As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Underworld)

The center of the arena itself is a flat, circular plane, with a few small walls and columns to use as cover, or as vantage points. The columns are simple rounded rectangles, standing up lengthwise about 8 feet in height. They are not secured to the floor and can be knocked over, unlike the few small walls. At the walls of the arena are four pits. The walls of the upper arena are covered in a large netting that allows it to be grabbed onto and clung to, but is otherwise un-noteworthy.

The pits surrounding the center of the arena drop down into a second, lower half of the arena that is exactly as wide as the first, but is much taller than the upper arena. Close to the edges of this 'underground' arena are four small, circular platforms; these send a navi flying directly upward to ground-level, and are placed below the four pits. They must be specifically triggered, however, and do not trigger when navis enter the lower arena by dropping from above.

At the far walls of the underground arena are four additional, angled boosters which catapult a navi up to one of four horizontal platforms on the walls of the lower arena; these four small platforms each have two hand grips on the wall next to them that will pull a navi to the next platform over, either to the left or right.

Upper Level: Normal (96%), Hole (4%)

Lower Level: Normal (88%), Spring Panel (4%), Booster Pad (8%)

Note: Hole Terrain means you can fall through it to reach the lower level. Hole Terrain cannot be changed.

Note 2: Breaking the panels of the upper level means creating holes Navis can fall to the lower level through. These are Broken Panels, and can either regenerate in a couple of tuyrns or be repaired/changed into something else, unlike Hole Terrain.


Hematite Column (300 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be knocked over, and rolled.
-- Can be stood upon.
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Too heavy to lift, throw, or send flying with microburst.

Hematite Barricade (150 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Immovable

Hematite Cube (300 HP, extremely heavy) [4 ea. on lower level]
-- Tethered to the ceiling by ropes, which can be cut with a single slashing attack.
-- Can be stood upon, even while tethered.
-- Cannot be moved other than cutting them loose.
-- Immovable once on the ground, and may be used for cover.
-- Deal 100 Null Damage if they fall upon a Navi, and break instantly.

For Reference: The upper area is approximately 15 feet high. The lower area is approximately 45 feet high. The platforms on the lower level are 25 feet from the ground, as are the hanging cubes.

The Navis, on the other hand, appear on the upper level of the arena, a moderate distance from each other, and are not given any of the data their Operators received. The Navis would be given a few moments to themselves before the match actually began....
"So... you got the plan?"
"Plan? What plan!? All we know is that she's just a fire navi!" Polonius chimed in as DNR appeared on the field designated for the battle.
"Well... I'll be sure to tell you what to start with... we don't know what possible signature attacks she may have... but fire type is all we got on it... hmhmhhmmmm~" DNR said as he sat in a lotus position, smirking a bit as he waited. "This'll be fun... a medical profession versus a genie... this is the kinda stuff I just love~"
"Now remember, Djinni," Na'im said as he sat on a chair behind the battle terminal and held his two hands clutched together at his chin, "This is no time for jokes and pranks. And while we're at it... Let's keep on practicing."

"I understand..." Djinni said as she crossed her arms across her chest and glanced sideways, away from Na'im, "And I presume you mean Fhyre?" A mere nod was enough to verify the Operator's idea. Djinni grasped into the flame that was levitated over her shoulder and pulled a ruby set on fire from it. Throwing it into the air, caused two rings to emerge from its core and two bracelets to materialize. From the bracelets appeared two flaming hands that slowly moved its fingers to get used to it for the first time. "Fhyre," Djinni said quietly, causing her ally to come to her side, "OK. Then next..."

"I've already entered the proper NaviCust programs," Na'im commented as he went across the many status screens of Djinni, "And it says everything works. Execute them properly, Djinni."

Djinni nodded and a long flame emerged from the ring around her waist, spiraling down the tail of translucent crimson energy and ending at the tip, which then remained on its place. "It works," Djinni said happily, a smile appearing behind her veil, "I feel lighter already. Keep our chips at the ready."

"Let's show them our teamwork," Na'im said with a smile on his face, lowering his sunglasses slightly to look at his opponent.
Tension filled the air so thickly as the two Navis stared each other down that you could almost cut through it with a knife. The audience the world over sat on the edge of these seats as these two powerful competitors stared each other down, waiting for the other to make a move. Just as it seemed that everything would snap, though...


