Anyis.EXE VS MachMan.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Greenhouse)

Sweltering heat and oppressive humidity awaits those who step foot in The Greenhouse. An expansive dome spreading out an impressive one hundred-forty feet and standing seven stories high, the Green house was designed to keep its exotic inhabitants nice and comfortable. Within its lush environs one can expect to find any number of plants, from the near tame Netfrican Tangle Root to the carnivorous Tree-hanging Cage Plant. In the center of the glass-domed building is a circular area, about 70 feet across, which has been cleared of a great deal of vegetation, resulting in an ideal location for the fighters to duke it out. Broken stumps and trunks lie scattered across the battlefield, as well as a smattering of still healthy trees, all of which allows for moderate cover as well as improvised weapons. While the use of fire in a green house might seem a bad idea, the outright saturation these plants have undergone while gorging themselves on water, sun and soil rich with flame retardants have made these hardy plants near impervious to burning, allowing for unfettered use of fire attacks while battling.

Within the center of the arena is The Greenhouse's crown jewel, the rare and rather entertaining Electopian Whiplash Lily. This plant's petals are known for their extraordinary elasticity and are more than capable of propelling contestants upward 40 feet into the Skyvine Exhibit. While the higher vantage point may give an advantage, the Skyvines are thick and unruly, making movement difficult. Of course, should contestants wish to return to the ground, a healthy supply of Propeller Fruit awaits at the edges of the Exhibit.

Please note: While the flora surrounding the arena may look beautiful, they are in fact quite dangerous and can cause quite a hindrance to Navis unfortunate enough to enter their reach.

Soil Terrain: 54% (Main Arena Area. Neither bonus giving nor penalizing terrain. Just dirt.)
Skyvine Exhibit: 38% (Above Center of Arena. Navis can attack through the vines, but take a one rank penalty to accuracy due to the vines' unstable nature. Vines inflict slow on any Navi in the exhibit, flying or otherwise. )
Propeller Fruit Tree Branches: 8% (Overhangs Soil Terrain and surrounds Skyvine Exhibit. No bonuses. Ending a turn in this terrain without grabbing a Propeller Fruit will result in a sudden, if predictable, meeting with the ground.)
Thick Vegetation: While not accessible terrain, the arena is surrounded by a staggering amount of plants, most of which are dangerous. Ending a turn on the edge of the arena, either by choice or otherwise, will result in a "Trapped!" status. Navis that are "Trapped!" must spend one action to break free, after which they will be on soil terrain far enough away to avoid another tangle.

Boulderbark Stumps: 300 HP, Immobile, Grounded, Immune to Microburst, Extremely Heavy, Damage Reduction 50. As if the point wasn't already clear, these things aren't moving, no matter how hard you try. Provides minor cover, whether through ducking behind or taking advantage of a hollow stump. Six Boulderbark Stumps are evenly staggered throughout the arena.
Glitchfruit Trees: 50 HP. Bears fruit, which when eaten will produce one instance of the Glitch effect. Those who eat a Glitchfruit cannot eat another, forced or otherwise, for the rest of the fight. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!! Also, tree provides minor cover, but will not appreciate it. Three of these trees grace the battlefield, their locations as random as their effects.

Wall-in-Log's-Clothing: 75 HP, Damage Reduction 25, Heavy. Physical contact will cause this seemingly normal log to spring up into a four foot wall. Moving away will cause the wall to revert to its natural shape. Using the Wall-In-Log's-Clothing as a weapon will result in a one rank accuracy penalty. Four of this deceptive plant can be found within The Greenhouse, two to each side of the arena.
Propeller Fruit: 10 HP, Immune to outside sources. Allows non-damaging movement from Skyvine Exhibit to the Main Arena. Can also be used as an Improvised weapon, in which case it gains the Homing attribute, cannot gain any more abilities, deals no more than 10 damage and explodes upon contact into a pulpy mess. A disgraceful way to receive a final blow. Eight fruit are equidistant around the upper level. Should one become destroyed, another will appear to take its place after one turn.

Electopian Whiplash Lily: 100 HP, requires direct attacks to overcome the elastic nature of the plant and damage it. This gigantic flower, its diameter easily reaching five feet, has the power to launch Navis into the Skyvine Exhibit. Should the Whiplash Lily be destroyed, it is replaced with Soil Terrain, any Navis in the Skyvine Exhibit are forcibly ejected as the vines retreat to the ceiling, and the one who delivered the fatal blow will have earned the scorn of botanists and nature lovers the world over. Navis who are kicked out of the Skyvine Exhibit take falling damage at the moderator's discretion. Only one Whiplash Lily is on the field, claiming the center of the arena as its domain.

Once the information is relayed to the Operators, they are given a few moments to strategize with their Navis before the match begins...
"... Whoa." gasped Anyis, at a loss for words, and she appeared in the wild mass of flora being used as the quarterfinals arena. This wasn't just the generic trees and vines most jungle-type areas would use. Many types of rare, exotic plants from all over the world were painstakingly recreated for this arena... and probably for the sake of inflicting pain on those who entered. "They're really pulling out all the stops by this point, aren't they?" asked Anyis rhetorically, beginning to think that the tournament officials really wanted a massacre on camera.

Mill, meanwhile, was intently reading the provided information on the arena... and boy was there a lot of it. "This arena is so much more complex than the last 2... maybe even combined. It's a little overwhelming, but if we can take advantage of the terrain, we might be able to pull this off after all." he said, starting to feel a little more resolute now that he had some ideas forming.

"That's the spirit." nodded Anyis. Since she was the first to arrive, the spiritual Navi then started wandering around the arena, trying to get a good feel of where she'd be fighting...
Two cyan flashes appeared a few feet above the soil-covered floor of the arena, and two figures emerged from the light. Machman and Aera gently descended to the ground as their eyes opened, and started to take in the sights of the new, jungle-like battle area. They also noticed Anyis wandering around the area, so they calmly approached her.

Excuse me miss, are you Anyis.EXE?
Machman waited for her response before introducing Aera and himself.
I am Machman.EXE, and this is Aera. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Machman extended his hand, while Aera smiled and waved slightly.
"Yo." said Anyis casually, albeit a little surprisedly at her opponent's sportsmanship, as she took MachMan's extended hand into her gloved own. "I saw the end of your last match, and I gotta admit I was impressed. If you make that kind of showing again here, I'm going to be worried about my chances!" she said with a forced laugh, swallowing her pride and admitting that she was the underdog.

At this point, Anyis let go of MachMan's hand and was ready to turn back to her starting zone to begin the match. Before she walked away, though, she said, "Anyway, best luck to you both, and don't pull any punches. If I'm going down, it better be in a blaze of glory." demanded Anyis, punctuating her statement with her fists pounding together as her gloves transformed into her heavy silver gauntlets.

