Improving the Public Image

((From -> The Navi Shop))

As the small could of swan feathers cleared and left Pirouette standing at the edge of the large, domed building being used for faction recruitment, she looked around, partially to get her bearings and just as much to take in the sight. Her eyes drifted over the assortment of advertisements and information boards that surrounded the area, but for the most part she already knew what she intended to do, and none of the standard information signs could answer the questions she wanted to ask.

Eventually she made her way to the actual sign up tellers and waited until she could approach the next available counter, stepping up to the window with only a small amount of apprehension. She had a smile and a polite incline of her head for the GNA navi on the other side of the window.

"Hello! My name is Pirouette, and my operator is Mikhail Norano. I was hoping to apply to join the Net Police, but I am not sure which branch would be most suitable for what I wish to do, you know? I was hoping you could give me some advice on this, before we fill out the paperwork." She paused, resettling her wings and raising up slightly on the balls of her feet. "You see, lately I have noticed that a great many people, they have no confidence in the Net Police. The, ah, the public image, you know, it is not so well thought of as it should be, in my opinion, and I want to help restore the public image, and people's confidence in the capability of the Net Police to take care of them and keep them safe, yes? A... A public relations job, or a public liaison, if you will. I am not much for fighting, I am afraid, but I still wish to do my part. What branch would you recommend I apply to, please?" She ducked her head slightly and smiled again, vaguely apologetic for being more complicated than a simple rubber stamp.
The navi behind the desk, presumably a normal navi employeed with the GNA given their generic gray navisuit and mostly featureless visored face, greeted Pirouette with a polite nod, then opened a small screen mid-air next to them, displaying a list of NetPolice departments upon it. "Greetings, Pirouette. Thank you for using the Global Network Administrstion's kiosk for prospective NetPolice recruits. I can provide general descriptions of each of the departments to assidt in your decision," they began. It was pretty evident this was the GNA navi's way of being as vague as possible to avoif liability for where Pirouette ended up.

As though summoned, another navi seemed to burst into being nearby, though really they had just turned from their previous conversation to speak to her. The navi stood a little taller than either the gna employee or Pirouette and was covered by a black navisuit, over which heavy yellow armor was plated. Most of it was plastic-like, mustard-yellow pieces, with white, upward pointing arrows painted on, while others were made mildly luminescent, lighter yellow ones. The armor was heavy enough so it concealed much of the figure, although their body was curvy enough (though the kind that was thick everywhere) to show they were probably a woman under there. The skinsuit seemingly continued up their neck and to their face, hiding the nose and mouth, while some sort of voice projecting box was hooked over the mouth by a chin strap.the upper half of the head was masked by a yellow helmet. The eyes were frozen in permanent, smiling curves that seemed like they would be hard to see through.

When the navi spoke up, every panel on their armor lit up, and as they spread their arms wide. A voice came out from their helmet, sounding unmuffled despite their equipment, but also very loud. "Hello, friend! I hope I'm not interrupting your conversation, but it sounds like you could use some guidance to help decide which of the many swell NetPolice factions is right for you! My name is Upside, and i wanna help you get into the department that's right for you!" she introduced herself, sounding chipper to the point of being a little grating. Pirouette might appreciate the gesture or might try to interject, but the other navi would soldier on regardless.

"First off, you said you don't want to fight, which is totally understandable! Not everyone is made for that sort of thing, but if you aren't, well, i just bet you'll really excell at something else! However, you might want to avoid the Justice department. I'm sure they could find something swell for you to do, but the truth is, the fine folks in that department have to be ready to mobolize to fight off threats from Mafia and other such groups."

"For the other departments, I'm sure Tech, Prosecutions, and Investigations all have their perks since they're all full of such great people, but none of them will put you that close to the people that the NetPolice serve. In my view, your best two options are either Internal Affairs or Public Safety. Internal Affairs handles everything organizational or 'big picture', though that isn't to say other departments have no big concerns they handle themselves! The Internal Affairs department takes some of the headache out of it by directing all departments, issues like financing, advertising, and etc. If you think that the public perception is suffering a bit, then I think Internal Affairs could get everyone's eyes on the issue and sweep it up in a jiffy!"