This screach pierced eardrums as a pillar of light descended unto the arena right between DNR and Djinni, depositing a black and white striped NormalNavi on the ground before fading away into nothingness. Armed with a microphone in each hand, the Navi looked to each of the fighters before turning both microphones to himself and shouting:

Referee #4 at your service as judge of this battle!" bowed the Navi with his introduction before continuing, "Ladies and gentlemen of the viewing world, let me commend you on picking the right battle to watch! These two are so itching to fight that I feel like I could die just by standing between them! You may be wondering who our two warriors are, and you've come to the right guy to find out! To my left, the mighty malpractitioner... DNR!" roared Referee #4 into one of his mics as he pointed the other in DNR's direction. "And to my right," he said, flipping the position of his arms, "the glamorous genie, Djinni!".

"Now..." Referee #4, finally toning down his voice, "I'd ask you two for some comments, but I can tell words would only soil this magnificent fight to come. Seeing as you both look ready, let's get this party started, shall we?" Referee #4 cranked up the volume on both his mics, and shouted, "On my mark... 3... 2... 1!" rather than say go, however, he disappeared in an explosion of green fireworks, starting the match.

DNR.exe: 240 HP

Djinni.exe: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 40 HP

Upper Level (DNR present, Djinni present, Fhyre present) - 96% Normal, 4% Hole
Lower Level - 88% Normal, 4% Spring Panel, 8% Booster Pad


"No jokes," Na'im said as he stared as his PET's screen, just over his sunglasses.

"No pranks," Djinni continued, glancing at Fhyre for a second then switching back to staring at DNR.

"Only the battle," the two said, perfectly harmonized, and started their battle plan. "Djinni," Na'im said as he took out a single chip from the tournament pack and looked it over quickly before continueing with talking, "Let's fight this battle side by side. For our honour and pride." Na'im swiftly slotted the chip into the PET and awaited the point for another chip.

A high intensity flame appeared on the index finger of Djinni's right hand, indicating that the first chip had loaded and it was time to start. Bringing her index finger and middle finger together, she shot a fire laser towards the ground and quickly carved a suitable chunk of the panel for an attack. Using the same laser, she pulled it out of the ground like a traction beam and flung it in front of her before sending her fist towards it to push it towards DNR. "Fhyre!" Djinni shouted and lifted her arms above her head. Hoping the thrown panel would suffice for a temporary distraction, Djinni dived down the hole she had made like a mermaid into the sea.

At the same time, Fhyre had grabbed the ground slightly away from him with his three hands and pulled him into the direction of a barricade close by, with the intention of hiding behind it. Flung through the sky, Fhyre kept his hands at the ready so he could grab the backside of the barricade once he reached it.

Down at the bottom level, Djinni had reached the ground and looked up at her Operator who gave a quick nod. "I've already prepared a suitable chip, so we can make this an easy trip," Na'im said and slotted a chip into the PET.

Moving her hands in circular motion, her arms stretched as far as they could, she formed a red-colored barrier around her body that sometimes flickered with the shape of a flame. Afterwards Djinni lowered her arms again and closed her eyes for a split second, before opening them again to stare at the sky. Djinni's eyes looked as if they had lost soul while the reflection of a blood red moon appeared in it which also appeared in the sky. Its light shone downwards, through the top floor and onto the bottom floor, increasing the heat generated by the panels and turning them into lava. The light returned to Djinni's eyes as the moon faded away, but was now also illuminated by the lava's light.

1. PanelShot [60 DMG; Element Of Panel; Creates Broken; Ranged] + Snipe [Added Accuracy] @ DNR/DNR's attack.
2. Jump through hole created by PanelShot to bottom floor.
3. Barrier1 [10 HP Barrier] @ Self.
4. Red Moon [Lava Full Stage; 3 TCD] @ Bottom Floor.

1. Hide behind nearest Barricade on top floor.
"Now remember, DNR," Polonius said as he sat on a chair behind the battle terminal and held his two hands clutched together at his chin, "This is no time for jokes and pranks. And while we're at it... Let's keep on practicing."

"I under--...waaaait..." DNR said as he crossed his arms across his chest and glanced sideways, away from Polonius, "Is my false personality actually giving influence on you? Humph... Like I said in the rather cramp habitat that is the Tournament Lounge, we are here to have fun... to entertain the crowd!" DNR snickered quite with a hearty smile as he looked out towards Djinni, whom was more than ready to slice her way through the Mad Doc. "You must be quite the joker if you are so inclined to be so serious Miss Djinni... You must think of me as a really worthy opponent if I go through this train of thought..."

