The spiders web...

The data formed upon the local net, newly configured without a prior existance, a female navi upon it's first venutre into the net. Dark colored navi slowly opened one eye, and then another. She blinked slowly as she stared around the net before her, unfamliar to it's scenery. Another eye opened, then five more came to follow, upon the upper section of her head originally hidden within her blue and white hair. The navi moved her hands toward her head, as if to examine the extra eyes, only to realize they wern't the only things that came in multiples.

She flexed her hands, as she stared upon the six arms upon her sides, their claw like fingers and violet rings upon the joints. Moving them back and forth, she tried to get a feel for the new body, taking a few steps as she did. Her gaze slowly moved lower to see the more animalistic build upon her lower legs, taking a couple more steps to get used to moving around on them, before coming to a halt once more.

"How do you feel?" rei's voice carried to his navi, the first sound she heard since her creation. "I feel... i feel.. weird, But.. good." The navi replied, unsure of what to say really. There was so many new things going on around her, she was still in awe.

"I'm glad to hear that. Welcome to the net, Sylk. I'm Rei, your operator." Rei spoke in a soft, calming tone, trying to ease her into her surroundings. Though it only lasted so long.

"now let's get you moving on your first adventure."

Sylk didnt know how to respond to that. It was't a pleasent feeling either. She was only just finished and yet...

"I-is that all we're gonna say? we arn't going to talk more first?"

"Don't worry, We'll have time for that later. let's just focus on getting you used to your new body for now." He tried to sound reassuring, but it was clear rei's mind was elsewhere.

Sylk's expression wasn't one of a happy navi, to say the least, but she nodded as she began to move deeper into the area, practising the motions of her body and adapting to it fairly quickly.

(Battle 1, Ready)
As Sylk, the newly born Navi went into the wide world, she encountered some enemies for her to fight with. Some paper dolls were bouncing around happily alongside a small tank, in it a tiny midget stood. They seemed to be chattering in some indecipherable language.

PowieA: 60HP
PowieB: 60HP
Catack: 120HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Sylk.EXE: 140HP

"ahh, perfect. here are some virii sylk. Follow my instructions and you can beat them easily."

"Do we R-really have to? i mean they don't look all that evil... cant we just-"

"No, you have to fight them. Now move into position so you can hit them all at once"

sylk nodded, half heartedly, and began to move. Her movements were still a little sloppy, but they gradually got better with each step. As rei observed he waited for his chance and readied the new chip he had got after losing curse. It was the perfect chip to explain his emotions back then.

"Elementalrage 2, download"

Sylk could feel a power building within her body as the chip was activated. A yellow crackling energy began to surround each of her hands as she looked on towards the virii, who were all near each other. She was reluctant to do so, but it was an order, so she slowly raised her arms towards the small group and let it fire forth, a large beam like blast of electricity which seemed to spread out.

"good, now dont let up at all, lead in with this!"

Rei quickly tossed in a firehit1 to the PET, and it's flames began to appear upon her mid right arm. Not only this, but they seemed to resonate with her data and grow stronger, changing from a red to a green flame as they took shape.

"now, swing your arm like you would strike them, and focus on the tank!"

Sylk bit her lip as she complied, letting lose a flamming punch towards the tank to follow up with the large blast she had just sent a moment ago. A few seconds later, one more chip was sent down to the navi, this time a shield was given to her, upon her middle left arm.

"you did good, now take cover just incase they survived. We don't need you getting hurt now, do we?" Rei spoke with a soft smile, but it didn't seem to feel genuine to sylk. she felt like a means to an end. Hopefully this didn't last too long, she thought.


1. Elementalrage 2 (90 dmg, lightning from metal panels) @ PowieA, B, Catack

2. firehit1 (60 dmg, fire, + 10 dmg from element) @ Catack

3. Guard1 @ self
Starting off her attack, Sylk unleashed a shocking electrical attack towards the virus group, hitting the Powies with little trouble, but missing the Catack. Fortunately, it didn't seem to have any effect on the Catack, which stayed still, making it easy for Sylk to hit it with a fiery fist.