Somehow not yet out of breath, she continued in the same upbeat voice. "The Public Safety Department could be a great fit too, though! They're the closest to the civilians, y'know, and really, they're the ones who the public tend to think of when they think of the NP. Getting in with them would be a great way to directly change people's opinions and make them see how great the NetPolice really are! Or listen to what sorta complaints people have, at least. Golly knows, there's a lot of great things I'd love to clue 'em in on! Of course, they sometimes get into dangerous situations, but they might still have ways you can help out without getting into it."

The other GNA navi seemed to have shrunk back into their desk, deciding this was the answer they were looking for to their liability issue. Upside continued, projecting at great volume. "What do you think, Pirouette? Know how you want to take your first exciting steps into the NetPolice?" she asked again, still literally beaming. "The GNA is such a great connection point between civilians and the NetPolice, I'm sure they've got great opportunities lined up for you no matter which department you decide to go for! And every department is gonna want a pretty, self-motivated girl like you to join up! It's a lock!" It seemed it was finally Pirouette's turn to talk.
About to speak to the navi assisting her, Pirouette closed her mouth an waited at the sudden arrival of a navi who seemed far more specialised in non-standard questions... or at least far more enthusiastic about butting in on them. Either way, she smiled and nodded along at the appropriate points while upside bubbled away about what her options boiled down to. She thought about it for a bit as the other navi spoke, then paused when an opportunity opened for her to answer. At last she nodded to herself.

"I think it sounds like it must be Internal Affairs. If there is no group, or department that handles public relations specifically, then the branch that handles the organisation and management of the divisions must surely be where I begin, no?" Her wings shifted slightly at her back, rustling as she nodded again. "Yes, I think that must be it. Internal Affairs then."
"Sure, sure! And look at that decision making speed! That's just the sort of thing you need to help out in Internal Affairs," Upside assured Pirouette, swiping one huge fist in a gung-ho gesture. Of course, if Pirouette was as assertive and sure as Upside implied, she probably didn't need the extra vote of confidence. "Boy, seeing you go after your aspirations like this makes me want to achieve my dreams too!" she sighed, crossing her arms with a happy, contented pause. "And that's why I'm going to apply to! I know my can-do spirit is just what the NetPolice need to overcome those nasty negative perceptions you're talking about!" It might come as something of a shocker that Upside wasn't already a part of the NP, given her enthusiasm for the subject. If what the NetPolice needed to do was review their flaws, however, she might not be the best candidate to help with that sort of thing.

"Very well, a mission for two for Internal Affairs," the GNA representative pitched in helpfully, though they might be motivated less by genuine enthusiasm and more by the need to move the two away from the front of the counter. "Here's an opening... It's from Officer Bayonet in Internal Affairs. I'll display the specifics here, if you'd like to review them," the navi insisted, pointing towards the viewscreen again.

Quote ()


I am seeking potential NP recruits to provide a set of fresh eyes on a few of our problem officers. These officers are ones against whom we've received complaints, lodged by the general public. Your mission would be to help reform some of these officers and correct their problem behavior, or at least get to the root of the cause. There are five total who I've sent on a mission to Beach Net, volunteer service, but I sense that it won't bear much fruit in terms of teaching them a lesson or correcting their behavior. Instead, I'd like you to give them the perspective of a citizen coming into the NP, figure out what they're doing wrong, understand their side of it, and then hopefully correct the behavior. I don't expect you to succeed on all accounts... Rather, if you can report convincing progress with at least one of the five cases, I will call it a success and approve your recruitment into the Internal Affairs Department, after which you can certainly learn the rest on the job. If you can go above and beyond, solving several cases, I will be happy to provide additional payment.

If you choose to accept, I will call you to the offices where we will briefly discuss each of the problem officers. You are free to choose whichever means of analysis and correction you find most effective, but I would suggest a one-on-one interview or dialogue format, personally. Maybe you'll have a better idea of how to achieve results. You can either use my office and summon them there or head to the beach yourself, whichever you see fit. Note that discipline is not strictly on the agenda, but by no means is it off the table as a means of teaching either... I would be hypocritical should I attempt to disallow it. Respond to the GNA if you are interested and we'll go from there.