As she walked back, Mill couldn't help but open a private channel and ask, "That was pretty unlike you back there. Are you really resigned to losing...?"

"Hell no." whispered Anyis back. "If he wants a win off of me, he'd better be ready to accept some serious bruises." She didn't think poorly of MachMan, but here at the ONB Tournament, losing was not the name of the game.

Machman shook Anyis's hand firmly, and was somewhat surprised knowing his opponent saw his last match, let alone be impressed by his performance.

Oh, thank you. I got pretty lucky that time, but I appreciate the compliment.
[Selling yourself short?]

Machman responded with a text only message back to Mazer.
Just stating the truth. I scraped by that one. But believe me, I won't let that happen again.
[That's the spirit, let's show them how strong you really are!]

Before the fighters turned away, Anyis wished them luck, and requested that he would not "go easy" on her.

Best of luck to both of you as well. We will hold nothing back, so I can expect the same from you. A blaze of glory is something every Navi should fight for.

Both fighters turned away; Machman and Aera walked a few feet from the edge of the dirt stage of the arena.

Tension is mounting

Machman stopped without turning, as a torrent of thoughts coursed through his digital mind. He took a second and started to sort out the situation.
{Alright. I've only defeated 2 opponents, but both were very skilled and yearned to reach the top. I will continue to fight onward, for them. No one will stand in my way.}
Mach's eyes opened when he felt Aera's hand touch his shoulder. He turned his head towards her, and she met his look with a smile. She then whispered to him,
No one will stand in our way.

Machman was still determined, but felt reassured since he knew he wouldn't be alone. Aera and Mach both turned back to the center of the stage, towards their waiting opponent. Both of their eyes glowed bright blue as their wings spread into their ready positions.

Suddenly, a booming voice resounds outwards from the foliage.


An unseen crowd and fanfare abound from somewhere beyond the scope of the arena.

"Previously, Anyis defeated SoundMan and Voulge, and MachMan defeated SplashMan and Djinni. Four outstanding Navis, all sent home disappointed in preparation for this match. One of these Navis will join the others, and the other shall acend into the ONB Top Four. Which will it be? MATCH..."


ONB Tournament, Round Three: Quarterfinal

Anyis.EXE: 140 Hit Points


MachMan.EXE: 120 Hit Points
--->Assisting: Aera.SP: 60 Hit Points

((PM by: 7/20, 4:45PM,CST))
"Anyis, run!" shouted Mill right after the start of the battle. "Run back as far as you can!" Mill had some time to plan since he was the first to show up, and one immediate realization was that this was going to be a fast battle. Rather, MachMan was going to be the fastest thing he had ever seen, and if Anyis didn't go where she needed to right away, the match would be over before anyone could blink.

Anyis's legs responded quicker than she did, so by the time her mind had processed the order, she already bounded a good several yards away. Faster faster faster faster faster! echoed Anyis's thoughts loudly throughout her head in an effort to will her legs to move faster than they possibly could. Her mind was racing so fast that she was almost completely tuned out to everything around her: the soil under her feet, the stump she just passed, where MachMan was... All of it was completely drowned out by the loud will to run. In fact, a split-second realization was the only thing that stopped her racing thoughts from racing her straight into the wall of the arena, and the gnarled mess of vines that covered it. "Whoa!" exclaimed Anyis as she screeched to a halt a mere few feet from the Thick Vegetation. "Mill, I'm out of ground to run on! What now?!"

"This is fine, this is fine!" responded Mill frantically. "Just keep your back close to the wall and watch out for MachMan!" Mill knew he was battling time just as much as MachMan here, and that Anyis would lose if he didn't get her ready fast enough. Thankfully, the tournament folder he had was far more organized than his own set of Battlechips, and it took Mill no more than a moment to pluck two desired chips out and slip them into his PET. This is it... We've seen how fast MachMan is. Teleporting using just raw speed... Not many Navis can pull that off. Using the vegetation on the arena walls as a net is probably our best bet in catching MachMan, but whether or not that works depends on what MachMan does and how quick on her feet Anyis is. All I can do from here is trust her and pray that the MagBolt I sent does its job... Mill's own thoughts were bouncing around in his head, clearly anxious to see the results of the impending clash.

With chips inbound, Anyis began wrapping her head around Mill's plan, and how the Guard and MagBolt he sent fit in. The Guard was simple enough, she figured as she formed the shield on her right hand and lifted up to a defensive position. If she was more or less baiting MachMan into attacking, having some sort of defense was necessary. Of course, her subsystems as usual would not leave well enough alone, and the Guard was quickly overcome by a sheet of ice, coupled with an additional bit of power granted to the rebounding damage the shield produced. Being used to this, Anyis shrugged off the changes to her defense and set up the other weapon she was given. With her left hand tucked behind her back, Anyis formed a single U-shaped magnet in the palm of her gauntlet and wrapped her armored fingers around it. At first, Anyis assumed it was just a random attacking chip Mill had picked, but once the magnet began crackling with electricity, a wry smile curled up on her face as she remembered getting stunned in her last battle against Voulge. She was... really lucky to have escaped from that, and it looks like Mill had taken a page from the book and used it for their own gain. It was a smart plan, shocking MachMan to slow down his movements. The downside was that this MagBolt was their only means of doing so, so if Anyis missed, this plan was out the window.

... All the more reason to hit, right? With her back to the vegetation, her right hand carrying a Guard, and the MagBolt tucked away in her left for a surprise attack, Anyis was ready. Now all she had to do was keep her eyes open and wait...

Well, that and start prepping her next move. Regardless of whether or not she would be able to pull it off, Anyis would have a very narrow window of opportunity to attack such a speedy opponent. With that in mind, Anyis set up a mental connection with the River and began a background search for compatible junk data. She had to relegate it to a secondary task to keep her mind focused on lookout for her opponent, but she knew very well that if she didn't go ahead and at least start this now, she wouldn't have a chance later.


1. Run to far side of the arena, with back facing Thick Vegetation; attempt to lure MachMan into the Thick Vegetation (Movement)
--Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua to:)
--Bash (Add Impact to:)
2. Equip Guard1 (1 Hit Shield, Reflect 60 Aqua Impact damage) @ MachMan
3. MagBolt1 (90 Elec damage, Stun, Magnetic Pull, Melee Mastery Accuracy Boost) @ MachMan, attempt to drag him close before attacking
4. Channel Surf (100 Strengthen, 15 HP Sacrifice, 2TCD)
--Ectopatcher (Heal 15 HP)

Channel Surf - 2 turns
[Here we go! Watch out for the vegetation, and keep up the pressure!]

Mach and Aera's protective shields flash in front of them, before changing to an almost invisible blue color. A series of explosions rippled down his back as nearly a dozen small sensor pods ejected from him and zipped to different locations in the battlefield. These explosions cued Aera to move diagonally forward and to the right, careful to stay within the bounds of the dirt floor. Machman stood his ground as a small circular bomb materialized in his hands. His wings primed and boosted at full thrust to make him literally blur out of sight. In his place, the already primed minibomb dropped to the ground and exploded in a large fireball.