Catack: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Sylk.EXE: 140HP
"Hmph, that was unexpected, but we can fix that now. Just keep attacking, ok?" Rei wasn't really letting up on the uneasy sylk, who really didn't see the need for the complete agression. She was especially put off from the fact that it was so early into her creation and yet she was doing such acts. Was this normal for a navi? She didn't know much about it, and so she just accepted it.

Sylk still carried the guard1 upon her mid left arm, half hiding behind it as she gazed upon the only remaining virus after her last attack. It wasn't long before her upper and lower right arms were adorned with chips, however. Her upper arm was quickly installed with a Fireburn1, her lower given the machinegun1 chip.

Using her upper left arm to brace her upper right, and her lower left to brace her lower right, Sylk proceeded to attack from her defensive position firing first the stream of fire from the flamethrower; It's flames seemingly grown stronger just like the firehit1 had previously.

Quickly after, Sylk followed up with a barrage of bullets from the gatling like chip, though the virus could have already been defeated at that point for all she knew.


1) Guard1 @ self

2) Fireburn1 (50 fire + line attack + 10 element boost) @ catack

3) Machinegun1 (30 x 9 damage) @ catack
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The Catack fired just after Sylk's Guard came up and was struck by its own attack. The force of the attack still knocked Sylk back but fortunately she didn't take any damage. Sylk immediately followed up with a jet of fire and barrage of machine gun fire that decimated what was left of the virus.

The dust cleared to reveal a small cache of zenny.


Terrain: 100% Metal

Sylk.EXE: 140HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 360z
"see? that wasn't so hard.. was it? you did good for your first battle" Rei sounded like an adult talking down to a child, his false reassurance was quite apparent to the navi, however. rei might not have even noticed it himself, but no matter what he said he still had his old navi within his mind.

"why... why did we have to do that? they were so peaceful..." Sylk really didnt understand the relationship between navi's and virii quite well, but at the same time there was more to how rei was going about this task, than just regular busting. She was being used, but she wasn't fully aware of it.

"Those were virii, they wreak havoc on the net and cause problems for everyone. Most navi and Op pairs have taking the job to do whats called virus busting. It's our job to prevent the anomalies."

"Well, if it's to help people then i guess i can handle that... still..." Though the explanation made sense, sylk still held doubt in her words and in her thoughts. For now, she just moved forward into the area, contemplating what he said. Still, she knew something didn't feel right.

(battle 2 ready!)
As Sylk went onwards to loosen up her battling muscles a bit, she came across some floating manta rays, along with a scarecrow that stood silently in the back. The scarecrow was surrounded by flooring that sparked and fizzled, indicating electrically charged terrain.

LarkA: 100HP
LarkB: 100HP
Scarecrow: 100HP

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Surrounding Scarecrow)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP

"Alright, it's only three virii again. this shouldnt be too hard for you."

"so.. am i suppossed to just do the same thing again, then?" Sylk was just accepting her position at this point, and hoped that in the end things would work out for the better. She wasn't exactly happy about it, but she just shoved that feeling to the side for now and agreed to take orders.

"no, we're going to do it a little different. i want you to look around, and maneuver yourself into the best position to hit both of the manta rays with one attack. I'm going to give you 3 chips for this, so do your best to figure it out"

With that, Rei quickly slotted in a rage claw worn upon sylks middle right arm, a shotgun upon sylks lower left arm, and a heatshot upon sylk's upper left arm. Her clawed hand flexed a few times, before all eight of her eyes focused upon the two floating virii. With a deep breath, she took off towards them, darting back and forth.

As the spider got closer, she jumped up into the air and grabbed at the lark with her claw. If this worked, she was going to twist her body and use her earlier momentum to throw it at it's cohort.

