And for my next trick...

Crashing down from the sky onto the net, a wooden puppet with detached limbs that floated to her sides appeared on the net and without a word, she began to comb the net for electrical viruses to find and delete, or as jack would put it, make them "disappear".

(battle 1, 120 HP)
As soon as the wooden puppet came down to the net, there was a cuddled group of yellow orbs just laying in front of Freya. Before the navi could take her time to examine it, all the orbs turned 180 and revealed them selves to be viruses, crackling and releasing their charged up electricity as intimidation to the puppet! Are you gonna take that?!

EleballA: 80 HP
EleballB: 80 HP
BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Freya.EXE: 120 HP

(/rawr BLAGH! Posting after all this time...I guess I can force a post to an extent...)

Jumping back, more in surprise than anything, as she was confronted by...yellow balls, three being little balls with feet on them, like metools without their helms plus needle like arms, and floating things that sparked and looked like they would sting a bit, not to mention their creepy smiles. "Virus data. Tell me about them." Freya put bluntly as she stared at the five viruses as she had her arms twirl around in the air like batons.
"Lets see here...looking through the database now..." Jack mumbled as he searched through the database for electric viruses. "Alright. Here we go. The balls with feet and needles for arms are called billies and they have 50 HP each and attack with Thunder." He continued as he looked up the other two viruses before Freya cut in. "Like the battle chip?" She asked as she turned her attention to the duo of floating things with smiles. "Exactly. The other two are called Elecballs and they have 80 HP, they do attempt to get close though and we both know you weren't built for that." Jack finished as he slotted in a couple chips, the Wideshot and Dash chips, before speaking again. "Alright Freya, be careful out there. It's our first battle in a while."

Nodding her wooden head, Freya began to look intently at the viruses with her hollow eyes as she "spoke" quietly, her voice still echoing like the norm. "Viruses. Die." As she took a steady aim at her targets, waving her arms around in the air to create a sort of targeting system in the back of her mind, attempting to see which way the viruses would move and if they would attack as she activated her DashAttack chip data, attempting to move to a safer place before she attacked.
Spreading her arms as far as possible, she angled the palms of her hands backwards as a rumbling noise began to eminate from them. Turning her head and puting it downwards, a small battering ram appeared from her torso before compressed air launched her towards her foes at high speeds in an attampt to plow through and delete the whole lot of them in a single move as she attempted to right herself in mid-flight as she landed on the other side of the virus grouping. Turning to see if she had deleted the entire virus group, she accessed her other chip, the Wideshot, as she swiftly pulled back her arms and launched them at her foes like a large boomerang, attempting to hit anything, if anything still lived, and possibly delete them.

Take Aim on DashAttack
DashAttack--->ElecBallA&B, BillyA-C (90, line attack, hits five, Accuracy Up from Action 1)
Wideshot1--->Anything and everything left. (60+aqua, wide attack, hits three)
Freya focuses on her targets while moving out of the way of an incoming Thunder. Grouping them all together in her mind, the magician's marionette charges forth with a battering ram, slamming into the Billys. The Eleballs had moved far away at this time, but one was duly caught in Freya's Wideshot.

EleballA: 20 HP
EleballB: 80 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Freya.EXE: 120 HP
Two managed to survive... Freya stated bluntly as she saw her handiwork, deleting the thunder using Billies while seeing an Eleball dripping from her Wideshot's attack, her arms twisting around as they floated from her sides. What do we have that has a good attack power? she asked her netop, who quickly rummaged through his pack and pulled two chips out.

Well...we have a Tankcannon1 from our friend and we also have a Rageclaw2, the Tankcannon1 isn't exactly accurate against multiple foes, but it has an attack power of 80, while the Rageclaw2 has an attack of 70, but, it deal half that attack to two enemies if you throw one into another and we get more uses out of it, but, it falls under the sword-type attribute. Jack said as he looked at the two chips closely. Give me the Rageclaw2. I'll manage with the close-range combat. Freya sighed as she received the chip data immediately.

With another brief sigh, she activated it as her arms grew and sculpted themselves to closely mimic the claws of a bear, elongated and razor sharp, as they grew additional spikes that curved to mimic a bear's fur before she rushed towards the viruses and a beastly howl erupted from within her.

Rushing towards her foes with no regard of her safety, she activated one of her signature attacks, allowing her to imbue the wood element within her claws for one attack as she reached out her claws as far as her magnetically attached limbs would stretch out, lunging at the unhurt Eleball as she attempted to run her claws into it's data packets and rend it into several small pieces.

Turning her gaze upon the Eleball she had hurt moments earlier, she let loose another beastly roar as she jumped from her first prey and ran at her second, her claws scraping along the metal flooring as she darted towards it before jumping into the air and attempting to impale the virus on the claws, hopefully ending it's existence.

1: Get within Melee Range of the Eleballs
2: Wooden Shot on Rageclaw2 (Imbue Wood for one attack)
3: Wooden-Rageclaw2 at EleballB (70X2 for elemental embue, slashing, wood)
4: Rageclaw2 at EleballA (70, slashing, Normal)
Seeing their comrades overpowered, something made the energetic ball-viruses snap, and they released their collective fury on Freya, zapping her with ease as they infused the very air with electrical charges. (5 x2 Virus x2 Terrain x4 Action) However, it was easy for the magician's Navi to delete them once they had burned themselves out.


Terrain: 100% Metal

Freya.EXE: 40 HP


- 520z
- [Thunder1] Battlechip
with a quiet sigh, Freya disengaged her Rageclaw2, her arms shedding the additional wood and growth that had been added as she walked towards her reward data and downloaded it in a fell swoop before shaking her head and wondering what happened. Ugh...the Rageclaw data must have done something to me... she mumbled before collapsing on the metallic ground, her arms and legs going off in different directions as they slid away from her body, disconnected from her torso. Permission to return to PET, Jack. She managed to say before being sucked back into her PET, limbs and all.