"I've already entered the proper NaviCust programs... as well as the signature programs as well..." Polonius commented as he went across the many status screens of DNR. "And it says everything works. Execute them properly, DNR..."

"Geeze, Polonius take a chill pill..."

"Okay okay... your right DNR... either way the shield program is on, make sure it holds out as long as you are able.

"Alright alright..." DNR said as he waved with his back hand as his arm turned with a blue hue, quick writing out the symbol of the Greek god of medicine Asplecius. The doctor showed a lot of precision and speed as soon as the symbol dissipated, increasing his speed and accuracy greatly.

With his agility increased, DNR ran as far to the right from Djinni's lunge as he could, wag his finder to the lady on the way as he said. "If you think it'll be that easy, then you're out of your phenomenal mind!" Djinni seemed to have left the top floor as DNR just laughed, enjoying himself in the midst of battle, as usual to the doctor's personality.

"Ahhh isn't it great to finally stretch your legs Djinni?" he joked around, getting out a thread of blue translucent thread from his right hand, the other summoning up yellow steel thread. Apparently DNR has great tailoring skills as he ties up the data streads that bind his own body together with the viral DNA of that scarecrow virus! The navi bends and twirls the steel in a way that creates a spherical shield below the Shield Customizer program.

"Defenses seem pretty secure... let's—"

"DNR... your not gonna do a pun are you?" Polonius interjected as he put a palm to his forehead, shaking his head from side to side.

"Oh c'mon...fine!" DNR said as he whirled his hands together, getting ready to create a downpour for the opponent. "We'll do this the boring way..." he said with a sigh as he looked at the genie opponent, taking his precious time as he overlook from the edge of the circular arena. She could just as easy use the downpour as a way to mask her own surroundings from the navi, but the arena seemed like a very enormous place... it is perfectly possible for the steam to dissipate throughout the area... maybe even mask the medical navi himself! Only time can tell who will become victorious.

1. Asplecius' hands (Haste for 1 turn + 2 Take Aims, 2 turn cooldown)
2. Dodge to the sides.
3. Tongue Depressing Barrier (30 HP Barrier + 40 Points CONDITIONAL healing, 2 Turn Cooldown)
4. Aquatower1 (Take Aim #1 applied here)
With the battle underway, both DNR and Djinni undertook similiar tasks, creating what was comparable to a miniature laser light show in the arena. As DNR drew the emblem of Asplecius in a blue light from his finger, Djinni at the same time was producing a red laser from her finger to cut up a section of the floor. Both Navis raced to move their glowing fingers as fast as they could, but only one could win this laser quick-draw...

And that outcome became pretty clear as a slab of rock slammed into DNR's chest after ripping through the afterimage of his inscription. The medical Navi was endowed with the speed and accuracy he wanted, but it came just a second too late as the attack struck him before he could dodge out of the way. As he was struck, Djinni took the opportunity to dive into the hole left behind and fall to the lower floor, while her SP took a different route and dove for cover behind the nearest barricade.

Unfortunately for the viewing audience, the battle then took a turn for the boring as both DNR and Djinni chose to shore up their defenses. Without each other interferring, they both assembled their protection effortlessly, with Djinni putting up a simple Barrier while DNR opted for a more customized defense.

As the period of set-up began winding to a close, Djinni took one more opportunity to cast a magical spell across the lower floor, shrouding the ground in raw heat until it had melted down into boiling magma. DNR, on the other hand, grew tired of defending and lauched a new attack, throwing an AquaTower to the ground and watching it stomp its way forward. To his ire, though, DNR hadn't predicted Djinni creating a gaping hole right in the middle of the field, and the AquaTower ran right into it, letting gravity shove it down and into the lava where it evaporated on contact, but now without taking a few panels with it. Luck had not totally abandoned DNR, though, as a part of the AquaTower managed to avoid the hole and marched it way towards the barricade Fhyre was hiding behind. Its reduced strength made it unable to pierce through the wall to the firey orb, but there was enough power left to destroy the barricade and leave the SP completely exposed.