Summary: (turn splice)

1) rageclaw (20 + impacting) @ larkA - thrown @ larkB
First off, Sylk's clawed hand reached for a Lark, which she threw quite mightily towards the other. The Scarecrow charged up itself, raring for an attack...

LarkA: 80HP
LarkB: 80HP
Scarecrow: 100HP

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Surrounding Scarecrow)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP [2 Actions Left]
Sylk proceeded to follow up with her attacks, ready to take aa shot at the lark's, until something in the situation changed. she noted the slight change in the scarecrow, meaning that thing's wern't going as planned. Sylk began to make a mad dash at the larks hoping to get an attack off, but something different then originally planed.

"Rei! can you give me something else?! and maybe a defense? I dont like where this is going..." She called out to her Op, who came through with the request momentarily, though he didn't bother respond to her.

Upon sylks upper right arm came the widesword, and her mid left arm, a guard1. Sylk looked at the blade with slight amusement. It was perfect for this task, as far as she could tell. Keeping her guard up, she moved in to follow up her strike on the larks, leaping up and delivering a slash toward the both of them as they were now clumped together.

Hopefully the shield would keep her safe as 4 of her 8 eye's kept watch upon the scarecrow.


2) guard1

3) widesword (80 dmg + slashing) @ LarkA, B
Sylk put up her Guard shield just in time as the Scarecrow unleashed its THUNDERBOLT attack towards the spider Navi, reflecting the attack back towards the attacker for a damaging hit! Then, Sylk went up to the Larks, and executed a slice, hitting one, but missing the other!

LarkA: 80HP
Scarecrow: 70HP

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Surrounding Scarecrow)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP (WideSword: 2 Uses)
"Eh? i missed?... well i guess i better follow up then!" Sylk was really starting to get into the battle, even though she had protested this kind of behaviour earlier. Her body seemed to be ehating up the more she moved, enjoying the feel more and more as she fought on. Quickly, she moved forward raised up the sword once more in her upper right arm and slashed again at the undeleted lark hoping to finish it off this time.

"Here i got something else you can use. I'm sure you can figure out something to do with it." Rei called down, as he slid the firehit1 chip into the PET.

"Eh?! A-alright..." She was startled by his sudden talking, quickly jumping back after her attack on the lark, 6 of her eight eyes focusing upon the scarecrow now, as her mid left and lower right arm began to light up on fire. Her bodies heat which had been building up within the fight began to meld with the flames pof the chip, it's color changing from a green to a red as it charged.

Quickly her mid left arm struck the air with a hook, sending a green fist of fire at the scarecrow, aiming to mimic sylks strike. This was quickly followed up with the addition of an uppercut, delivered from her lower right arm. It was a quick one two combo, which would hopefully end the fight.


1) Widesword (80 dmg + slashing) @ larkA

2 & 3) Firehit1 (60 fire dmg + 10 + impact + double attack) @ scarecrow
Sylk's focus kept her on target as she lopped the Lark virus in half with a swing of her sword. She then shifted attention to the Catank and delivered a fiery one-two punch. The tank virus stood firm after the first hit, but the second flaming fist raised the tank's protective armor's temperature so much that it started to melt, and destroyed itself in the process.


Scarecrow: DELETED

Terrain: 80% Metal, 20% Magnetic (Surrounding Scarecrow)

Sylk.EXE: 140HP (WideSword: 3 Uses)
Reward: 400z
"heehee, i'm doing better, right?" The spider navi called out to her master, though she didnt get much close to the response she was expecting. rei's tone with his words were a bit lacking, which only furthered to damage her ego a bit.

"hmm? oh yeah, you did great. We're gonna move on from here actually. things are going to get a bit harder but you'll get to emet some new faces. There should be a access to internet city not far from you, so head through there and find the access to yumland."

Sylk sighed, defeated and upset. As her weaponry and equipment returned to their usual state, she troded off onto her next area, wishing she had more attention then what she was given. it was quite frustrating, and even maddening to deal with.

*location change*