Internal Affairs

The other girl seemed happy about it (she seemed happy about everything), even though discipline didn't seem to be in her wheelhouse. "Fun! I love listening to other people's problems and helping them out, don't you? That's what I live for!" Upside beamed, casting a light show all around the GNA kiosk. "Of course, I'm sure they've got lots of different missions if you'd like to hear more options! What do you think? Gee, just one of five... we could do that for sure! I'll bet we could do all five, if we put our heads together! I've always wanted to play good-cop-good-cop!" It was not hard to imagine public complaints being lodged against this noisy potential NP recruit somewhere in the near future, should this mission go off successfully.
Pirouette continued to nod politely, right up until the other woman began to speak about signing up as well. At that point, her expression dropped to a small frown and her delicate brows drew down. Her wings twitched.

"I'm sorry, it seems there has been a misunderstanding." She fixed the overly-sunny navi with a firm eye. "If you are not a member of the GNA, or a representative of the NetPolice, then it is an invasion of my personal privacy for you to be within this window's security screen uninvited, you know. I must ask you to step back. The privacy screens exist for a reason, no? Enthusiasm is good, of course, but it is worse than for naught if you will not respect other people's comfort and privacy, yes? Now if you would please remove yourself, I have business to attend to here."

The prim edge to her voice led to the more notable hints of her accent growing stronger as she spoke, but Pirouette kept her tone, at least, level and patient. When she had spoken, she pointedly turned away from Upside, facing the counter again and placing her hands on the edge of it, folded neatly while she ruffled and resettled her wings for a moment. She looked ahead, offering a small, obviously apologetic smile to the GNA handler on the other side of the window. She didn't speak again, however, and pointedly ignored Upside until the other woman either removed herself as requested, or otherwise gave the ballerina a proper reason to permit her to stay.

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The GNA navi's face didn't have much in the way of expression, so it was hard to tell how they were reacting to Pirouette's verbal lashing; they didn't interrupt, at any rate. When it was over, Pirouette's would-be ally gave another booming laugh, perhaps a little louder than the previous ones. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Whoopsie-doodle! See, that's why you're going to be great at Internal Affairs; you don't take any nonsense from anyone! Well, I guess Internal Affairs isn't for me if I can't follow the rules," the heavyset navi chuckled, possibly joking. It sounded earlier like they'd researched way too much to give up this easily. "But, I guess I have a talent for breaking the rules, so that means I'll be a great mafioso! See you on the other side!" Upside saluted, then promptly moved to the next kiosk over. This flightiness might be another disadvantage of her sunny disposition, but it was someone else's problem now, presumably.

The kiosk navi watched Upside leave, coughed, then continued. "If you are interested in the mission, Pirouette, simply give verbal confirmation. We'll inform the employer and provide you coordinates to the meeting spot. If you would instead prefer to hear another option, let us know and we can supply you one," the navi instructed Lyntael, swinging the viewscreen back around to the other side.

"Wow! Technology with no ethical standards, huh? I'll bet the technology is really useful thanks to all the stolen money they're funneling into it! It'll be interesting to see how it is working with no ethics at all, since I've always valued ethics a lot! Why don't you tell me about the Bloodhounds next?" Upside's voice reverberated from the next kiosk over.
After the other navi had decided that her desire to actually join Pirouette on her mission wasn't so pressing that she should give a reason rather than simply going elsewhere, the ballerina took an extra moment or two the close her eyes slowly and re-open them, setting the scene aside. She inclined her head to the GNA handle across the counter.

"I am sorry for that. Now, I believe the mission you mentioned sounds perfectly acceptable to me, and I agree to it." She held her pose, hands neatly folded while she waited for the handler to give her the other precise details she needed to meet up with the actual client.

((Pirouette, moving to -> Bayonet's Office))
"Very well. We will inform the employer of your acceptance so that they can anticipate your arrival. Please head to these coordinates," the navi behind the desk finished, handing a data packet across the desk to Pirouette. "The coordinates will take you to Bayonet's homepage, which will be open for you at the employer's behest."

*Pirouette received Coordinates.DAT*

"Good luck with your mission! Whoops! Eavesdropping again!" Upside cheerfully waved from the next booth over. "So, like I was saying," she continued, turning back to the Mafia recruiter, "a family full of crazy people sounds like a great place for me! After all, I'm crazy about lots of things! Plus, if I mess up on the job, nobody will notice because I'm crazy anyways, huh? Sign me up!" Business as usual.

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