As soon as the bomb exploded, something appeared out of nowhere, but the figure that was floating above the dirt floor didn't much like Machman at all! Though his hair was the same style, it was a chocolate brown, as were his eyes, gloves, and boots. His face mask was a bright crimson, and his chest was bare. His abs were covered in white bandage-like cloth, and his long black pants were held up by a white and blue checkered belt. His upper arms are covered by the shortened sleeves of his flowing red hooded cloak. Preparing to use the powers of his new cross, he tapped into the Overwatch sensor network he previously set up, and confirmed Anyis's position, speed, and possible escape routes. In less than a couple seconds, he had a complete 3-dimensional plotting of Anyis's position and any possible movements. With this data, he slightly adjusted his direction to allow his next attack to successfully strike.

His cloak was spread out from behind his back, but he quickly grabbed one corner of his cloak with his right hand, and swept the cloak towards Anyis. The winds seemed to know his intentions, and the fairly benign movement created a gale of incredible power that hurtled towards Anyis. The force of the wind would easily knock her off her feet, or anything in front of her and send it hurling into the foliage, or even the opposite wall.

Aera followed up the assault by gathering a large amount of electrical energy, and then sent it streaming down her right arm to gather in her hand. She took aim with that arm and pointed it directly at Anyis. She then released the energy stored up in her arm in one blast, and sent a bright bolt of electricity straight towards Anyis. Machman paused in the air and pointed both of his hands towards Anyis, his cloak flapped in the wind that started to swirl around him.

O great winds, I require your aid,
Keep the attacking enemy at bay!
Bring a strength that will not fade,
and send my foe flying away!

Utilizing the powers adopted by the caped crusader herself, the winds answered his call. Powerful gusts of wind curled around his body and hurtled towards Anyis. Hopefully the winds would have sent Anyis flying, or at least diverted some of her movements or attacks. As the winds continued to blow, Machman pulled back to move to a safer position; he used a sweeping path to draw away any incoming fire and effectively retreat. Aera watched in awe as Machman used the very winds to pummel his foe, and Aera prepared to bring her own elemental assault to bear. She faced Anyis, and set her electrical generators to 110% output. Her capacitor programs quickly reached their breaking point, and had no other option but to overload and purge all the built up power. She unleashed all of her electrical power in a flash of electrical bolts and sparks. However, her most important aspect of her "Tesla Pulse" attack was completely unseen. Nonetheless, a pulse of electromagnetic energy was sent directly towards Anyis, and would hopefully scramble her sensory-motor and cognitive programs enough to effectively disorient her.

-[[color=0000aa]Plasma Shield:[/color] Facing Forward]-
-[[color=ff6600]Repulsion Shield:[/color] Facing Forward]-
Aera: Dodge
SCRAM Boost: Avoid Enemy fire by warping to another location just above the dirt floor
Minibomb1: Anyis.EXE (60dmg + Blast1)
Activate RedCross (Wood/Wind, +10dmg to Wood Chips, +0HP, +0 Actions)
AirShot1: Anyis.EXE (20dmg + Microburst) [+ Take Aim]
Aera: Attack Anyis.EXE (70dmg Elec)
-[Gust: Knock Anyis away from Aera/Disrupt Anyis's attack(s)]-
Aera: Tesla Pulse: Anyis.EXE (Confusion + 2TCD)

Active/Cooling Signatures:
Plasma/Repulsion Shields: Active
Overwatch: Active
SCRAM Boost: 2 Turns Remaining
Tesla Pulse: 2 Turns Remaining
As Anyis begins to run away, Aera and Machman start to get set up with shields and dodges and teleports and minibombs. Anyis manages to continue running out of range of the minibomb as it exploded however.

Standing at the edge of the thick cabbage around the greenhouse, Anyis pulls up a sheet of ice to protect herself as Aera closes in to attack. Machman uses the opportunity to get into RedCross and set up his next attack.

As Mach fires his Airshot, Anyis held her sheild true and hoped for the best. Which, luckily, did happen, as the shot bounced off and hit Aera, well, it WOULD have, had HER shield not absorbed the impact as it faded away.

Now that everyone had done absolutely no good for anyone so far, it was time for times to change. Aera and Anyis swung up their electrified arms simultaneously, and prepared to fire. As Anyis's arm was magnetized, it started to drag the nearest thing closer to it: Aera. this fraction of a startled second was all it took, and the MagBolt connected before the support unit could unleash her own energy. She faded away back into her PET.

The only thing Mach could do at this point was push Anyis back a little with a small burst of wind. That was all it took to have some of the vines wrap around her, though.

ONB Tournament, Round Three: Quarterfinal

Anyis.EXE: 140 Hit Points (Strengthen:100) (Trapped! One action to break free.)


MachMan.EXE: 120 Hit Points (RedCross)
--->Assisting: Aera.SP: 0 Hit Points - DEFEATED
Mach could only watch as Aera was dragged forward by Anyis's Magbolt, and was consequently EJO'd. Aera was EJO'd so quickly, she appeared in the Data Recovery Module in Mazer's PET still ready to unleash her attacks. It took her a moment to realize what happened, and closed her eyes and tightened her fists due to her feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Meanwhile, back in the arena, Machman quickly refocused on the battle as Mazer uploaded his next round of chips. His plasma shield was also recharged, and strengthened in front of him. Since his opponent was only temporarily trapped, he had to quickly take advantage of the opportunity. He pointed his body towards the trapped Anyis and quickly drew his right arm back. In one swing, he brought his fist down to the floor like a crushing hammer. His arm made a loud whooshing sound as he brought a torrent of wind with his strike. The resulting impact sent a wave of dirt and seismic energy barreling towards Anyis. The shockwave was then amplified by the torrent of wind behind it. If it hits, it might be able to push Anyis even further into the foliage and further impede her actions.

Leaving no time to waste, Machman brought his fist from the ground, and opened his hand to receive his rapidly forming vulcan cannon under his arm. A trigger assembly swung from the top bracket of the vulcan and rested comfortably in his hand. He swung the large weapon towards Anyis with ease, and the 3 barrels began to rotate with a mechanical whir. Machman floated a few inches into the air as his vulcan opened up on his opponent with a loud roar. Machman kept his crosshairs planted on Anyis's position while he maneuvered around Anyis in a fairly wide arc. He used his periferal vision to keep himself clear of any obstacles and continued to rain 30mm armor-piercing rounds on his foe. He continued to follow Anyis as his ammunition was depleted. His vulcan fragmented and disappeared as he was perched behind Anyis.

