Mach's fuselage. They started to buzz for a moment before they were essentially hidden from view, thanks to the blindingly bright bolts of electricity that blasted from them. Four large bolts of electricity streamed from Mach's fuselage as they rained towards the Beetank. The bolts leaped into the ground below, hopefully melting holes through the virus on its way through, and electrified the immediate area around ground zero. With any luck, the Killy virus nearby would have felt Aera's attacks.

Aera had tensed up as she attacked, due to the strain of producing such a large amount of energy, but she quickly relaxed in her seat, and the residual current left over was gradually converted into restorative data, which seeped into Vector's body. Vector's armored plates started to regenerate and bristle over Mach's fuselage, almost like a set of razor sharp spines. Just above him, he had summoned his viral wingman, which quickly rolled to the right, and started to barrel roll, with Mach and his decoys situated in the center of the imaginary "barrel" of which the FighterPlane traced the circular outline. Once it got directly beneath Mach, it nosed up and dove to the ground (makes sense since the FighterPlane was inverted, so from the view of its "pilot" it pulled its nose "up")

It made a brief aileron roll to reorient itself, and zoomed towards the ground at a 45 degree angle. As it picked out its target, the Billy-series virus, it eased up on its decent to keep its altitude during its strafing run. The twin vulcans hard-mounted on the sides of its fuselage spun up before they belted out a loud roar, accompanying the twin streams of bullets which spewed forth to hopefully fill the virus with holes. As the guns winded down, the FighterPlane very quickly rolled 60 degrees to the left and pulled hard to peel away from its target; a typical maneuver performed immediately after a strafing run.

When the plane peeled off, one could now see Machman again, who was barreling towards the viruses below. A single missile was slung under his fuselage, but it appeared to be a very temporary fixture, because it was quickly jettisoned and its solid rocket motor sent it streaming towards the ground. Its small, angular guide fins moved ever so slightly to keep the missile on target, and hopefully ensure its warhead detonates directly over its targets: the Chimpu viruses. Just before hitting the ground, the missile exploded with a shower of pressurized water, which felt more like a wall of needles than a quick rain shower. The hydraulic blast would hopefully damage the viruses, but it appears they wouldn't go down. Thankfully Mach expected this, and had made sure he was prepared for what they would try to do. From the multitude of times he's faced Champu-series viruses, they always did the same thing: Stand there, looking very angry, then in a flash they are immediately in your face, pummeling it with flaming fists.

He knew they were going to retaliate, and that is why he had Vector go on the defensive, and he activated his Counter1 battlechip. A foreign, simple AI was introduced into his sensory systems, and they followed a very simple trigger-style command. Whenever any hostile attacks come within impact range of Mach's body, a not truly known code pulse is released, which somehow nullifies most attacks. Once this pulse is activated, all control of his antigravity drive, control surfaces, and throttles go directly to the AI, and using the residual pulse code to steel his body, he pummels the virus with a part of his frame, effectively countering the virus's attack.

Mach continued to bank and turn to line up his next target, but Vector's spines started to rise from his frame, and pointed towards the Chimpu viruses. The slivers of metal continually pointed towards their intended targets, waiting for them to get close enough. As soon as Vector sees them attempt to attack the MachFighter, he would fire a trio of those spines towards the virus in an attempt to cut them down on the spot. Mach's aerodynamic cross-section was somewhat fouled by Vector's spines, but the sheer amount of thrust along with the antigravity drive made no difference in how easily Mach could cut through the sky.

Mach made a series of smaller, controlled turns, all in an attempt to line up the Billy virus with the upward-facing fan virus. He wanted this, because he was hoping to turn the large, armored metal box into a very fast-moving projectile, and he wanted to smash something with it. The outer halves of his forward-swept wings swung slowly forward, like a large knife blade swinging into its handle. They stopped after moving only a few feet before two glowing orbs of plasma started to form directly between the tips of the canards and the tips of his wings. In less than a few seconds, these orbs swelled from the size of golf balls to something more like a pair of angrily glowing crimson beach balls. These orbs of plasma were held back only by a strong magnetic field, and as soon as a channel was opened, the plasma surged forward, following an elemental need for freedom, and burned through the sky as a pair of parallel energy beams. The beams ripped down over the floor below, hopefully sweeping over the TempestBox's position, and hitting it with enough force to hurl it backwards and take the Killy virus with it.