DNR.exe: 180 HP (30 HP Barrier, 40 Heal Pool, Haste, 1 stored Take Aim)

Djinni.exe: 180 HP (10 HP Barrier)
Fhyre.SP: 40 HP (Exposed)

Hematite BarricadeC: ERODED

Upper Level (DNR present, Fhyre present) - 95% Normal, 1% Broken, 4% Hole
Lower Level (Djinni present) - 85% Lava, 3% Normal, 4% Spring Panel, 8% Booster Pad
Before either Navi could make their next move, something... out of the ordinary happened. Because of its enclosed design, along with all the lava bubbling in the lower floor, the heated air began expanding, but with nowhere to go. The 5 holes in the upper floor allowed some escape for the pressure, but not nearly enough to avert the coming disaster. Building, building... The heat from the magma kept agitating the air, adding more and more to the pressure on the lower floor until it finally just... snapped.

The pre-structured holes in the corners of the upper floor managed to hold, but the impromptu gap Djinni created in the center of the floor just didn't have the infrastructure to withstand that much pressure. With a loud and very disturbing snap, cracks ripped through the ground like glass shattering until it all gave way to a massive upchurn of magma, as the unlucky mix of conditions had turned the arena into what amounted to a makeshift volcano. The Lava terrain Djinni had summoned erupted out of their panels and flew straight upward in a firey pillar towards the rapidly expanding hole to the upper floor. Djinni, who was sitting right in the middle of this on the lower floor, was largely unphased by this, save her Barrier which was eaten up fairly quickly, as her Fire alignment just allowed the lava to flow up over her body without any harm. DNR, however, did not have such an affinity for the magma, and he really had no choice but to be caught up in the massive eruption that was occuring. The lava only ebbed out of the hole at first, but as the cracks in the floor gave way to the pressure, more and more lava began spilling out onto the upper floor. This chaotic turn of events ended up a testament to the raw strength of the Hematite objects littered around the field as the lava encompassed them, yet could not even begin to penetrate their hard casings. DNR made a leap to climb up the nearest pillar, but luck would only have him get a hand on it before sending the Navi slipping back down into the rush of magma. His barrier began melting away with a sick sizzling sound as soon as it touched the lava, and at that point DNR knew this was it. With no possible means of escape, DNR did the only thing he could: he stood. Despite the pain, the pseudo-surgeon planted his feet into the lava flow and waded his way forth, marching inch by inch closer to the hole where more lava was gushing out from the lower floor. Knowing that his opponent was still down there, DNR filled his lungs with all the air he could hold before shouting loud into the crater, throwing a loud challenge of a rematch over the sounds of the roaring magma to Djinni. And, with his challenge issued, DNR finally gave way, allowing his EJO systems, which had already been screaming at him, to jack him out and end the battle.


Djinni.exe: 180 HP
Fhyre.SP: 40 HP

Hematite BarricadeC: ERODED



Winner: Djinni.exe (Second Round Pass GET)

Loser: DNR.exe (Recov30 or 1000z GET)
"I didn't know about that effect of my lava, Na'im!" Djinni shouted and pointed at the direction where DNR was. The arm she used to point with was shaken up and down energetically, while she awaited her Operator's answer.

Scratching the back of his head, Na'im sighed and shook his head slowly. "No, eh... This is a strange reaction," Na'im stated, looking down at his PET.

Lowering her arm again, Djinni stared at the ceiling of the area and smiled slightly. "A rematch, huh? We'll have to get stronger to give him a proper fight, wouldn't you think?" Djinni said as she smacked her two fists together. "Oh yes!" she shouted out loud, "I'm feeling refreshed and pumped up!"

"...Really?" Na'im asked quietly, continueing with his normal volume, "We didn't do much to achieve that effect for you..."

Djinni laughed out loud and raised a finger into the air before starting to talk. "But now I know I've got a goal ahead of me," she said, with a wide grin, "Things can only get better now." Raising both her arms to the right side, she swept them across her front and to the left side to get her own body some spinning momentum. "Sorry about the lava, people!" she shouted while spinning around, "And-!" Realizing an important fact, she instantly came to a screeching halt and turned to Na'im. "We don't even know their names!" Djinni shouted and started to execute the jacking out process. "We can't let them leave without their names!" Djinni shouted and exploded, leaving not a trace behind.

"Yes yes," Na'im muttered, looking at his PET where Djinni reappeared.

What had just happened was a rather confusing circumstances of events.

The burning.

The explosion...

The... challenge for a rematch?

Either way Polonius sighed as he said "We'll take the money..." as he left with a bit of a sad face on him.

(Emo 1000zs get!)