Knowing she would likely try to keep him away, he watched her movements carefully. He wasn't too far away for his next incoming attack, but he kept enough space between them to allow for evasive action. As soon as he saw her attempt to move or attack, he would quickly drop in altitude or dash to the side. If her attack was slow enough, he would simply scoot a few feet away in any direction. After waiting for an opening in her guard, Machman grabbed his crimson cloak and pulled it from his body. The bright cloak fluttered in the air for a second before it folded in on itself and tightened into a jagged, spiked whip. With a flick of his wrist, Machman put the whip in motion and proceeded to assault his opponent with a flurry of blindingly fast, slashing strikes.

While he continued to attack Anyis, white streaks of air began to run over his body, and gathered together in a swirling mass over his chest. The compressed wind energy reached its maximum power, and Machman ceased his attack. His whip unfurled back to it's cloak form, and he effortlessly swung it back over his shoulders. He didn't have time to think about returning his cloak, since he was looking over his video feeds from his Overwatch sensor network. In less than a couple seconds, he used his multiple views of the battlefield to locate and pinpoint Anyis's position. Using that information, he pointed towards Anyis and grasped the mass of compressed wind in his two hands. Thanks to adopting some of Red's wind mastery, he was able to manipulate basketball-sized mass; it looked like a tiny hurricane caught in his grasp.

He then pushed the compacted wind energy towards Anyis, and it practically exploded in his hands. The mass ruptured towards Anyis and created a bright veil of swirling wind that inundated the area with F-5 force winds. Though the wind wasn't filled with damaging debris, the sheer force would send anything spinning out of control.

-[Plasma Shield: Facing Forward]-
SonicWave: Anyis.EXE (80dmg + Piercing + Ground Attack + Line Attack) [+ Gust Knockback]
Rising Barrage: Anyis.EXE (25dmg x4 + Break + Strategic Action + 4TCD)
-[Strategic Action: Move within melee range above/behind Anyis]-
Varitails1: Anyis.EXE (10dmg x9 + Slashing)
Piercing Gale: Anyis.EXE (10dmg Wood + LifeDrain + Microburst + 2TCD) [+ Take Aim]

Active/Cooling Sigs
Plasma Shield: Active
Overwatch: Active
SCRAM Boost: 1 Turn Remaining
Rising Barrage: 4 Turns Remaining
Piercing Gale: 2 Turns Remaining
Well... shit. thought Anyis in frustration, having failed lay a finger on MachMan, having been forced to use up her MagBolt on Aera, and having been rather thoroughly bound up by the vines she got blasted into. In fact, this might as well have been the antithesis to Mill's original plan, where MachMan was trapped in the vegetation instead of her. What's done is done, though, and thinking about the who, what, when, where, and why of the matter wasn't going to get Anyis free and winning the match. Anyis turned her head up and looked forward to see MachMan already taking advantage of her predicament and preparing what looked like some ground-based attack. She grimaced, realizing on the spot that the time she'd need to untangle herself would land her right in the path of that damned attack. Ugh... What the hell is Mill doing? Normally he'd already be-


... Ah. Good boy. Sure enough, while Anyis was worrying, Mill was already slotting in the trio of chips that produced the clicking noise she heard over the communications channel. He had a plan, albeit a basic one, thought up, but Mazer and MachMan didn't seem too intent on letting him tell it to Anyis. With MachMan's SonicWave already plowing its way towards his Navi, Mill could only pray that Anyis could figure something out from the chips he had sent...

AreaGrab, RageClaw1, and AquaNeedle1. Anyis translated this thusly: AreaGrab meant "Go in", RageClaw1 meant "Get close", and AquaNeedle1 meant "Get violent". It was a strategy most carnivorous animals could think up, but hey, if it worked, it worked. Plus, it was a given that the AreaGrab was Anyis's only safe way out of the vegetation and SonicWave. Speaking of which, that attack was getting awfully clo-

And now it was a good several meters ahead of her, MachMan was just below her, and she was falling... fast. Anyis grudgingly acknowledged that she needed to work on her timing and she equipped the nails of a RageClaw to her gauntlet. Knowing she would likely not make a smooth landing, her best bet was to use the razor-sharp nails to dig into MachMan and hang on for dear life... Which, in retrospect, would say something about how bad her other bets were at the time. Either way, Anyis hopefully still had the element of surprise from her teleporting and could use that to her advantage. That, and the ground wasn't getting any farther away, so she didn't really have time to hesitate. With a strong thrust of her arm, Anyis shifted her trajectory just slightly to send her plummeting straight towards MachMan, who she would attempt to catch in a monstrous bear hug that no woman should ever attempt. Her legs were flailing uselessly, her arms and claws were grasping wildly for something to hang onto, and her chest could have been very well pressing against something it shouldn't be. Alas, all's fair in love and war.

Regardless of whether or not her insane leap of faith succeeded or not, Anyis knew that she had to finish up her attack before either: a) MachMan retaliated or b) she hit the ground. With those uncomfortable thoughts in mind, Anyis activated her AquaNeedle, which had been slowly feeding off the data from the Channel Surf to a... surprising result. The first needle materialized as normal above the heads of the combatants, but the second to appear was of a mammoth size, surely at least 3 times bigger than normal, if not more. The needle's diameter was so large that it actually eclipsed the third and final needle to form, leaving it completely hidden within the shadows of its gargantuan brethren. If by some sort of miracle MachMan wasn't already aware of Anyis's presence from the clawing and grabbing, being enshrouded by the shadow of a giant spike was probably clue enough that something was out of the ordinary. With all the components summoned finally, the needles launched, the first leading to way to MachMan with the giant second and hidden third in tow. This was Anyis's last trump against MachMan, and she had to give it her all to make sure it worked.

... Well, would have been her last had she not realized that there was still one more bit of chip data in her systems. "When did...?" muttered Anyis quietly to herself as she condensed the IceWave in her hand, entirely unaware of this chip even having been sent to her. Oh well. She wasn't about to expect her assault to go without a hitch, so she made one last strike, throwing the frozen shard at MachMan to create an explosion of ice. With that done, all that was left was to survey the damage, and considering that her Ectopatcher system was already going wild, it was probably going to be a real drag-out brawl...


1. AreaGrab (Teleport, Accuracy Boost) just above MachMan
--Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua to:)
2. RageClaw1 (20 Aqua damage, Impact, Melee Mastery Accuracy Boost), Attempt to grab MachMan and inflict Hold
--Bash (Add Impact to:)
--Channel Surf (Strengthen 100 to:)
3. AquaNeedle1 (25, 125, 25 Aqua Impact damage) @ MachMan
4. IceWave1 (90 Aqua damage) @ MachMan
--Ectopatcher (Heal 15 HP) @ Self

Channel Surf - 1 turn
Still trapped in the vines, Anyis is a sitting duck as Mach's SonicWave comes crashing into her full on, and once the smoke cleared...

She was gone.

But was it a victory yet? Nay. Anyis had teleported directly above Mach, who, wildly firing his Barrage, only managed to swing it around to hit her with it's last shots.