1. Heavy Shielding: Machman.EXE (6-hit shield + 3TCD)
-[[color=006666]Reinforce[/color] Heavy Shielding (+2 Hits)]-
2. Enhanced Perception: Machman.EXE (Accuracy Enhancement x3 + 3TCD)
Aera: Attack Beetank3, Killy(35dmg Elec + Spread1) [x4]
-[[color=ff6600]Recharge[/color]: Vector.SP (18HP Heal)]-
3. AirRaid2 (Summon 100HP FighterPlane)
-----FighterPlane: Attack Killy (10dmg Null x15)
4. Bubble-V: ChimpuA,B (80dmg Aqua + Spread2) [+ Accuracy Up]
5. Counter1 ((1-hit I-Field)+(Counter (70dmg Null + Impact + Break): On-hit)) [+ Accuracy Up]
Vector: Attack ChimpuA or B in response to either one teleporting near Machman (35dmg Aqua) [x3]
6. Superior Thrust Laser: TempestBox (60dmg x2 Null + Multi-hit + Microburst + 3TCD) [+ Accuracy Up] [Attempt to knock TempestBox into Killy]

DecoyA: Orbit around Machman, in an attempt to confuse an attacking Chimpu
DecoyB: Orbit around Machman, in an attempt to confuse an attacking Chimpu


Heavy Shielding: 3 Turns Remaining
Enhanced Perception: 3 Turns Remaining
Superior Thrust Laser: 3 Turns Remaining
Busterlock: 1 Turn Remaining

As MachMan began some self-improvement with shielding and targeting and all that, Aera began a 4-hit assault on the tankiest of the viruses. The first shot's aim was laughably bad, but the second bolt couldn't be more perfect, as it went through the Beetank's body to hit the nearby Killy. The third also penetrated the literal and figurative bug, but failed to hit anything else. The fourth and final proved similarly effective, despite its efforts to avoid it. This appeared to set the virus in a panic, however, and launched a pair of powerful bombs at the origin of its pain...only for the energy shield to nullify its effects. One bomb's explosion, however, managed to hit the SP not responsible for its agony, though the SP managed to heal what damage it took right away.

A smaller plane suddenly flew from the larger one, which made a Chimpu nervous, and warped up to it to give it the ol' one-two. Unfortunately, its punches were dead-on, but before it went boom, the FighterPlane got a few shots off on the Killy...maybe half a dozen, and nearly all of them managed to connect. In retaliation, MachFighter let loose a missile powered by an Aqua chip, which hit the Chimpu responsible for the object's deletion, but the other boxer managed to strafe it quite easily. Not happy about getting bubble blasted, the flame virus signaled to its buddy, causing both to speed over to the Navi plane for a no-holds beatdown...

But Vector managed to strike first with a series of water-infused spikes, managed to get a single hit on both, and deleting the weakened Chimpu. Its partner in crime, however, in a move fitting of its name, went completely ape, and started wailing on the plane's body. It very nearly shattered the shield, but MachFighter managed to swerve out of the way just in time for the energy to remain around him, and strike the boxer with a counterattack before it could completely shatter the defense.

As a final offensive measure for now, the plane shot lasers at the large fan, causing it to go flying towards the electrical virus...and over it. Unfortunately, this caused the immobile virus to end up on its side again, allowing it to begin sucking in the aerial fighter. Strangely, the Killy seemed unfazed by the near collision, instead seeming...focused, perhaps? It was difficult to tell, but it began to launch a series of electrical beams at the fighter. Alas, most of the beams were aimed at the decoys, though one did strike the shield, bringing it to the brink.

ChimpuB: 80 HP
Killy: 155 HP
Beetank3: 30 HP (Metal)
TempestBox: 180 HP (Pointed upward, vacuum)

10% Metal
90% Normal

Machman.EXE: 190 HP (1-hit shield)
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 19 HP
After taking several hits, though suffering no structural damage, Mach banked hard to the right, and peeled off his attack vector. He wanted to get some distance, and regroup before resuming his assault. Aera created a large packet of restorative data, and channeled it through the MachFighter to reach Vector's armored plates. She managed to repair the majority of his body, and they started to get their normal shine and razor edges back. Vector's eye appeared on the plates lining the back wall of the cockpit, near the umbilical that connected Aera's ejection seat to the cockpit.
Many thanks, m'lady.