No amount of maneuvering would help Mach afterward, however, as Anyis swooped her hand down and wrapped it around the speedy Navi and held him as sturdily as she could, which was unfortunately not very long as Machman's dodge became a simple struggle to break the hold, and allowed him to drift away slightly.

He was still too close to avoid the single needle impact with his barrier, shattering it. The next one, grow to gargantuan proportions, caught him squarely in the chest, knocking him away slightly, and injuring him grievously. That slight push saved his life, at least in the match's sense, since the third needle hit precisely where he HAD been a moment before.

Injured, Machman feebly swung the whips of the varitail around, but only one struck with any resounding force. Anyis tried to counter attack, but something odd happened to Machman, which distracted her enough into firing wide. Machman began to glow, and his coloring became fuzzy, almost like a person fiddling with a TV color dial. When it was over, several things had changed: Mach's robe was now a light shade of blue, he was highlighted in various shades of greens and blues, and Mazer's PET inexplicably read out that MachMan was in TurquoiseCross now. That didn't make any sense...

Turns out it worked just as well as RedCross did, as he hit the distracted Anyis with the blast of healing winds and Anyis healed herself.

ONB Tournament, Round Three: Quarterfinal

Anyis.EXE: 30 Hit Points (At edge of soil)


MachMan.EXE: 11 Hit Points (TurquoiseCross) (At opposite edge of soil)
--->Assisting: Aera.SP: 0 Hit Points - DEFEATED
Machman managed to deal some serious damage before blowing Anyis away, but he doubled over and clutched his side where Anyis managed to catch him in her claw. He looked at his (recently changed) blue glove that touched the area, and his fingers were smeared with blood.

{Well, this is new... but I've got no time for that! I've got a match to win!}

Machman's body began to glow a bright green as Mazer activated one of his Recover50s. The green glow reflected slightly off the inner wall of Machman's plasma shield, which intensified in front of him. Machman eyed his opponent, and his Overwatch drones locked on to her position. He then arched forward, and with a burst of wind, he zoomed forward and towards his opponent. He flew a couple feet off the ground, and kicked up dust as he streaked forward. His tattered blue cloak flapped feverishly in the wind, almost like the feathers of a bird in flight. Using the very winds to aid him, he slid from side to side, rose and fell, and rolled to either side in an attempt to avoid incoming fire.

As he approached and swerved unpredictably, he reached under his cloak, where he appeared to have pulled an odd object from it's folds. As he pulled from under his cloak, one could see it was... an apple? It indeed looked like the healthy red citrus, but this particular one had a purple hue, and more prominently was a white depiction of a skull and cross-bones imprinted on the side. Whatever this thing was, it looked anything but healthy. Machman had already uploaded several video feeds from his Overwatch network; and after pinpointing Anyis's position, calculated the exact throwing angle, arc, and force needed to put the foreboding fruit right on Anyis's position, even if she moved several feet away.

Using that information, Machman threw his citrus payload exactly as required, and quickly kept his distance from Anyis. The apple made contact and made a ground-shaking explosion, followed by a shockwave that nearly drove Machman to the ground. He continued to move away as he activated a barrier chip program that raised another shield over his own plasma shield. Two more secondary explosions erupted from the blast area, sending more seismic waves and dust towards Machman. He paused in the air, his arms were outstretched and moving, as if he was "catching" the air as it rumbled by. He then drew his arms towards the center of his body, pulled them back like a coiled spring, then shoved them forward with his hands facing Anyis's direction. Two splotches on his light blue cloak started to glow purple as he faced towards Anyis. Machman managed to stop a sizable amount of air around his body, drew it down and compressed it, then released all of its energy in one wave towards his opponent. The resulting gale returned towards the blast zone with nearly triple the intensity, and blew away the dust thrown up by the blast (and hopefully Anyis along with it).

In an attempt to squash Anyis's chances to mount a counter attack, Machman continued his assault. His entire cloak was almost completely purple and shining after he sent the torrent of air towards his foe, so Machman grabbed the cloak from his shoulder, and tossed it from his body. Nestled next to his sides and previously obscured by his cloak, his wings floated next to him; fully charged with plasma and ready to fire. They shot their infrared targeting lasers and attempted to "paint" Anyis and lock on to her as they floated further from Machman's sides (as not to damage Machman in the process of firing).

Machman's entire body was tinged in the crimson light of the plasma, giving him a shadowy, sinister-looking aura. As he activated the triggers routines on his wings, he uttered a single word.

The wings unleashed their plasma payloads in a pair of magnificent crimson beams. The entire area was bathed in red light as the beams screamed towards Anyis's position with a loud roar. The beams tore through Anyis's position and struck the back wall of the arena, where it proceeded to heat the immediate areas on the wall to a bright orange. The beams then rapidly lost power; they thinned until reduced to a thin trail of glowing bits of data that slowly drifted to the ground as they faded.

Machman stood poised with his wings, but on the inside, his systems were on the verge of failing due to damage, computational stress, and sheer strain of constant movement and combat.


-[Plasma Shield: Facing Forward]-
Recover50: Machman.EXE (Heal 50HP)
EnergyBomb: Anyis.EXE (40dmg x3) [+Take aim]
Barrier1: Machman.EXE (Nullify 1 attack)
-[Gust: Knock Anyis out of melee range]-
Thrust Laser: Anyis.EXE (35dmg x2 + 2TCD)
So close! So freaking close! If I can just rush in there while he's still recovering... Anyis's thoughts rushed, fueled by adrenaline in the aftermath of the heated exchange. Unfortunately for her, another result of the fight was what felt like a large bruise forming right underneath her ribcage. Whether that was from the earthen wave she failed to avoid or that stray bullet that managed to catch her she'd probably never know, but one certainty was that this was going to be sore tomorrow if left alone. Ergh... C'mon Anyis... You're this close! Just as soon as Mill sends a chip, you can end this once and for all!

And send a chip Mill did, much to Anyis's chagrin. A clump of data deposited itself in her armored palms, and took the form of a glass shell. While it appeared empty at first glances, a well trained eye would see a small amount of water sloshing around inside, completely independent of any and all motion from the glass containing it. Yes, Anyis had been given the SeaSeed. A pinnacle in non-offensive equipment, a prime example of indirect defense; this was a support chip, the antithesis to assault. And boy howdy was Anyis ever frustrated by it. Disgusted by the lack of power from this thing, Anyis threw the seed to the ground at her feet, forgetting for just a millisecond too long what effect that would have. Poor girl.