Aera turned her head towards Vector, and smiled with a wink.
It's the least I could do, keep up the good work!

Vector internally beamed from the complement from his "queen," but externally he very calmly thanked her before his eye disappeared, refocusing on the viruses now almost behind them. Mach rolled out of his turn, and requested munitions from his NetOp.
[[i]Mazer, let's try out that new chip. I think it's high-explosive variant should work well here. I'll also need FlameLine2 and DashAttack.[/i]]

Mazer slid the requested chips from his magazine, and slotted them in quickly.
[Alright, got all of them uploaded. You should be able to choose the TankCannon function on your end. Just don't forget it may not be as accurate in that mode.
[color=0000aa][[i]Roger that, thanks.[/i][/color]

A pair of large bombs materialized under his fuselage, and were arranged side by side to keep Mach's weight balanced. However, the bombs looked slightly different. One of them appeared to be a simple fuel tank with fins, while the other appeared to be made of much harder materials, and had a much larger fuse than the other. He started to bank again, to get himself facing towards the viruses again.
[[i]Aera, fire a shot at the Beetank, but focus more on the Killy. And Vector, keep your spears ready for that Chimpu.[/i]]
Yes, sire.

Before finishing his turn towards the viruses, his twin decoys materialized and created their holographic copies of their master before they flew out at his wingtips and followed dutifully. As soon as they got within combat range, Aera had started to hone in on her targets, and within seconds she started to blast the area with lightning bolts. A single bolt surged directly towards the Beetank, but the other two were directed towards the Killy virus. The bolts flew like glowing arrows towards the ground, and exploded with a large spread of electrical pulses.

Knowing counterattacks would be a likely response to the electrical barrage, Mach performed a tight aileron roll to the left, which made him lose altitude quickly while moving slightly to the right. Aera giggled from the maneuver, since it was purely entertainment for her inside the cockpit; the whole experience was like a roller coaster ride, sans rail. A pair of complicated targeting blips appeared on the display in front of her, they weren't just cross hairs, they also had a direction of travel element, showing where the munitions would "roll" if they didn't explode immediately, and where the payload of each bomb would naturally go due to the natural momentum of the warheads. Mach adjusted his position to line up the bombs so they would explode in the middle of the viral group, and any remnants of the warheads would spread amongst the group and hopefully destroy them all.

As the bombs dropped away from Mach's fuselage with a pair of loud thunks, one could see Vector's body plates prickling up from Mach's frame, and actively tracking the Chimpu virus. His porcupine-like defense seemed to work fairly well before so Vector assumed the same stance, and watched for the melee virus to attack. As soon as it did so, he would retaliate with a stream of sharpened steel. The bombs fell towards the viruses before they impacted, the first causing a very large explosion and a large fireball, and the second appeared to be filled with a highly flammable liquid, which instantly ignited and spread over the floor like water spilling from a dropped glass jar. In less than a couple seconds, a large swath of the battlefield was bathed in fire, and belching a tower of black smoke.

Vector continued to keep an eye out for the Chimpu (pun intended), and waited patiently for the virus to attack, so he could meet its advance with a pair of long spears of sharpened metal. Mach quickly flew past the viruses, leaving a wall a sea of fire and a wall of black smoke behind him. Though it appeared he had left pure destruction behind him, Mach had to make sure his enemies were wiped out completely. Mach pulled up as he rolled over to his right, pulling his nose up and over in what appeared to be the beginning of a barrel roll, however, he was only trying to gain altitude so he could nose over into a dive and completely reverse direction; a low altitude "Split-S." Aera saw the sky quickly turn to earth, and earth to sky before she was pushed down into her seat as Mach dove to the ground and pulled out, leaving him a mere 3 feet above the ground.

Aera almost pulled her knees up to her chest, instinctively thinking her feet were actually going to touch the ground as it blurred beneath her. Mach slammed his throttles forward to push him past the sound barrier, and sent him barreling towards the viruses. A conical shock wave started to form over Mach's frame, starting from his nose and angling out around him, veiling his form in a cone of pressurized air. He surged through the virus's positions, hopefully blasting them out of the way, or simply crushing them with the sheer force of the pressure shock wave. It looked as if Mach disappeared inside the wall of black smoke, but he quickly bored through it, and practically caused the smoke to entirely dissipate from his wake.