Glass shattered, water surged, and the soil underneath Anyis absolutely liquefied. Two immediate problems resulted from this: 1) Anyis was standing on water, and 2) Anyis was not a ninja trained in the ways of water walking. A nice splash soon came about as a result, and the ghost-channeling Navi fell into the pool and began floating beneath the water's surface. Despite the walls of the pool being nothing but packed soil, the liquid around her was very pristine and showed no signs of losing that quality any time soon. Coupled with the mild tropical climate provided by the arena, this was actually... nice. Being more ice-oriented by design, it had been a long time, certainly before she met Mill, since Anyis had taken a dip in not-frigid water. Were she not still in the middle of a battle, she wouldn't be too opposed to just float around aimlessly in this water for a while. Granted, her robe was getting completely soaked through, her gauntlets were pretty unwieldy underwater, and she couldn't speak without getting a mouthful of what she was swimming, but those were just more reasons for her to pester Mill about that swimsuit later.

"Hey, Anyis! Anyis!" shouted Mill into his PET, trying to grab his Navi's attention.

Her ears perked up at her name instantly, but she quickly became annoyed as Mill kept assuming she wasn't paying attention when the only problem was that she couldn't talk. In a sign of resignation, Anyis put a hand up to her ear, giving the sign that she was listening.

"Oh, you can hear me." noted Mill brilliantly. "You alright?"

Anyis nodded, skipping over her bruise entirely.

"And... you aren't talking because you're underwater. Right, okay." realized Mill, prompting Anyis to raise a silver-clad hand up to her face and just shake her head feebly. "Anyway, just stay there for a while. Being underwater is actually a pretty good defense for you, since MachMan can't breath underwater or swim as well as you. Since we still have the RageClaw, try to pull MachMan in if he gets too close. Getting him underwater would be a huge advantage to us." explained the Operator. He had originally sent her the SeaSeed to make an underwater tunnel to swim through and sneak up on MachMan, but using it like this was fine too.

Anyis took a glance at her right gauntlet, and sure enough, the nails of the RageClaw were still there. She had honestly forgotten about them in the fray. Suddenly, a jolt went through her mind as she realized that she was wielding a non-elemental chips, and her systems would probably be dying to freeze this thing any moment now. Normally she didn't care, but underwater... Well, this was certainly going to be a test of willpower. Focus Anyis, focus... She gave a hard glare to her weapon, burning its original design into her brain in an effort to keep any impromptu modifications at bay. For a moment she could feel the water around her hand getting colder, but an intense thought of STOP! managed to fend off the ice and keep her unfrozen. With her superiority defined, Anyis looked up at the surface of the water, keeping an eye for an opponent to drag down into these depths.

Thinking, in the meantime, that there was still something he could do, Mill rustled through the remnants of his folder and came upon one of many Recover50s. "Hmm..." he pondered as he looked at it. While she was downplaying it, Mill knew from his PET that Anyis had taken a fair amount of damage from MachMan earlier, and this could probably help a lot right now. Without a second thought, the chip went into his PET.

Anyis felt the healing energy form in the water around her, and waited for what looked like a safe moment to absorb the healing powers around her, significantly reducing her pain in conjunction with her automated Ectopatcher, which had been working frantically for a while now to repair all the damage she had taken. The combination of the healing programs and the warm pool made it feel like a good old-fashioned bath. Maybe she could convince Mill to take a trip to Yoka later...

1. SeaSeed (Medium Area Sea Terrain) underneath self
2. Submerge under Sea Terrain
--Ectopatcher (Heal 15 HP) @ Self
3. Reach out with RageClaw1, attempt to grab MachMan's leg (20 damage, Impact) if he comes near
4. Recover50 (Heal 50) @ Self

Channel Surf - Ready
As MachMan heals, Anyis creates some water and sinks beneath the depths.

As Anyis heals, Machman fires some attacks at where she was, which fly over the waters surface.

That's about it.

ONB Tournament, Round Three: Quarterfinal

Anyis.EXE: 95 Hit Points (Underwater)


MachMan.EXE: 61 Hit Points (TurquoiseCross) (At edge of soil)
--->Assisting: Aera.SP: 0 Hit Points - DEFEATED

TERRAIN CHANGES: 20% Sea Terrain in the center of Soil.
Mach stood at the edge of the soil and watched as his attacks sailed over the water, where Anyis was, protected by the terrain. As his plasma shield raised in front of him, Mazer activated one of his recovery chips, and Mach was bathed in a strong green light. His previous fatigue faded away quickly, but did nothing to ease his frustration at the totally ineffective attacks he made.

She's submerged! Should I pursue?
[Negative! Stay on the ground, her advantages underwater would greatly outweigh your abilities at this point. She can still attack from down there! Keep moving!]

Machman raised his right arm as it twisted and formed into his MachBuster.
{Wait a minute, she might be able to see me from under there, but only because the water is calm, and free of distorting ripples and waves. That's gonna change very quickly.}

A solid round was loaded into the buster, and he aimed it towards the center of the body of water in the stage. He then fired the round with a loud boom, and the cannon round hit the water with a loud splash. Machman sent a torrent of air behind the cannon shot, which made the bullet hit the water like a brick wall, and sent large waves through the water.

She probably can't see me now, she's gotta surface to get a clear shot at me!
Machman raised a yellow guard shield over his right forearm, and placed it between him and the water terrain. He stood poised, ready for whatever Anyis would throw at him.

Mazer thought about it for a few moments, but was hesitant with what he thought was right. It was completely against their "style" of combat, but he knew he could no longer take any chances against his surprisingly skilled opponent.

[Pull back.]
Machman blinked, and thought if he heard his NetOp correctly.
Say again?
[Machman, pull back! Take cover in the Skyvine exhibit, and wait for Anyis to make a move.]
...yes sir.

Machman started to float in the air before he silently rose skyward towards the vines hanging from the roof. He turned around to see where he was going and took off as he leaned to the side; he positioned his guard shield behind him, just in case Anyis attempted to fire a potshot at him while he changed his position. As soon as he reached the vines, he settled in, leaving enough vines to obscure his outline. His blue and green appearance made him a bit harder to see amongst the vines, but it certainly wasn't camouflage. He shifted his position amonst the vines, and moved carefully to not disturb the vines. He pulled up his Overwatch sensor feeds in an attempt to locate Anyis. As he searched, his right hand changed from his buster to a multi-barreled gatling gun. Strangely enough, the weapon was colored to match his bizarre color scheme. He raised his weapon and steadied it with his left hand. Like a sniper in the trees, he waited till he could find his target. As his Overwatch scanned below, he scanned the vines and behind him, just in case Anyis attempted to bring the fight to him.

He located Anyis, and after determining her position, Machman maneuvered the compact gatling gun towards her position, and opened fire with a quick burst. His muzzle flash pierced through the vines as a stream of bullets cascaded from his weapon. Machman prepared to move, because even if he managed to strike Anyis, his position was now compromised.

-[Plasma Shield: Facing Forward]-
Recover50: Machman.EXE (Heal 50HP)
Cannon: Center of Sea Terrain (40dmg + Knockback) [+ Gust Knockback] ((Attempting to cause waves on surface to obscure Anyis's view from underwater))
Guard1: Machman.EXE (Reflect 1 attack back up to 60dmg)
Strategic Action: Retreat to Skyvine Exhibit
Vulcan1: Anyis.EXE (10dmg x3) [+Take Aim]

Cooling Signatures
Piercing Gale: Ready Next Turn
Rising Barrage: 1 Turn Remaining
Thrust Laser: 1 Turn Remaining
... He never came. Anyis could see some stray attacks fly over the water, but MachMan himself never came anywhere near. She let a heavy sigh of air out into the water, thereby creating a few loose bubbles that floated up to the surface as she realized it was pretty foolish to expect this flyboy to dive straight into the water, which was obviously her turf. Oh well... Live and learn, she figured. Still, this battle wasn't over and she needed a plan. Anyis created a little bit of noise on her private channel with Mill, trying to get his attention and make him do his job as an Operator.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking..." groaned Mill as a grating static came through his PET's speakers. The water is our only real advantage at this point, so there's no way Anyis can leave it. We can't expect MachMan to come in too close for an attack, either. What Anyis needs are some chips that she can safely use to strike from underwater... Feeling like he was approaching a dead end in his mind, Mill decided to rustle through his waning chip folder to see if there was anything worthwhile left. Guns won't have a good enough shot to help... The ColdPunch is useless if MachMan won't get in range... Recovery and defense are probably unnecessary right now... Mill sighed, really feeling at his rope's end as he pulled out the last set of his chips: the bombs. These things are notoriously inaccurate, and coupled with the water's refraction, Anyis might as well be shooting blind. The arcing trajectory could probably get past the water alright, but there's no way Anyis can figure out where to aim through the water... That's when it hit him. This wasn't just a fight between Anyis and MachMan; he and Mazer were just as much a part of this as their Navis. Mill, just like so many others, had fallen into the trap of mediocre Operating: giving orders and slotting in chips. Just do that, and you can virus bust as well as needed. So long as your Navi could fulfill your plans, everything worked out...

Weak! That one word echoed in the back of Mill's mind. "Satisfactory" and "good enough" were all he'd ever get out of Operating like that. MachMan and Mazer wouldn't fall to anything less than his and Anyis's best, and giving them anything less was just disrespectful. While he couldn't really hop onto the Net and fight with Anyis, there was definitely something Mill could still do besides just watching and waiting. And by god, he was going to do it.

"Anyis, I'm sending you a Wrecker and 2 Minibombs. Conjure up something to fire them with; they'll need some extra distance to clear the water." announced a now-resolute Mill.

She nodded cautiously, having become a little confused by her Operator's sudden change in attitude. Either way, Anyis knew he wasn't the type to do things without reason, so she pondered for a moment before disengaging her gauntlets, allowing her long white gloves to return to their positions over her hands. Now without any real form, the silver plating of her gauntlets were just raw mateiral for Anyis to transform accordingly. Drilling all of her focus into the task at hand, she forced the metal into the shape of a long cylindrical tube, with a barrel just wide enough to fit the bombs Mill was sending. Just as she finished the makeshift mortar, the all-important ammo finished uploading to her systems, and one by one, Anyis deposited the payloads into the barrel. With all the due caution that came with handling explosives, Anyis first slid a Minibomb down to the bottom of the mortar, followed soon by its twin piece. Last, but not least, she packed the Wrecker on top to make it the first to fire, but not before charging it with a little extra energy to bust through what defense MachMan might conjure up. Now armed to the teeth with more bombs than she had ever used in any one instance, Anyis felt ready for some sea-to-air combat.

"Alright, you're done with that?" questioned Mill, which elicited a nod from Anyis. "Good. Now, I want you to aim exactly where I tell you, when I tell you. Getting a good judge of distance underwater is almost impossible, so instead of relying on your eyes, you'll rely on me. Got it?" While Anyis had been assembling her weapon, Mill had flipped open his PET's mini-keyboard and was diligently recording the coordinates for individual points in the arena that MachMan was, and was likely to go. Programming he would grudgingly admit to not be one of his strong points, but this was math. X, Y, and Z coordinates on a 3D plane. This may be during a big battle, but the task itself was no harder than it would be on a piece of paper. The arena itself may have looked grand, but at its core, it was just a basic grid with a lot of points. So long as he could keep track of which point MachMan was at and act as her eyes, Anyis could attack without hesitation. This kind of Operating was foreign territory for Mill, but if he ever wanted to be sure of his worth as an Operator, now was the time to test his mettle.

"... Okay, I think I have his current coordinates. Adjust the mortar to a 68 degree vertical angle, and turn yourself horizontally 247 degrees. Fire at 100% power for the Wrecker to compensate for its weight, and reduce down to 92% for the Minibombs so they can still stay on course after breaking through the water." explained Mill in excruciating detail as he read numbers off his PET. "This should get you a hit for where MachMan currently is. He could move at any moment, though, so be ready to adjust on my word."

Anyis gave one more nod, and adjusted her angle and the power settings on the mortar as best as she could. While she tweaked everything, Anyis couldn't help but think that she was impressed with Mill's resolution. He usually would lose control of a situation like this so easily and be an easy tease, but for one reason or another, he was damned focused on doing everything a human could to make this strategy work. She'd miss poking fun at his one-trick plans, but, honestly, she knew full well there were plenty of other things wrong with Mill for her to hang over his head. Just this once, though, she'd respond to Mill's effort with everything she had as well. He deserved it this time, and any less would be a shame to who she was. So, with all that in mind...


The Wrecker left the mortar as Anyis activated the firing mechanism, leaving a chaotic trial of bubbles behind it until the metal orb hit the water's surface and broke straight through. Drops of water streaked off of the ball as it tore through the air until reaching the apex of its arc, where it paused for a moment before turning back down and letting gravity re-accelerate it to terminal velocity and, in turn, MachMan. Anyis couldn't see any of this, though, so all she could do at the moment was have faith in Mill's calculations and wait for the next signal.

That next signal would be slow to come, however. Mill figured that no one, especially not the fleet-footed MachMan, would stay perfectly still after seeing a Wrecker come falling down towards them. Hit or miss, he'd probably be on the move afterwards, meaning that firing the Minibombs then would just be a waste. Instead, he opted to wait and see where MachMan would go, and adjust Anyis's aim accordingly. Once it looked like the frame of movement was small enough:

"... 79 degrees vertically! Turn 134 degrees! Power to 97%! Fire both!" shouted Mill anxiously, wanting to make this happen before all his numbers became worthless.

Anyis jerked herself around in the water in a near semicircle, meanwhile shifting the mortar's angle and power to fit the changes. With time being of the essence, she bypassed a last check to make sure she was where she needed to be and set off the mortar for its last two attacks.