Aera: Electro-therapy to Vector.SP (Heal 72HP + 2TCD)
1. Strategic Movement: Make a wide 360 degree turn to make some distance and give them all time to prepare.
Aera: Attack Beetank3, Killy (35dmg Elec Spread1)
Aera: Attack Killy, ChimpuB (35dmg Elec Spread1) [x2]
2. Dodge
Vector: Attack ChimpuB (35dmg Aqua)
3. TankCannon3: Killy, Beetank3, TempestBox (160dmg Null Blast2) [+ Accuracy Up]
4. FlameLine2: Killy, Beetank3, TempestBox, ChimpuB (120dmg Fire + Ground Attack + Wide Attack)
Vector: Attack ChimpuB (35dmg Aqua) [x2]
5. Strategic Movement: Perform a Split-S maneuver to face towards the viruses
6. DashAttack: ChimpuB, TempestBox, Beetank3, Killy (90dmg Null + Impact)

DecoyA: Follow Mach on Right side
DecoyB: Follow Mach on Left side


Heavy Shielding: 2 Turns Remaining
Enhanced Perception: 2 Turns Remaining
Superior Thrust Laser: 2 Turns Remaining
Electro-Therapy: 2 Turns Remaining
Buster Restored

As MachMan broke off from his target and gained some distance from the remaining viruses, Aera gave her fellow SP a substantial heal. By the time MachMan was back in attack range, he was flanked by his decoys and Aera was ready to shoot lots of lightning. The Beetank was blasted with a pinpoint shot that finished it off with a loud bang, while one of the other two bolts barely managed to hit the Killy before it shuffled out of the way with surprising speed. The Chimpu had already moved out of range of both. Apparently, the Killy had been trying to attack, because Mach watched as his left decoy dodged around an extremely long bamboo shoot.

Getting out the heavy ordnance, MachMan passed over the virus group with his decoys and dropped some good ol' high explosives on them. The Chimpu saw the attack coming and go out of the blast range, but the Killy was obliterated and the TempestBox was seared as well. Vector waited for the final virus to attack, but the entire time Mach was preparing, the virus simply remained on the ground. As Mach began to pick up speed, he decided to attack anyway and landed one hit. The Chimpu was at critical health. When MachMan finally dove in for the kill, he felt the last layer of his shield shatter as he passed through the smoke. He had not sustained any damage, but it seemed he'd come close. The Chimpu was gone, though.

Beetank3: DELETED
TempestBox: DELETED

10% Metal
90% Normal


Machman.EXE: 190 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 91 HP

49 BugFrags
Mach finally slowed down as the last little blip on his radar disappeared, finally indicating there were no other enemies on the field. He made a lazy right turn, before he hovered over the scorched battlefield as the flames quickly burned out. A rather large amount of bugfrags floated up towards Mach's frame along with some zenny and a battlechip. The bugfrags went to Aera and Vector, while the others were sent directly to Mazer's PET.

He looked down at the screen, and pulled up the chip data before he retrieved a blank chip from his desk drawer.
[Hm... this one may be useful later, but I don't really see anything we need replacing for now. I'll keep it on our reserves.]

[[i]Understood sir. Shall we continue?[/i]]
[Of course, you guys are still good to go, just keep an eye out, alright?]
[[i]Of course.[/i]]

Mach slowly started to accelerate, and zoomed out over the net floor, before he started to disappear from sight, going deeper and deeper into the net.

((Ready for Battle #4))
The MachFighter progressed over the network for a while, Mach and his crew keeping an eye out for viruses. They soon came across more, this time not by first being shot at. MachMan detected the viruses and slowed down, identifying the targets as they got closer. A host of electric viruses were situated around what looked like a few pieces of machinery, hitting them with what looked like extremely powerful electric attacks. Watching nearby was a pair of Boomer viruses, apparently starved for something to do. They were the first to notice the MachFighter approaching, and informed the electric viruses as well.

KillyA: 240 HP (Solar)
KillyB: 240 HP (Solar)
MegaBunny: 200 HP (Solar)
MagTecXA: 250 HP (Solar)
MagTecXB: 250 HP (Solar)
DoomerA: 220 HP (Metal)
DoomerB: 220 HP (Metal)

40% Solar
60% Metal

Machman.EXE: 190 HP
Aera.SP: 70 HP
Vector.SP: 91 HP