The two bombs carried out of the water even faster than the Wrecker had, creating some pretty big splashes as they crashed through the water's surface and flew up through the air. Just like the metal ball before them, water droplets around the munitions were getting torn off by the air resistance as they arced towards their target. Once again, Anyis couldn't see where these attacks would end up, but just thinking about the numbers... These were some pretty high shots. She trusted Mill on this, for sure. Still, there was just no way to completely erase that one thought from the back of her mind: would they make it...?

1. Reference Mill for attack coordinates. (Take Aim to next action)
--Bash (Add Impact to:)
2. Wrecker (80 damage, Break, Impact, Take Aim; 75 damage if it goes through MachMan's Barrier and Shield) @ MachMan
--Ectopatcher (Heal 15 HP) @ Self
3. Minibomb (60 damage, Blast 1) @ MachMan
4. Minibomb (60 damage, Blast 1) @ MachMan
As MachMan healed himself, Mill operated to her fullest potential, giving Anyis the vital data she needed to grant her the extra accuracy she needed.

Anyis' first shot: the Wrecker, blasted up out of the water, headed straight for MachMan, who, distracted by firing his cannon shot, couldn't get out of the way, he could only raise his Guard and brace for impact: the Wrecker smashed barrier, shield, and a massive chunk of MachMan's HP.

As Machman started to limp away back to the Skyvine exhibit, the second shot exploded out from under the water; Machman's strategy to ripple the water was ineffective since Mill was helping. This shot, too, hit dead on, knocking Machman to near critical levels of health.

Desperate now, Machman began to fire back down into the water with his Vulcan, but now his own strategy was working against him, firing into the water's rippling displacement offered him zero visibility. One of the shots got lucky as they tore through the water, striking Anyis as she turned to bear her cannon once more, but that was it, the third and final shot hit Machman square in the chest, and he plummeted back down, defeated, into the churning water.

ONB Tournament, Round Three: Quarterfinal

Anyis.EXE: 100 Hit Points (Underwater) WINNER GET: Semifinal Pass


MachMan.EXE: 0 Hit Points (TurquoiseCross) (Underwater) DEFEATED GET: 6000Z or any one chip from Tournament Folder
--->Assisting: Aera.SP: 0 Hit Points - DEFEATED

TERRAIN CHANGES: 20% Sea Terrain in the center of Soil.

"GAME!" came roaring over the loudspeaker as an unseen crowd began a thunderous applause; that had been some match, indeed!

Two Mr. Progs in little canoes came out over the surface of the water. One used a net to pull MachMan back up out of the water and onto his boat. "Too bad, you lose!" he sang as he pulled out a bag and a strange machine. "You can either take this bag of 6000Z, or you can put any one chip from your tournament folder into this box, and poof! it'll be yours!"

The other Mr. Prog waited for Anyis to surface. "You won! Yey!" he giggled. "For you." he said, handing a waterproof envelope to Anyis. "One pass for the semifinal! Congratulations, you're one of the ONB Top Four!" he chimed as he did a little dance.
Machman plunged into the water, and Mazer winced to the sight of his Navi hit the water below. Aera, still in the recovery tube, snapped up straight and her eyes were wide open as tears began to well up. Machman was then pulled out of the water, his chest plate had a large crack down the center, and his extremities were fairly limp. The prog presented his awards to him, but Machman turned his head away in disappointment and frustration.

{Damnit! I failed. I hope you can forgive me, Splashman and Djinni.}

Remembering this was just a friendly tournament, he decided to congratulate his opponent on her victory. He struggled to get high enough in the boat to look to the other canoe. He waved weakly towards the victor.

I guess I still have a lot more to learn. Thank you for the tough and exciting battle!

Machman started to glow cyan, and beamed out of the area as a window opened up in his place, where Mazer's appeared.
[Great battle, Mill and Anyis! We look forward to seeing you again. Oh, and we'll take the zenny, thanks!]

After he received the zenny data, he removed the PET jack from the port in the colosseum console, and quietly walked out of the room.

((Recieved: 6000z, and LOG OUT))
Anyis really had no idea what the result was... until a body crashed into the water and floated just a few feet above her. She couldn't help but gasp at the surprise visitor, promptly choke on the water she was swimming in, and scramble to the surface for some much-needed air. Considering she still had the silver mortar in her arms, Anyis really had to force herself up until she broke the water's surface. She threw the mortar up onto the soil, grabbed the edge with her fingers, and just laid her head down, gasping for breath and occasionally coughing up water while her lower body still floated aimlessly in the pool. Rather than get the relaxation she wanted, though, Anyis got a Mr. Prog trying to shove an envelope in her face. How nice.

"*cough**cough*... Thanks... *cough*" wheezed Anyis feebly as she just set the letter aside for now. Once she had gotten most of the water out of her throat, Anyis twisted her head around just enough to see MachMan get shoveled up into a boat that a second Mr. Prog somehow managed to bring out to this tiny, self-contained pool. She blinked once or twice, then decided that she had seen weirder stuff on the Net already.

What really caught Anyis off guard, though, was MachMan waving his hand, albeit weakly. Most Navis, certainly all the ones she had seen, would EJO after being defeated. And even if that didn't happen, the Navi should be totally shut down for the moment. Yet, here MachMan was, being a sport and congratulating her on the win. That was... wow. Whatever confidence Anyis might've build off of the win was completely shaken off its foundation, knowing that this guy had the endurance to shake off an EJO. At a loss for words, all Anyis could really do was raise her own gloved hand in an equally weak wave and watch MachMan go back to his PET.

Now alone, save for a few Mr. Progs cleaning up the battlefield, Anyis pulled the rest of her body out of the water, flopped over on her back, and just stared up at the ceiling for a while to let this victory sink in. She was the underdog, most likely by a longshot, and probably made some crazy guy in a bar in Yumland very happy that he bet on her. In the end, though... This wasn't her win, at least by her standards. The battle had its ups and downs, but what made her win...

"Hey, Mill." said Anyis, speaking to her Operator yet still staring up into the Skyvine Exhibit.

"Yeah? What is it?" responded Mill, who had just waved off Mazer.

"I really want that swimsuit, especially now." To accentuate her point, Anyis sat up and took off her robe, showing her blue sleeveless bodysuit before wrining several good quarts of water out of her clothing. Yeah, she was totally soaked.

"Fine fine, I'll get on it. It looks like we have some time before the next round anyway." surrendered Mill, secretly admitting that she really could use a better setup for being underwater. "Now come on, gather your stuff up and jack out. You can dry off better in the PET."

Anyis nodded, folded her robe up over her arm, and grabbed the all-important semifinal pass off the ground. "... Oh! Almost forgot..." Just before jacking out, Anyis realized that she left the silver mortar on the ground, and chances are leaving her essential attack system behind would cause some problems later on. She broke down the malleable metal and reintegrated it into her systems, and finally jacked out.

(Jack Out; Take Seminfinal Pass)